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REVIEWS OF Gwinnett Technical College IN Georgia

Myra Lang

Julia Krieger

Fine place to go for classes, five stars for the teachers, but if you need help with ANYTHING else, expect there to be a fight. The one stop people are only knowledgeable on general questions, anything specific and they gesture to some back office and mumble that someone in there knows. And if you want to speak with one of the mysterious people in the back office FORGET IT. All of the staff make it seem like assisting in anything other than basic admission is a chore. And I don't even know why this campus owns phones, they never answer them. If you're unable to come in person the second you want something done, you'll probably never get it done. Awful service and communication.

Tina K

Browsing through the reviews would make you think this school was so bad. But in all honesty I've had no problems with any department. I think gtc is a great school.... and everyone has been so helpful. A lot of people's complaints are not the schools fault. If u want a cafeteria.. go to a school that has one... but dont complain that gtc doesn't have one... you knew b4 you enrolled. If you want to talk to an advisor... go up to the school and talk to one instead of complaining about being on hold for an hour. Be proactive.... its college. And who gets mad at the teachers parking closer to the school... what kind of lazy BS is that. Come on ppl. Grow up.

Jason Elder

The staff sucks and is very uninformative, I almost seems like they do everything they can to either not allow you to be able to enroll or delay you long enough to have you pay late fees

Lara Nolan

Heather Hyllested

Excellent experience

Nancy Arroyo

I think my kid will get to go there

jay kue

One of the worst schools in the world!!! their costume service is awful and they talk to you like your retarded or something. im planning on transferring out to athens tech. Gwinnett tech SUCKS!!!!!

Kaydeon Boyt

I love this school for helping my get the future I want and knowledge I keep. Thank you for this life experience.

Amanda Manker

Watch out for Mrs. Patricia Long for Biology Sciences. She is a biased teacher. If she doesn’t like you, you will not get competitive grades. I would advise no one go to her to be taught, as there is a chance she will not like you, and your future could be stunted by her. She had her buddy students waiting for my meeting with her, and they all laughed loudly as I left. She called me a cheater my first day in her class simply because I sat in the back so others could see over me, as I am very tall. She spoke about her body issues a lot in class (what?). She was extremely interested in having her student buddies than being a fair teacher. I would never recommend anyone be in Mrs. Long’s class, as she still seems to be trapped in high school, and she could halt your forward progression in medicine simply because she doesn’t like you. Watch out!

Tee Major

Went there for the first time today to register for class, got lost! Lol, BUT they were plenty of teachers that were willing to help me. One walked me to the front desk, one stopped and gave me a map of inside and outside, and the teacher at the test center was OVERLY HELPFUL!!! She walked me through everything, Step by step to sign up, what to expect, and the whole nine yards. She even wished me luck! Which is awesome

Greta Vassar

Very very rude and unhelpful staff and faculty. They are unwilling to help and instead of encouraging they are discouraging. I see why people these days are not attending Gwinnett Tech. I'm glad I found out before attending. STUDENTS BEWARE - DO NOT ATTEND GWINNETT TECH LAWRENCEVILLE OR ALPHARETTA CAMPUS!!!!!

Debrosia Griffin

Debrosia is a solid real estate agent that I too contacted online and she worked with me to find a new construction home during the winter of 2014. Within three weeks, my wife and I visited homes and closed all within that time frame; purchasing a new construction home in Snellville with Crown Communities/D.R. Horton. I highly recommend her given her professionalism and knowledge of the area. Let me know if you have questions. Dr. Jermaine Whirl

Asra A

Lemme tell you they NEVER EVER answer the phone

Stina Hughes

I love GTC!!

Bethany Blanton

The dean is rude and the schools a waste of money.

joseph burnette

Great school!! Cheap and perfect for students wanting an easy transition to a 4 year college.

Paris H

So far not satisfied at all. I'm on hold with them right now as I write this review. I have been on hold for over an hour and a half. Thankfully I was in the military and patience is in my particular skill set I have learned. It's honestly so rude. Or that they don't even tell you how long your wait time is. I would suggest going up to their offices in person if you want to actually speak to someone. HORRIBLE!

Spencer Morris

It's not a bad place I got a couple of degrees from here. Nicely laid out campus and the faculty is very nice and helpful. You have to be proactive.

Makayla Grant

Crystal L

This school has some hidden gems - like the dedication to student life and the valuable professors. Only thing is that there's no cafeteria! Sometimes you just want some hot fresh food. It can be tricky navigating the administrative side when you have paperwork to submit and stuff but eventually it gets done.

No No

In this college there is an English teacher mr.G, this is the worst teacher I’ve ever met. Unprofessional and unpleasant person. Poorly teaches and touches a person. Awful”teacher”!!!

