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REVIEWS OF Life University IN Georgia

Rachel Dunn

Casen DeMaria

I graduated with my husband from Life in Dec. 2011. It was the best experience. I was concerned initially with it being far away from home but was so excited to find that Life has it’s own community. A fun and safe place to be with like-minded people. Whether you are looking for a profession in Chiropractic, sports, nutrition or undergrad I encourage you to come visit the school during a Life Leadership weekend! Bring your parents so they can experience this happiness bubble! You will be glad you did!

Aimee Briegel

No one does chiropractic better!!!

Michael Wolff

Tickel Chiropractic

Life university is the best chiropractic and healthcare universities in the world. If you are looking for a place that will open you up to some of the most state of the art ideas and methods in natural healthcare.

Dr. Ray Caputo

The facility and faculty continue to be first rate. I recieved the very best preparation for parctice.

William Amos

Cool light show. Lights of life.

t F


Chiro Office

As a graduate almost 40 years ago I still feel as much then as I do now that in order to be ultra successful one must love serving others through our gift of the adjustment and believe it works every time. We don't cure dis-ease yet we have the capacity to allow ANYONE to cure ANYTHING. I've witnessed it hundreds of times and thank God for the day I went to Life. It's given me a fantastic life, family and reason for being.

Dustin Combs

I am satisfied with the education. However, making money is the number one goal for the school. I was forced to purchase a clicker for attendance. It is only utilized in one class. Now I am forced to purchase a subscription instead of the clicker. This is just a small example.

Caleb Smith

Very unprofessional school. From the extreme lack of technology (primarily caused by the elderly teachers that won't embrace change) to the school being so economically challenged that they can't afford to provide students with ample parking, this school leaves a lot to hope for. They have such a parking issue that sometimes you have to keep driving around the lot until someone leaves so you can find a space because there is nowhere nearby that allows cars to park all day and the school has not changed any policies to accommodate to allow students to park elsewhere - or just create a new parking lot or structure, seeing they still have plenty of space to do this. When it comes time to register for classes each semester, it is very difficult to arrange a time to speak with an advisor because the advisors are actually untrained teachers that know nothing about how to coach/advise students properly (another example of how economically challenged this school is). These teachers do not answer emails in a timely fashion (or at all in most cases), and are generally unavailable to assist during school hours because they are teaching, and do not wish to help you after school because they have lives too, making it VERY challenging to get registered for classes, leaving few options left once you finally get a hold of an advisor, which can take weeks. The lack of technology at this school is astounding (I had more technology when I went to grade school in the 90s and early 2000s) and I've never seen a less professionally ran school in any of the United States than this one. Somehow this is a highly rated school, but I believe it's because it was a great school in the past, but when they lost their accreditation years ago, they've never truly recovered due to poor management. They also cancel school A LOT, never make it up (not even online) and then expect the students to still know the material they weren't taught, but still paid for. The other downside to this school is that it is in the south, so you have to deal with all the absurdly racist people down here while attending the school. The school also still has a far right focus on Christianity, which often results in the information taught to the students being factually incorrect. I've known many people who either wouldn't go to this school, or came to this school and left because of these issues, several from out of country. I personally would never suggest this school, and obviously wouldn't have many positive things to say about it, at least between the years of 2016-present (mid-2018). Don't get me started on the food options here. Everything is significantly overpriced (about double of anywhere else) and disgusting. The food is bland and lacks any taste whatsoever (similar to what you hear about prison food) and makes school lunches from back in grade school days seem like a 5 star restaurant. The food isn't prepared properly and it's always either undercooked or has been sitting so long I wouldn't feed it to my dog. The rice is hard, the salads are small and they don't cut up the veggies at all. Poor excuse for a "food option." The school should really look at either bringing in an acceptable food vendor, or teaming with a food truck to bring a real option for food. My other big complaint is the ongoing mold/health issues that the school tries to cover up. Students keep passing around fliers and try to push for correction, but the school not only doesn't listen, but also instructs their teachers to defy the first amendment and take away the fliers and petitions so they can try to sweep things under the rug (see attached picture for example of what was removed from student hands recently).

Jessica Paxton

Life U is changing he world! My husband is a 2010 graduate, and come back 6 times a year to stay involved. WE LOVE LIFE U!!!! Chiropractic Rocks. ❤️❤️❤️

Ron Swain

Great school, great fall convention for returning docs for CE

Gladys D. Hernandez

Seung Ki Lee D.C.

Hannah Irons

Jason Clift

Best Chiropractic Education. If you are thinking of becoming a Chiropractor then come to Life Leadership Weekend. Life U was one of my best decisions that has blessed my family exponentially.

