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Zoe Wilcher

This school is full of BOLONY! my Advisor is never there when Its time to register, also the line is always long for NO reason. I only needed an ID & I waited almost 2 hours for this school. I also went here for my GED & I had to wait 2 years before I could get it.... ALTHOUGH I was at the top of my class 800 on all of my tests once I took them.... ugh just know they are a small school , with university type waiting lines. & I'm a very patient person.

Morgan Barnes

george karampoulis

Ok, I am rating with one star a school I am for 4 years and two different degrees. Without knowing everybody there, the one star is honor for the school because of a few people, either instructors or faculty stuff . In all realities, the organization is awful, and only a few people save this place. If these two or three people leave, the school will fall apart because all the problems will come to surface. You need to spend a whole week to figure out one little thing that if they were organized they would have done it within hours. So...a huge thanks to those 3 people who keep everything in order. And you know who you are, because I keep thanking you all these years.

Jannette Brown

If i could give this schools admission and finacial aid staff "0" stars. then i would. They obviously don't know what the hell they doing.They keep requesting for things that are not actually needed to apply for finacial aid. They keep telling me things that i need at the very last minute. I started applying for classes at the beginning of June 6th, it's now July 31. Now they tell me i can't used my finacial aid because of the study program that I BEEN APPLIED FOR WHICH THEY KNEW ABOUT. BUT DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING.when i ask to speak to somebody in charge (i called and email the schoo numerouse of time) no repleid, ata ll. So if you want to

Allison Anderson

Sad that one of the only technical school options in this area is so poorly organized. Whoever is in charge needs to do some serious re-assessment. If you want good vocational education, you’ll have to move out of Savannah.

Bree Tillman

Their admissions is a joke. Tried applying and had questions but, the lady I spoke with wasn't helpful at all. It was super frustrating so I took my business elsewhere where I was able to choose a program I wanted to go into and loving the program I'm in. F.Y.I please train your staff because you're actually losing out on potential students due to terrible customer service.

Seanisse Oberkrom

Nicole D

When you graduate, you can't decorate your own cap, no dangling earrings. It's the "students day", not whoever the person is that came up with the Savannah Tech graduation rules day. Students should be able to look presentable, follow the cap trend if they want. It's 2019 not the 1970's.

Brett Blevins

2 years and a degree later.... If you're looking for a school with sub-par teachers, and a complacent administration then this is the school for you. I can count the good teachers on 1 hand, and only one of those is in the general education department. The faculty at this school has to be some of the most complacent and lazy individuals I have ever met. Some programs are the only ones in the area so you either have to commute or suck it up and go. I will say I've learned more from YouTube and Google then I have from this school.

ArtLife Savannah

I am giving the Drafting Department a 1 star if I could give it a ZERO I would. Every semester the teacher Rachel Daly misses class time. This semester is beyond disbelief. She has missed over half the semester. the other instructor tries to help but he has other classes to work with so the help is very minimum and you can tell it is bothering him because he gets frustrated when we ask questions. Thursday none of the instructors showed up. She has us do work on blackboard when she is not able to make it but i didn't sign up for a correspondence course I signed up for a class that is supposed to have a teacher full time. When we dont understand something they act like its our fault. this is the last semester i will be taking I cant keep wasting money on classes that i am not learning anything in. Save your money and go somewhere else! Very unprofessional

Marquisia Moss

This school is an absolute waste of time , they are extremely unorganized. I have not yet graduated from this school and I'm really just ready to leave from here because every time I come here its a problem. No one takes responsibility for misinforming students and causing issues. The worst educational experience I've ever had and that's being honest, If you don't believe go ahead give a try and waste your money and time.

Canton Gardenhire

I don't thin the CompTIA a plus online course was helpful. ed2go isn't good for CompTIA. It's a good intro class for beginners for computers but not a proper test prep. They don't review actual practice questions they just teach you the content. A mixture of both is necessary.

Imani Wilson

Everything about Savannah Tech is fine. The only big problem there is the admission and financial aid office. They all are just there to get paid. They give off the "I don't care. I'm just here for the money" impression. They rarely answer the phone and always have an attitude when they answer. Your best bet is to go up there.