Leticia Castillo

Brenda Ramirez

If I could give it zero stars I would... Everyone that works there is very rude and unhelpful

Vanessa Osorio

I did my phlebotomy certification here but ended up working in a daycare ... don’t get me wrong the instructor was great but the school doesn’t offer the opportunity to do internships and they don’t help with job placement either like a lot of other schools do... I feel like I wasted 2000 and my time here it’s been super hard to find jobs because we didn’t had enough hand on training which mean no practice so people don’t trust you or even give you the opportunity to show you are capable of doing the job ...

devin blanchard

Teachers are okay. The one thing that annoys me every semester is the fact that any time I want information about my financial aid I have to jump through the largest hoops possible to A. actually get someone to answer the phone and B. get any real information. The website and mail server functions seem to rarely be working as they should and I have been trying to get information about my 1098T for weeks now to no avail. I have not had any issue any other year receiving it until they changed the provider for them this year and all of a sudden nobody knows anything about anything. very frustrating. edit: have called the business office about 6 times now. No answer. Left a message. No response.

Daddy pride

Lynn Wood

The financial aid office is a pain in the rear, but after dealing with my daughter's financial aid at a 4-year university, I see that GTC's is on par with the norm. Application was relatively painless, and registration is a breeze. Classes can fill up, but there are so many times and days to choose from. I've been very pleased with my instructors and the level of education I've received. The faculty has been very accommodating and extremely caring with regard to me and my education. If I had to complain about anything, it would be the lack of on-campus food choices. If I don't bring a lunch, I have to leave to get one, and finding parking upon my return is next to impossible.

Melvin Tuggle

Chante C.

This school provides awesome Health care programs for the students and are actually accredited.

Chris Ginn

I've been going there for a few years now as a part time student. Most of these people who have reviewed this school are incompetent or just had a bad day, or BOTH. ha

Jessica Kinuthia

Valencia Walker

This school will NEVER answer the phones or provide assistance. You must take off from work and go to the school for assistance. Once you are there you are lucky if you don't get a staff member with attitude. I will be so glad when my son graduates. The administration is awful!

Toby Sanz

I go to this school and it’s great. I only have 1 problem, the African American that is in the front desk. She always has this attitude like she doesn’t want to be there, I don’t like talking to her.

Nikole Brooks

The graduation was horrible. No handicapped access, my mother could not see me because they had no wheel chair access and the school could care less, they are cheap and do not care about the students. None of my mothers pictures turned out because she was so far away, but yet you had able body people sitting in the first, cheap, even Georgia Piedmont Tech had their Graduation at the civic center downtown.

Brea C.

I applied at the beginning of July. I sent over my transcript since I already have a bachelors from another university. I have called and gone to the school multiple times. I have asked if they have gotten my transcript and they just keep telling me they’re behind 7-10days. After weeks of the same answers I went ahead and submitted my transcript again hoping it would speed up the process. I keep getting the same answer that they’re behind. And all they keep asking me is why I’m an out of state student. I know tuition is more but I don’t care and they don’t listen to me and give me all that unnecessary information every time I call.

Baudshah Suleymon

These guys will waste your time. I had better experience in closed-down ITT tech, thanks.

Audio Research

Very rude and unhelpful staff and faculty, I'm glad I transferred out.

Jose Santacruz


Drew White

The staff doesn't communicate to each other, nor can you speak with someone who actually knows what the curriculum contains. In addition their attendance policy shifted that they are crooked. The students don't even get to remain in class with a medical excuse, yet the faculty and staff get paid vacation and paid sick leave. How embarrassing.

Corey Waites


Debby King

I am finishing my first year here. I have not had any trouble except for a couple of things. 1. I reached out to my advisor before I started because I was told to. No response. 2 months later called him, no response and left a message. 5 months later still nothing. I am in the bioscience program and I am losing hope towards this school. Now my main concern is their carelessness of students failing. My chemistry instructor is new, and very bad at teaching. He does not go over the notes or the material at ALL. He writes a couple equations on the board and talks about them the whole class. When we ask him questions he has no idea how to answer them and says something completely different. He didn't even know how to put our grades in blackboard until over a month that the class started. Every student in the class is struggling and a lot are failing the tests. This should say something. We had the chair division person Dr. Ross come in to show him that something needs to be done. He is careless and said to "tough it out". I think this is ridiculous because I am paying for this class just to be taught nothing in school while I have to spend everyday teaching myself the material! This class needs to be reimbursed to every student or this instructor needs to go. I am very disappointed at the carelessness of the staff.

Miss Hawthorne

The admissions process thus far has been horrible. When I FINALLY got ahold of someone to find out why after a month my Fall '16 application was still "pending", I was told that I have "outstanding items"--being my photo ID (I applied online)Nowhere did it indicated that I needed to submit that along with my application, and never did I receive any communication from the school that an item was missing to process my app. I have since faxed 3+ copies of my ID, and when calling to confirm receipt, the phone operators are very RUDE & continue to forward me to random peoples' voicemails who are not in the admissions dept. at all. I am very frustrated already, and have not even stepped foot on campus yet. Never had these issues at any other college/university I attended. Highly disappointed.


stereo speakers refurbished of georgia

I went to go to school, and received the 1st pell grants with hope scholarship in 1992-94 was a crowded adventure, the head Teacher never taught SALES,,in Photo. why not? very budget minded. was in film days. most of students did internships and some wound up at local walgreens...only 1 - more of 3 students of 30 did get the right after work help...and try to get self employed...

