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REVIEWS OF Georgia Institute of Technology IN Georgia

Jordan Shulman

Graduated Tech with a Master's and enjoyed every minute of my time here. Industry leaders for professors, challenging coursework, and phenomenal gym made it worth every penny.

Juan Carlos Camaraza

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Roderick Cummings

Beautiful campus!


love the campus

Alfred Matthews

So I'll just do this without switching from voice to text. Full disclosure is that they hired me for really cool stuff. Over full disclosure is that I was none the less really poor. That's the way it goes when you're a student. for me that's also the way it goes 11 years after my masters. The education I got has made my life exactly what it was but I'm much better off. People try to kill me now. It's an expanding universe. To give credit where credit is due, all the companies that Georgia Tech students work for that they're not allowed to disclosehave saved my life more than four dozen times. Currently walking pasta Rice Street facility. Ymmv.

Misael Madrigal

Nice university with lots of events happening every week.

Ebin Mathews

Graduated ECE. I liked it here, great profs. Will definitely prepare you for anything and everything that may come your way :P

Aaron Buxbaum

In terms of academic rigor, it's difficult to beat Georgia Tech. The emphasis on nerdiness is equally important as the quality of lecturers to create a great culture of learning.

Brian Baker

Very hip. The entire market is an indoor, open floor plan, industrial-style building whose spacious inside is filled with more than a few specialized food/candy/pastry/beer makers. There are a couple sit-down restaurants, as well as a nice gift shop with trendy and interesting items (I do suggest you stop there). Krog Street Market is definitely nice for hand-made, artisan-cooked, farm-fresh what-have-yous, but it is incredibly expensive. This is the type of place that has $9-12 chocolate bars (hand made at the market itself), $9 scoops of ice cream (perhaps made with milk from the Golden Calf?), and $5 croissants (baked with a Frenchman's freshest tears). They have organic kombucha on tap available for purchase, and still or sparkling water on tap available for free (yes, you heard that right). I would come here if you have the money to spend, and if you don't mind the more affluent crowd. I would not come here hungry and/or on a budget. A nice place to visit if you are in the area (for instance to check out the Krog St. Graffiti tunnel), but I wouldn't necessarily make a day of it, as it isn't a huge place and does not have much more than food.

Phap Dinh

Dean of students is horrible. Current dean of students, John Stein, needs to go because of his incompetence, the school lost funding and students get mistreated

Vikram Somu

Fantastic school with amazing programs and incredible opportunities. I really enjoyed my time at this school.

Gregory Ortiz

Nice people and good vibes. Definitely recommend visiting.

James Donaldson

Acceptable, but less than what one might call exclusive.

Cory Brooks

Sometimes they have chicken nuggets and my teachers r pretty sweet some people smell kinda bad but there's no better school around true true

Donna Smith

Where I got my masters degree at. They are the best school in Georgia! I may be biased. Probably not. :)

Douglas Kim

Great school for engineering and sciences. Fun traditions. Best 5 years of my life

PSI Retro

Amazing for the kids in the competitions!

MJ Jenkins

It's a pleasure to be surround by cutting edge research and a vibrant city campus.

Hillary Heffner

Absolutely no organization in their administrative office. You'd think they would actually hire smart people...their aerospace department falls flat on almost all decision making processes and keeping any good graduate students. Would NEVER recommend coming to this school.

Tyler Jenkins

I was a student in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design from 2014-2018. GT and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the school and am so grateful I had the opportunity to go to school here. I wouldn't trade it for anything. It was also the hardest thing I have ever done though! They made me WORK for my degree. But employers know that, and I have earned myself a reputation now. All the things you hear about how hard it is are true, but all the students love it here. And the stereotypes about antisocial nerds only attending the school are not true. We're just a bunch of normal people who happen to have a passion for math and science. :)

Jacob Marshall

I really hate that every calls it Georgia Tech or Georgia Institute of Technology. It's definitely called Georgia Tech University. It's not even right on the school's main website. They should DEFINITELY fix this!!!

