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REVIEWS OF Lanier Technical College IN Georgia


Richard Evans

I am so pissed rn. All my life I wanted to be a techie. They did not accept me because I had an IQ over 80. SO ANGRY!! Now I have to settle for Stanford thanks a lot.

Daniela Cervantes

Dana Mobley

The Professor are amazing. The front desk doesn’t have any basic knowledge about the school. Kathleen from the transcript is rude, disrespectful, insensitivity and apathy, furthermore, she unwilling to help students. Student please be aware.

Kenya Aguirre

Will never go back! The Health Care Advisers are the absolute WORST, especially the Nursing Adviser (Gail Forresterr)! She has the nastiest attitude ever! She showed no interest in trying to help answer any questions. I tried to turn to another healthcare adviser for help, but that did not turn out so great either. To say the least I felt so discourage after I left, but I am glad to have found a school elsewhere where I do feel welcomed!

Vanessa Warren

Great experience with registration. Admissions, financial aid, and the transcript people, and my daughter's advisor were all real nice and helpful.

Amanda Binson

a big thank you to the office people, especially the lady with financial aid that was so sweet thank you for all the help

Keturah Mcdowell

caela H.

I haven't enrolled yet. Called on a Tue about classes for GED. Took all day for them to call me back. When she does I was told it's in another building and that I was going to be contacted for further information like address.. so I take off time to attend.. i got no call and took a day for this. Thanks . I'll be spending my time looking at another collage


Mustang Spoolsy

Matthew Crane

I enjoyed my time here and valued it dearly. Some of the greatest teachers are here in my opinion. A main one being Dan Enzmann. Without his help and guidance, I would not have graduated. Dr. Steven James is another great instructor.

Philip Brown

Greg Smith one of the best teachers

Hanny Hernandez

Ben Patterson

Great school for a good price!

Brad Reyenger

Worst college ever. I AM A DISABLED VET who defaulted on my student loan because of medical issues. I paid loan in full and am debt free. Lanier tech is holding my transcript bc when my loan went into default they flagged my account for a loan that i got ay UNG another school with no relation to lanier tech. They are just taking advatage of a bad situation. Lanier tech is supposed to be non profit school and there only recomendation was to reach out to a non profit for finacial assisatance. I earned my eduacation benifts the hard way serving our great country; and lanier tech is preventing me from using my Gi. bill. I'm all ready getting screwed by the VA. On Jan 6th 2018 I will get kicked out of my school. Lose my by a basic housing allowance and will be another disinfranchised homeless veteran. So discouraged and hopeless. Thx lanier tech!!!

Raffineé Symone

The only con I had with this school was with financial aid.. It's best to go to the school and ask about it. Everything else is great

Steve Koen

Class of 05 from MVT.

August Peridot

I attended the Oakwood campus for Cosmetology with Mrs. Buffington and Mrs. Mann, I enjoyed going to school here and would recommend it anyone looking to better their lives.

Nanax2 Hud

Office and admissions staff do not communicate information to potential students. Horrible experience thus far.

Jennifer Fils-aime

Best school ever!

Pricila de Sá Cantú

I studied at Lanier in 2005 Admimistration and Leadership. It was am incredible experiência where I Lerner a lot. Super recommend it.

Tim Mullins

Great teachers in the Ammonia refrigeration classes. Greg and Jordan make it fun and exciting to learn. Fully explain the curriculum and will take the time to make sure you are picking up what they're putting down. Highly recommend these guys and this school for forwarding your education.

Jason Stroup

Worst experience at a college. The staff acts like they do not care about or want to help the students. Not military friendly. Not many people that have solutions for your problems or care. Staff acted indifferent and like it was your fault to figure it out with financial and records assistance. Sent around in circles for weeks with bad info, eventually ending in no one solving issue. They care more about money than helping students. They gave bad guidance with academic advisor, let you finish the semester, and then dig and penalize you with outrageous bills after you are done. Horrible experience, horrible college...and I have experience with 3 colleges, wife as well, military and we move a lot. This was by far, the worst!!

Kristina Doll

I love it

Justin Peek

Worst experience ever they lie about what can transfer and don’t even put you in the correct classes for what you want to do

Katlyn Todd

Only giving a one start because I have to. I would never recommend this school to anyone!!! I applied over a month ago and no one contacted me at all to let me know that 1. I was accepted 2. That everything was good to go, they just needed my license. In order to apply for the program I’m interested in I need to take a standardized test and that deadline is next month. Do you think they care or tried to reach out to help get things moving. I guess it’s my fault for waiting on them, but most school will send out an email or letter in the mail letting u know you are accepted and this is what they need from you! Clearly the staff working as no college degree because not only are they clueless, but useless! Glad I was accepted...doesn’t take much, but I will be going else where! I will not give Lanier Tech my time or a dime of my money! Sorry excuse of a school and business!