Jamie Smith

Bryce Balke

The Yoga Chick

My daughter takes dual enrollment classes here. The staff is nice but the instructors are hit or miss. I have my graduate degree and I’ve never had professors do and say some of the things that her instructors have. I am grateful that the school accepts dual enrollment students and they make the process pretty seamless.

jorge gonzalez

Teachers are decent I had two very good one and two horrible bad, So, I call that decent, but the admissions/class councils are the worse! I glad I am not going there anymore. I went there to pick up my transcripts for 2 classes, I wait for over a hour and 20 minutes. Is not like the have a room full of people, I count everybody in the room, including me we were 8. If you go to them to help you decide what you should go for, do not waste your time because they are not help at all! This staff is lazy, under prepare and HORRIBLE customer service. You know that feel when you go to the DMV and you are waiting in line and you see a lazy person sitting right in front of you in one of those desk “working in the computer” nobody is with them and you like “can you help me please” and they just look at you like they just hate working there, and they will not do anything else beside What is required by their job description. Well that is the feel if you wants to talk with someone in admissions.

Blueberry Mango

I love my professors!!!!!


Holly Johnson

Linda Maggiore went above and beyond, very responsive to email reply’s! I was a student who came in with last minute classes/and registration she was more than efficient with her due diligence as an advisor! They made it happen, I cannot say enough positive words about Gwinnett- Lawrenceville!! Thanks again so much

ray shell

Call center is of no help at all with basic questions and concerns a new student has Some people shouldn't be in customer service

Melanie Guerrero

Went to register for my classes but all of them were completely full so the advisor suggested going in for term C and gave me supposedly a new “rescheduled date” to go to orientation but I just called in and some rude lady told me the first day of c term was yesterday! But yesterday was Columbus Day so how does that make any sense? And so now I’m stuck waiting until next semester to register. So thank you Gwinnett Tech for literally placing me behind in my education

katherine nunez

I can't wait to graduate and not deal with this stress! Some teachers are ok but the majority don't answer their emails at all. You get no help whatsoever. I understand it's college but this money is coming out of your pocket. The teachers should at least interact with their students and help them out if they need it. If a student is trying to put in the effort then do your part as a teacher as well and help them learn. These school systems don't really help you out, just teach you things you don't really use in life. And on top of that make it hard to graduate on time, so pretty much setting you up for failure. No extra credit, nothing, so even if you're a good student who turns in all your work and put in they effort if it's not up to the teachers standards you fail. AND ON TOP OF THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN GET A REPLY FROM A TEACHER TO ASSURE ANYTHING!

Dc Nguyen

aiyanna allen

Taylor Robinson

So far so good, I'm transferring from a different college to Gwinnett technical college, I would have to say if you have any questions or concerns by phone is not really that good to get it fixed, more like by email or if you show up at the one stop center. I had a concern on why some of my credits from the other college didn't transfer over, fast forward the next day, I check the banner website and there they are on my transcript, so problem resolved.

Regina Chery

Horrible! No one answers the phone. So be prepared to show up in person. Whatever documents you provide, do so way in advance to avoid more delays. They don't care about you as a student whom they are getting paid by or for. My Program Director talks to me like I am a teenager or a kid. They are unaware that the students have a choice to take their money/financial aid/scholarship somewhere else! After this semester, I no longer want to take courses here.

Benjamin Suttler

Gwinnett Technical College is in awesome and accelerating school I appreciate it the most because within it all of the students are wanting to focus and finish

mariana zepeda

Its my school

isabella jimenez

Оля Ли

Tiera Austin

Nobody ever answers the phone when trying to get in contact with the advisement center.

Little Frog

First off, I loved most of my professors. I only had issues with one professor of my two years attending there. Also, sorry everyone but this is going to be long. I am not happy with this school at all. I attended the collage because it was close to home and I thought I could get my Associate's degree and transfer to a 4 year school with no issues. Boy, was I wrong. They will tell you over and over that all the credits will transfer and there will be no issues. That is a major lie. MOST CREDITS DO NOT TRANSFER. I have had to start over and retake classes I already took. Waste of my time and money. I graduated from this school in 2012. I am still trying to make up my loss credits and graduate. Financial Aid department had the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They speak to you as if you cannot speak English. I had to see the head of the financial aid department and even she gave me a very hard time. Other schools that I have transferred to have a better and more organized financial aid department. With as large as Georgia State University is, someone still answered the phone in less than 3 minutes. As well with Georgia Gwinnett College. Do not bother with this school. They do not answer the phone. If you leave a message, expect a call back in 2-4 weeks. I had an issue with my registration, called and left a message, and some girl called me back 2 and a half weeks later (too late by then) and asked what my question was then proceeded to tell me she did not know the answer to my question and would have someone call me back in 24 hours with the answer to my question. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she gave me an attitude. Then she said "I will have someone call you in 24 hours, goodbye." I went to the office to complain about this and the supervisor put an annoyed smile on and said "You know how some students are. They are just working for financial aid. I am sorry you had that experience. We will try to talk to her for you." That was just unacceptable. The two women in the front of the school are especially rude. They are always just chitchatting and when you interrupt them to ask a question, they give you an attitude. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. CREDITS DO NOT TRANSFER. (except certain Math and English) STAFF IS RUDE AND THEY DO NOT CARE. I really feel bad for the professors. They have very good professors but horrible support staff. This school is just not worth it.