Givon Lewis


Angela Graham

Awful, shady, disorganized. Oh and they really want that application fee$$$. I applied to the online masters in computer science. The website says ANY Major may apply and gives NO prerequisites. I get a rejection letter saying that I was denied due to lack of computer courses. The letter told me that I need to take upper division courses to be eligible for entry. The website never said any of this! The to top it off they didn't even post my rejection letter online. I sent the application in during August. I checked my account in Oct, Nov, and December and there was no response to my application. Finally I emailed the office in January. The office responded implying it was my fault for not checking my account. I check my account and here was the rejection letter and it was dated in October. Apparently some incompetent person never uploaded the letter. Next, they lost my birth certificate! Georgia has some nutty law where any person out of State has to mail them their birth certificate or passport to show proof of citizenship! That's right, Georgia has some mid century German laws for sure. I'm from California and my mother worked at the Cal State university admissions office and actually helped undocumented students apply so Georgia's law is completely off the rails to Californians. Anyway, so take the trouble to go the hall of records in my town, pay the $25 fee, and send Georgia Tech my birth certificate along with a self addressed envelope so they can mail it back to me. THEY LOST MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE. When I asked them to compensate me the $25 for this they told me to check my local post office and swore they sent it. Such liars. What would the post office be doing holding on to an envelope with my address on it that I wrote myself? This place just reeks of carelessness and bait and switch. I think they only they want is $$$$.


Meh, it's GT. Nice folks work here though.

Daniel Schmidt

Beautiful campus, you can't even tell you're in the middle of Atlanta. The people are nice and there are many nice spots to sit at and enjoy nature around you. The local police keep the place nice

jesus joaquin chileno seoane

hello my name is jesus joaquin i want to know a little about this university would like to have an opportunity to have more knowledge of this university. I live in Bolivia a noble country. I would like to see if my knowledge could come to this university. I would take my profession my dream at the University of Georgia


Because it is good for people that want to be a scientist when they grow up like me , so I would go to GA Tech

Sofia Martin

there was a lot of traffic to get there but once we got there the experience of ga tech was surreal

John Allison

I got my bachelors and Masters here in civil engineering and have no complaints. GaTech is the best bang for your buck as an engi-school. If you can get in, go cause you won't be disappointed!

Allen Esper

I graduated Georgia Tech BSEE in 1987. Moved back to my native Ohio in 2000 to find opportunity in my field. Many dirty tricks were played on me at Tech. My degree has never opened any doors. My degree is a disappointment, and I feel betrayed. The school is not safe, you will meet enemies there, who will cyber attack you for the rest of your life. I get obscene posts on youtube by people from Georgia, people I have never even met. There is no oversight and no one looking out for the underdog students, there. When I went there, the Computer Science school denied all EE's classes in programming. Thus, I had no programming when I graduated, yet, all the jobs in Georgia were for programming (C++, Unix, Java, etc.). Even the EE jobs wanted programming. Any college that denies a student learning like this should loose their ABET accreditation. The EE program is useless. Only CS is any good, and results in any good opportunity. I had nightmares for many years after graduation, and I have few if any good memories of the place. Lack of industry and high tech employers greet you after graduation in Atlanta. Abandon all hope, ye who enter.

Rick Jones

First class organization. As everyone I met or interviewed with was very nice and accommodating. The athletic grounds team rock!

Mikey Adams

A guy named Michael Angelo HO thanks for this company very rude and very disrespectful person do not trust him

ricky lunsford

it is grate, never been there but still I have no clue but I think it is grate.

Evan Echols

love being a club member.

Ronnie Blair

I love Georgia Tech for two reasons. First for being the first school of higher education to integrate without a court order. And two for the first host of the Atlanta Football Classic.

Kari Watkins

Amazing professors at this place!

Nghiem V

Beautiful campus.

