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REVIEWS OF Paine College IN Georgia

Kendra Reynolds

Chris B

Looks pretty, but pretty empty.

Taylor Young

As a current student, I have talked highly of Paine on national news but I promise you I regret it. Where do I start? Oh, here. The professors are lazy and don't send emails or grade assignments for weeks and sometimes months after they are due. They don't show up to class and have the nerves not to send an email and then if they do show up, it is 15 minutes or more later. Next, the faculty is lazy and won't respond to complaints until 90 days later or not at all. The professors cheat students out of grades and nothing is done. The dorms are horrible for $6,000 plus added to tuition. They don't have any privacy and it come with one stove (it may be broken) and a refrigerator in the WHOLE dormitory building. The classroom promethean boards or projectors have not worked for the last 2 semesters that i've been there. You can't even sit in the lunchroom if you don't have a meal plan during lunch hours (which doesn't stay open long, but i guess that's most HBCUs). I have a had a professor who suffers with a bad case of PTSD and he forgets what he says. I have also had a professor who lied about extra credit and did not give it to the students who did the work (by the way that appeal for that grade has been going on since December and they still have not resolved it). OMG! Can someone tell when extra credit wasnt worth anything? I'll wait. They have horrible potholes throughout the campus ( like equators on Mars). Its so much I can honestly say, so Ill be back.

Rose Green

Took my son to check it out ,my husband and I was not pleased,would not recommend it to anyone

Rose Aboah


jay l

Catrenia Mc

Drew Love

Proud magna cum laude grad Class of 1989 who majored in Biology and Chemistry. I was a motivated, focused student who received inspired instruction from dedicated scholars who taught me to reason, analyze and draft a compelling argument. Its small class size and communal setting in Augusta provided me the foundation to excel at Harvard University, go on to study at Brown University, work in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing QA, and safeguard public health as a Compliance Officer with the FDA. I am proud to call myself a Paineite knowing my HBCU alma mater, though resource constrained, offers a solid liberal arts education that prepares alumni to have promising careers.

jeremiah williams

Larry Grant

Daquan Jacobs

I took a visit to this school after being accepted and the campus looked awful dorms sucked everything only new thing was the basketball arena I wouldn't recommend this college

Simba Student


Anthony Cooper

They Need close down and cover up criminal activity and unregistered kids goes to into the class pretending be students

Tiffany Michelle

Currently attending Paine College and love it, I'm still proud to have been a returning student despite all of the personal issues w/ the school. Make no mistake the controversy is not an overall representation of the school or the students, we all are hoping that it will just be "the past" at some point.(2015)

Mohamed Elhassan

Kaylen Skinner

lyfe_bearer _87

Horrible College!!!! The federal fraudulent activity that goes on at this college is unreal!!!! The govt needs to close this "school" immediately!!!! Not enough characters on this forum to explain my issue with this "school"! Parents please don't enroll your kids into this college!!! If so it'll be the worst mistake you've ever made!!!!

Darrin Griffin

Here at the College watching their Homecoming festivities and cheering as I watch the basketball games. But the foul mouth disrespectful students of Paine (some not all) college makes me sad as a father of a college student. Not standing during the National Anthem. The need to curse in every sentence. It saddens me that students of this fine college would behave in such a manner.

Daphne Hayes

This is a fine institution and I recommend it highly. The staff really care about the students. Daphne Hayes


I have been to this chapel tons of times for speaking engagements, weddings, religious ceremonies, funerals, and many other events. This chapel is on the campus of Paine College and owned and operated by the school as well. It was built in 1968 and holds up to 1200 people. The rear section of this building contains classrooms, sound-proof practice rooms, a music library, studios, robbing rooms, and auditorium that seats 200 persons. This is the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel. That name is full of meaning. The names are fitly joined together and fitly memorialized by this gift, this useful building on this campus. Each man was a real scholar. John Wesley Gilbert was the first Paine student, the first graduate, the first Negro member of this faculty. He was a classicist, a Biblical Scholar, great human being. Walter Russell Lambuth was a physician as well as a theologian, one of the church's great missionary statesmen. A trustee of this College, his name also is given to Lambuth College in Jackson, Tennessee. Both men were ordained ministers, churchmen, - Gilbert an editor, Lambuth a bishop. Together, in a venture to rival Stanley's quest for Livingston, they walked a thousand miles across the Congo to established, class of 1957 at Paine, Secretary General of the Protestant council of Churches in Congo, confidant, counselor, and sometimes stern teacher of leaders of both Gilbert-Lambuth. Look where you will in Paine College. You will find a close and intimate linkage of two races, a real and continuous fellowship of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Church. In this chapel these meanings are fitly joined. I'm actually very fond of this venue because this is were my older sister's funeral was held. Our church couldn't hold as many people as we were expecting for her service, so that's when the idea was brought in to hold it here. This venue was just right for the service. Everyone was seated comfortably and the service was quite beautiful. The fee in 1995 for the rental of this building was a couple of hundred dollars. I'm sure it's well over that now. Like I said before I have been here for several events in the community one of the greatest and memorable is my sister's funeral and hearing and meeting the motivational speaker, Les Brown. Recently, the newly elected mayor, Hardie Davis was inducted into office here. At any giving time there are many events held here and it's a great place to hold any event throughout the community. With this chapel's rich history in the community you are sure to have great and fond memories of this building and the events held here.


Paine University is the worst school in Georgia, and in the country. Less than 10% of students graduate. The average GPA is only 2.6! The school begs for money each year, but then wastes it on sports and the campus. This fall, the school couldn't even pay it's employees. Paine's football team was shut down, the doors will be shut next.

mikey jay

Worst school I have ever been to!!! I went back in 2013 for one semester and their saying I have to pay $10,124 or I can't get my transcript and the dorms and classes are horrible I wasn't even taking the classes I needed!!

Wilburt B Scott Jr.

An outstanding experience during my degree studies at this wonderful Institute. It was an wonderful experience. Wonderful school college caring staff.

The favorite minecrafters Show

Happy Ferguson

I enjoyed going to this school. Everyone knew each other and I made best friends for life. Not to mention I received a great education that I am proud of! My instructors were excellent and I was in the class of 2000!!!!! Psychology major from California!

Kim Sheckell

Never been here before, but I may attend school here in the future.

Chani Sanders

My grandparents use to go to this college and they met in here while they were dating each other.

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