Joung Ah Seo

I am trying to apply for a program at this school but they are making it extra difficult to transfer. Everyone gives me a different answer and some are extremely rude. Financial aid??? A nightmare.

Autumn Jennings

Everytime I need or try to find out something important no one answers the phone ever I don't want to be at this school anymore I'm tired of the lack of professionalism and I'm ready to transfer

Tony Brown

School smell fresh!! It's in a good area!! I caught a crook in my neck looking at all the baked bean booty woman that come here!! Yes I need a degree quit!!

Dylan Vinson

Horrible communication.

Raymond Wright

They make sure you learn what is needed to be successful without all the unnecessary stuff. They are realistic about how you should take courses and help you plan a strategy that fits your needs. As a 30-something adult student, that makes a world of difference. GTC takes education seriously and expects students to do the same. You are given numerous resources to help you succeed as long as you are willing to put in the work. When they say a certain class requires three hours of studying per day to pass, you best study three hours a day.

cyndru ga

Seems chronically understaffed and overpriced. Some majors offer very few class options for working students. Courses themselves in a certain major are juvenile and prepare students insufficiently for the chosen vocation.

Cecilla Watson

Jeff Ledford

Hvac Tech program first class!

janice lancaster

My Opinion

Discrimination is rampant within the Continuing Education department admission and management. Ignorant on what is the current trend in CE training while acting as if they have a lot of different courses when in fact they are just filling up seats. Good instructor but the administration office of the CE is running away with discriminatory practices that other colleges would not condone. However, Gwinnett Tech is operating on its own without the oversight of the University System of Georgia so my warning to anyone going here: Buyer Beware! No real oversight of this place - it can run like a "business" if it wants. And, it does. It's just a Business not really an educational institution by any stretch of imagination.

Tijan Mcclain

Saving TheDay

A school that is improving !

D Val



one word: Edumacashun

king harp

I look forward to get educated in communications

Azure .Sith

I decided to transfer to this college since my family had to move. Admission was a nightmare for me. I passed my college algebra compass test at my old college but I had to take the pre-algebra compass test when I applied here. The admissions team kept wording it just “algebra” and got me confused. I constantly called my old college to ask if they sent my transcript yet, which they swore they already did and my compass tests scores are included. It was close to the deadline before we got everything sorted out. I almost gave up and was going to go to another college. The teachers I had made up for that. My teachers are great and very helpful. I am almost finish with my program and enjoying the experience thanks to them.

Lashina Hilley

Instructors are very nice and want you to learn. They're very concerned about you and your career goals.

Debbie Moon

I graduated from the CRJU program there and it was the best experience I've ever had...

Marwa Albaldawi

Good college and staff

Amber Chrones

AWFUL. I have been going here for 2 years and they have been TERRIBLE!! I left a voicemail for my student advisor OVER TWO WEEKS AGO and no one has called me back. Disgusting customer service and VERY understaffed! It is a pathetic school.

Karen Sims

James Johnson

Ask about the diploma programs to get the grants!

Daniela Busic

Roberto Copello

If anyone knows who the front receptionist, she has the biggest attitude in the world! Literally asked her 1 question and she snaps back condescending af like I made a map of the school (of you want to know it's the lady who loos like she can't get out of the chair)

Anime Princesa

Marian Moore

Who can you speak with about grades? If you have made 100% on every assignment and the professor manually changes to a point system 2 weeks before the end of the class, how can you have an F in the class? The instructor will not accurately explain the grade. Who can you go to for help? This failing grade will affect financial aid and the teacher does not seem to care. This is causing great frustration for a person who is working very hard to do well and the student feels that there is no place to go.

Kenya Jordan

Cortland Good

Nobody nobody

Rene Heredia

I love my college!!

cierra peck

Worst customer service, being the only technical college in gwinnett they are on high demand so they treat you harshly like you will be replaced any sec, try Chattahoochee tech its excellent but far from here. This institution is a discouragement to education. Stay away!

Destiny cook

Worst customer service! I had to contact the school three times to get information. They forward my calls to voicemail every time!

India Springer

Don’t waste your time here if you are doing post-baccalaureate. This school doesn’t really cater to post- baccalaureate students so they like to consider you as a “Transient” student which prolongs the process of trying to register for classes.I was told I needed to get a Transient/Letter of Good Standing from my home institution in order to register for classes but that makes no sense being that I already GRADUATED and don’t plan on returning to my school? I tried to explain that to the register’s office even after submitting my college transcript to them but they insisted on me contacting my school to get the Transient form. My school is already busy as it is and does not have time to process a request that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. This was the only thing that held me up and it didn’t help that no one responded to my request in a timely manner.I recommend going to Georgia Gwinnett College because all they require is a college transcript in order to do post-baccalaureate.They communicate effectively and within two days of applying I was able to register for classes. All they needed was my college transcript!