JIll Russek

I would have given it five stars if the computer science department ran all of their classrooms like Ashok Goel did in knowledge-based AI. Also, the physics classes were just downright ridiculous. I'm saying this as a prior physics major. Not only did you have to go to labs, you also had to go to recitation, take quizzes in class, and do homework every night. I finally learned to not do the homework so I could have the time to study for tests. The physics class is only worth 4 credit hours but really should be worth six because they bombard you with so much busy work. That being said, if you go to that school for the education in computer science, you're an idiot. You need to take advantage of everything that university has to offer while you're there: Get involved in the Startup Exchange, ATDC, and visit Flash point. Do undergraduate research. Get an internship for on the job training. Get to know your professors. Those opportunities make the school worth going to. If you just want to learn, take Coursera courses or go to a different school.

Fu-Jen Chu

Smart ppl and nice view!

Jihad Poole

GREAT! School

Steve B

I applied for a spot in a graduate program and did not get accepted, which I was fine with the outcome. However, they had a data breach and compromised all of my personal information. I love how all these organizations send a letter saying they will provide credit monitoring for a year when this could cause a lifetime headache if someone steals my identity. Crazy to think that I applied to a program involving data and Georgia Tech can’t even protect their own data. What a joke, this was obviously not worth the $75 application fee that was not even refunded considering the circumstances. I might not be as upset if I got in, but this would be like saying you did not get in but you still must pay the tuition. Think twice before applying.

Khadija Muktar

roman reings went there then im gonna go there

Kevin Cook

I got my bachelors and my masters degrees from Georgia Tech, so I'm a little biased, but I absolutely loved my time at the Institute. The education is top notch, with many majors consistently rated in the top ten in the US. As a relatively affordable state school the value is just amazing. The return on investment for a degree from Georgia Tech simply can't be beat, especially if you're an in-state student and are able to keep your grades high enough to hold on to the HOPE scholarship. While Georgia Tech is definitely not a party school, you can still have a great time while attending.

Liston Mehserle

Great academic institution. Center of innovation in the capital of the Southeast, Atlanta. Besides all that, the people that attend are some of the coolest and most interesting you'll ever find. Go Jackets!

Myasia Brown

I’m coming to college there soon


Spent 4 months there. Hope I return back for the graduate school there in 2017. Update: In fact, I started the graduate school there January 7, 2017. Thanks God for this thing.

wuwuwu bu

Beautiful campus

Jacob Blakey


Khoa Pham

Big campus, some streets might need fixing, lots of potholes

Alexis Lakey

Ask someone. Woh west. Too. Have. Sex. Plz


Top-tier technology-focused university in both Georgia and the nation as a whole. Have had multiple opportunities to visit the campus over the years, but never personally attended the school for various reasons. Nonetheless, the facilities are top-notch and the research coming out of here is cutting edge. Its status, coupled with its convenient location in West Midtown Atlanta also makes it a prime location for recruiting and networking with companies located in the city and metro area.

Jonathon Hendricks

Just go to MIT ffs

Mell Grove

Attended Ga. Tech football games since I was 6 years old! Tech's greatest decade was the 50's and I ushered for Boy Scouts at almost every home game! Developed a good old fashioned hate of the State school! THWG is the common cry. Since I wanted to teach school and coach, Tech wasn't for me, but I have never wavered in my love for the Jackets!!!

Alex Flores

Awesome urban campus...would never think this is in the heart of Atlanta. Top facilities for a top Univerisity.

Studi O Texture

Amazing students and staff!

Alykhan Lalani

The best college in Georgia. Go Jackets!

Tamanna Goware

The Graduate Admissions Office was my destination. The graduate advisors were very supportive and guided me thoroughly. They were quick and helped me resolve my queries satisfactorily. There is some construction project going on so the entrance is down the Tech tower behind the Graduate Admissions Building on Cherry street. This office is located on level 3 followed by a bridge n short passage past which we find it on our right hand! It's the beginning of Fall and I guess many people need to know this

Joel Anderson

Facilities are great, campus is beautiful and well maintained.


