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nameless dude22

WARNING Do not call them! They do not answer and if they do they can not help you or will transfer you to be put on hold and not helped by someone else. If you have a problem and can not go to the school in person, either hope it resolves itself (it won’t) or go somewhere else.

star mik

Many options and great opportunities!

Fausto Julian Robles Collante

It is a beautiful state all over.

Ahmed Alaboodi

I like the school by's my first semester and it's different from my previous college, it's big and good teaching system!

Deni Xhafa

Hello My name is Denisse. I am 18 and the next year I would like to continue my stydies in this university. I have asked many people and they daid to me good words. The problem is that I dont know the procedure how to apply in this university. please , is enyone who can help me with a the e-mail address or show me the steps that I should follow??? Thank you

Kelly Parry

Nothing gives you a better feel for the diverse and international communities of Atlanta than visiting Georgia State downtown and watching the students, faculty, and staff in action! Aside from classrooms and offices, Georgia State has great coffee shops, international restaurants, and public spaces.. so many ways to enjoy the campus!

Kristen Epic

I currently go here and about to crossregister at georgia tech before I finish my triple major so when I graduate, I will receive a dual seal. This is a wonderful school, with many former GA Tech teachers! The assignments are thoughtful and challenging. The staff is amazing as well. As long as you apply yourself, you will receive high marks. I ended up getting an award for academic achievement there . There are A strong of great places to eat around campus ranging from organic/ vegetarian and vegan to the most amazing Pho soup as well. Of course what is college without amazing cooked to offer pizza. The andrew young schoo of policy is amazing and stately and the lawschool library for the budding lawyer , or language student is an amazing place to study. A few tips for applying: print your application for financial aid with the school after filling the FAFSA online because because it's easier for them to have a concrete sheet of paper to file right there. There is a help line you can call if you need any assistance with applying, the process, where to park, or even if you forgot your password.

Jiyong Kwag

Forcing cooperation students to share their room

Katharine Miele

They're taking over the city! Join now and be a part of the explosion! Great school, excellent teachers, so many opportunities! The only thing: the bigger the school - the more red tape.


worst school. none of the staff or faculty try to help ur problem and just transferring the calls. go to this school if u want to transfer to GT and want to save ur tuition fees. some of the instructors were suck either. they didn't know what they are teaching. DONT GO TO GSU

Devin Jackson

Top notch learning environment, with quality professors. The University embraces diversity and offers many opportunities for students and professors to get involved and succeed. However, their Financial Aid Office and Housing Office are mismanaged and at times can be extremely slow. Expect last minute holds, and to be frustrated.

Barrett Toups

As a commuter student, I take offense to the notion that we commuter students worsen the college experience. I was at GSU for 2 1/2 years (graduated after being out of school for several years). I made a couple of really good friends when I was there (also commuters). That was plenty. Most people are phonies and are not worth my time. I did not hang out with the "traditional" students because they were mostly younger and didn't share my interests. What is a 26 year-old going to do with a 19 year-old? Please tell me. I didn't care about athletics but I still paid the athletics fee. You traditional students are welcome. For the commuter students, parking does suck but you have to just leave early and take MARTA. Academically, the school was fine. Maybe too many grad students teaching classes, but be careful what you wish for! The school gets a 2 star deduction because 1) adding a football team was not necessary, 2) Career Services was a disappointment following my graduation, and 3) giving away WRAS to GPB without any input from students, faculty, and alumni shows how arrogant the current administration is.

Bryan Lopez

Amazing school in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Great and well experienced professors. Now the biggest University in Georgia.

Morgan D

worst college system i have ever delt with. I don't even attend classes from them anymore and using their site or trying to get a hold of any faculty, as well as ordering transcripts is impossible. biggest waste of my life i can't stress how much i hate this place. would give negative stars if possible

Emily Scruggs

Good luck ever getting in touch with someone. My application has been pending now for almost 3 months and every time that I call you get the same blanket statement regardless of the question.

Jessica Hernandez

Nice school, All the staff members are good and helpful.

Patrick Smith

Avoid this school at all costs. If you need any kind of financial aid, may God have mercy on your soul. I was on hold for 3 hours waiting for someone to pick up the phone today. I'm going to spare all the details, but just know that it has taken a full year for my girlfriend to filed as an independent in-state student. She has lived her for almost three years. Every time we try to contact the financial aid office it take over an hour on the phone just for them to tell me that they need another document for me to submit to them. Sometimes when I contact them, and they realize that the call is going to take a while, they will just hang up on me, and won't call me back. So I have to wait on hold again for over an hour. This place is not worth your time and sanity. My advice to you is to pick somewhere else to go to school.

Annabell A

Completely annoyed. During my application process gsu took double the amount out of my account and now trying to reach them to give it back is hell. I called and waited a full episode of the Wendy Williams show and half of The Real. Then got on the phone with some jerk who acted like he couldn't do anything so I called the next day right when they opened at 10 and still ended up on hold for 2 hours just to get another idiot who told me I could at least send an email. So your telling me I paid an extra $60 for nothing and waited 45 mins to tell me I can send an email. By the way I sent an email, fax, phone call and still nothing

Victoria Scurry

If I could I'd give this school a zero. For what you pay you get the absolute worst customer service! Since they did the merger it has been chaos. Nobody knows nothing, and its at least a 2hr wait on the phone. They charge for silly things that students shouldn't be charged for. I'd save yourself the time and stress, and just go to a way better school.

Sol Bermúdez Colorado

Quite interesting the concept of having no quads and an urban campus. Crossing streets, from building to hall and so on.

Jeff Thompson

Very pricey, but definitely the greatest research college in the US. Campus life is amazing and the staff is like family


Absolutely awful university, terrible teaching and facilities, admin was a nightmare.


I graduated from GSU back in the late 80's and I must say they have one of the best business schools in the South. I wouldn't be the successful businessman that I am today if it weren't for the great education I received from the faculty and staff at GSU.

Vickie Houston

Warm staff and professional environment. The urban campus is in place to empower and engage all students!

Hannah Williams

The only good thing I have to say about my nearly two years at GSU is that the professors are good. I have been happy with the teaching styles for the most part. That being said, I cannot recommend this school. The campus is dirty and unsafe, and despite loud and frequent proclamations of the GSU police presence, they are barely around. The buildings are old and poorly taken care of. I have ONCE, only ONCE, seen a clean bathroom at GSU. The usual state is repulsive and filthy. There is scarce parking, and if you have class anytime after noon, good luck finding a parking spot less than a mile from campus. Once when I was in a (student) parking deck, a crackhead somehow was allowed in and was wildly driving backwards down the deck, wildly swerving and honking. Just another day at this awful school. The library has very little space in relation to the number of students, so during peak class hours hundreds of people pack tightly into the courtyard outside the library. The no-smoking rule is entirely ignored and is not enforced. I have had smoke blown into my face more times than I can count. If you need to call the University, you will have to go through many automated messages and will be on hold for what often is close to an hour. I have seen human excrement on sidewalks on campus, and have heard other students say the same. No joke. The website often has outdated information and directions. And now, GSU plans to merge with Perimeter. How much more crowded and filthy can this place get?

Joshua Sage

smooth, enlightening and elucidating. however, there are some places that eledes gps and needs upgrading... but nevertheless, its one experience you would like to, repeat, repeat, and repeat.