Bobbie Battle

Will like because it is very my tip

Caleb Lewis

5-star for my wonderful teachers. However, the administration of the school is grossly underwhelming.

Kevin Grau

I love going to this school its simple to get though all the sign up and such.

Jasmina Gracanin

I really really hate this school. Iv been to other schools and none were as bad as gwinmett tech. They dropped my classes due to reaching max hours but did not notify me. I called the school everyday for 7 business days and noone ever called back. I sent 23 emails alomg with that. Finally they call to tell me registration was done yesterday and i am too late. Now i have to wait a year and half to apply for my program. Its really sad that school is this CARELESS and doesnt help out their students. I encourage everyone to go to GGC. Save your money and your tears.

Alicia Sinclair

I don't like this school I've been stuck here for 2.5 years and every year there's a problem from inattentive teachers to financial aide. Also it doesn't help that you have to leave campus for food cause they only have snacks in the bookstore and a Chick-fil-A stand. Finally took the step to leave the school but should have done it earlier

Anthony Ledford

Most of the teachers here are absolute garbage at teaching. Save your money go somewhere else

Tauseef Usta

Nikhil Malani

Nice facility and good staff, feels like a true college campus.

Carlos J. Gonzalez

All the teachers I have had in my two years are great. The advisors are great too. I see people blaming the school, but it's usually them. If you really want to get ahead, they will help you!

Ciro Santacruz

When I was getting my GED , I took the TABE test here and they were all exited about my score and said I would pass with flying colors. I was in a difficult situation and needed assistance so I signed up for the "GAP" program but when I told them I was ready to take the GED test , they said they couldn't help me at the last minute because I missed some GED practice classes.. I was 100% eligible for the program and I clearly explained to them in the beggining that I was the only one with a valid license in my household and that I also had to drive family members to their job. At the time my brothers had court cases and probation if they didn't have money to pay those fees then they would never get out of their problems so driving them to work was a priority. The GAP program refused to help me in one of the most difficult times, please take the time to understand that just how difficult some of these situations can be . I myself didn't have any problems with the law and I would've attended every single class if I didn't have to deal with these issues.


(Translated by Google) The worst college I have ever met. The worst place to study. This educational institution is the worst I have ever known, they treat foreigners as if they were nothing or as if they were going to ask for something that was given away. When they realize that you are a foreigner or that you are from a Hispanic family or any other country, they treat you the worst, they do not pay attention to you, they do not even look you in the face when you ask something. Apart they make you waste your time putting obstacles and obstacles to enter the institution are. Especially the counselors or advisor, those who give you information on how to enter this college or what papers or grades you need to qualify, these people are extremely discriminating foreigners are super racists. Personally I do not even recommend that they try to enter that place. They do not respect or value foreigners much less Hispanics. (Original) The worst college I have ever met. El peor lugar para estudiar. Esta institución educativa es la peor que he conocido, tratan a los extranjeros como si fueran nada o como si fueran a pedir algo regalado. Cuando se dan cuenta que eres extranjero o que eres de familia hispana o cualquier otro país, te tratan de lo peor no te prestan atención , ni siquiera te miran a la cara cuando preguntas algo . Aparte te hacen perder el tiempo poniendo trabas y obstáculos para ingresar a la institución son . Sobre todo los concejeros o advisor, los que te dan información de cómo ingresar a este college o que papeles o grades necesitas para calificar , estas personas son extremadamente en discriminar extranjeros son súper racistas. Personalmente no recomiendo ni siquiera que intenten ingresar a ese lugar. No respetan ni valoran a los extranjeros mucho menos a los hispanos.

Lindsey Troi

Robert Biscardi

A great college


At one point they told me i could not go there because i withdrew from a class 15 years ago. But the next year i go back and they accept me but then they say that i cant take the class i need b/c the requirement that I took part 1 of is 5 years old and I took part 2 last year. I know there are rules to these things. But they tell you one thing then later after you pay all the fees it's changed now. I have attend 2 other technical colleges and a 4 year university, and I have never been treated so badly. They are not helpful and the staff does not seem to care about getting students the education they need. My husband also attended for 2 semesters it was a joke. He's a veteran and it took him 2 semesters and numerous days off work sitting in their office to even get started in a class.

Melissa Cutler

REVISED REVIEW: Gwinnett tech has been going through some positive changes lately. Now I can actually reach someone on the phone if I have a question, and I have gotten some questions answered quite promptly through GTC'S Facebook page as well. The whole front end/ one stop center has been redone and the people who work up front, the advisors and the financial aid people actually seem to know what they are doing now. Finally! It's been a long time coming. Old review: I've been going to GTC part time for years. No one ever answers the phone to help you, and dealing with the people in the Financial Aid department is extremely frustrating. One semester I was told I didn't qualify for a loan, and spent most of the semester broke and barely scraping by only to get a call 2 weeks before the end of the semester telling me I have a check waiting! I've had some great teachers, but the worse by far is trying to take Anatomy and Physiology with a teacher than doesn't teach. They give you a video to watch at home because they are aware that the teachers are terrible at teaching.

