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REVIEWS OF Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta IN Georgia

tamara wronka

Jennifer Leigh

For a private college it's a good school. I love the professors there, they all have real life exerience within the major. The only negative thing is the decor. It's all 'modern / pop / statement art' not student work like it was when I 1st started. I'd rather see amazing student work rather than work that could be done by a 5 year old with a can of paint.

Sonia Leone

Asra Saleem

charles hesse



D Jalbe

colleen claxton

I would not recommend the school simply because a they lied about having a reliable timely shuttle to the Marta station but every time I went down there they were not. The shuttles are supposed be running every 15 minutes that is unless you want to go after dark. Each day I waited 30 minutes to an hour and finally security brought me to the station the last time. I then had to start driving in and that traffic is ridiculous. Also most of the printers and scanners don't work very well. They were not hooked up properly and that was kind of a running joke. Scared really does spend their money on advertising and promotion and not the things students really need. The apple machines were all right but the PCs take 20 minutes to sign you in which is ludicrous who has that kind of time to waste. The elevators are also rather dodgy and half the time the buttons may or may not work. and most of all one of the drawing teachers makes very disparaging comments about mental illness that are very inappropriate. However to be fair he does warn you he will make really horribly inappropriate comments and that he was reprimanded the year before and apparently he lived up to the promise of doing it again. Not to mention the massive amount of pollution right in the heart of the city. In case you have any breathing problems or allergies you really shouldn't go they allow dogs in class not even service dogs just for the hell of it. A fellow classmate had a lung collapse and I just felt bad most the time.

Camille Prince

April Coleman

A Bandit

David Hancock

As a SCAD dad I'm very happy. If you're child is a wanna be artist (or whatever) then go somewhere else-unless you have money to spare. If your child really wants to work, they will get out of it what they put into it. Very professional teachers-at least in art/illustration/sculpting, etc. and the core curriculum.. They are intent on preparing students for the real world. We found that there is a lot of financial aid. Tell your high-schooler that grades going into art school matter. There's financial aid based on grades/SAT and portfolio. This is not day care. Tell your kid to work their ass off and not spend their time playing games or coloring their hair. Last but not least, this is not an overly PC school. My daughter has found the teachers and students open to all view points. Great people. Great teachers.

Mobolaji Eleso

Gareth Genner

Atlanta campus of world renowned Savannah Art School.

Niaz Ahmed

Frank Fowler

Bad service

Joseph Upton

I wouldn't recommend this school because they lied to me about letting me come to the school after they specifically said they would except my score on the exam no matter what it is.

Toy High

Ali Khan

I have spent a life here and I will never forget the amazing experience that I had here. Great college.

Jamea naje'

I am in love with scad Atlanta wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!

Joash Berkeley

Edward Cole

Debra Gibson-Welch

Ninia Smith

Felicia Jackson

Ningning Gu

I'm now in the second quarter as a MFA ILLU student.SCAD is one of the best decision I have made in my life. They are awesome. Professor, library, facilities, services, etc.Only one thing :Tuition is a little expensive( although it deserves the price.

Lucas Cockshott


I took a tour recently and it was amazing, the decor reminded me of 2006 America and i liked it.

Christian Vasquez

julius jones

This is the best College in the world I'm a Lyft driver and I love this school.

Cliff Price

Anjelica Timms

Difficult to find you way around here walking but staff were nice enough

Randa otaibi

Abigail McQuaig


Mechelle Randle

Bruce Melcher

Hussein Hajaig

WAW. Very impressive academically ,atmosphere and campus.

Greta Van Calcar

Professors are the only good thing. For the price the school charges they have you stay in filthy rundown old hotel, sinks and showers don't drain. They have no medical facility when you get sick or injured. They have no student activities like intramurals. They don't encourage the students to use their talents to better the community. The President is super rich and pays the professors nothing! They don't provide real life classes like accounting or marketing so that the students can make a living when they graduate. The support staff is non-existent for helping students.

Shivani Bhargava

One of the best experiences in my life. If you love what you do and you are passionate about it this is the school for you.


Truly an amazing place.

yj crab

Nani Deepz

Daryl Allen

nakia finlay

Terrance Wahl

miss. tompson

It was fun


Emma Clardy

It’s a great school. I was raised a very conservative Christian so coming to a school like SCAD had everyone worried I would become something satanic or crazy I don’t know. BUT, SCAD is so professional I didn’t even realize how much of an honor it is to go to SCAD until I went. I just finished my first quarter here. I had to put in a lot of work but not to where I was miserable and wanted to drop out (like I did at my last school which was North Greenville University - it is a Christian school) So far in college I’ve made straight A’s, seriously. At North Greenville I was miserable, I was always studying and crying. At SCAD, I love what I learn. It’s so interesting, I get so excited about our projects even if they’re huge and I’m worried how will I have time for that but... somehow they plan everything so perfectly. You’ll have enough time and you won’t feel like your going to have a panic attack. As long as you stay on track and meet all the due dates of course. And you will. If I can do SCAD, anyone can. Not to mention I have the worst anxiety disorder anyone could imagine.


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