Keonhee Park

Good professors, best dorms in college (Lofts and Commons), easy achievable high GPA, and simplest college campus. However, this school is a deeply rooted commuter college. Georgia State University is progressively turning into a "traditional" college, but it won't put out until 10+ years. My displeasure experience with this school is the college life. There is not much to do here. Most of the students in class are commuters so it is hard to make friends and to hang out with. Also, a lot of people I've encountered go to GSU for one main reason: To transfer to other school (mainly UGA or GT). So it's hard to make longterm friends. The dining hall is not that great too. It's the same food over and over... Fried chickens and pizzas. So to save your money and hunger, cook your own food. The only dorms that's worth living and investing in are Lofts and Commons. Neither of them require dining plan. One more thing to add... the GSU Registrar's Office and Financial Aid are absolutely terrible. Unlike UGA and GT I've contacted, GSU never responds back emails and you have to be on hold on the phone for at least 40 minutes to get help. Overall, if you want to go to a college with high achievable GPA to transfer to other school, GSU is right for you.


I don't even go to this college and always keep seeing the police blocking an area. A few weeks ago two college "kids" where fighting an uber driver I herd might be a lie because they had the yellow tape out again. I say kids because grown people don't fight they talk . I see too many kids/immature young adults going to this college and too much crime. I would never go to college.


Love this school. The school of Social Work is awesome and the professors are understanding yet challenging!

Rayha Lokie

The worst university that you can attend. I began my studies in 2003 by transferring my credits from my college in newyork. At that time I was a junior pursing an associates degree. When I transfered I lost 2 years worth of course work because GSU said the classes I took in New York were considered advance classes and senior level so they could not be used. I started again from square one. As years want by GSU always found ways to screw up my records first was when they converted to Oasis which I believe now is Banner, but then numerous students records were lost or missing due to the conversion. Then it was twice when they put holds on my academic record because they mistake for other students. This happened twice. Then there were the late fees added to my registration for classes both times . You would think because it was there mistake they would wave the fee but no it was accident so they can't be held responsible so they say. Second they failed to refunded my money when they were over paid. I had to physically go to student accounts and speak with the manager to have the check issued within that week. It wasvover $1000.00 i was owed and its funny how they stop you from attending for non paymeny but when money is owed to you they are experiencing difficult returning the money to my account. My repayment was three months over due. Then I took 2 years off from school due to unemployment in 2008 and took some time off from school when I returned they added additional classes to my degree, even though when I registered as a returning student admissions said I would have that final class to complete. Now, In 2016 Ibam trying to returning to finish the degree and the University has now added again additional classes to complete the degree so I have reached my limit and I am withdrawing completely from the GSUniversity . Now mind you I already have over 124 credits completed. So is georgia state a waste, yes it is. You are better off going out of state or going to Clanton state, the University of Georgia or any of the other universities, you will have less trouble and will probably have a better chance of graduating.

A. Priestley

My experience with Georgia State University has been nothing short of piss poor. The organization's Chain-of-Command does not seem to want to get students in, from my perspective. I been patiently going through the process only to be left in the dark on a status that still says: Pending...yet, upon calling around for hours talking to different individuals that I didn't ask to be transferred to I found that I needed to re-submit a form that I know nothing about nor did I receive an email or any other form of communication to even attempt to address the situation. If you are a Veteran...go directly to the Veterans Affairs personnel. I had more help from Randy in 10 minutes than anyone else at that university over the course of months. This is disappointing for a student who is willing and ready to learn. If you are reading this, really consider everything I've said because this is your life and ultimately your future.

k s

I highly doubt this university has a rating 4 stars and they're just keeping 5 star reviews form eons ago and removing the reviews that don't completely praise the institution. Probably the same case as to why they're not rated on USNEWS. The Financial aid office, Housing, and a couple of other departments are either terribly understaffed or just plain unprofessional. You will rarely get a timely solution or uniformed response from these people; most the staff in advisement are basically a bad joke. This school is very unorganized as a whole and if I could re-do my choice for get the drift. The saving graces of this school are the professors and organizations/activities for students to participate in on campus. Location is pretty great if you're into the city life but be prepared for the expenses you wouldn't normally face living on a traditional campus. Also find it funny to mention that there are now some reviews from people who graduated more than a couple years ago but just now decided within the last month to write "glowing" reviews condemning any constructive criticisms? Seems a bit odd. If there are 1-2 star reviews from students, it's because most of us want the problems resolved and want the institution to get better since we are paying numerous fees to get our education here instead of at cheaper alternatives. I don't think that's too expectant to ask.

Nia Wynn

Not worth the money you pay at all. financial aid and enrollmentment services are horrible. Advisement staff has people who recommend you to classes you dont nees and cant even answer questions correctly. not to mention they have a payment plan for the school yet the payment plan doesnt apply to housing. so you better have housing paud before the school year starts who their give ur room away. now what in the world makes you think i can completely pay for housing if im applying for a freakin payment plan. Not everyone wants to take out loans to afford school. Will not reconnaissance this school to anyone nothing but greed is what they are based on.

Linda Hogan

Will the campus be open tomorrow???

Tyler Harris

Georgia State is by far the worst managed school I have ever attended, dealt with or even heard stories of. Only maybe half of the people in the offices know what's going on and what you need to do, and good luck ever getting a hold of them. You can ask five people the same question and easily get at least three different answers. There is a small mountain of red tape for everything, even just registering. And don't expect them to get your bill right the first time, or at all if you're unwilling to spend all day running around and complaining. On the positive side, there are many opportunities available, especially for grad students. Some of the professors are very good teachers are will help you, while others can't teach at all and are likely to fly off the handle. Overall I'd say that the classes are slightly on the easy side, but if you pick the right professors you can get a decent education.

quasi extreme

Horrible admissions office, horrible financial aid office. Just a horrible experience trying to apply to this school and get help from anyone in administration. It seems like not a single person cares about your success after you've applied. It has been an extreme struggle to try and get assistance from anyone. This is NOT the school for a working adult. If you have a full time job, FORGET about trying to get any help or anything done over the phone. They are very good at taking your money and not offering help of anytime. The only time I have spoken to anyone that seemed to care was after I started crying. This school is in the business of making money, NOT in the business of producing educated individuals.

Aigner Smith

Georgia State is the best school to attend and visit. The diversity here is phenomenal and the campus is worthwhile.

Meg Bevan

I graduated from GSU and I am deeply proud of my education. This school offers an experience above and beyond the typical university. Georgia State is not for the yuppies whose mommy and daddy want them to continue high school, or the clowns who want to win the greek popularity contest. Georgia State is for the bold and open minded who want experience the vast diversity and endless energy of an urban campus. It is for those who are driven to build a real career and rock at it. The teachers are fantastic, armed with years of real life experience and passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge... but they're not going to baby you. Because this is the real world, and in real life your boss is not going to give you a B- and pat you on the head even though you didn't deserve it. They will fire you. I will say that unfortunately the administration is very disorganized and inefficient. While they can be frustrating, that has little bearing on the education itself. I found GSU to be an excellent value for the cost, especially compared to my friends and co-workers who went to UGA. With the addition of a football team and the ever-expanding campus, the value of my education continues to grow. I got a job the week after I graduated, and I am currently working towards starting my own business. Go Panthers!

Mr. Gono

This is a Great School -Lots of activities -Huge Campus -Good food spots nearby -Pretty decent staff What I don't like -There are a couple of haters

Daniel Holets

Excellent practicing art staff. Real inspiration!