My cuz goes here and says it is a good place too go

Ayanna Ellington

Impressive! State of the art pool and nap rooms. LEED buildings. Right next to downtown Atlanta. The campus is beautiful and they are building new things right now. Everyone seems nice.

ameet singh

I feel lucky if i got admission here ✌️

Angel Cabrera

Awesome school in a trendy city... what can I say? We’ll soon have five degrees from it at home!

Shawn Chaudhry

Wow was this really the place I worked so hard my whole life to get into? Hi, I was an undergraduate at Georgia Institute of Technology and let me explain the reality of this place. College of Computing favors women in this discipline to attract more females to Georgia Tech (and what woman wouldn't want A DESK JOB). but I was entirely disappointed with the quality of work generated by my "future colleagues' at Georgia Tech who identified themselves with the rising number of women who go into the program. I'm sorry Georgia Tech, diversity is a problem we created for ourselves back during the civil rights movement and women's suffrage, garnishing women with the idea of easy "math based" desk jobs in the "computing field" advertising a salary over $80,000 a year is so like you. Now that you are used to the marketing let me explain my experience with Georgia Tech where i was physically removed from my dorm room for cooking pork. My roommate was a 7th day Adventist who claimed that he had no problem with me "cooking pork" and though he had no allergies he complained so much he had me thrown from the Georgia Tech campus. On top of that, I was never allowed to re enroll into Georgia Tech on the grounds that I was expelled for something that happened with the dorm. Thanks for barring my opportunity, stealing my money, asking for me to "appeal" my "mistake" (which happened for no reason) and then blaming me for "talking to much" when I voice my concern to you. Georgia Tech is the worst institution on earth because they are overpriced and over-hyped. I took calculus 3 (yes I was enrolled and almost done) and my professor didn't even write English on the board he preferred a different dialect of Chinese written traditionally in Taiwan. Thanks for making classes so engaging and identifying with my personal needs (I'm not a Chinese student). If you want to cater to women and Chinese people why not just make an institute in China with less women and more Chinese people (OH YEAH IT'S AN AD and it's ACCOMMODATING). The state department in China is probably not even as oppressive as you are. Thank you for demanding my entire student loan payment in full, ignoring all of my pleas in person, and refusing to cooperate with me to find the solution. Consider Emory a private school who goes beyond "the state" to fund YOUR education. I guarantee any student interested in completing an undergraduate program to try Emory University and receive more compensation from the government and more specialized and personalized care than Georgia Tech. You can also go to the career fairs at Georgia Tech and Emory with a shuttle that's provided as a courtesy and no expense to you at Emory. Georgia Tech's form may be "simple one click" but just remember you are considered as such and yes you will owe in full. 2 YEAR EDIT: I FORGOT TO MENTION Georgia Tech asked me to pay out of pocket "in the amount of $5000" simply because THEY can admit to whether they are right or wrong (just to make the point). The worst part was even today I will never forget to them denying everything in THEIR OWN WORDS (EVEN ON PAPER EVEN THROUGH ARBITRATION) and even depositing the money back ($5000) after JUST TO PROVE A POINT. IN LIFE PEOPLE WHO NEED "THAT KIND OF AN EDUCATION" only do it for their reputation. Says a lot coming from a college of women! "Do the math"

Deitrick Franklin

Definitely the most difficult institution I have ever studied at! You must bring your A-game at all times and DO NOT be afraid to ask questions. Atlanta is also a very charming city with lots to do! Explore the culture, area, and events to get well integrated!

Bruce Halperin

Earned my Master's degree through the OMSCS program, which offers a terrific value for an outstanding education.

Phil Wonderley

Absolutely an amazing experience but not for the faint of heart. If you read a bad review it is likely from one of the many who cannot make the transition from High School to the rigors of a place like Georgia Tech. Clearly GT is NOT for everyone. If you graduate, you will have earned it, and you will be well prepared and well paid when you compete globally in the real world.


Feeling good when you are a part of it!