Grace Arcovio

If you're a nursing student beware. I was on the deans list up until this program. In January we started the program with about 22 students and by March we had 7. People, not just people amazing nursing students were getting thrown out for one or two points on a test that is for both LPN and RNs. There is good instructors, and there are ones who will go out of their way to see you fail. But I can say overall this is not a good program. Not to mention they change the clinical sites to savannah on a whim (as we were supposed to go to WINN) it would behoove you to go anywhere else. And i do mean ANYWHERE I'm ashammed that I have to give them even one star to post this.

JustDonnta ‘

Love the school and my professors but whomever they have working the phone for summer semester is horrible. She's monotone, dismissive, and never really offers any help. I don't even bother to call anymore because she is always answering. I'd rather wait until I'm on campus.

Kenneth Chennault-Wright

I love the school there's stupid stuff like everywhere but no real complaints nice Staff that I've talked atleast


Alright, it's very clear that some people want to blame the students for the fault of the college so let me be clear in this review. Yes, I have seen students come here just because it's cheap and yes, I have seen students only care about the check. I, however, am not one of those students. That doesn't mean this institution isn't some kind of a joke. I have had amazing teachers that put effort into their job and I've also had a teacher that was determined to see her students fail. But what upsets me the most about how this school is run (at least the Savannah campus) is the financial aid department and how no one can give you a straight answer. You ask them the same question three times and they will give you three different answers and then treat you like you're the one that doesn't understand. They also tend to act like it's an inconvenience to them that you have reasonable questions. If I ever have to deal with the financial aid department, I prefer going to the Effingham campus because at least they treat you like a person. Something else I've noticed at the Savannah campus is that they like to refer you to someone else rather than actually answer your question until you've bounced back and forth between Student Affairs and Financial Aid half a dozen times. Also, they'll have you stand there and wait for thirty to forty-five minutes to ask a very simple question because they want to stand around and socialize. And no, I don't mean they're actually talking about school issues. I have actually stood around waiting for a lengthy amount of time because two people wanted to stand around and gossip instead of help the long line of students. This school is a joke. It really is. I was warned about some of the issues before I joined but I was determined to get my GPA high enough so that I could transfer to a better school. Now I'm terrified of how difficult the transfer is going to be after just how difficult it is to get anything done with financial aid. And frankly, you can blame the amount of students trying to change classes/drop classes/quit all you want but the school has been through this process so many times by now that they should have a system that can accommodate these changes better than they do. Oh, by the way, this school can never make up their mind on an attendance policy and they'll tell you that your textbooks are required only for you to buy the textbooks and your instructor never uses it or tells you it's not worth it. But knowing your terrible luck by ending up at that school, you won't buy the textbook and end up needing it the first night you attend class. So yeah, this school is messy and disorganized. So if you need it for a stepping stone to better education, good luck.

Becky G

If there was a lower rating possible I would do less than 1 star... I do not have enough time or space to write everything that you should watch out for in regards to this school. The structure is completely botched and it shows in the way it functions(or does not function). The lack of knowledge, staff, equipment needed, and over responsibility this institution maintains is scary, to say the least. My husband is here for training so we do not have a choice to be here, or for myself, a choice in school - Savannah Tech was it for the Dental Hygiene program. Yes, it is very cheap and seems easy to get in to, but beware(for real), you truly truly are getting what you pay for when it comes to this school. . . It is my recommendation that if there is any other possibility to do your schooling(of any degree) online or through any other college PLEASE DO! Like I said, if I had a choice I would be somewhere else already. Savannah Technical College needs a new administrative and corporate structure completely! The gap between students, their needs and cares, and the "bosses" is huge and concerning. The rate at which students drop out because of sheer frustration is REMARKABLE! I am PRO moving forward with education and absolutely PRO the community college atmosphere, but this school falls disappointingly short. My expectations are high, true, but as a real user (current student) review I HIGHLY HIGHLY discourage anyone from thinking their experience would be any different from mine. If you have any choice in another college please please please save yourself the headache and pay the extra money; the only regret you would have in that is exactly that, the money. This institution, as it is right now, is FAR behind where it needs to be on the spectrum of higher education.