Jacob Prue Benson

No school is going to provide you more opportunity. Living in Atlanta is great especially with subsidized rooms in the form of on campus housing. It also doesn't hurt that the public policy program is top 10 in the nation

Justina Knight

Georgia State is ripping college students off. On a payment method plan, they tend to charge you additional 50.00 for setup fee and 12.00 for a service fee charge. They don't allow you to just pay only your tuition, they try to get more and more money out of you.

Aisha Wyatt

A nice quite place to relax and study in downtown Atlanta.

Lakshmi Prabhakar Koppolu

Teachers are talented.


Please read before you decide to attend this university. I am a finance major graduating from GSU this Spring after 5 years, God Willing. As a business major, I have come to the conclusion that this institution is one of the biggest scams in history. Do not get me wrong, I have learned a lot from my experience here, but on my own and more so wisdom than academics. GSU is a business and treats its students as mere customers that pay for EVERYTHING and have no choice but to attend this university, due to personal circumstances. First, parking is as close as it gets to hell. There is none, and if there is availability, you have to pay and hope its not full. On the plus side, you might just get towed every now and then when you visit greek housing! YAY! Second, tuition rises each semester. There are so many hidden fees you feel like you are doing business with comcast. Third, staff is either a hit or miss, there is no consistency. I have had some decent teachers, but most are assistant teachers trying to become professors and have no passion themselves to really educate you. While there is opportunity in the city, it feels you are always bogged down with travel time, walking a mile from class to class in a 10-15 minute window, with little to no time to eat. trust me, you will get tired. While some professors understand we are humans, others treat us as robots - all we do is school, no life, no family, no work. This institute is structured as a corporate jail, where you sit facing the same direction, keep quiet and listen to the boss/instructor. I believe real learning comes from input and output, from group discussions, not just impractical lecturing and testing. This is an institute that receives govt funding through passing rates, so you will pass, but to an extent where you will have sacrificed unretainable time, funds, and energy. Goodluck to all, be prepared to do EVERYTHING on your own, make sure you are well versed in google calendars, it is what you make it. Hopefully you are more informed now than I was when entering the college life.

chole walker

I live for the interior but I think the outside could look cleaner,but otherwise I say its a 8/10 IGN rating

Abe C

Very unprofessional when it comes down to registration and admission process. The employees only look for negative or applicant late submissions to make excuses for not doing their job properly. I have submitted my transcript but it takes way too long to get accepted. Plus they let you know what's missing when you bother by asking what i missed. When i called many times, the person answering the phone was not being helpful. Instead, she and he, started making me feel bad for the late submission. One of the most ridiculous part is that they said I will know If i get accepted or not when the school starts. However, when i wait that long, I won't be able to even attend to another school because GSU dragged too much my time and other schools had already started a week before the GSU. So basically, they want to play Russian roulette with my registration status this upcoming fall 2015 semester. If i get accepted, I only have one day to solve everything including finance, advisement, registration, and other things i don't know about it yet. If i don't get accepted, I won't be able to attend to any school until the next spring semester. This is my experience with GSU. The school is good, but the people who works there aren't.

Pam Q

Unprofessional professors that either 1) don't show up or 2) show up late and leave early. What's a syllabus to this school if they're not adhered to? We may as well be in high school. The administration will make it their job to prevent you from signing up for classes smoothly--I literally had to beg them for a month to let me register for a single class after they lost my application, which was turned in ON TIME. I'm so glad this school doesn't want to educate people who are willing to pay! Horrible experience. Go somewhere else.

Anide Turner

The professors are great. However, I'm kind of tired of seeing Georgia State Univeristy on the NEWS EVERY MORNING! The crime level is Out of control. Its just flat out Ghetto. But I love my professors. The school needs help clearly.

Katherine Flores

It is my first year at Georgia State but I love it here. Yes there are some organization problems from time to time but the staff is overall willing to help. My adviser truly cares for each student and puts in the effort to give everyone the best schedule they can get. The school also offers many opportunities for leadership as well as other positions. They offer many scholarships too.

jerry dixon

Do not waste your time with this school. No parking, crime, and they just gave away the radio station to NPR. Take your money somewhere else.

Bobby Burroughs

Love this school. I'm am attending to get my masters in social work and love the professors. Would recommend to anyone who wants to get a serious education. We just bought Turner field and georgia perimeter so there will be a lot of growth in the coming years.

Chels Afua

I absolutely loved being at Georgia State University . The university provided me with several opportunities and experiences that have greatly benefited my college career and I believe, will futher benefit my future careers.

Jarvis Carter

A great institution with a wonderful incept and success academy for new students. It has the feel of a traditional campus although it is blended and mixed within the city. The campus police department has a string presence which made my niece feel comfortable and secure. Go Panthers!


I really want to go here for their nursing program, but they really need to get their act together for -admission (claims they take 4-6 wks, actually more like 10-12 wks) -taking calls -updating their site on who to email or call when you need help (some people on there don’t even work there anymore so the email is inactive) Jimmel Fenchez in particular literally never answers his phone. I’ve called multiple times at different hours for weeks & he’s never answered.

Jewel Caruso

I will start out with the good things about this university. I have loved most of my professors and my classes. With that being said, I find it a complete joke that I gave up scholarships and other schools to come to this university. I lived in Patton Hall for my freshman dorm. It was adequate but definitely not worth the $5,000 per semester I was paying to live there. Also, the dining hall food is the worse food I've ever had. Just walking by the dining hall mad me feel nauseous. The administration here is terrible from canceling my Hope because they didn't organize their paperwork to just being completely rude. They seem not to care about my education. (Disclaimer: I'm sure not all of the administration is terrible, just the ones I have encountered). I just want to know what all my money is going into? Another reason, not that this is the universities fault, is that I hate Atlanta (I'm a city person though) and this university is filled with a bunch of commuters who seem to have no interest to meeting other people. I joined a sorority which I love but if I hadn't, I would have been more miserable than if I hadn't! Safe to say this upcoming semester is my last and I'm transferring schools. Please work on your administration, your food and your process for just about everything. I did not want a traditional college experience but I deeply regret that decision.

G Money

Very good academics if you are willing to put the time and effort to learn. The great thing about this school is that it's located in the heart of Atlanta which gives you an advantage for internship experiences over other schools located further away.

John Doe

I feel like Georgia State has watered down their academics. It is common for professors to give 30% of the overall grade in their classes up. They make you do stupid redundant work that has zero application in the real world. Excuse me last time I checked I'm here trying to get a career and get educated. That is why I pay 5,000 dollars in tuition. I personally feel like everyone either gets an A or a B in the classes. This isn't because of the students efforts it is more so the professor being to scared to hand out bad grades. These professors and officials at this school are just inflating everyone's degrees.

Rusty Russ

Very nice university. I went withmy school children. The plac is awesome and children learn many new things from this place. I highly recommend this university to everyone.

Marion Wornum

I love this school

Thomas Taylor

Don't go.

Brice Anderson

Enterprising University in the heart of downtown.

Stefan Bißle

I don't care for the various office staff of different departments. They always seem like they are new to their job. With the exception of the advisor office. Always professional and able to help me. I honestly feel bad for the professor's because they are trying to raise the quality of education at the school but the students here are unwilling to accept responsibility and do the work themselves. Many of them expect a high school type of environment, whereas the teacher gives you all the information you need either in a handout or on a board and then just tests you on that information. That's not getting an education that's just regurgitating material back. I'm sure many of the students who complained about not getting a good grade are ones who were unable to get into UGA and thought GSU was going to be an easy ride.