Elle Ess

From a student across the pond at SPSU/KSU, thank you for filling my winters with joy every time you put up the Christmas light display up. During finals week, I need it.

Josh Hoxter

While there are a few good teachers, most do their own thing and do not know how to teach...and test you on things that were not taught. There is nothing you can do about it. The staff enforces NOTHING. The financial aid is too small to live off of since the rate of graduating chiropractors failing is so high, the school is afraid we'll default on our loans...60% of graduates fail. So there is a religious push to become spiritual about our career in the hopes we will succeed. All this due to them losing their accreditation and only getting it back by selling out. The main pursuit is now to train primary care givers, not chiropractors.

Cecilia Angiolini

Sean Deshazer

Shelly Jones

Going to Life University was the best thing I did to start my career. I was there during the early years and loved the education and experience. Seeing the advancements and changes to the campus and program are so exciting and encouraging. I recommend all our interns and prospective students to attend Life!

Marina Mavromatidis

Mary Ellen Leffard

great school for a great education

Dr. Eric Plasker

My two oldest kids graduated from Life University and are now practicing and doing great. My youngest child is now at Life and really enjoying his experience. What a great place and opportunity for anyone who want to be a chiropractor and be a part of a very progressive, dynamic institution.

Jonathon Hendricks

This college was an amazing experience. Worth every penny. Blessed to be a student here.

Miguel Serrano

Excellent place! Good philosophy, good equipment and very peaceful place.

Dr. Sam Goodkind

There are some amazing things and some issues at this institution, nothing less than the politics of any university. Great technical education and solid philosophical background.

Carol Aita

Life University is the premier Chiropractic school in the world. I’ve been actively involved with the school for the past 10 years. Life U offers not only an amazing chiropractic education, philosophy and scientifically strong, but also has numerous programs based on vitalistic principles. Students at this university get everything they need to be the very best in the profession.

Anthony DeMaria D.C.

Great education, would highly recommend to anyone going into the field of chiropractic that they choose this school over any other chiropractic school.

Scott Rash

Best Chiropractic University hands down.

Alexandel Sosa

neal cantrell

William Mclaughlin

Morgan Handt

This is where Chiropractic lives! As a chiropractor I only recommend (within the US) that prospective students choose Life University for their chiropractic education because I know that they will get what they need to be successful in the future. I loved my time at Life, and I come back to the school for my continuing education as often as I can.

Dr. David Knox

Life University has a real water fall and old barns with big rock formations; great for photoshoot. This is a real secret hide out with a water mill too.

Ronnie Bolar

Patrick Ballard

This school gave me a tremendous edge in my knowledge of Chiropractic, I had no problem with my National Boards and the Life experience helped me start my future off with a tremendous amount of balance between the physical and business end of running a successful family practice.


i was one of student in this school. but i decided to transfer to another school. i could say Life University is one of the worst school i've ever been. bad service, bad condition, and bad facilities. do not go to Life University. i swear if somebody go to this school will be regret.

Cody Fehrman

Jeff Bk

I am an alumnus of this school and this review is not in violation of guidelines. Life is notorious for its cultish College of Chiropractic. Having invested a lot of money into the grounds, it is impressive in person. However never forget the true purpose-to impress prospective students and hide that the curriculum is a diploma mill for alternative medicine quackery. If you want to see it in person go to vitalsourcelife.wordpress dot com... and look at the rooms where techniques meet: Applied Kinesiology, leg checks (Thompson), and the fake christian "Maximized Living" cult. Several students have died following the extreme teachings of the place (i.e. medical doctors are only good for emergencies, chiropractors prevent disease, regular adjustments are effective at realigning subluxated joints and are needed for good health-all false, see chirotalk.hyperboards dot com "Pseudo-education" for a complete listing). To gauge the quality you have to know what to look for-a poor quality research journal, faculty who don't publish quality research and endorse questionable unproven methods (i.e. Carrick's Functional Neurology), skimpy patient access and a disjointed curriculum that doesn't even let students order the testing needed to confirm and rule out all possible diagnoses. If you read a good book on cult practices you'll see they use classic persuasion techniques including: love bombing, thought stopping, loaded language, etc. Forget the place and chiropractic in general or you will probably regret it (half of all graduates quit chiropractic in five years), experience massive student loan debt you may never pay off and an unfulfilling career as a quack. This is one reason Marty Nemko of U.S. News and World Report named chiropractic an overrated career. Don't let these sharks manipulate you into a foolish career choice. Accreditation doen't mean you are getting a quality degree, just that the program jumped through some hoops and meets minimum standards for chiropractic quack education. Mainstream healthcare rejects the chiropractic diagnostic and treatment approach as ineffective for treating spinal problems because it doesn't work, patients just end up dependent on their weekly adjustments, just ask a good certified orthopedic PT about it. Do you want to be stuck in an outdated field where you have to swim against recognized authorities all the time? You'll starve to death and wish you went into a real field. Again, I can't emphasize this enough: avoid this field and college.