Emily Hammond

I had an ok experience. I enjoyed taking my core classes here, I learned a lot through my anatomy and physiology classes. However, once you do get accepted into a healthcare program, be prepared to work hard. They prepare you for the real world and you will have many exams and labs you have to pass. Some of the instructers are actually former students of the program themselves which was interesting. The financial aid office however is not helpful. They do not answer the phones or return calls or emails. You have to wait hours just to speak with someone in person. No financial aid office should be that way. I have attended other colleges and have never experienced that.

Brianna Dasher

I have had no issues since I started Fall of 2017. If you put in the work, your grades are rewarded. I just wish they had an area in building 100 set up specifically for studying and charging a laptop. Someplace where other students can't get quite so loud.

Al Natural

Tenacious One

I'm actually being nice with the two stars. Just got off the phone with Admissions and the woman I spoke with was short and rude. I understand it's a busy time but that doesn't mean that you should treat ppl like that. This has been consistent. I've only spoken with maybe two people who were nice or at least faked it well enough. I hope that this isn't a reflection of what's to come if I attend.

Jafett Ferro

100% perfect!


Graduated from the ADN nursing program. The pros: You will learn A LOT! You will get top dollar education for a fraction of the cost. You will meet many people with similar passions. The cons: Experienced a lot of changes while in the program in terms of faculty. Communication differs/depends on staff. I am posting this review in case there may be others interested in the nursing program. Please don't go into this thinking it's going to be a piece of cake. You have to have a lot of passion and with that determination with a dash of patience in order to make this work. If you can wrap your head around that prior to jumping in, then you will be okay. Don't expect things to be handed to you, don't expect that it's going to be easy. Nobody owes you anything, you have to be willing to WORK for it. Always do your research and be prepared. Have a GOOD support system. Your calendar/agenda/daily organizer will be your best friend. If you are organized, do your readings, practice questions from the START, and have a positive attitude then you already have some of the tools that will help you succeed. GOOD LUCK to all future students!

Yer Yang

I wouldn't rate this school at all if I could because of my experience with them and I'm not even a student yet. I'm a prospective student and I'm interested in their diagnostic medical sonography program. I have been trying to communicate with them or get a hold of someone who actually knows what they are doing rather than transferring me to voice mails and people who never calls me back. I just wanted to know if admissions has received my transcripts and no one is able to tell me if it's been recieved or not. It's been a month now and I have not heard from anyone there to help resolve my situation. This already gives me a bad impression of the school and makes me question if they care for the success of students/prospective students. I am very disappointed with this college and it's representatives. Also their operators needs to be retrained in the quality of their customer service. I've never had issues with operatirs until this college.

Vera Feder

Screwed up my transcript by adding classes I never took (with 0% as a grade) and refused to fix it. Now making me pay for them.

Filmon Ymesghen

I wish if there is zero rate l could give them zero ,worst place to get education getting so many answers for a simple question tired to wait many hours to get adviser

Iya Oyegemi

Experience so far has been terrible..claim to also be military friendly.

Dave Cross

I've been going here for a couple of years, and have had literally every teacher in the Welding program, so I have a good feel for their Welding Program as a whole. The teachers do the best they can with what they are given, but are vastly overwhelmed by the amount of students the administration takes. There is about 1 teacher for 40+ students, and the teachers have no time to actually instruct their students, spending the whole class period grading lab assignments, so I don't view this as their fault. After 2 years in their welding program and a mere 2 classes away from getting my Welding Diploma, I feel VASTLY unprepared for a career in Welding, as the teachers are so overwhelmed that they don't actually have the time to be "teachers", so it makes this program as more of a "qualification program", where you would get a diploma for what you already know versus coming here to learn how to actually weld. Don't get me wrong, I've learned a bit, but most of it has been learned from book work and the TAs. The TAs spend much of their time completing assignments given to them by the program to assemble their program (I.E. putting things together, setting up machines, etc) and while they do help at times, even they are overwhelmed by this horribly put together program that gradually is being constructed while students pay full price on classes that only actually last half a semester. Which brings me to another point, many of the classes contain FAR too much information and skill to be confidently absorbed in half a semester. Such classes as Tungten Inert Gas Welding (TIG) cram a ton of lab assignments that are near impossible to properly complete in the short 2 months (4 hours a day, 4 days a week) a class lasts. I have a lot of respect for the teachers of this program for trying to be the glue that holds this program together, but it simply is a poorly put together program and it is very ambitious for the staff to think you would be ready for the working world of welding when you barely feel able to complete the assignments in the controlled environment of a school classroom. My recommendation: know how to weld before entering this program, consider another school, or be prepared to pay for multiple semesters of the same class if you decide to go here. My wife has also gone to school here for the Surgical tech program, and has made similar criticisms of that program as well. I give the school 2 stars simply because the teachers do put forth a lot of effort and you can tell they care about helping you through this program, it is just simply overwhelming to both the teachers and the students alike.