Love Kit Kat

I've been trying to get a hold of the registration department for 2 months now to get everything in order to start classes. I haven't been able to get a hold of ANYONE! My schedule doesn't allow me to go on campus so I rely on the phone service.

No Thanks

It's actually a nice school... Really diverse which is sometimes tough though I really like everyone there: teachers & students

Jair T.

Great University, have met many progressive individuals who are independent thinkers with intelligence AND common sense. The student body is diverse and representative of the future of American society vs a traditional/non progressive homogeneous college. Love the basketball team, the constant expansions, and current trajectory that the University is on. Looking forward to more great things from GSU in the near and distant future.

Julio Lois

Graduated back in 2013, Robinson College of Business. This school was excellent for me, i had great professors and never had any type of administration problem. I see some negative 1 star reviews about various topics, and frankly, a lot of people are entitled and impatient. This school continues to grow every year, they are making huge investments in infrastructure and research, a very exciting place to be with almost unlimited opportunities, you just have to stop waiting for things to be handed to you and go get them!!

Sandy P

Financial Aid is the worst. They NEVER answer the phone. The office is open MF 9-5 so for those students who work full-time hours you will never be able to make it in on time to talk to someone in person and our only means for communication is over the phone AND THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE due to them never answering the phone! I have literally called every other day for weeks now and have been on hold for an hour and no one has ever picked up. GSU is not full-time workers friendly. I have had trouble arranging class schedules because most of them are in the morning or mid-day!

Mike Thompson

I gotta give it 2 stars because there are some decent professors and students here, but we're all victims of a painfully inefficient, incompetent, and disdainful bureaucracy and staff. The facilities are not maintained, and nothing works. It's also a terribly dangerous part of town after dark. I wouldn't recommend having night classes here, but people have also been robbed inside the buildings during the day. Bad reviews for this school have a tendency to disappear. Let's see how long this one lasts.

C wright

I'm not sure what this school has a phone number for since they never ever pick up! I've been trying transfer in time for the spring semester, calling their school persistently for all of December and the beginning of January and still no one picked up until today of course, after a half an hour of calling and it's too late to transfer. I finally get someone who tells me all of my documentation, transcripts, and application has not been received when I know I submitted it a couple of times. So before I get transferred to admissions I asked him to be honest and tell me am I going to get a voicemail, he says he doesn't know, but of course I end up waiting on the phone for 20- a half an hour again! The workers at the school are useless. Especially those in charge of answering the phone. Absolutely ridiculous. I don't even want to attend this school anymore. Zero stars from me.

Tony Brown

I seen a woman booty so big she closed down big lots!! School is 2 minutes away from downtown!!

J. Hollingsworth

Absolutely love it!


I am a transfer student currently starting my general courses at gpc or gsuc. Being that I am the first out of my family to go to college, I wanted to map out my studies so that I can take appropriate action in course selection before transfering. While making the best post secondary decision possible. After a 4 month wait I still haven't had luck with any type of response from the biology dept @GSU. This saddens me to see that you can't even get a simple respone from the 3rd "best" university in Ga. I urge the board to tell their people to quit being on Pokemon GO.

Jillian Endsley

The incompetence level at this school is ridiculous from admissions to financial aid.

Kiranjit Kaur

Great school having urban ambience. Professors are nice and helping as I have experienced. Great buildings and excellent libraries and facilities. Science labs are cool. Diversity is remarkable and has international feel to it. Most of the students are commuters and parking is crazy even when school has got numerous parking lots. But its expected when you are in the heart of downtown. Students can get internships nearby as Atlanta is the hub of opportunities. Area is considered notorious for safety purposes but luckily I haven't had any bad experience in two years while I even had evening classes in Aderhold area one semester. The school is highly underrated and should stand at much higher rating at school rating websites.

Ashley Pina

They make it extremely difficult to transfer from their institution to another. I had one day to get my final transcript and get it to my other school before they closed for the holiday (December-January). I received an e-mail from my new school that I would have to cancel my financial aid from my other school in order for them to send me an offer. So, I've tried all day today to get in touch with their Financial Aid office in order to make sure I filled out the correct paper and everything and ask a few other questions. Well, I was on hold from 830 am (when their office opens) until 1030 am and was never answered, then I just called back and a recording came up saying it's an unusually high call volume and to find my answer online and hung up. The questions I have to ask are not found online. It's frustrating to try and take care of business when I can't speak to someone directly. I understand the amount of people they have to serve, but to blatantly refuse callers is unacceptable. I do not live close enough to a campus to be seen in person, you'd think for as much as you pay this institution they wouldn't have to put up a recording turning people away.

Gage Williams

GSU is continually taking on more students than the staff can handle. Misfiled and lost documents cause huge disruptions in financial aid processing and housing. Many students find themselves in a destitute situation.

Ashish Panchal

They don't have enough snow days.

Jessica Chadwick

Not safe. Transferred because students get shot or robbed every week. 80% of the professors I had didn't know the material, my advisors had me take incorrect classes (4 to be exact), and they have 107.9 play in the courtyard twice a week in FRONT of the library. Hated this school, transferred my senior year.


Worst school ever!!!!! If i could give this place negative 5 stars I sure would. I would never advise anyone to go there under any circumstance. The financial aid staff is rude and in helpful (most of them), they’re only after your money, they purposely try to make you stay longer than you have to, and the out of state tuition is ridiculous. This school is not worth a single penny of mine.

24C Muirheid

I used to live in Stockbridge, GA 6 years ago but now I live in California. Now I wished that I could have stayed in Georgia!

Shay Vaughan

I highly doubt as well this school has a 4 star rating. They are pathetic and this school is probably just around for the MONEY. They are obviously unable to handle the load of students that attend here. Every time you call an office, your on hold for at least 30 minutes, there's no way to email anyone and when you do reach someone or miss work to actually speak to someone, you will waste your time because they will give you the wrong information. I have no idea why this school has so many issues, maybe because it is so easy to get into. I should have known better and now that I do, I have officially withdrawn. They are pathetic and this school is probably just around for the MONEY. It's clear why they aren't officially or academically rated. Such a waste.

Hans Wilms

In the Biology Grad program, which has been very challenging, yet rewarding, so far. The classes are mostly good. Some bad ones, but that's every school. Administration staff are pretty awful for the most part though. Also the Biology PhD program is underfunded and seems unappreciated.

Cory Perdue

i love it it has the best food

Huntley Kilmer

Two weeks in and I want out! The classes and professors are fine so no it's not that. It's everything else. This school is not organized at all. I've been trying to get my classification straightened out ever since I got accepted into this school as a transfer student: First they were saying I'm a Freshman which is NOT true since I have 59 hours, then they said I was a senior and then a sophomore and now a freshman again?! Seriously get it together people! Plus it always seems to be something now they are talking about they need more proof about my residency and also I need immunizations which were on my other transcripts. And when you call most offices they give you some smart answer about looking on the website and the girl in the advisement office straight up lied and said she wasn't the one who talked to me ten minutes earlier when I called the first time since she lied and said my transcript wasn't there and I checked on the GSU online account and saw that it was but I know it was her! After spending two years at Georgia Southern a school that is VERY organized in comparison to this one, I'm very disappointed and if anyone is reading this please don't go to this school! Don't let the nice campus fool you! I'll be back at Georgia Southern next semester!

Shauna Hennessey

Can't really tell if I'm walking past skid row or Sparks Hall most of the time, especially when I decide to pull a late night study sesh in the library.

