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REVIEWS OF Georgia Southern University IN Georgia

Katie Branan

T. Harris

Seems like the students have a mob mentality. I saw a news report that a white student had a legitimate opinion and the black students had her fired form her job and are attempting to have her expelled. Scary, fascism IS on the rise on our campus and this is the PERFECT EXAMPLE. NEW WORLD MILLENNIAL LYNCH MOB... WOW

Lynette Shepherd

Okay thanks so much for y’all having fun. We had a wonderful time together and we should do it again.


Best damn college in America

Benjamin Andrews

Thomas Andrew


Katie Theohares

I would go literally anywhere else if I had a choice. The classes and instructors are nice enough, but good luck dealing with financial aid or any other office at this place. Easily the rudest office staff I have ever had to interact with and they have harassed me about my immunization records that THEY have lost three separate times and continue to harass me about even after turning them in. Don't waste your time or money at any of their campuses. If you don't play football they don't care about you.

Patrick Loo

Chris and Steph

Just had orientation this week ... very excited for our daughter to begin in the fall.

Ryan Blalock

Great school and beautiful campus.

James Wallace

MD Roofing Myrtle Beach

Beautiful campus



Jervece White

Cornell Scales is a Transfer Admission Counselor for GSU and is THE WORST!!!!! He should be fired!! Very unprofessional and useless. He conducts himself like a slob and talks like a thug who’s just collecting a check by doing the bare minimum. Please investigate this man and if you guys are transferring you’d be better off not speaking with him because he will be absolutely no help. I will continue to write and let everyone know how horrible my experience was and I will go further to see that this admissions counselor is FIRED!!!!

Myticia Daniels

Aryaman Arora

Lorenzo Respress

Leonardo Ojeda

Adam Brock

Berns Bankingberg

Kevin Jackson

This school has so much to offer for a good price. Great education and there's never a dull moment. GATA

tricia searcy

My daughter will be attending in fall of 2015. We have had excellent experience with staff. Love all opportunities that is offered. Campus is beautiful.

Kelsey Boyd

Ryan Richardson

Great university and Go Eagles!!!

Bowen Love

Alexander Koscinch

Ash Ketchem

Great school, enough said.

Kerbyson Augustin

Cullie Morris

J. Pye

If I could give no stars, I would. The financial aid office in Statesboro, GA is absolutely no help at all. The lady did not resolve my problem, nor did it seem as if she cared about my situation. I am an Armstrong Campus student and they have me in the system as a Statesboro student. All she needed to do was change it in the system or have someone change it. Instead she just transfers me to the bookstore before I could even respond. I waited over an hour to speak with a representative, only to have my problem not resolved. I AM LIVID! I wish Armstrong Atlantic was still the University in Savannah. This has been a terrible start to Fall 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke Gerguis

Georgia Southern is a great college with a nice sized campus. The technology there is on Par with big level schools. They even have retinal scanners in the lunchroom! The food is great and service is quick. The professors at Georgia Southern are more friendly than you would think, and they know what they are teaching. Some of them are even funny. I would suggest taking courses here if you are local. It's not the best college ever, but it is affordable, great education.

Brandon Bevan

It was the worst experience of my life. I'm not sure that I can describe the soul-crushing atmosphere to you, or the heartbreak I endured via rejection from the entire student body. But I will never recommend Georgia Southern University to another potential student, and I regret throwing away the best years of my life in that God-forsaken hole. I have the piece of paper, but it still hasn't lead to employment at all, much less a decent paying job, and no one went on a date with me while I was there either.

Connor Ashford

Corey Adamson



Awesome!!! Enjoyed my 3 years here.

Lacey Renée Hall

HAIL SOUTHERN. I love GSU & Statesboro. It's a small town mostly centered around the school. I love the traditions and there's always something to do. Take me back. I really enjoyed my entire time here.


Arham Younus

Nice school,campus, and education but cops there are strict and so are the bars. 100% you'll get arrested there for something dumb. Great party school there though most people know how to balance social life and school.

Tyler Jackson

Worst experience on the phone with the financial aid office. If you want to be on hold for a hour or so, call them. They will chime in just to say will you please hold after you were already holding. The people who work up there are rude and take forever with helping you. Anytime you have to deal with financial aid it a living HELL.