Vishnu vardhan reddy Annapu reddy

Very nice college.

yue zhong

hope you have a good day there!

Justin Bundrick

Beautiful campus! Great education!

Bahir Wolde

It Used to be my dream school n got accepted this fall n love it here. It's very nice to be here! I'm very lucky to be here n all the credit for this is for my dearest God!

dads dd

Couldn't understand Nga Lee (Sally) Ng's english. It was very poor. I didn't pay for a class I couldn't understand.

Carol Childs

My Dad graduated from Tech in 1922. When I graduated from Columbus Hi in 1953 I didn't have a clue as to what I wanted to study in college. My Dad said "you're going to Tech" The freshman orientation speech included the phrase " Look at the man on your left and right. Only one of you will be here at graduation. He was right . I was in the 2/3 rds who didn't make it. But I gave it a hella an effort. From the first I struggled. I was on probation one quarter, off the next. Very stressful. Two consecutive quarters on probation and you were OUT. I managed to last until the1st quarter of my junior year. Then physics did me in. I remember sitting in physics class and thinking to myself, no way am I ever going to understand this. ( electricity) . I knew it was all over for me. I was probably the most miserable person in the US. I wanted to just get up and leave but my pride wouldn't let me. I did a brief stint at UGA in Forestry. Another bad career choice for me. Then Georgia State. At last I hit the right major. I went from the Dean's list at Tech ( the one you did not want to be on) to the one you did want to be on. Those 2 + years at Tech were a great preparation for any future studies. I checked " loved it" above but it was a bittersweet experience. I loved being a Tech student. That "T" on my car window was a source of pride to me. Do I wish I had graduated from Tech ? Yes but it was not meant to be. I loved the Ramblin Wreck parade. My favorite entry was the wagon pulled by a Rat. The wagon had a bedpan filled with lemonade and and baby ruth candy bars. Every now and then the Rat would take sip of the lemonade and a bite of a baby ruth. Priceless. I loved the pep rally which got out of hand and resulted in the students ( mostly freshman with their art caps on) marching on the Fox theature. We crashed the entry and lined up in the aisles singing I'm a Ramblin Wreck. I later got picked up by the police as 4 of us lifted a VW beatle up on the sidewalk. They put me in the police car and followed the "rioters" for a while. Then they drove me back to the campus. Nice guys. Georgia State was nothing like that. A very serious hardworking group with no college shenanigans. That was what I needed at that time. ( I don't mean to imply that Tech students weren't hardworking. You didn't stay at Tech if you weren't) At that time Ga State was still primarily a night school but was transitioning to offering a chance for full time students. Ga State's history includes Tech The original name was The Georgia Tech Evening School of Commerce. Later the Atlanta Division of the University of Georgia. Then Georgia State College of Business Administration. Now Georgia State University. I'm very grateful for those bittersweet years at Tech. I wouldn't change it even if I had known then what the outcome would be. One final comment. Robert E Lee Dodd is a legend . However I will never forgive him for taking Tech out of the SEC Dodd was the coach at Tech then and Wally Butts was the coach at Georgia. Hence the motto " In Dodd we trust to beat Georgia's Butts I loved being in the grandstands watching the likes of Pepper Rodgers, Leon Hardeman Billy Teas, the Morris brothers etc.


Hi am from Nigeria and i want to apply for this institution, actually i have only my o level result with me that is my Secondary school certificate and result so can i apply.

Angad Chawla

Get ready for the ride of your life. Is this place hard? Absolutely... But it's so worth it. I have finished three years of my college life here and I love it here. The studies are a challenge, but they prepare you really well. The nightlife is perfectly fine for a nerdy school like Georgia Tech. There are lots of people that love socializing so don't mistake Georgia Tech to be a lonely, geeky sad place. It's a fun college, I absolutely cherish my moments here, and I will extremely sad when the day comes when we all graduate.

Sean Zimmett

The degree will be great, but you will probably hate every day spent at Georgia Tech.