Ebrima Solo Janko

The education system might be excellent but the way they handle their future students is beyond horrible. I called several times regarding my application and whenever I open my mouth to talk, they hand up the call on me. Not one , not two... When I sent and email, it takes them days or even more than a week before they can reply me. Waiting time on is more than 10 minutes. I hope this greate university work on these issues to address them and to train their staffs to treat every caller or student equally and with respect. Admission fee paid and yet they cannot help me with my admission.

Marcus Purnell

Best School Ever

GA State Student

Georgia State is a great school. I wish they would do more about the homeless population around campus though if they want it to really be a standout school.

Liyah Clarke

This school is money hungry and hit you with a fee for everything and block you from accessing everything in your student until you pay that fee. The student accounts personnel doesn't care and customer service sucks If you ever get a hold of someone that is. The course path for your degree will take longer than other schools. You're better off going to a different school.

Sidhant Dewan

Go Panther Band!

Oree Rhodes IV

They (staff) treat transfer students (myself) and freshmen (I witnessed) like complete idiots and garbage. I called admissions to get some help when I told the employee what my problem was she started to laugh!! Then she said I am sorry I didn't mean to laugh. I feel humiliated. I have normal relevant questions and EVERY department I have talked to gives me a vague smart ass statement (not answer). Then they direct me to another department that directs me to another department. I don't know if these are students working part time or what. Parking is terrible for students who commute. I thought it was just me, but it seems like when an advisor or financial aid/ enrollment services meet with students who are new to the school, it gives them a reason to be rude and like they don't have time for your questions. This is my first and last semester here. I just wanted a chance to go to the largest school in the metro area and possibly in Georgia. Before I end this review, there is one woman who made me feel very welcomed, she was so nice and informative and just 100% real. I Think her name is Vanessa on the fourth floor of the advising building. I hate myself for not grabbing her card.If I come back for a CIS degree, it will be because of her. If you are new to this school and have any questions ( exclude financial aid) please go to the fourth floor now and ask to speak to her. I left that building with my head held high.

Ji Choi

People who work there do not want to help students and they all have bad attitudes! Graduate program facultys don't want to call you back or email you back. They will yell at you and say something negative if you ask them for a help. And most facultys do not know what they are supposed to do and they tell you the wrong information. I have been there for 5 years.. Don't waste your money! There are plenty of great schools in G.A. please go somewhere else other than GSU for graduate Education program.

Miguel Ellington

The best descisio. I made for my academic career!

alayna whitaker

It was a horrible experience. I was a transfer and I couldn't get housing for fall semester. I kept calling housing and they were basically saying I have to have luck on my side to get a room. Even though I made a payment it’s not guarantee to have housing. I had to wait the following semester to get housing and it was five days away when school start. I was actually nervous because I thought I had to stay at my old school. The administrative staff was horrible and it was unorganized. Not trying to bring this school down I just had a bad experience. I transfer to Kennesaw State made the best decision. One thing I don't like about GA State was an incident with my older sister. My sister use to go to GA State long time ago and she didn't like it so she transfer to a different school (multiple time). She graduated at FIU and out of nowhere they told her she owe money even though during school financial aid cover everything. To me this school is money hungry. .

David Dooley

Don't go here if you want a good shot at landing a good job. It does however, have a great location.

Adina Hawthorne

This school is all about money. The quality of teacher here is horrible. They do not care about student education whatsoever

Brandon Childress

I really wish you could give 0 stars. This shool is managed terribly. You can call and be on hold for an hour at least. Communication between departments seems nonexistent as I was told different things by each one is talked to. Save yourself a lot of stress and trouble and go somewhere else

Momina Bryant

I love Georgia State University. I received a bachelor degree from this school. I actually miss this place when I drive by to get to my job!

Mahendra_ Rajput_07

Nice university...

Anastasia Conde

so i been on the phone for 30 minutes and nobody has picked up the phone!!! like come on Georgia state pick up!!!

Will Moore

I'm graduating from here tomorrow, I think. At GSU grades are due after graduation and my professor for the class I'm worried about won't get back to me so I've worked six long and hard years to walk and I'm not even sure I'm actually going to graduate when I do which is a complete travesty. I've given up the past six years of my life to get my degree and won't even be able to celebrate during a ceremony I paid $50 for along with an $80 cap and down, not to mention the thousands that I am now in debt. I just feel broken at this point and like the very extensive amount of time and money I spent at GSU is ending with a harsh slap in the face and a powerful kick to the bleak hobo-ridden curb. My degree is in Film and Video and while some classes were beneficial, many of them, as I assume is the case at any college, are mind-numbing. You memorize stuff, spit it out on a Scantron or superficial essay, then forget it. Now you're educated, or rather, you're learning to more willingly jump through hoops for your masters and follow orders regurgitating and writing things that make you completely miserable in the process. Sure, there are good professors here that have very in-depth lectures on course subject matter, but there are also a few whose lessons and assignments do virtually nothing to truly expand your understanding of what they're supposedly teaching their students. A couple of my film classes, for instance, consisted of making short films and having them ripped apart by the class. Sure, making them was good practice and I received some good feedback on my work, but couldn't I have done that outside the setting of this institution? I'm also an English minor and your average writing class is the same empty void: read assigned and student works and subjectively hyper-analyze and critique them. Can you not practice writing outside of the sterile brick and concrete confines of Georgia State? I guess not. Don't get me wrong, I've intermittently enjoyed my time incubating and postponing employment here and did like some aspects of GSU. They have cool speakers from time to time (you pay for them in fees), decent events (more fees), a somewhat nice gym (fees), and other amenities that you can expect to receive at today's colleges but overall do I feel intelligent and optimistic after graduating? No, instead I feel mangled, old, weak, and straddled by a mountain of debt as I near my completion on the GSU assembly line. Maybe since I'm so educated now I forgot what it was like to not be, or maybe I've just been slowly having my mind molded by the powerful force that is the college institution. One last note if you're still forcing yourself to take them. I lived on campus freshman year and I would not recommend living in an overpriced dorm since you will be at risk of sharing a room with a complete sociopath. You've been warned.

Ian Lovelace

A great experience. Get involved in campus organizations and live on campus if possible.

Deborah Gonzalez

I have attended 4 universities, and GSU is by far the best. It has most of the problems of a large research institution, but that is well tempered with a great staff and an ability to change the administrative structure to meet the needs of the ever-growing student body.

John Jacob

GSU was a great opportunity. The physics program is phenomenal in both education and reasearch experience. I got genuine research opportunities and even got to see work that I contributed to go to a national lab. I had a great experience with the society of physics students not only dredging through difficult physics work but on adventures like snow boarding and white water rafting. There are many groups to fit your life styles. The math assistance complex is a slightly less organized and less fun but they still try non the less. The only draw back to gsu is your experience is up to you, no one will make you have fun. I have seen many students make thier collegiate carrier mundane and at best mediocre. GSU is fantastic and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Sandee C

BS Mathematics minor Physics. MS in Mathematics concentration Statistics. Completed all coursework toward a PhD in Instructional Technology. Transferred elsewhere to finish doctor degree when advisors wouldn't help me.

Nayla Mostafiz

Horrible staff who never pick up their phone. Whenever I call, I am placed on hold for at least half an hour and IF they do pick up, they find an excuse to leave you on hold again and the call gets dropped. I literally always had to drive for an hour to go to GSU in person if I ever needed to contact the office since they are careless about picking up phone calls. They wasted hours and hours of my time with this problem. Thank goodness I'm transferring to Ga Tech.