Travelodge Savannah

This is a great school with A LOT of opportunities for employment after graduation. It is not the staff's fault if 200 people are trying to register/ change/ adding/ and dropping classes at the same time. The people who are writing those bad reviews are wanting a four year education for the price of a two year. I have been going here for a year and a half, and will be graduating in the summer. Every business has problems, but compared to the education I got in high school, I have no complaints.


Ni’Ckole Perry

_simply _charlie_

Miss Meme the Herbal Diva

Scarlet Rosa

Darryl Scott

sorry but this school is disorganize and its just drain your money away. it sucks.

Austin Taylor

All of you act as if this college owes you something, just because its not easy to be enrolled doesnt mean its a bad college, put in the time work and dedication and you wont have any problems just stop being lazy

Douglas Day

It's okay. Honestly, you might as well go to an online school if your planning to attend Liberty Campus. It may say they "offer" these degree programs at Liberty Campus. However, that is a lie! They offer limited courses at Liberty and you WILL have to take some online courses or drive to Savannah in order to complete your program. Otherwise, I have no issue with the school. Just a lack of courses and instructors in the physical sense. As far as the online instructors though, they are rude and basically just collecting a paycheck. I see no other reason for them to be involved other than to have a name attached to the course. Like another user pointed out... You are better off with YouTube and Google if you have any problems.


AWFUL. Not only did I have to mess with these people for a year to just get into a GED class for 2-3 months. I paid my application fee, applied online for summer classes, even went in person to check on it and was told to wait until the 31st for my log in/schedule/information ect. and that everything was fine. and here I am 4-5 days AFTER classes began, getting no replies from ANYONE about my classes. I check online? My application got DELETED and they took my money! But then they continue to shrug, and shove one job off to another who is just 'too busy' to do their job and help those who need it. The one woman who helped me with the GED class and every other issue after? They let go. Honestly just AWFUL. Worst college ever.

Elizabeth Snead

Serving as the Administrative Assistant to Dean of Business and Professional Services Division, I am honored to say on May 6, 2019, I received my Logistics Technician Certification of Credit and plan to receive my degree in Logistics Management and Cyber Defense. We respect and appreciate "Our Leader" Dr. Kathy Love, President, Savannah Technical College!!!

Ronnie Williamson

This campus should be demolished & replaces with a gas station, grocery store or something. This is absolutely the most nonorganized, laziest staff, & rudest staff in a school that I’ve ever witnessed. I wish I could give it 0 stars. Save your money & go else where. Take online classes. Anything is better than this campus

Alexis Williams

Tanner Youmans

Very affordable and an excellent school to knock out many core classes. I have been attending on and off since 2014 and have never had any issue. Those that complain about admissions most likely did not do what they were told. Teachers here are very helpful and I highly recommend enrolling in the mini-mester courses. I quickly completed many classes that were required by my major but not necessarily "important" (psychology, music appreciation, sociology ) Im ready to transfer to Armstrong for my Junior year now and have spent only a fraction of the money. If you are going here for transfer credits you will not be disappointed.

Brandi Rangel

I currently attend this college and so far I am not satisfied at all! Everytime I have math class my instructor always tells us if we need help to ask. I asked him to help me and he just gave me the answer then, when I asked for another question he said he didn't know. He's a math instructor it's a math problem he also told me to work on it on my own when I had been trying to get him to TEACH me how to do it

Petra Hamilton

Jane Smith

Wow. I haven't even started a class here yet and I already hate it. This is the only school that offers the program I want to study but I am rethinking everything just so I don't have to attend here. RUDE administration that made me feel I was wasting their time.

Joy Burnsed

Connie Pinkerton

Jessica Eisner

Alexis Corbett

Donald Giddens

This school is so full of b.s. it's unreal. Registered last semester for 2 classes that was 5 credit hours each giving me 10 credit hours which is all the classes I could take. I checked the website before this semester started paid what I owed out of my pocket just to find out yesterday almost 4 weeks after the start of the semester that they dropped the credit hours to 4 effectively cutting one of my scholarships in half and telling me I need to pay more money or I cannot continue persuing my degree. Now it's past the time I can add or drop a class or withdraw without penalty. Way to go Savannah technical college for your lack of doing your job now others have to pay for your incompetence