Erica Spruill

About to graduate from their degree program. Personally, I enjoyed the school more when it was based on a quarter system instead of semester but that change happened across the board for Georgia two-year colleges. This is a low tuition, technical college, so don't expect Ivy League or Georgia Tech. But, if you want to learn more about a specific field to get your foot in the door, this is a great place. A lot of the teachers here are part-timers with their full time work at another college. Some of the teachers are just amazing, and others don't really care to teach, but I had that problem at a private $40k/year school I went to, it happens everywhere. The Career Center did help me land a few interviews and there is a lot of outreach to employers here at the school. Overall, this is a tech school. You get what you pay for, and what you get for the price at GTC to me, is slightly above average.

Amberly Jenkins

I really hope the president is reading these reviews because many accurate. I have had wonderful and knowledgeable teachers BUT admin staff has been incredibly frustrating to deal with. They are very very difficult to communicate with and, in some cases, rude and dismissive. The communication between the staff is almost nonexistent. Why do I have to talk to 9 or 10 staff members to get an simple answer? Currently my financial situation is completely messed up due to conflicting information i get from different people. Calling and emailing is completely useless because you either get no answer or some generic response. I don't discourage people from coming here for the education but everything in between could turn into a fight.

Ynit Rye

4 stars for Automotive Technology program. Don't really care for the rest of the school.

Rafael A. Toribio

Great college, more oriented to adult education and technical classes, friendly staff and great support

corey bundy

The enrollment took so long and they messed up my name and i couldn't enroll on time for mini quarter semester. They kept calling and asking me to fax them or e mail them the same peppers they had already taken a copy before.

Daniel Henderson

Debbie Mack

Love this college . Wouldn't want to go anywhere else

Laura Estavan

I honestly do not see how anyone could dislike this school. I am a MOWR (dual enrolled) student with GTC. And for my first semester i was mainly online. However, when i did go on campus- aside form getting lost [cause building 100 is really huge]- the people their were SO nice. The front desk ladies had the biggest smile and awesome service. The students in the hallways always give you a nice smile. But the main thing I love about GTC is how everyone makes you feel welcome. The experience is above awesome and the people their are even better. DEFINITELY looking forward to staying for my Pre-Nursing after I get my pre-reqs out the way!

Newton Anggara

As international student, gwinnett tech giving me a hard time by NACES. 'Cause they won't accept neither my original or translated transcript so i gotta go next season at gwinnett. The NACES caused me a lot of trouble even i gotta wait for the next season.

Chigi Jhaveri

Lilsal Gambino

Best tech school in the State info by phone is the down side so us gotta get there and be social

Johanna Mouton

Donald Meksvanh

TERRIBLE FIRST IMPRESSION. It seems like no one care enough to speak to you in person. I called various departments within this school and left voice messages but not response back. I would love to speak with anyone who cares.

Alanna White

Their communication is absolutely horrible. Never expect them to answer the phones, and if your thinking of emailing them well don’t expect them to actually answer your questions. They will send you a copy and paste answer that might answer your questions about 5% of the time. If you leave them messages they rarely get returned. If you’re planning on showing up in person expect at least an hour long wait at a minimum for the north Fulton Campus and more for the lawrenceville location. Most the staff is friendly and most the teachers are decent.

Constance Lee

Beetz Mee

While no enrollment process is perfect, this one took the cake. I recently went to inquire about programs for my son. Between the lack of interest of the staff and the overall "tired" feel of the campus, I just gave up. I was polite, straight-forward and had a clear agenda in hand. It seems to be a campus that resembles a repeat of Grayson, Collins Hill, Mill Creek, and any other mega-goliath public school in Gwinnett. While they failed to get an education there all while pulling a 3.0 in any of the aforementioned schools (couldn't get a 2.0 anywhere that is reputable) they aren't likely to get one here. Should probably start using tag lines like; "Diversity is our Strength" and any other pseudo embracing "diversity" punch line they need as they have inherited all of those that put a 20 percent effort in high school and recently found out that they "needz a jobz". I had the distinct impression that my kid was going to be tossed into the fray and would have to fend for himself entirely. Not that college is a hand holding exercise but, it should be a bit more concerned for the students (read: the parents money so the staff can have a job) than they presently are. If nothing else, do it for the children! Right....NOT..... Your kid would have a better chance of a solid education taking a 2-4 year stint in the federal pen than to do 2-4 years in this yard. Shoe Program fool! King Kong ain't got nothin' on me! You get the idea. There were more vying for "loans" than anything else. Chaos reigns supreme. If you want a repeat of "but mom, he's gonna get a job" and a repeat of "Don't be a menace to South Central while drinking your juice in the hood" then this is YOUR school. Dashiki, Ray Ray, and Dew Rag were all represented. I suspect the GED "program" is doing quite well. Clean it up. Fix it up. Represent. Bet....