Susan Debourg

An amazing experience


Great school, that is poised to be the urban alternative to UGA within the next 10 years. Enough cannot be said about its diversity, progressiveness, and efficiency. If you do your part, the school will 9 times out of 10 get it right. President Becker is leading the school in the right direction. #ProudAlumni

Ni Ma

I know the FA department is the bane of every student's existence no matter what institution but the one at State is especially impossible to deal with. Asking them questions is like repeatedly banging your head against a desk. They also frequently lose documents. I've been to a 2 year college that was more organized and had staff with better attitudes than the ones here. The only positive is that the wait times have been reduced significantly recently. Good job on that, seriously, 1hr+ waits were a bit ridiculous. Honestly all boils down to GSU taking on more than it can handle and not having enough staff to help or that are willing to, which is basically academic advisement in a nutshell. Of course there are more than a few faculty members that actually care about the students outside of $, these are mostly professors, but the majority of everyone else needs work. Also, can someone please tell the budget team to stop pooling all of our funds towards certain sub-par athletic teams instead of working on more practical investments for all students. i.e. making study abroad programs more affordable, dorm maintenance, and getting ADULT sized desks for us to sit in instead of me feeling like I'm in middle school every time I come to some classes with a table that I can only fit a bottle of water on?(I'm pretty tiny so I can only imagine how others feel).

Marisol Olivo

Great college, just took my son today for a tour on Campus, he still have to make up his mind between this college or North Georgia in Athens

Carol Roberts

In my 50s returned to school after rearing my sons. Never missed one day in three years, sat on front row in each class and asked questions like crazy. Professors were challenging and so willing to see us succeed. They never demeaned us and each student WHO PUT IN THE EFFORT AND RESPECTED THE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM AND OUR CLASSMATES' RIGHTS to also have quality time - THOSE who came to class, did not fall asleep in class (no class was boring to me!), and came with a craving and curiosity for knowledge and a commitment to give their best even if just average was best in some classes -- THOSE students stayed on the Dean's List (I did) and we loooved GSU...those who hated it...probably did the opposite...missed deadlines...partied hard instead of studying...were lazy or spoiled. Life is hard and GSU builds muscle...and heart...both last a lifetime. Best school you can choose. Pay attention in high school, especially YOUR ENGLISH for it MAY influence whether you move forward in class and life. There are too many high school graduates and college APPLICANTS with EMBARRASSING ENGLISH, SPELLING, AND GRAMMAR.

Jonathan Post

Let me tell you as a graduate why GSU wants you when UGA and Tech declined you. Their business model is to admit large numbers of people they KNOW will take six years or more to finish a four year degree. They particularly target young black students who believe Atlanta is heaven on Earth. That way they get 50% more in tuition per student. Check out their graduation rates. When you really start to understand how GSU works they are about as pro-diversity as Phillip Morris.

Si Thu Mya Tun

Good college in downtown Atlanta

Alexis Texas

Saying that student services (admissions, financial aid, advisement) are abysmal, atrocious, underwhelming, and useless is such a gross understatement. My experience with all of these services honestly could not have been more unsatisfying. Their goal isn’t to help you, but to make any non academic experience as difficult, stressful, and irritating as possible. Applied early for honors college, they lost my transcript, took them over 3 months to admit me after that. Didn’t get into honors college because of them. Advisors never email back, always give bad advice (advised me in november to wait to take an entry exam until january; in january gsu said they weren’t offering said entry exam until summer. Now taking exam over 1 hour away, have to pay $30 to send scores now as that is my only option (i had much better options if i didn’t listen to advisors)). Advisor overrode a placement test score, put me into a class i didn’t test into, the school then dropped me from calc, so i had to scramble to get into a prerequisite class, then take 2 extra classes. I have had my advisor change 5 times since i enrolled 3 semesters ago. The school doesn’t notify you of an advisor change, nor do they give any special notice. I called to meet with my advisor, the person on the phone said my advisor didn’t work there anymore, so i asked who my new one was. Was promptly hung up on and my call back went unanswered. Thanks advisors! Always multiple problems every semester with financial aid. Financial aid always does ‘random’ verification forms, which i get selected every semester, and is a very big inconvenience to me. Also, they split my refund in 2, they said they mailed half of it, but it has been 10 days and i have yet to receive my refund. What i’ve listed here is probably only about 10% of the problems i’ve encountered with GSU. On the other hand, the professors are fantastic.

Okum Mark Akpan

All students and lecturers are altogether lovely.Best university anytime any day.

Monique Ferguson

GSU till the day i die!!!! blue blood love my school

Barbara Layton

My grandson really enjoyed his time here. At first we were concerned about him walking around Atlanta, but he never had any problems and learned the bus schedule quickly. The parking at his graduation was handled poorly, but overall we're proud to have a GSU grad in the family!

Michael N

I saw Roy Shavers, an academic advisor, and I think he has a strong personality and can be a bit disrespectful. Interacting with him felt more like going to court then an enjoyable encounter with someone that should be helping you. He did end up being helpful, fortunately. One example is when he said " oh you must have just picked a college and didn't know anything about the classes, etc etc.." Well, Mr. Roy Shavers, the point of students going to see you is to be advised on academics. My feedback for Roy is to be way more humble and have a spirit of servant leadership. This is lacking amongst GSU employees. My advice to other students, do yourself a favor, pick a different college.

Chris Adhisurya

Save WRAS. This school gutted a major part of Atlanta's culture and feels no remorse for doing so. I am ashamed to be a part of this university.

Lisa Lynn Brown

Christopher Almond is the best academic adviser, hands down. My road to graduation has been a long one, considering that I am NOT a traditional student. If the adviser is new to the has hurt me in the past. Since being advised by Mr. Almond, I am on my fast track to graduation...completion! He is available for the student and has helped me tremendously. He is VERY knowledgeable on class information, tuition and fees, and a whole plethora of other information that previous advisers sent me around Atlanta to find. Even though he is an undergraduate adviser, as a senior, I still request him. :)

Anonymous .Kitty

TL;DR: Do you love paying money for a high school quality education and unhelpful administration? Do you like meeting new people to make as your casual sex friends? Do you like getting 30% of your grade curved for each class? Look no further! GSU is for you! I hate this university so much. Professors are good, but this school is terrible. Most people here are mostly commuters here using this school to get an easy GPA and would care less to make friends unless you want to have sex with them. Nothing is hard about this university except being overwhelmed with work if you have a poor schedule. To administration and staff, you are nothing more than a walking wad of cash and they'll extort you to the brim while you wait months to talk with an adviser. If you like having easy classes where the biggest essay you have to write is a one-page, double spaced, 12 size font research paper, go to this school then transfer out like the rest of everyone else. Even community colleges are more challenging than this joke. Please do not be suckered in by their welcomes. It is all a farce to suck you into 'High School Hell Part 2'. Please. please, please avoid this school and go somewhere else or you'll be very miserable and regretful.

Lo Dolla

Admissions SUCKS. Nasty attitudes and etc .. what a shame students just want to better themselves.

Sam Bennett

Thank goodness I only have to go here 2 years for my Masters. Staff is professional and courteous, but the financial aid office is beyond the most ridiculous experience I've ever encountered. There's always an issue registering for courses, and when I call them I'm on hold for over and hour EVERY TIME. Not to mention my advisor is a complete moron, always telling me the wrong information or not giving me full information on registering for courses which always causes me headaches. Can't wait to be done.