I was interested in enrolling in the phlebotomy program and I recently visited the Savannah campus. When I entered student affairs and stated my reason for visiting the rep behind the counter asked me to enter my ssn into the keyboard in front of me. When I asked why I was told that some students are already registered and do not know it, so by entering my ssn she can verify that information. What? I was so confused by this request because if I was registered I would know, being I'm new to the area AND was requesting info about the phlebotomy program. I was so caught off guard I stupidly entered my ssn and am kicking myself over it. I seriously doubt the need to enter ones ssn when inquiring about the school and it's available programs. I worry my ssn has been compromised. Furthermore, the information provided was as if she were reading off a prepared statement. Fast, matter of fact, and seemed bothered that I had additional questions. I did walk away with a wad of highlighted papers explaining the necessary steps and was told it's better if I just registered online rather than visiting campus. Her opinion was that it was easier but I surmise it's one less job she has to do. I wanted to use my Montgomery GI bill so I was directed across the hall to financial aid. I was the 2nd person in line and 2 staff personnel were at the front desk. I assumed they were helping the student at the desk but when I saw them walk away without helping the girl or acknowledging they would help me in a minute, I realized they weren't assisting anyone! I do not understand why the girl in front of me didn't speak up but Finally another staff member pokes her head from around her corner desk and asks have we been helped. She then states she thought she heard voices and was curious why no one was helping us. The only voices she heard were the two staff members talking and not ours as we silently stood there. I bet she was about to use the restroom and saw us standing there. As she assists the girl in front of me the SAME staff member who was there earlier emerges and decides he's ready to assist me. He wasn't able to help me because he wasn't familiar with the use of the GI bill. He stated the rep was out to lunch. I had to prompt him for her name, office hours, and if there was a business card available. He wasn't helpful at all. So disappointed in the unprofessionalism and lack of customer service of this school. I will not be attending.

Chris Gallovitch

Awesome school

Andrew Stringer

My wife is currently enrolled and loves it.

Jennie lawson

Joshua Clendenon

Tiffany Butler

Got my hair done at the salon and was totally pleased with my results. I wents and got a hair cut and relaxer and I the student who did my hair was eager to learn new things and instructor was very helpful she was with the students every step of the way. My hair was damaged, because of some braids I recently took out and I was afraid that my hair would have to be cut very short, but the way the student I believe her name was Erika cut my hair it still help me retain my length and wells as my thickness. Storm did a excellent job with my relaxer. I definitely will be going back..

Carlos Villanueva

Eric Kelly

I love school. The instructors.are very smart, and have A determination to help, and teach their student nts

aj wolfieselm

Im currently a student here and the teachers are great but the administration seems to have a problem when you ask questions. They look like youre bothering them when they are supposed to be doing their jobs and help you. That and the counselors will give you classes you dont need to take just to fill classes up so watch out.

Jackie Brantley

Really wish I could give them zero stars! I had to drop all my classes due to a hardship with me being abused in home. I have relocated and have tried over and over to contact the school to make a payment arrangement and get my transcripts to register for school where I live currently. I finally get in contact with them and they have basically told me they won't help me at all and if I don't pay it in full then I won't get my transcript. Worst school ever!!!!

Icyrozzay 22

Gina J

The commercials for Savannah Technical College make it seem so easy to apply to get in and that it's a place for everyone, but my son who just graduated from high school AND who was already taking classes at Savannah Technical College as a part of the Move on When Ready Program (dual enrollment) is having a hard time receiving financial aid. He applied to the college back in June and applied for financial aid in July. The school informed him that they needed more information for his financial aid to be accepted, which were both of our IRS transcripts. Well, it took weeks for them to come back, so when my son went to the school today to turn in the paperwork, he said the woman looked at the paperwork for five seconds and then said because it is past the financial aid deadline, there is no guarantee that he will receive financial aid. They ask for everything under the sun to delay the process when you complete the application in a timely manner, and then when they receive the information they asked you to get, they look at it for five seconds and then tell you it may be too late. Wow. Things like this discourage you from wanting to even enroll there if they give you the runaround like this where it ends up wasting your time.

Brittany Hill

This school is not good. Please save yourself some money. I didn't even receive my credit for a course that I was taking, even after explaing my circumstances. They are a waste of time. And financial aid is the worst. They give you the run around.