Moses Boaz

Jennifer Heard

I personally had a wonderful experience at LTC. The office administrators, financial aide team and teachers were all so Wonderful! They will go above and beyond to get you where you need to go and what you need for classes and funding. They are all very knowledgeable and patient with your needs. This is my second time at LTC OAKWOOD, finishing my second program. It was very successful and I am grateful for all of the Oakwood colleges staff's help and professionalism!

Brandon Bowman

Love it here! The classes are more mature and very relevant. I am in the Networking Specialist program and enjoying every minute here. I get a lot of hands on training, too. As a Marine veteran, this school is very military friendly. The VA Certifying Official is very knowledgeable and gets your paperwork done quickly.

Yaritza Rosario Lopez Caraballo

Maria Mendoza

I talked to some lady on the phone, and she was extremely rude and unhelpful.

Tabatha King

Great and caring teachers

Dee Cooner

I went to the trucking program. Out of eight students, six are filing a report against the school and a fraud report to the HOPE grant due to the fact we never received the time or instruction we were promised. The instructor is more concerned with the wear and tear on his trucks and the gas being used, then he is with helping us get our CDL. You will be promised four weeks in the trucks for drive time but some of us got less then four days with an hour or less each run. They will blame you for slow progress due to them not having access to a backing range and cutting the days short to less then half a Day, because they have other engagements. The first half of our Program, one of our instructors was away training the five people who failed in the last class. My current class has not been shown the same consideration. Do not waste your time or money on this school.

William Warren-Aliff

I completed my associate's degree in Mechatronics Technology here. The department staff are excellent and there are many oppurtunities to learn beyond the graded lectures and labs because the staff is supportive, the equipment is great, and class sizes are typically small. Insofar as the administration staff, they are not perfect but I've been successful getting things done by pressing the right people for answers. Be smart and apply early, people.


Very disappointed by the lack of courtesy and professionalism .... I do not want to spend my time and money with such individuals!!!

Joshua Womble

Campus is carpet, white cinder block walls, hard metal desks and chairs in classrooms. Have to drive 45 min because they do not have my class at the Barrow campus.

Kayla Roberts

A great college experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a more one on one experience. The classes are a lot smaller, so it's easier to get help if you need it. The instructors are always willing to work with you, and there are no student loans. Also, all the people complaining about the offices "not doing their jobs" are the ones who, most likely, are used to being handed everything. You are responsible for your paperwork. No one is going to call you and beg you to turn your stuff in. Be an adult.

nyana sparks

The only reason 2 stars are given is because the Esthetician program is exsquiste and their customer service is very efficient . The school in general needs to higher more people. Front desk is always slammed, you will almost never get anyone on the phone wheather it’s your assigned advisor or financial aid . They are in desperate need of more assistance and lack the ability to take care of each & every student most effectively. But if you live next door to a campus it’s fine because if you just show up and are right in their face suddenly they have time to help you . Good luck

Ashley Smith

Alexus Newsome

Never going back to this place again. Teachers were okay but the financial aid office needs a lot of work. Two of my friends had problems with this school too so i know I'm not the only one.

Sarah Westen

The staff and faculty are awesome. I appreciate all the help from the financial aid staff. The lady was very knowledgeable and friendly. The campus is beautiful. My husband and I both recommend it.

Quinten Hembree

Worst college i have been to would not even recommend to my worst enemy you have to watch over admissions like children making sure they are working on your file and even after that when college starts they do not alert you in any way about any additional information about your file and will drop your classes in the blink of a eye the only thing Lanier tech has done was take my money slap me in the face just to give me my money back and say "try again next semester!" if i could give this rating no stars i would because this college is a joke and should not be taken seriously but lets face it their not taking you seriously either.

kim W.

A beautiful campus with friendly first days were a great experience. Get a map though, because this campus is big!

Trent Trent

Mrs.Carrol best teacher :333

Jack Thomas

Anastasia Panda

Its impossible to get anyone on the phone and when you do they hang up on you. Completely unprofessional and absolutely rude. The great professors won't make up for the horrible office employees.