C Dub

Yeah I have a screenshot of a 5 HOUR WAIT. I can't believe this is where my money goes

Daniel Jones

I couldn't leave less than one star. This is the most poorly organized school I have ever had to deal with. I have been fighting GSU for months now about taking a class as a transient student. I have been on hold for over 4 hours collectively, and even after all that I am still trying to fight them because of how poorly they are run. If you are thinking about taking classes or even walking by the campus, don't do it!!! I might not even be able to register for my class because of how slow they are with paperwork. GEORGIA STATE SUCKS

Tinniewinnie-Trophina Jordan

Bryant is awesome and he made smile because there was a unit in my price range! Plus i got all of my storage necessities to make my move in sucessful!

Lauren Watts

This is the most inefficient institution in the state of Georgia. I think i've spent 6 plus hours on hold with them trying just to make sure they've received the documents I sent in months ago for admissions(still in processing stage after over a month). It is nearly impossible to get on the phone with them and going into their office only proves their inefficiencies. They're unorganized and their merger with Perimeter College has been nothing but a disaster.

Brittney L

Proud Panther for LIFE!!! graduated high schoola and did all 4 years at GSU (including summer classes) so believe me when I say this school is cool. Got my Bachelors in Business in 2015 and I greatly miss my school. So proud that I went to this university. Highly recommend

Natasha Wesley

I've had a wonderful experience at GSU! I am transfer student who has attended a couple of other universities. My admissions experience was great. I had no problems with financial aid and advisement. The mandatory advisement each semester is a little much but I know that this is a measure taken to make sure I take the required courses for graduation. My major was in Education but I changed it to the new Sports Administration program which has proven to be the best choice for me. I am a senior now and looking forward to a wonderful future as a GSU graduate. I love being a GSU Panther! Go Panthers!

Ariel Gravely

This is a miserable institution. I hate when people say this, but I would give 0 stars if I could. The staff is horrifically unprofessional, the financial aid office is impossible to get in touch with, and when you do finally get someone on the phone their #1 priority is to get you off the phone, and my advisor is MIA 100% of the time. In fact, the only time I have been able to speak with her with after waiting in the lobby of the office for 45 while she finished "her lunch". I've had problems with this school since I was accepted, but this draws the line. This semester I decided to do online courses, since I don't have enough credits to transfer yet and I DO NOT FEEL SAFE on campus, to continue with my core classes and transfer next semester. Well, every single time I look on my online portal, a class gets taken away. But do they lower my payment? Nope! Why would they? What's the explanation? There isn't one! Just sit and wait and everything will work itself out. WOW!

Amanda Eve Tapia

Beautiful school, but horrible location. I never ONCE felt safe at this school since the location is mixed with the downtown locals. UNSAFE UNSAFE UNSAFE. If you're choosing a school, run from this one.


I give it a 2 out of 5 .. Not the best school to attend. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.. I graduated and didn't attend the ceremony. GSU had potential,but lousey professors who read to you, ans that is not teaching.. Before going here look deeper into the choice as this is a solid investment and GSU to me was money not spent well.. Buyer beware is all I can say..

Khalid Baloch

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ― Socrates

Ms. Carol Anderson

The greatest research college in U.S.S.A. ! My son was graduated from there in 2002 and received a well rounded and grounded education. The campus is lovely and the Georgian people are the most adorable people embracing true family values. My mother was born there and I will always love her birthplace as my hometown and home state. Kudos to the state of Georgia for being home to some the finest educational institutions in the planet!! Thank you for your dedication.

Matthew Walcott

Great college. The teachers are all well versed in their fields and they want you to succeed as long as you put forth the right effort. The campus may seem spread out at first, but it's much easier to figure out after a few weeks.

Hassan Barzani

Georgia State University is awesome. Everything is continuing to grown. Especially Athletics, Campus Life, Research and Alumni Association!

Hoon jae

I enjoyed attending here but I just got my laptop stolen by another student at the urban life center on the first day of the semester....he literally just snatched the laptop and ran off. It's unfortunate that students will rob each other because I really needed that laptop for class..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Jade Horton

This university was the perfect in-state choice for me. I double-majored in marketing and management through the Robinson College of Business. Most of my professors were fantastic and have left a lasting impact on my life. What I love most about the professors at GSU is that they aren't just academics who have stayed in the shelter of the education system their whole lives– most have actually practiced in the business world what they are now teaching. The campus is non-traditional, but I loved that about Georgia State. (If you're looking for lots of grass, frat boys, and seclusion from society, there's a school down south that would probably be a better fit for you.) There is so much energy walking down the sidewalk alongside professionals, tourists, and local residents. The urban campus was one of my favorite aspects of my experience there– a great transition into the real world. Atlanta is an incredible city with vibrant diversity in its people, neighborhoods, and opportunities. 18 Fortune 500 companies call Atlanta home, the movie production industry is booming, and the art scene is becoming more and more prominent. I would never trade my college experience at GSU.

Daryia Johnson

This school lacks organizational structure. Pursuing Film degree..So sorry to see that so many are dealing with my same experiences. I'm so regretful in choosing this school. You are told to "just wait" for required classes' seats to open up and mind you that the seats are usually limited to about 5-10 seats for each OR reserved to Seniors for any given semester. I've been trying to get 2 specific classes since before the summer of 2016... Professors are given too much power in classes and fail to remember that it's us,the students, who are paying for a service. And there's so much space but no damn seats or tables to sit on or at. Complaints fall on deaf ears. You can't get into contact with ANYONE and that's IF they manage to transfer you to the right place. Advisers absolutely rush you out without you having a plan. (There's only a 15 minute limit for each session is what I was told so if you had more you're SOL)

Caricatures in Atlanta Georgia

We had a fantastic time at the Home Coming Bash 2018. The University hired us once again and the student went wild. They were so happy to see Caricatures by Tony Smith, we were thrilled to be there. Fun times, lasting memories. Check out some of the faces i drew. Students are always cool. The event is a big deal at the University

Melvin REALDEAL954

Nice campus

Kevin Goodwin

I received my first degree at a HBCU which had its fair share of issues but one thing I can say is the faculty cared. At GSU not so much I've never experience a faculty that deterred you from following your dreams. They are quick to persuade you to change your major if your gpa isn't fit for said program. Here you are forced to choose between understanding the material and getting an A. Cheat so the program accepts you don't worry about understanding the concepts because your understanding means nothing to those who decide whether or not your fit for the program. (Nursing Program)

my experience In America

Don’t be sucked in by the welcome to GSU people. When you do the tour of the campus the rude campus people A.K.A enrollment services make sure they do not help you at all. Everyone I have met at the campus was very un helpful. They are monitories of Atlanta which only care about themselves and this is coming from a person of color. Do not come here I made a big mistake moving to this city…

Lisa Snuggs

teachers so far are pretty awesome.e very straight forward but the roads and traffic are STUPID!!!!!!!! lol

Kasey Truong

WARNING Do not call them! They do not answer and if they do they can not help you or will transfer you to be put on hold and not helped by someone else. If you have a problem and can not go to the school in person, either hope it resolves itself (it won’t) or go somewhere else. They have the worst communication. Trying to start school for the fall and applied 3 month in advance and something else alsways comes up that you need. Once you submit it take 3 weeks for them to review!!! Wasted $40 application for what? To be told you can't start school because we need this..... And then you turn it in and something else is mussmis! Never on the same page. They just want your damn money!