Kwenzy king

Rita Savannah smile

Great place

mercedes rogers

Worst school I’ve ever attempted to go to. Most recently I registered for A&P and college algebra. I turned in my residency information...Lease agreement and tax return. After speaking with several different ppl They told me they would accept it. About a week later I was dropped from classes. I went to financial aid and was told it was due to nonpayment. I was enrolled in the wrong degree track, once that was settled I got back in my classes only to find out I wasn’t gonna have a book for A&P was told I’d have purchase two different access codes out of pocket and to print everything daily and bring it to class. I went back to financial aid to see if I still had the opportunity to drop the classes I was told yes. I dropped the classes only to find out later I now owe $825. Nobody at the school remembers telling me that and nobody will stand behind me. I’m stuck paying for something that could have easily been prevented. Please be careful here. This school has been a nightmare!!!

Kaitlin Hay

Jennifer I Lopez

This school. Jeez. What to write about this "educational institution"--frankly, it sucks. I have an advisor that ignores me, financial is hopeless, and they don't inform their current students on certain deadlines to avoid late fees. I have been given the run around and ignored so many times, but I am so far into my degree therefore it would be even more of a headache to try and transfer right now. Regardless, whenever I finally graduate, they are getting a big, in-depth, nasty gram from me. Disappointed.

Gabby Hutson

I have had nothing but trouble since starting at Savannah Tech in October. I am regretting my decision to stay with Savannah Tech.Starting in October I was told I had a hold on my account 600 and some odd dollars. Which is fine I paid it. My financial aid documents were lost, I got taken out of my classes because the aid didn’t go through and still I had a balance another $400. At the end of the miniterm another $85 hold on my account, don’t even know why but I paid it I was out of my classes for a week waiting to be added back. Fast forward to this semester, I signed up for my 5 classes and Hope should have paid a percentage. I received a letter that hope wouldn’t be paying because of my GPA. I had a 3.5 I had no clue why this was happening. After getting the round about with 4 different people I figured out I have a WF from 2012. A class that I would have to retake because the credit expired but yet I am being penalized for it now even though I ended with a A and B. I was never told about appealing it until the very last minute when everyone was out of the office for Christmas break. So I get back from Christmas break and received an email I could change my Major and receive PELL. So I did that. Went ahead with my classes spoke to financial aid. Canceled my Nelnet payment because I was told I just have to resubmit my Aid package. So I went again and purchased my books. About $500 later I have my books and supplies I need for my classes. I go to my classes and my online classes a week and a half and during my first class of the 2nd week I am told I need to see student affairs. I also can’t acces my online classes. But this has already happened before so I know the drill. I went ahead and spoke with financial aid, where I am told by a different lady that I was taken out because of non payment. I tell her no I am waiting on PELL to go through but then she says I won’t be receiving pell because of the WF that brought me down to a 2.3 and a 66% completion and I need a 67%. So now something from 2012 is effecting not only my HOPE that I worked hard to keep but still lost and now my PELL. I have lost all aid and canceled my payment plan because I didn’t know that’s what was happening because 5 different people tell you 5 different things. I contact the VP of academic affairs. At this point my only option is to pay out of pocket $1400 for school which I was prepared to do. So Al Cunningham tells me I need to contact the registrar and he will approve me to be added back to my classes (this is after I sent 5 emails to him and I’m already 2 days behind in classes )as long as I know I won’t receive and aid. I contact the registrar Mrs. Regina, (3 voicemails multiple emails and 2 days later) she emails me at 6:30 at night to tell me ok I added you back to your anatomy class and lab. In my multiple emails I spacfically explained to her exactly what classes I needed to be added to because I knew I had class Thursday and need to make sure I was added back. I was going to come to the school Thursday but when I called 3 people told me they didn’t see her and it would be pointless to come up to the school. So I kept calling and emailing her and Dr. Cunningham and the assistant registrar and my adviser. So here we are Monday which is a holiday and the reason I wanted to be sure to be added back to my classes last week so I would have the weekend to catch up. Instead I am now a whole week behind in all of my classes and still not added back. I am beyond furious. No one at Savannah Tech is helpful. I completely understand I am not the only student there and trust me how the school is improperly ran I can imagine the amount of problems everyone has to deal with. Every single person I talk to has had all of the same issues and nothing is ever done.The registrar saw my email where I was in 5 classes and put me back in 2. She never returned a single one of my phone calls and only emailed me back to tell me she added me back to my class and lab. The entire staff if a joke, the school is a joke. Not sure how it’s possible to be so incompetent.

world peace

The Practical Nursing Program here is a joke. The department head is rude,condescending, & acts as if she is doing you a favor by answering questions. I wouldn't recommend this program to my worst enemy. This program is not accredited it's approved there is a difference.