Allison Cawley Vayda

Such a truly fantastic school! You really can't beat the diverse environment with students from all over the world! My personal favorite is that your are smack in the middle of Atlanta with easy access to the interstate so you can scoot around town and really enjoy all that Atlanta has to offer! I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great quality education on a modern campus!

Abdulla Jaber

This place looks like a research facility. It's beautiful and the institute itself is one of the best places in the world to study Engineering and other disciplines. It's also close to the downtown. Really great.

John Overstreet

I walked the campus when my oldest daughter was contemplating going there (she decided that UGA was better for her major - Economics). My youngest daughter, who is a freshman in Industrial Engineering gave me a tour and I loved the small-campus feel. I loved that people already knew her name and that the classes were very challenging.

Ebe Mods

Garbage got mugged in the parking lot

blacker yesus

Grad back in 99, still love to visit this place

chris roesel

Tech has lots of competent professors who act and grade arbitrarily. It requires students to work in teams but gives no groundrules, procedures, methodologies, or control systems for teamwork. For instance, after doing teamwork, one evaluates team members, but no one knows this until after the fact. To get team members to improve their performance, weekly evaluation feedback to each would be useful, but systems do not allow for this. In sum, Tech requires teamwork without teaching how to do it or providing any performance improvement tools for teams.

Keith Adler

Beautiful. Went to school here in a distance program. Enjoyed my visit for graduation.

Tianhao Li

A nice place to live and study if you are a future engineer or scientist!

Jianxi Liu

Great school and amazing teaching.

Hernan Cubillos

Awesome university with an excellent ROI... Very challenging but well worth the experience and prestige behind the degree. No brainer if you are an engineer at heart!

Patric Swann

great place to learn

Saqib Abdullah

The best university in the South..

Amaya McKinley

It was a very pleasent experience.

Drew Galbraith

Beautiful campus: lots of green space and in a great location, so close to Midtown.

Randy Reeves

Good school. Niceish people. Football is okay. Classes are hard. Too hard. Cost is good though. Would recrommend. Just get ready.

Armaan Mehta

It's a beautiful, clean, and very high tech University in Atlanta. While Atlanta is a great city, Georgia Tech adds a good amount of green peace to the otherwise grey area.

Zeling Zhang

I can't love GT more. It devotes so much in students' career building. GT and CoC endorses me a better life.

Andrew Star

An excellent research university.

Not Today

I went to GA Tech Dentistry. I was looking for a good dentist and they were the best ones for me. Very professional. They seem to care about their patients. Great staff and friendly environment. And my deep clean outcome was great id recommend everyone. Plus they had this cool electric toothbrush that i purchased and now i love using it lol

Saminda Wijeratne

This is a technical college. Studying here is a bit on the expensive side, but considering the facilities and the enthusiasm of the academic staff, its worth it. The campus it self is pretty small and compact. Not much greenery to boast of (well then again it is in a city).

Urmit Patel

AYYEE whaddup we out here man you already know, long story short this school just a bunch of hustlas trynna make it real talk

Joel Odom

Undoubtedly the best science and engineering school in the Southeast. One of the best in the world.

Rishabh Patel

Do I even have to say anything? Ga Tech is the best

kim Donghyeok

My Dream School ~kimchi is life~

Ganesh Parameswaran

Awesome university! I loved it!

Alizain Charania

The best university in Georgia and one the best best in the US. If you want to do anything in engineering or CS, the perfect place to be at. Great football team too.

not Forporn

Alt account because I'm still in school, so I don't want any conflicts. a certain department, which I was cross registering in, told me that they'd guarantee me a spot in a class I had to have to keep being in the program. To take that class I had to leave a program at my home institution because of time conflicts, which cost me my only scholarship, but I wanted to take part in this class and learn, so I sacrificed the scholarship to learn. Four days into the semester the Coordinator for the program emails me, and says that the department had told her that they would not enroll me in the class. I had to stop going to the two classes I had at tech, and come into two new classes at my home institution a week late, and out an extra $3,000. The department didn't give her a reason, and never contacted me. It's been several months and the department still will not answer my phone calls or emails. That department ruined my finances, and almost ruined my ability to graduate with a degree for literally no reason.