Harry Be


I can't wait to be there for Apostolic Camp International!!!

Marco Gutierrez

I attended this University for fresham year. It was an amazing experience and i loved the school. I transfered because of a major, but if i had the choice, i would def stay here!

Raps 26

Sharon Barros

My grand daughter may be going there, very nice campus, now is up to her, So proud of you Miss Ashley!!

Josh A

Kareema Grier

Josue Benitez

good town

sakib iqbal

Kenan Halis Kızıldağ

Midnight Man

Jonny B

Fantastic college and Great people...

Jen Thomas

Love the small feel of such a big university. Quality professors who are accessible and in the classroom. Everyone I've met who graduated from Southern loves it.

Carnell Smith

Just Gregg

My alma mater!

David Schanen

Awesome customer service Recommend visit the campus Talk to the teachers I know many And retired teachers for years know one has ever complain about GSU Google Eagles We are all Eagle National

Trenton Chatland

They stole my college

Skylar Dixon

Kayla Suggs

Maddux Lamb



Trinity Bowman

Roxana Arias

Prosthetic Knee

Jerome Bell

GSU !!!!!!!

William Nall

Austin H

The best university in Southern Georgia.

Deffanie Rawls

Horrible disrespectful staff but great faculty that cares. It's like you're inconveniencing them if you require them to actually do some work. If you can go somewhere else, please do.

Danica Giles

Like everywhere GS has it's fair share of bull crap but overall I Loved this school and miss it! Great education and I graduated with a job! #ProudEagle

Allen Halls

Miracle Shepherd

Nay Cameron

Such a beautiful campus. Too many ducks though

J. Lloyd

Great school. Great campus. Great people. Transferred to GA Tech after a couple years. Would have stayed at Southern if they offered my degree.

Herman Roche-Berry

Great university with a nice campus. Plenty of beautiful women and challenging classes. Fun school overall. Oh, did I mention the partying?

Patrina Huff

Nice, accessible campus, and it looks like the town is fairly easy to walk and bike.


What I do not like about this school is that they force people to buy their expensive meal plans. I tried to opt out in 2011 because while they tout their lower tuition price, if you add the $1200 per semester for the meal plan that is REQUIRED if you're a freshman, that makes it non competitive. I tried so hard to convince my daughter not to go to this school for that sole reason, but she was adamant so I gave in. When I asked the people how can they demand people spend $2400 for a person to eat two meals a day 5 days a week and they said " We want parents to feel good knowing their kid will be eating well while they're away at college." BULL! I told her if you really were concerned, I guess you don't worry about weekends because the $1200 per semester only covered 10 meals a week (2 meals 5 days a week). Parents should have the option of providing their kids with their own method of eating. Do you think they're so stupid where as they're going to starve to death because they're away from home? Then she said, "Oh, well. That's true." It's nothing but a rip off to get more money. Now it's even worse. My daughter's roommates (3) dropped their meal plans because now the school is asking for a whopping $1800 per semester. That's $3600 to eat for 8 months!!! I don't spend that kind of money in a year to feed us both. SMH If this had been the case two years ago, my daughter would have definitely had to have found another school because this $3600 could pay for another year of tuition. I'm so sick of these schools trying to rip people off any way that they can....either tuition hikes, dorm costs, and now they'll get you by FORCING you to eat their food. I hope they lose a lot more than they gain because it's just a scam.

Rometta Wilson

We love the museum and all of the exhibits

Lisa Butler

Ashley Hixson

LOVE my alma mater! So much to offer to students academically and professionally! GO EAGLES!

Taco Tuka

Sahil Aneja

Joshua Higgins

Jill Rueber

Joshua Crews

This a good school for those who want a good quality education but want to try and keep the price reasonable. Not perfect by any means the school still stays current with technology and the buildings so you never feel stuck in the past and the staff feel knowledgeable on their respective fields so you don't go to particular office and feel frustration from a lack of good information. Professors are a mix of tough but understanding that while not everyone's idea of perfect none the less are is still exceptional. If your looking for a great value for your money this school delivers for nearly anyone who may be interested.

Charmane May

Evil Eyez

Came all the way from Texas to see my daughter graduate. We were a little disappointed that the students didn't get to walk the stage.

