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REVIEWS OF Morehouse College IN Georgia

Audrey Maxwell

C Armani Trosclair

My son attended school here, totally a awesome institution of higher education......

Darrell Kennison

P Rob


Clifton Bowens

Vaughn Allen Goodwin

Best college for young African-American Male leaders. I am a product of this House!!!

Charvaye Carter

Matthew Ellis

Enough said

Robert Hotchkiss

Ricky Robinson

My son at the house. The sense of pride and developing of young African American men is why as a parent I encouraged my son to attend Morehouse.

Jonathan Williams

Continuing to turn great men into great leaders.

Lauri Cober

Omozusi Guobadia

Michael Miller

Skye Dover

My bro here

Nataki M.

What an amazing placeof learning filled with young men who are serious about their future and making a difference in the lives of their communities. I also learned that the students of Morehouse, Spelman and Clark can take classes on each og the respective campuses. This ability expands their opportunities for learning.

Himanshu Kohli

Fred L


(Translated by Google) CFPTA (Original) CFPTA

Ross B.


Clock Jones

Noah Hanselman

There is warm weather usually

justin phillips

This institution is only living off the names of the world renowned gentleman that are alumni.Because of an incompetent administration team,I only spent 15 days at that school due to financial issues which I was not at fault.It is ironic to witness the urgency they displayed in removing me from my registered classes,however the same urgency was not made to find my FAFSA information in a timely manner that was carelessly misplaced in some soft copy files.This school is a joke,and should be grateful of the outstanding names associated with it. Yet they speak about how this is the “only” school for young “African-American” men,all talk and no action,Morehouse College is the worst.

Melani Lauren

Morehouse College is an all male, historically black college located in the West End neighborhood. They have a beautiful campus and is home to the King Chapel, and Ray Charles Auditorium.

Mekhi Lynch

im learning about college and i am definitely going to more house college because i want to learn about where i came from and law services as a lawyer

Iesha Jackson

Andrea Devers

What an amazing institution!

Luvenssteeve Tyresias

anthony jones

Montreal Marks


Ari Nevaeh

thank you

Paul Harvey

Addie Smith

My son was sent home in the fall of 2015, after one month of school, at Morehouse College. He did not have enough money to stay. When my son went to another school to continue his education, he was informed that Morehouse had applied a balance to his name and that he could not attend school until it was paid. In 2017, after not being in school, I contacted Morehouse and requested my son's accounting and transcript. Upon receiving the accounting from 2012 to 2015 I found that Morehouse College was charging him for the fall of 2015 as though he had attended school the entire semester. He was sent home after 1 one month. Since when are you paying to NOT go to school? Morehouse College "waived" the nearly $6000 balance they've been lying about for 2 years. They have refused to contact Sub and Unsub and Pell Grant for the monies they received on my son's behalf. Credits and deposits have also not been returned to my son. I have tried to get this resolved with Morehouse College for the sake of the institution. The staff should be replaced as should the new president. Morehouse College has not only hurt my son, but think of the thousands of young Black men who didn't fight back? Who just stopped going to college or paid a fraudulent balance. Morehouse College is conducting illegal acts. You've been warned. Now, like a deadbeat dad, Morehouse College will have to report to the government. We are retaining counsel and moving forward with a lawsuit. They pain and suffering they've caused my son is immeasurable. This institution has no credibility and takes no accountability for their actions. Their illegal actions.

Randy Woods

J. Vereen

This is my FAVORITE HBCU ever in the US.

David Hardin

You learn who you are. That's something money can't buy. Thanks Morehouse!

kevin kimbell

Daniel Barton

Kyla Crawford

I would love to go here someday and graduate

Tim Whitlow

Carla Williams

Jaime Andrés Pérez Cadena

My friends, if you write a review about a University, make sure to do a spell and grammar check. It is important to demonstrate the importance of the institution. Take pride. That is all I am saying.

Lisa Moye

Excellent school that does a wonderful job mentoring high school students. My daughter is looking forward to attending and she's still in high school.

Vincent Roberts

Great college!!

Javier Larrauri

Bc their is alot to learn here

Kamorra Varnado

The thing ever

Lee Ford-Faherty

Bill Howard

My alma mater!

Slim Jim Longfoot

I went to Morehouse College back in 2014 helping a former associate sell his products. It was a great experience to see MLK's statue and the future leaders of tomorrow.

jamiel Gowans

It changed my life

Lester Brown

The greatest life changing experience!!

jacquelyn oliver

Michael R.F.

Bekir Cinar

J. Marquis Watkins

John Carter

The best decision I ever made

Illya Davis

Sheena Goddard

Tony Kinsey

Elliot Williams

Jasmine E. Sanchez

Great campus and great sense of community!

Lorencio Connor

Robert Proctor

jewel carr

my son attends morehouse and he loves the school my experience on the campus at the new student and parent orientation was very eye opening proud to see young black men with pride and a bright future cant wait to attend the graduation. i encourage any parent thats able to send there child to morehouse.