Alexander Wyatt


Karen Marschall

Brett Gussoff

My experience at LTC is one of many words but only one word describes how amazing and knowledgable my two teachers are in MVT (Motorsports Vehicle Technology) that word is AMAZING. Steve Koen and Christian Tetzlaff know exactly how to teach a class, they love to talk to you after class on their spare time, and are very very knowledgable about anything with four wheels and an engine. Steve and Christian are true car guys and they have the same mind set as me. They do not think of a car as a tool but more as a work of art. they love the smell of fresh gasoline and burning rubber. Steve is like a second father to me and i look to him if i need to talk.

Nick Norris

Only going to this school for my general education then leaving immediately. DO NOT go here unless you absolutely have to. I will start my Review in January of 2016. I originally lived in Wisconsin and decided to move to Georgia with my father. I had no idea how bad it would be. I applied to Lanier, Sent my High School and College Transcripts, Filled out Fafsa, and sent my social security number, and a copy of birth certificate to Lanier Technical College all within the last week of January. The first of February starts with the 1st call that they did not receive ANY documents. So i sent again, and again, and again and finally I called my schools thinking they had the wrong address as well. It was the correct address. It took me until the last week in March for them to finally tell me they received everything. They also told me they would need to see my new Georgia drivers licence, and then they would accept my application for the Summer Semester of 2016. I called Admissions, the Registrars Office, and the Financial Aid office. I spoke to the head of each section and they all said that I was on track for Summer 2016 and I would have no issues. My education is extremely important to me, I say this for the record. To continue on, I moved down to Georgia on the 20th of April. The following day, I went to Lanier. Where they proceeded to tell me they had ZERO documentation of mine. So i did everything over again, for the 5th time. Sent my transcripts, sent my information, checked my fafsa. I called every office again, they all gave me the go ahead, AGAIN. So as I am patiently waiting for my acceptance, they call me LITERALLY THE DAY BEFORE SCHOOl, and told me that i filled out the wrong fafsa and that I couldnt become accepted. Okay so lets recap. January- I sent every piece of information they required, and it took them 3 months to process these pieces of information. March- They told me I am ready for the summer semester as long as i come with my driver license and let them copy it for records. May- They deny my summer semester at the last second because they finally realized that I had filled out the wrong financial aid, even though I had called the financial aid office TWICE and confirmed everything was right, and even walked in and spoke to the old lady (receptionist). So i guess this could have been all my fault. Lets go to our next adventure called "Applying for Fall Semester" So I figured, as any other rational human being, "Don't give up" I applied for fall semester in June. I wait, I wait , I want. I waited until July 15th. Then I walked in, they told me they had no information on me. are you serious. So i literally had to send EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN. Overnighted everything to ME in an official sealed envelope, so I could hand it to them DIRECTLY. They finally accepted it. During this span of time I was in and out of this College, with my father, about 15 times just to get registered. I have found that NOBODY in that building cares about the students. Students sit in the Lobby with an emotionless expression. I have also found that they do no participate in FEDERAL LOANS. Loans made public for everybody right? Well I can't pull a loan because they won't allow it. Everything out of pocket besides the pell grant. It is now August 12th, 2016. The first day of class is the 22nd. They will not allow me to pick my classes (even though I am accepted) until Thursday the 18th of August. They are closed the 19th, 20th, and 21st. Class starts on Monday the 22nd. How on earth am I suppose to Pick Classes, order/rent my books, get the supplies I need, all in one day. I asked that exact question the receptionist. She answers by looking at me, shrugging, and saying "well sometimes the teachers never decide on a book til the 3rd week anyways so don't worry" What the hell do we do for 3 weeks with no books. I have never wanted to bang my head against a wall so hard in my life. Someone shut this place down.

RR Brooks

Excellent school. The faculty and staff is very courteous, and helpful. I earned a two year here, and I am quite appreciative of the education I received. If you pay attention, and don't expect everyone else to do things for you, it's a great school. Just know how to be responsible.

Mariela Espinosa

Katlyn Brooke Webb

TERRIBLE! Couldn't get anyone on the phone for a week, when I email them they are short and rude and not helpful at all. Find a different school, this one isnt worth the aggravation.

Kenneth Pinion

The school itself and programs are soso. I had real problems I have were class scheduling. I found it very difficult to manage the online classes when they are not open for the full week. The lessons were opened more toward the weekend and I work all weekend. In class instruction was generally only during day which also causes problems for working adults trying to take classes or further a career. Library and facilities and library are only open Mon-Thur as well. Teachers spend more time complaining about this and that than teaching in classrooms also. Probably best to look elsewhere for a quality education. Many of the classes you need in sequence are offered out of order.

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