TPK's Channel

One of the best tech schools in the USA.

John Smith

What do you really review a university on? Rethinking it, you can't review on sole primary purpose, because then all you could review restaurants on is the food, and bars on their alcohol. That being said, let's factor the following in, starting from 3: *Academics +2 (one of the top 5 engineering schools in the nation) *Social Life -2 *Career Office & Programs +1 (very nice and willing to help you find a job both while at and after school) *Housing -1 *Parking -1 *Location +2 (being in the middle of a city and next to the train rocks) *Campus Transportation -1 Anyone that goes here knows the ratio of men to women sucks, which in turn affects the social aspect of the school, whether you want it to or not. As such, it's best to make some friends outside of the school to avoid staying in the campus bubble.

Bill Cutts

Largest and one of the very best engineering colleges in the US.

Michael Bailey

Amazing school. Incredible labs and the Invention Studio is terrific

Eric Hammond

Absolutely one of the best schools in the nation for technology. There's a great mixture of nationalities that make up the school. It's great to see a diverse school like this. Great for the world economy

MDYankee13 MD

My dream school.

A Helmi

GATech is undoubtedly one of the best institutions in the nation and the world when it comes to technology, computing, engineering, and business. In the heart of midtown Atlanta, in the middle of the action. Has seen enormous growth in the past 20 years, along with the whole area, fueled by amazing innovation & entrepreneurship. Tech square is an excellent example of what an innovation hub should be (others pale by comparison), with young fresh ideas, good guidance, and seed funding. Also has very close ties to the college of computing (an absolute star in its own right). Being at and around GTech, has the feel (and many advantages) of a big city, but perhaps one of the most affordable ones around the US. Classes are much smaller (and likely higher quality) than other top public institutions like UCLA & UCB! Lots of things to do around Tech; from theaters, music halls, museums, parks, and a richness of restaurants and cuisines, you almost never run out of options. Great experience all around for sure!!

Marisol Olivo

Great university, hopefully my son chooses this one instead of North Georgia in Athens

Brian Wilson

Beautiful campus, prestigious degree, rigorous courses and many of the brightest minds in the world teaching and researching. Great school, but enroll at your own risk, only the strongest make it out alive... just kidding. But not really- it was a ton of work.

Chidi Nwankwo

It an amazing education environment.

Arun Kallumkal

Georgia Tech is one of the best public universities in the U.S.

Carl Saldanha

Good college. Very good cafes nearby. Good for spending the day and working

Hussein Hajaig

Dr Einstein is around for help if he is needed

Juan Jaime

this is a really nice place to go, I would say that i can recommend this place to go, maybe also with family and friends. Please check the opening hours before go directly there. Have a great Christmas time.

Chris Lung

One of the best schools in the Southeast

Faiyaad Alam

This school will challenge you. Not everyone is made for tech. The ones that make it out are hardworking and smart .

Yu Wang

CS graduate. Excellent!

Ali Lari

No matter what you study, this is the place to study it. The academic rigor, the environment and the city prepare you for real life. You're working with some of the smartest people in the world, yet they are humble and helpful. The campus is in Atlanta, in Midtown, which is a great place to be. Research and innovation are highly prized and encouraged, allowing you to work with some of the top researchers in the world from early in your undergraduate years. A great place to study and be...

Jim Benson

High quality research, great green space, highly walkable and safe.

Ina Griffin

GLUTEN FREE FRIENDLY!!! Carefully labelled food is amazing experience for Celiac traveler. Highest Recommendation! Love it! Beautiful fresh contemporary meeting facility! Friendly courteous staff! Efficient venue for high content professional continuing education meeting.


Mom says if I rate GT a five star I would get admitted.

somewhat crazy

I would recommend for upcoming students to come and learn more at this school if you're real tech-y or just love drama and theatre and all that. By the way, the uLoL team here is awesome! GEORGIA TECH FTW!!!