Brandon Corlew

Brooke Lynn Paige Bing

Your school is amazing!!!! You should see me there in 2020 because I want to be a doctor or artist. Special thanks to Ms. Samia for the souveniers for our project.

Harold Booker

Money well spent

Hosea B

Andy Price

Nay Gadson

Old Is Gold.

Cyanne Pierre

Ernesto Caesar

Historical college with distinguished alumni in film, media, education, construction, music, business and more

Jocelyn Gipson

MOREHOUSE HOMECOMING IS AWESOME! I just got here..didn't even walk down the street good and I've been taken care of from food to ...drinks. LOL I would def come again.

Cory Ingram

Ralph Moore

My son wants to go here

Hannah Edwards

Te Holman

Hosea Brower Jr

Alex Smith

Jorge Garcia

the best

Lady J

Marco Antonio Vargas

Saday Beavers

I have a baby brother go there

reginald jeffers

CJ Office

Tonya Johnson

My son attend Morehouse. The school is awesome..if you want a higher learning experience for you son, this is the school. I love what the school is doing to help prepare my son. Gooooo Morehouse Men!!!!!

jermaine bivins

Morehouse College has been known always as The Black Harvard. In my humble opinion Morehouse College has always been the maker of real men. God's College if there ever was one. I was shown love attention and how to affect change in this world. The best there is my definition. JB

Drayton Barnard

Stephanie Nejad

Turner C

Jacory Bernard

Messy but fun

Donovan Samuels

Kareem Heshmat

C'15 Saved my life; I owe this incredible institution a lifetime of gratitude for extracting me from the wrong environment. The Morehouse College brotherhood is unparalleled. I highly advocate sending your son here or at least taking him around the campus. Stimulate the next generation. We are the answer.

GK Geter

Shyrese Jones

I heard about that rape incident involving a spelman student and i'm honestly not feeling it PERIOD!.

Deadknock Shot

Michael Henry

Kidus Asrat

Abenezer Chane

The people in the admission office are very reckless. They lost my application and didn't reply to my emails on time. The admissions office's service is very poor.Other than that morehouse is an awesome institution.



Honored to be an Alumnus of one of the most prestigious colleges. My father, Dr. Clarence L. Baskin, Sr. [dec.], was in the same gradusting class [1948], as Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our son, Daniel Baskin, Senior Math Major, is a 5th generation at Morehouse College.

Janae James

Daijia Tyson

excellent school for educating black men..... #building renaissance men

Puskar Rokaya

I think Martin Luther king was also studied here.

Dj Browns

i would love to come here

Karen Johnson

My son attends Morehouse! Their freshman class made history Fall 2016. This was his first time leaving home. Well into the first semester, he made his first visit home, I was astonished at what I observed for those two days. He had matured mentally, spoke with clarity and confidence, more importantly he carefully listened to what was being said, evaluated what he needed to say before blurring it out as he did prior to attending Morehouse College and spoke humbly with an improved vocabulary. I had to stare at him a few times to see if he was the same young man that just left three months ago... Although, the change may have not been huge, it was significant enough to be noticeable by our family, neighbors and his friends. I cried happy tears before going to bed that night and I thank God for guiding him to this school. His change is real, his struggles are in the past and his success is his future transition from a "Man of Morehouse" to a "Morehouse Man!" Morehouse College is the real deal for educating our young black men across the globe!


(Translated by Google) Although it is for black men, it is now possible to enter university regardless of race, the hometown of Rev. King A prestigious school in downtown Atlanta Extremely strong OB connections, in the political and financial world. (Original) 黒人男性向けではあるが、現在は人種関係なく入学可能な大学、キング牧師の母校 アトランタ市街地にある由緒ある名門校 極めてOBの繋がりが強い、政財界において。

Alonzo Bailey

Chimere Gomis

Rodmon Gayle


Christopher Dawkins

Amazing place!

D. B.

Movie Man

Cameron Malik Battle


James Hollowell

Khalid Baloch

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.” ― C.S. Lewis

Amadi Boone

daunte johnson

I like black students have a place to go and be proud

Jeremiah Gray

Stephan Bonaparte

Dear Ol' Morehouse!

Lonnie Sullivan

Morehouse is an amazing institution for higher learning. The Morehouse experience not only expands the knowledge of its students, but it also teaches its students how to become better men. I cannot even begin to do Morehouse justice in this small review, but rest assured there is no place like Da House!

Tiny Epps

Damien McKenzie

this is a awesome school

D.j Stevens

This is the worst school ever. The staff members ignore students and does not want to work. They sit on their cell phones all day not doing anything. They WILL NOT WORK under any circumstance. They are also extremely overpriced. The teachers are also very unfair and grades students unfairly to make more money so students can take their classes again. THIS SCHOOL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. ITS HIGHLY OVERPRICED. I WOULD NOT SUGGEST THIS SCHOOL. STAFF ARE LAZY AND CONSTANTLY IGNORES STUDENTS.

brandon pierre

Tony Searcy

Lunar Eclipse

William Crosson

Kevin Irick


Alexandre Rodier

Barry M Clay II

Linda Banks Ford

My boys will attend this college, when they get older.

Antonio Woodruff

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