Courtney Nicol

Planned for 4 months to take my students (I work with a Federally Funded Program) to view GSU campus, they were so excited to view the campus. Well, along the planning stages, some people didn't work there anymore and my trip was tabled. When contacted the school, I used the information that was sent to me and contacted the next person. The Dean of Education was so rude, and tried multiple times to push me off on someone else. When this did not work, she then just told me "I don't know what to tell you, I never wanted to do your tour. Nor do I want to waste my time. When you people come, there is never enough education majors for me waste the time out of my day." Speechless, I just thanked her for her time and hung up. When my boss contact the very nice people at the Welcome Center, many attempts to accommodate and fix the problems that we had endured were made, but it just wasn't possible schedule wise to fit our tour in. I thanked them(welcome center) for at least trying, they really were trying to help fix the problem they didn't cause. Sadly, we will not be attending a tour at GSU and will be looking to take our students elsewhere.

BeAnonymous Emaily

What a waste of time! Not to mention the amount of debt I've obtained over the years. I've watched them take money from students, force teachers to write books and sell them... only to buy more buildings to persuade the masses! How ironic that financial aid could only get you enough money for tuition for books and you would have a $500 balance to borrow more money... the ultimate setup to acquire for loans and more money to them. Not to mention the "Book Store Credit"... to purposely draw you into spending twice as much money on REQUIRED books. There are also a ton of hidden fees in your account ledger that they do not tell you about (because we're paying for all of the upgrades around the "campus"). I used to like the school... then I realized... the lines are getting longer... I am taking IRRELEVANT forced classes... the Financial Aid office reps are trained robots... the buildings are getting nicer... parking fees are increasing.... I am not a name.... I am barely a number! But numbers lie, as do big financial institutions... that are only about MONEY! Stay away!!!! If the homeless don't get you (attacks and robberies), then GA State will find a way!!! If 30,000 students pay at least $3,000/semester, that's $90,000,000! :/ Oh... and grades are not released until you evaluate your professor. Very intimidating. (You can choose to not give a comment, but good luck with that)!

Marissa Shaffer

Some things are trickier than you'd think they should be, but the classes and teachers are great.

Meci Mecy

They changed all the parking decals, didn’t notify anyone, just gave out tickets and denied appeals. The school is just for money. The professors suck. The food suck. The services in general suck. You’d be better off going to ga tech or uga or even kennesaw. Avoid the school at all cost. They’ll give you and or help you create the worst college experience ever.

stacey cole

Staff is rude. Absolutely horrendous. Not helpful at all. From the advisment office to admissions office they're all the same. If you're thinking about attending don't expect any guidance or help from them you'll be figuring it out all on your own

dexter williams

I love it


Actual school and classes are okay but financial aid needs improvement! I'm so tired and depressed after dealing with financial aid this year and it's the 4th week of school! They have a number to call the financial aid office but you'll be on hold for over a hour and they can't do everything that the financial aid advisors can do in the office! I've had to drop classes because they couldnt "find" my loan before the due date to pay off any remaining balances! And now they're telling me to wait another two weeks til the loan is disbursed to GSU eventhough it was sent two weeks ago! I still have no books and no money to pay for my off campus housing! I shouldn't have came back this semester!

Ellie Lincoln

Apparently, unless you're a grad student, nobody in the admin offices cares about inconveniencing you. And sometimes it feels like they go out of their way to inconvenience you. Every time I try to pay my tuition or register for classes it's a nightmare. If you have a choice, go someplace else. The only free parking is out by the old Turner Field and students will literally push you out of the way to get on the shuttle buses going to campus. There need to be more buses or a faster route because it's honestly rude af. The campus is just too small to accommodate the significant growth in students. Hope you like people mowing each other down in the hallways in between classes, people jamming themselves through crowded doorways, and noisy libraries. The only reason this even has three stars is because the Astronomy department is terrific and the help outside of class is pretty legit. Everything else is a grease fire.

Bernard Jackson III

I visited Georgia State with my high school seniors from Columbus Georgia and was thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and warmth demonstrated towards us by both the tour guide and other staff we encountered. I believe they most certainly gained some incoming Freshmen from my group. Additionally, their student cafeteria has some of the most delicious and reasonable food I have ever encountered at any other higher educations institution! WOW! It was delicious! The campus appears to have top notch facilities and the location in the downtown area proved to be a benefit rather than a negative. Very impressed with the various courses of study, especially in the media disciplines. Very impressive Georgia State. Keep up the good work! Mr. J

Lotus Master

From the day I applied to this school up till now, I have never been wanting of information. Practically everything you need is on the School website... Go Panther!!!

John Raimondi

I was so excited to come to GSU, but I seriously regret even considering GSU as an option. Its embarrassing to tell people I go to GSU or tell them about the school. Any time you have to deal w a department whether it is advisment or admissions, the true organization of the system is clearly shown. Nothing can be done efficiently. If you call someone, it'll be at least an hour wait. If you go to an office, you'll wait in line to have someone tell you they cant help. If you give them documents, they lose them. They lost my AP scores which nearly caused me to lose my spot in my physics class. I was the last one to register because the loss of the score denied my entry into the class. I was forced to literally run back and forth between advisement and admissions about 5 to 6 times in a row because they were going back and forth saying you need to go to advisement... you need to go to admissions... you need to go to advisement. Eventually I lost it and told them to call them and put it on speaker and solve the issue now. Also, they simply get mad at you when you tell them you dont know what to do. Currently, I have been waiting in line at T-deck to get a parking pass because the guy is late. I'm forced to get a regular pass because the schools system broke down, so the money taken out of my debit card never got put into my regular parking pass. I put the money in almost 5 days ago. Literally every move you make, there is an issue. I'm watching people scramble in this parking garage because they are confused as to why their parking passes don't work today. After about 20 min, the guy finally got here, so I'm finally able to park this morning. This is just the beginning. If you're a science major, good luck.... I can't believe they hired some of these people. The instruction is degrading. To be quite honest, I'm furious that I paid for this quality of teaching. The teachers do not care, they are rude, and they do not instruct the class well. I've been teaching myself everything from my textbooks since day one. I've been here for a year. Now let's talk about the safety. Downtown Atlanta is a mess. Homeless people sit around, especially in the park, and they scream out loud at God knows what, it is apparent that they are on drugs and not conscious to their actions, they are constantly begging for money, students get robbed on a monthly basis, there was a stabbing incident between 2 students around a month ago. Sketchy construction workers and other grown men are often seen around campus, and I wouldn't doubt that they have a sinister agenda on their mind. Safety in my chemistry labs has also been an issue. Someone put an alkaline (BASE) solution in the ACID waste container, so when I went to go open it, poisonous vapors started smoking out of the top of the container nearly in my face. Thank God I was paying attention. The lab coordinators fail to make sure everyone isn't screwing around. I constantly see students screwing around or talking or not paying attention to the boiling beaker of chemicals that they have next to them. Of all places, this should be a place where safety guidelines are important and very strict. These are just a few of the issues I see often. I'm sure some of these can occur at other colleges but not to this extent. Thank you if you have taken the time to read this review. I am completely honest with my experiences because other future students deserve to know what they are up against. If I were to give one solid, concise piece of advise for any high school or transfer student thinking about GSU then here it is: GO TO A DIFFERENT COLLEGE. If you want the medical field, go to Emory. If you want science and technology, go to tech. If you want a social scene with everything in between, go to UGA. Do NOT waste you time, money, and patience on a mediocre, unsafe, and unorganized university like this one.

myesha warthen

i wanted to know if this is the right place for me to obtain my master in becoming a Obstetrician so if anyone has any information or experience of this schools medical field will you please give me some advice.


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