MAGA Lover

I have been in the drafting program for two semesters now. I came here for Mechanical drafting. My Instructor Rachel Gruic cannot teach Mechanical drafting. She is the Dept Head. She should know Mechanical Drafting! She is NEVER at work. She is out every Monday or Thursday if not both and leaves most days by 4:00. I have not learned anything except for what I can find on youtube or asking other students. The night Instructor is a total azz, no help to anyone. He seems mad if asked a question so most of us stay away from him. Another issue I have is when Rachel is here we are only allowed in the lab on her time. We are unable to use the lab after our "class time" is over. We are made to wait in the hall until class time starts. She treats us like children. I will not be back next semester!! This place is a joke. All of us are fed up with the drafting program. Several of my fellow students have said they will not return next semester.

Jessica Thompson

This star is for the Admissions Office. I have emailed the office 5 or 6 times now and of those times I only received one response that didn’t even answer one of my many questions. I feel like an admissions office should make a student WANT to attend their school. Not as if they could care less if I paid them money or not.

Dan Brown

Katt Williams


Vanessa Ives

I love this college. The professors and other staff here are helpful, warm and friendly. It’s well run. I really enjoyed my experience here.

Andrea Villamarin

HORRIBLE! the staff is just ridiculous !!!!!! never ever apply there! I turned in my High school transcripts and apparently once you turn them in you can never get them back! They seem they never want to help you with anything!! I am very upset and angry!!! ever time I called I felt as if I was bothering them. Customer service in Savannah tech needs to change to people who actually care.

Riley Davis

This school is absolutely awful, and I honestly wish I could give it zero stars. First, I applied for the Summer 2018 semester, paid the fee, and was given a student ID number via email. Fast forward to when I went in to pick classes (the same time my friends who had applied for that semester were). I was told by student affairs that I did not have an application on file, even after I gave them the ID number I was given, and was very rudely told I "must have left something off the application." I knew I didn't do so, but decided to give the woman the benefit of the doubt, and asked where I could fill out another application. She scoffed, gave me one, and then told me to go to the bookstore to pay the $25 fee for it, even though I had a student ID number that pulled up my name. Finally when I got it filled out, paid, and went back to student affairs, I was told it was too late to apply for the Spring semester and that I would have to apply for fall. Due to some personal stuff, I didn't end up applying for fall, and instead did the Spring 2019 semester. However, with all the issues with SA, I should have taken the hint and found another school. When I went to pick classes for this semester, I was told I would be taking one math course, one English course, a college skills course, and an intro course for my major. Before I left, I inquired about payment, as I had a college fund set up by my aunt and uncle, and was informed by my advisor I would recieve an invoice in the mail that I would most likely get Saturday, or Monday by the latest. I went home not thinking much of it, but when Tuesday rolled around and I had yet to recieve anything, I called the school and was tranferred first to financial aid (from SA), then to the book store. No one seemed to know what I meant when I said I had a college fund and was told I would recieve a mailed invoice for payment. Fast forward to the night before classes start, after I finally figured out I had to get the college fund account to mail a check to the cashier/bookstore for my tuition and was sure tuition had been paid: I recieve an email from my advisor informing me that she was somehow unaware I needed another math course (even though I handed her my accuplacer scores) and that I would now be taking English, college skills, and two math courses. No classes for my major. The morning of classes, regardless of the 3 day period most schools follow for late payments, all my courses were dropped because they said payment had not been recieved. Took me nearly half the day to get reinstated, but finally I did. Fast forward to the near end of the semester, I should have dropped out before the end of it. To name a few of the issues I've had since school started, here: Not one of my instuctors seems to know how to help me on topics I am notably struggling in (I thought the instuctors' jobs were to help the students?), I was informed by career services that very few classes at the school will transfer to other schools (she showed me a list of maybe ten courses for the school, only one of which I'm presently taking), and on top of this - after nearly a month - I signed into Banner to get part of my student info, and saw that the school still said I had a balance due for them. I went to clear it up and, after being directed to about half the staff, finally did. First, the woman told me she did not see anything like that ever, then she looked through a stack of papers she was convinced it could not be in, only to find it at the bottom of the stack, meaning it had been there the longest. This school has so many issues, I honestly wish I had not listened to my family (who convinced me to finish the semester) and instead dropped out earlier this semester.