I am a current student at GTC. I have been taking classes here since 2013.The instructors are always pretty great. They have a lot of different events. Love that. The negatives. They NEVER NEVER NEVER ANSWER A PHONE. When you leave a voicemail, expect to hear back from them in 2-3 business days... I'm not kidding. The only way to get them to talk to you is to physically drive up there to ask. It's frustrating when it's a simple question. Like today, I've called 7 times. After the 3rd time of reaching a voicemail, I started hitting any button to get me to a live person and not automated. Everyone just ALWAYS seems to be away from their desk. I will admit, I'm in class right now. On break. I could walk over there. But it's just dumb that when I walk up there, EVERYONE IS UP THERE... just NOT answering their phones. Am Iazy, probably. But, hey, so are they. They get paid to sit up there-- and not answer a phone. The offer many programs. The students are all pretty great. But again, why pay people to sit at that front desk and when you walk over there-- you find them on their phone, talking to their coworker about where they went to dinner last night or just not at the desk... not great customer service skills.


HORRIBLE service, bad communication, lazy staff. Every time I email them they tell me to come in to speak to them directly or tell me to call another number. One time I emailed their help desk regarding a problem with my student account, they told me to email another department and when I emailed that department, i got a automatic email reply saying "This email is no longer monitored, please contact another department". Rude and very lazy staff. DO NOT attend this school.

Lien-Amoi Lewis

how inconvenient it is to have banner down the week of spring class registration.

Carlos Webster

All the complaints on here are the same for schools across the board. What is actually important, the teachers, classes and campus are pretty great. I've had maybe one bad teacher in two years. The campus is nice and a has a nice feeling to it. Classes are straight forward and a great learning experience

Nick 4fit

It's so stressful how the business office dont respond to phone messages or reply to emails or never even try to answer the phone it's very hurtful I pay all my money for this school and I have to drive 30 minutes in traffic just to get someone to answer one simple question .

Miledy Martinez

Originally I came for cosmetology and realized everything you learn is nowhere near whats in the field. Then I changed majors and get told that because I haven’t finished my program within a specific amount of time they will cut my financial aid. The teachers are garbage and the financial aid staff is just as bad. I struggled for them to even process my financial aid only to be told that they won't accept it anymore just because I am over the hours from changing majors. They do not care if you have any family emergencies. If you miss a day then you might as well drop the course there is no way your getting back up since they want to remove extra credit. Also if you ever get your picture taken make sure they make you sign a media consent form else they will post whatever to promote the school.

Moe Adams

Chris P

Nini Bell

Okay so i came here to get info on the courses i wanted to start taking here since im close and im new to area. So off the back let me start of i have already had bad vibes from here from when i pulled in. First, theres no enrollment listed on there billboards to show you which way to go and what building is what. Okay, second, all there staff parking in in front of buildings and students have to park farther away from building. Are you kinding this is a business. Your employees are your teachers and they are rewuired to park farthest away just like any business the customers which are the students are paying customers paying to come here and have to park behind the teachers who are getting paid to be here while students are paying to come here and have to walk. Makes sense NOOOOO... NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I EVER SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS.... Why should i pay to walk and you are paying your employees to be here and they git staff parking all up close to the building? Okay, third, i didnt want to give them a chance but i was like im here maybe it wont be so bad let me see what they have to offer. I finally found 1 flag not very visible shorter than the building in the back corner. You litterly have to drive in here and drive around to find it. Almost left just cuz of that. So i finally found parking... I walked to door and i tried to open the door. Well doors where locked i suppose. I pressed the handcapped opener to open door nothing. Its 10am in morning this place should be open theres cars in the lot all the staff parking in front of building is taken up. And they have the door locked for the enrollment office building? Like how do these people get business? No wonder this place is rated a 3 stars. They suck... Im going to go enroll in the other school which by the way got 4.5 stars up the street from sugarloaf...

monica suarez

Horrible communication, I cannot get anyone to return my phone calls, instead I get an email with trivial information, yet no answer or solution to my problem. No help at all.

Geoffrey Rhymer


I never thought that I would love college.....But, I love GTC. All of the instructors that I have had the pleasure of having were/are GREAT. To me, they care about how well the students are able to understand their lessons and it encourages you to hold yourself accountable for your own progress. The advisors are always available when you need help. I have never waited too long to speak to anyone after checking in. I wish this was a 4 year college, I would've stayed foh-evaa!

Brady Brannon

Austin Hagan

I was here for one semester, and it was the biggest waste of time and money. The school is run by a bunch of people who are clueless on how to do they’re job. Literally learned nothing in my whole semester I was there program was a joke, maybe it was because it was a new program. Enrollment people are clueless. That’s is why I switched to Lanier tech way way better school run a lot better cannot even begin to explain how much better of a school it is and the people who run it are so much more pleasant to deal.

Emily Smith

The science building is awesome!

Lawrence Bishop

I'm attending GTC on a scholarship for the accounting degree and find that the guarantee on their degrees (hiring employers) to be above and beyond any other educational institution. Who else does this. No one. The admin is a bit rough but interns are running the front ends of all these offices so its to be expected. I do not like the fact that I have to log into a different portal/ website for each class online and on campus. You're learning a course on how to take the course for each course so it can be a bit overwhelming at first and I have a background in computer training design so I can imagine its beastly for many. But I'll give then a "Good" grade.

Charles Wardlaw

An elite education at a quality price. Everything here is great. The environment and people here are catalysts for learning. A culture of winning!!!

Nitin Patel

counsuling staff are very slow you have to wait 4 hours to speak to someone very poor

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