ShaCarolyn Halyard

jr gaming

Alan Szagesh

Well worth it. I attended this school prior to the legal issues of it's accreditation problem that has been LONG SINCE RESOLVED. When I went there, we were well educated on anatomy, physiology, x-ray and technique. I don't know if it's changed but I have only heard it's changed for the better. I can say this, when I went to school, we learned WHEN to REFER out. Seems to me like some of the 1 star reviews are from people that just seem to lack basic sense.

Brandt Webster

This place is a joke. They teach pseudoscience and have lost their accreditation multiple times. I can't believe this is legal.

Caleb Runne

This is the best Chiropractic school in the world! They are walking the talk and making an impact in individual lives and the planet. Thank you LIFE!

Melinda Davis

Mist see Christmas lights

Saad Yamlikha

Josh Paxton

I adore my alma mater. I have a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate from here. Amazing place, indescribably incredible people, an all in all unforgettable experience. Thank you, Life University for loving what I love, which is serving a suffering humanity and leaving it better than we found it. My family and our world owe you so much!!!

Brian Klippel

Don't turn in for the Christmas lights, they will railroad you into paying $10 and won't let you turn around.

Michael Rosidivito

Tor Osthus

Brett Carter

I am a 1990 Alumni. Life did an outstanding job providing me with all of the tools to become a successful chiropractor. I recently returned to visit the campus and there were a lot of cosmetic changes but the atmosphere was very similar to what it was like 30 years ago - full of life energy. I always recommend Life University to any prospective future chiropractors - hands down best chiropractic school in the world!

Brittany McCumber

Kristal Kincaid

Great Christmas light show! We take the kids every year.

Yulonda Key

Jennifer Brandon

I am still grateful for the wonderful education I received at Life. Excellent professors, excellent clinic experience with patients and I was prepared for all my National Board exams.

Zach Fisher

Kent Goode

Outstanding program!

Robert Looper

Ilean Santos

Best place to get your Chiropractic degree!

justin lee

nicholas maassen

Guillaume Lomenech

Josh Handt

As a chiropractor, I fully support Life University. If you are considering becoming a chiropractor, look no further, connect with Life U and get started!

Humberto Vergara

Quackery!! i think i will do better at clown college.

David Lutz

This place is a wellspring of thought and inspiration. It has completely changed my life. All you need to do is tap in! Thank you LIFE U!

Gabriel Cueva REALTOR

(Translated by Google) Chevere. ... Minister (Original) Chevere. ... Bakan

Sir Tod Parker

Allie Reed

Life U has a lovely campus, teaches true chiropractic philosophy, and creates a learning environment that is multi-dimensional to allow each individual to be prepared for life after school. They welcome innovative thinkers and open discussion about all things chiropractic, encourage growth of the student and the chiropractic field as a whole, and never demand conformity to one narrow way of thinking and always treat students with respect. There are case doctors for a multitude of techniques to oversee your clinical experience, ensuring adequate knowledge and experience before graduating for each individual. Life actually cares about its students, and you can rest assured knowing you have a voice that matters and are not just a number to administration. No politics, favoritism, brown-nosing, gossiping, and otherwise unprofessional and unethical treatment of students. I was surprised to learn that the other chiropractic institution located relatively close to Life was the exact opposite of this. Not to mention, Life’s tuition is lower. If you're deciding where you want to further your chiropractic education, I definitely recommend Life.


Yesterday was scary for me driving in the snow but I really appreciate the help from life University for the help they provided thank you so much

Jack Goss

Mecca of health and wellness

Rider Westerberg

Great show.

Ali Hayat

The light from thanksgiving to new years are beautiful. Its a must stop if in atlanta

Ryan Hunter

Best chiropractic school in the country. Learn the philosophy and art of chiropractic. People are warm and welcoming.


This schools sucks! Go to Palmer in port orange, FL or Sherman in SC. Too much BS and useless classes to pay for.


Amazing campus!

Andrea Mendez

Jacoya Pleasant

kathi handt

Life is the only Chiropractic school where students live, eat and breathe the principles of Chiropractic! Giving, serving and loving is alive at Life and the students that graduate are ready to change the world!

ninjah monie

Steven G. Woltin

Best place to get your Chiropractic Education

ios on ig YT


mary melendez

Sultan AL Mughirah

Anna Maniscalco

Stay true to Chiropractic Philosophy

Carlos Alverio

These is almost my second year and they have no yet teach me how to do a proper adjustment.


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