Lewis Ellis

Jeannette Kazadi

Samm P

Who runs this campus? Everyone there is very unprofessional and rude. Student affairs front desk clerk was telling someone the wrong information when I tried correct only trying to help her response was "I work I know everything " I had the paper in my hand about the class that showed she was incorrect. The financial aid lady the one with dreads act like she's God on earth. I asked a simple question just for a very rude response and she didn't even have a straight answer. The person taking my picture for student id was very unprofessional something that take 5 minutes took you 30 cause you didn't like how the picture came out. The person giving me my parking decal was more worries about her food than helping me. The only people I found professional was campus police and my instructor. What kind of education requirements it take to work there but I laughed so hard on how they carrying themselves the way they spoke etc. They all where gossiping like little teenagers. Savannah Tech College get your stuff together.

Sandy Thomas

Gabe Cruz

My mommy goes there and rhe bathroms are stinky


I don't know what these people are complaining/talking about...First of all, if any of these people are from Savannah, GA, and attended public school for the majority of their education, then I would say Savannah tech did their job! The public school system in Chatham County SUCKS, so the fact that these reviews were correct in spelling, grammar, and syntax period is a GREAT reflection on the school, because they didn't learn it anywhere else in this city. Second, of all, I agree with ONE other reviewer (in itself, sad) the problems at Savannah Tech aren't due to the staff, faculty, or's a direct result of kids wanting a free ride to school, a job handed to them when they get out, and a fat check for sitting around on their growing behinds. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard "Is the failing grade on this test going to affect my check?" Are you KIDDING me?? how about is the failing grade on this test going to affect my FUTURE...I went to Savannah tech for 3 years, in those three years, I completed not 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, but SIX courses of Study. I now have THREE certificates, TWO diplomas, and an Associates degree. I also had ALL of my school paid for, including books AND got money back from scholarships/grants at the middle of every quarter. The school personnel set up my apps, angel, banner, all of my labs, everything. With an almost minimal amount of effort (simply following directions one step at a time, no complaint needed) I was able to accomplish all of my goals, and THEN SOME! I even had a BABY, my daughter was born on spring break, my second year, and I STILL made Dean's list that quarter. Maybe some self-reflection for those who claim the school is so awful, maybe it's not the school...I was employed (on my own, no alumni assistance, and my job is in NO WAY related to the school or any of its personnel) in two months, and a month after that, gained NEW employment (both in my field of study) and I have been at the former for a year and a half with a raise at a year. Student from 2011-2014

Kamberly Williams

Giving 5 stars to the INSTRUCTORS at this school! They have literally been the best & only good thing during my Savannah Tech journey. Just finished up the Surgical Technology program & wouldn't change it for the world. My instructors love what they do & actually care about their students. They deserve the world!!!!! Administration & financial aid need to get it together!

Ngoc Nu Banh

David Thompson

I might interested in attending this it sounds like a good school to me.

Tai Andreson

If i could give a 0 i would. Still at the school. Long wait times for getting anything done. If your doing a career path the cores are worthless, and required electives like Music appreciation(Why would a welder be required/need to know Bach, Beethoven, or Chopin). Also The lies they say about textbooks, Every year they say "Oh this textbook is what you will need for the next four years in your field." Then the next semester its a different book. I've had three $250 textbooks for the same path that are supposedly all good for the classes i need. Very shady school, practically could get a fee for sneezing in class with how many different fees there are if you do something wrong. All in all wouldn't recommend in the slightest unless your doing to cores to go to a College.

Sarah Butcher

My sister attended Savannah tech, and I cannot count the number of problems she had with them and STILL has with them. Getting these people to cooperate and send transcripts that she needs to apply to better schools seems to be almost impossible. Not sure what these people are thinking.