Jonny Bravo

Hail southern

David Galvin

Trent Gay

jimFirst Lakst

Andrew Lambert

Ms. Habersham

Ryan Smith

Dustin Whitney

Go Georgia southern class of 2011 woo!!!!!!!!!!


Ramone Hemmings


Sissy Nance

Jasmine Lightning Meeks

Best College on Earth!!!!!!!

Austin Smith

It's hard core

Shelby Stidham

Disrespectful students. Do not give students from a different university the chance to succeed without discouraging them. Would not recommend anyone going here due to the atmosphere, a disgusting campus, and a low accreditation.

Sheila Jones

Kelly Lowery

410 GTS

I want to go to Gsu eagles football game.

Mallory Fischer

Somto Fab-Ukozor

I love the location of the university

Tytianna Rainey

Maddox Caporini

Barb Dinsmore


Don Thornton

Matt Benett

Best school ever! GO EAGLES!!!

Scott Harris

Todd Melton

Heather McNamee

I've only had nice professors and if you live within the '5 counties' freshmen do NOT have to stay in a dorm. Lots of cheap housing in Statesboro/near by.

Stefan Jatindranath

Wesley S

Fantastic school, but the complete and total lack of culture and activity off campus is a huge negative. Statesboro is small and lacking for such a large school. The only thing to do outside of school is drink and party, which is definitely not for everyone.

Lamir Cohens

Hannah Taylor

Trywon Murtyme

Tanika Finney

To the comment about the Mob ike students. While I both attended and worked at Georgia Southern, the students are not mob like at all. There was legitimate concern about what the worker posted. If you were a student and you are exercising your free speech, you should have to go through threats by employees of the school. Knowing all the other things that have went on in the background of GSU, this is the only thing that has come out as GSU is very good at keeping stuff under wraps.

Tiffany Smith

I went here for 4 years and loved it! There's always something going on. The staff is friendly and helpful. The professors are excellent. The grounds are beautiful! Most of the students are friendly and accepting. The career center has excellent resources and the leadership organization is amazing! The best 4 years of my life!

Eric Jumbo

One of a kind.Love it

Nick Reynolds

Victoria Simmons

chad laster

I'm an Eagle, my wife's an Eagle and my two daughters are Eagles. Enough said. Go Eagles!

Chris Piazza

The campus is beautiful. However, the MA program that I was in was a joke. And when I had problems with the program and the courses, I emailed the department chair multiple times and was ignored every time. I ended up having to leave the program because I couldn't even get a question answered. I'd also like to point out that the international program is great. I think it's awesome how they have students from so many different countries and the staff in the International Students Office are incredibly dedicated.

Chiyoko Douglas

ari white

Arturo Maruri

Beautiful campus and amazing school.


Matthew Dye

A very nice campus - you should study French!

Rita G

I just called to ask about there RN BSN programme and I overheard someone asking what’s kind of questions are those are you asking!!?I was shocked!Anyway not anymore interested!

Shannon Dunagan

Great school! Did all 4 years there and I loved it. Class sizes are not too big and teachers actually care about their students. I was in 4 different departments between my majors and minors and I never had a bad experience. The town is great and so are the people. You get the college life plus a great town to live in. You are also 1 hr away (or less) from Savannah which is really fun on the weekends. HAIL SOUTHERN

Nicholas Anderson

Literally the greatest university in America. Rich in traditions, and with a strong background in successful academics, Georgia Southern is a premier university in Georgia. I feel so at home here amongst the cotton fields of south Georgia and can honestly say I've never met a stranger here. We are a big family here at Eagle nation and the only thing we love more than each other is GSU football. Hail Southern!

Chris Smith


Justus Belleh

Shay Meredith

Complete my undergraduate and graduate degrees here and had a wonderful experience. Great culture, staff, and students. The town has continued to improve along with the school.

Shu Qin

Megan Langley

Cao Kai

Kryshana Houston

Gabriella Allison

Nicole Peavy

Be Like Water

Prince Hall Weekend Cookout/BBQ 2019.

Mustapha Abiodun

Perfect academic environment.

Gwenette Salone

Ryan H

Monnique Milliner

Willie Brown

Cameron Reese

Love this place

Chani Sanders

I heard it is a good university in Stateboro Ga.


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