George Walker

I am an alumnus.

Phillip Kim

10/10 experience fire customer service and super fast shipping. Shoutout Erik who was my sales rep. Got some Mint condition rookies

Ben Chen

As much as people say this school is really difficult(because it really REALLY is), this school is actually a really good school. It has its problems but its really a fantastic place to be. The students here really love to make fun of it but really who doesn't make fun of their school? From its so-so dining hall foods and sometimes unreliable wifi, which is strange for Institute of Technology (thanks Eduroam) it certainly has its blemishes. But it makes up for it with its excellent academics. Sometimes professors will take the whole "We're a really hard school" thing a little too far but this is what you signed up for and really what can you do about that? You go and study, cry a little bit, and then get back to studying. That's the name of the game here. There are a lot of things you hate about this place but at the same time so many things you love about this place. Sometimes you can compare it to an ex lover. An ex lover that's screwed you over so many times but you keep coming back to them thinking it all work out in the end. "Just one more semester". Most of the time it'll work out in the end. Other times you're left in bitter disappointment. Would definitely recommend.

Rider Westerberg

Most beautiful Ga college. It is nice.

Nicholas Hobbs

Most significant 4 years of my life. Set me up for a bright future


best university in the world for engineering loved it

Sravan Kumar N N

One of the best tech schools in the US

Robert D

UGA pride makes it very hard for me to give this 5 stars. (Also my little brother goes to this school and a GA Tech worker stole his stuff; no worries his butt was fired) But this college does a lot to represent our state in a great light. Campus is usually clean and quiet too.

Trent Trent

Trade in your soul and pull all nighters, for a great career and alma matter prestige.

Shafia Ahmad


Ozioma O.

Amazing school! I recommend at least applying there :) PS. Idek if I got in yet, but I like it already

Khalid Baloch

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ― Malcolm X

Jack Sparkman

Don’t take thermodynamics and fluid mechanics in the same semester.

Brandon Mattew

The best !!

Micah Halter

This campus is beautiful and has a great sense of community. Even though the campus is right in the heart of Atlanta, they have done a great job of leaving the college feel and really separating it from the city.

Hassan Barzani

Great research institution!

Chris Roth

I love it!!! Graduated in MSAE 1992

Shane Urman

I went to GA Tech Dentistry. I was looking for a good dentist and they were the best ones for me. Very professional. They seem to care about their patients. Great staff and friendly environment. And my deep clean outcome was great id recommend everyone. Plus they had this cool electric toothbrush that i purchased and now i love using it lol

Herb Velazquez

Great institution in the heart of Atlanta!


i love matt murton!

Bduwuudueu HSbuehs

What type of assh*les run a computer cyber security program and don’t know how to protect their own website

Veronica Thompkins

There's so much to say. All I will say is everything that glitters isn't gold. I love the accessibility of the equipment for classes...when it works.

s lane

I recently received a letter from Georgia Tech that my identity and social security number have been stolen from their records. I applied and was denied over 3 years ago, so why did they still have my social security number in an unsecured database? Now, they offer a 1-year enrollment in an identity protection service after allowing my identity to be stolen. Identity theft does not go away after a year. They should be providing lifetime protection to those they put in financial danger for life. Do not trust them to keep you safe.

Douglas Brogdon

The Whole school is just amazing. It gives you a good degree and you get to experience Atlanta college life. The yellow jackets also have great traditions like the rambling wreck

Yunchieh Wen


Marry Crutchfield

Dentist school practices are pretty cool

Nguyen Van Toan

Really good place to be

Marcus Loo

Good school, but is not transparent about many topics

Bob Harbort

New Professional Engineer recognition banquet.

Jenna Ronk

Awesome campus.


A famous college suitable for students to study mechanism and engineering

Shannon Steven

One of the best schools in the country if you can afford it.

Chani Sanders

I heard this is a nice place and the staff is very nice to heard.

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