Douglas Berry

When I was recommended to Savannah tech by one of my advisers, I was not sure what to expect. The college itself is on the smaller size with a very big community of students and teachers. The people there are very nice and easy to get to know. Which would have made up for the darker side of the college; had it not drowned it out wherever you went. The bureaucracy the college has in place is mind boggling. You will AT LEAST visit the college 7+ times just for admission and registration. Nothing is done over the internet and good luck reaching a person on the phone. I was unable to for the full month I tried. Every question asked to the administration usually has an answer, but the small details are left out until you need them. Which then turns into another trip to the college. You will watch as honest, hardworking, loyal employees, are overworked for a system that is still using paper for their filing system. In the end, if this is the process to get in, I cannot wait to find what the process could be for transferring out.

jeremy zollars

The student services and administration department are totally clueless. I was trying to find out information on something so simple and was treated like a hot potato, passed back and forth. Nobody has a clue what is going on. It is the worst education money can buy.

Kaitlynn Bowman

This place is a disgrace. I had no issues with my instructors, but truly everyone I've approached in the registars office was terribly rude. I just called to speak with financial aid since I cannot drive up there, and I spoke with a very rude lady that did not give me her name. She thought it was cute to be a smart aleck, instead of just giving decent service. All of these reviews on google, and yet no one has addressed them. Then they're surprised when people go directly to leadership to address how ridiculously rude these people are. It's unnessecary. RETRAIN YOUR STAFF.


Friendly Environment, Seems Sanitary, and Classes of Value

sunny moonshine


Kendra Washington

Savannah Tech has an awesome staff, are very nice, been going there for 2 years now and love the way they help you achieve your goals.

Raymond Tanner

Bennett Smith

I agree with most people that the SOME staff in the front office are rather lazy and are hard to get an answer from, but a lot of the staff is very helpful and you can tell they care about their job immensely. When I got my GED I ran into a few roadblocks regarding paperwork issues, but in my overall experience the staff was relatively quick to respond with answers. I now go to college here as a Computer Support student and I haven’t had any trouble ever since. Many of the teachers (at least in my case) are well educated and caring towards their students. In conclusion: I think the school itself deserves a 4/5, but the staff in the front office deserves a 3/5. There are a FEW people within that office that absolutely suck and should be fired.. but the majority of the staff is wonderful.

Jamera Lea

Has to be absolutely the worst school ever mentioned! I called continuously to the financial aid department for an entire day to get some information and nobody ever answered the phone. I even tried random extensions to see if someone would answer or connect me to right person...still no answers from other extensions. I became so frustrated I just decided to give up. I went up to the school the next day and there is a office full of staff. So I decided to call the phone while standing in line to see if someone would even acknowledge the ringing phone, but to no surprise the ringers are off! Across the hall in student affairs sits a Latino woman and an African American woman who sat there the entire time and gossiped! I include them in this review because it was there extension I tried as well when trying to get help and they ignored the phone. Once I finally got to sit down and speak with the rep and explained I have been trying to call since yesterday, her reply was I should of just left a message. The comment truly was unsettled with me because if every time I have a question you are telling me to leave a message in which you will not get to until 24hrs later, so hopeuI don't forget one single question because I will be waiting another 24hrs. The icing on the cake was she didn't know the answer to my question and referred me to someone at another campus by providing me their number....and guess what....I didn't get no answer and had to leave a message. This institution is a joke and is not student orientated. The customer service is horrible to include the ghetto, disrespectful and unprofessional staff. These reviews probably go unnoticed because if they weren't somebody would have been addressed the issues with this facility.

Vincent Mitchell

Vanessa Richards

I attended Savannah Tech (Commercial Truck Driving) in 2014. It was a wonderful experience! The instructors were GREAT!!! They are very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. They care about you , respect you and work very hard to make sure you get it. Even coming in early and staying late. It was truly a "FIVE STAR" experience!

Deanna Bailey

I only dealt with one staff member that seemed to not hate having to do her job. I very much wanted to attend the school. I got the constant run around. It was near impossible to get someone to answer the phone even to get hours of operation. I spoke to people in admissions in Hinesville and Savannah and a Dean of Students in Hinesville. I repeated my story over and over and asked for help I was told by the Dean and admission that they would get back to me. Been waiting since early December. Thanks for nothing! I should have paid attention to the reviews.

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