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REVIEWS OF Georgia Highlands College IN Georgia

Ana Clayton

Precious Meatballs II

If you are planning on attending for Dental Hygiene or Registered Nursing... PLEASE READ THIS: prior to attending GHC people attend with the belief that they will eventually be admitted into the program after completing all prerequisites for their program .. this could not be further from the truth.. all health related programs offered through GHC are extremely difficult to get a spot in due to the fact your entry is based on a “points system”... There are hundreds more people trying to get a spot in these programs than in previous years (10+ years ago) due to the job market shift...Making the programs extremely competitive... Although I was a straight A student making the “Presidents List” , when I applied for the Dental Hygiene program I lost points due to not having previous work experience as a Dental Assistant of a Dental Office employee... These candidates take precedence over any other students... The program only takes 16 new students every year and there are approximately 250+ students each year wanting one of these spots... Overall, I wasted several years trying to finish the required courses prior to applying to the program all while spending money I didn’t have on courses & books, while working and raising children all for nothing...

Sir Buzzkillington

While it isn't perfect I did find it easy to get admission as a transfer student last summer. I applied to the Cartersville campus and enjoyed the friendly and easy going nature of the admissions and office staff.

Earl Harrison Parris

Could someone put lights at the entrance ??? We're coming to the basketball game and we can't even see how to get into the school!!! Terrible lighting!!!

Michael Adams

Everyone here is really nice and helpful

Keneva Foster

Juliana Monje

Jennifer Katlin

This is a great school and one of the best choices I made. I saved so much money going here my first two years. I love the many satellite campuses that make it more convenient.

Hans-Uwe Wiedemann

Terra McDaniel

This school is amazing!!! The professors are friendly and helpful and always ready to encourage students to succeed! <3 <3 Love GHC!!!

Riley Davis

It is a good school to go to

Tonyana Brown

Professors are very helpful!!

Jessie Wise


Joshua Mabry

Georgia Highlands College is the best place to start your college journey or stay the entire time if they offer a Bachelor’s degree in your program of study because of its affordability and caring faculty and staff! Professors at GHC want to see you succeed! On top of that, if you attend the Floyd Campus, it is beautiful with the iconic GHC tower, Paris Lake and the wetlands!

Leah Alfaro

So far, not impressed by the staff at all. This is supposed to be my first semester back in school and they have messed everything up and I can't get a single human on the phone to discuss the issues at hand. It's funny that a school themselves on great student relations can't make phone calls or answer in a timely manner, and allows their employees to bash other universities in orientations with new college students. It all seems very unprofessional to me.

Brian Walker

Had a terrible time here. Got accused of cheating and even though I had all the evidence of not cheating they decided that the "opinion" of the professor was more credible than evidence was basically their verdict. Also when I first signed up they considered me "out of state" because I listed my boyfriend as a emergency contact and when I ask why they decided that the staff member answered " well because they are not blood related" even though I had been living in Georgia for 10 years

Jeffrey Krukoski

Bre N

I've been going to Georgia Highlands for a year and a half. I haven't had any problems with the wchool. All of the staff is very informative and helpful. Prices of classes are not bad. The cartersvilletter campus is beautiful. The science department is great!

James Ruiz

The classic community college campus, formerly known as "Floyd College". While the feel of the campus is a bit retro in some buildings more than others, it does still hold up well. The education I received here was satisfactory (and cheaper compared 4-year schools) the only issue I have is with the overzealous security guards and the sometimes misinformed advisors :( I graduated from Georgia Highlands in 2011 with an Associate's of Science and then transferred to Georgia Tech where I earned my Bachelor's of Science. I know that when I was in Georgia Highlands... it felt like I was taking classes forever and that I would never "catch up" to where I'm supposed to be. But as long as you don't stop... even if it just one class a semester. You will eventually reach the end. My advise to current and future students would be, own your future. Fill out your FASFA well in advance in the Spring. Understand your curriculum requirements to the point you can confidently choose the classes necessary to satisfy your curriculum. Don't depend on the advisor to dictate your future, they are human.. and they can make mistakes... and those mistakes can mean taking an extra semester for no reason (I've seen this happen to others, and I was nearly a victim of this myself). Use advisors to seek their recommendation and then pitch your planned courses for a second opinion, but take it only as that.. an opinion. Notice the rotation of course offerings and take the rarest ones first, few things or worse than having to wait a full year on a single class needed for graduation or transferring. If you plan on transferring to KSU, UGA, GT, etc... Get your Associate's degree first! I think a lot of people overlook this part since GHC has a low graduation rate. Getting your degree will sometimes "autocomplete" foundational courses at other colleges in terms of admittance, instead of having to have a committee individually check if your classes transfer and if you meet the minimum required courses to be admitted. Also because, lets be honest, most people go to GHC longer than 2 years. You can bet the case will be similar for the latter 2 years when pursuing a bachelor's at another school. So lets say it takes 5-6 years of post-secondary education to get a bachelor's degree. You do not want to be in your 5th year, get burned out, then quit... and only have your GED/Highschool diploma... almost like you never even went to college. Instead, get your associate's degree before transferring so that you will always have it to fall back on, as you never know what life has in store for you. That is my humble life advice, spoken from personal experience.

Travis’s chicken coop

Katrina Hopson

This has been the worst experience ever trying to get into this school. Most of the administrative staff is very rude!! They do not explain things correctly, and they like to direct you to different campuses and to the web. Good thing I am computer literate, because if I wasn't, I would be doomed. The Douglasville campus never answers the phone, when you call the number, it automatically sends you to either Paulding, Marietta, or Floyd. When I went in for one on one orientation, I was placed in front of a computer, and told to have at it. I had to get up to find someone to help me. I didn't understand all of the financial terminology that was just thrown at me on the computer so I guessed at most of it, because I could not find anyone to help me. All of the lights were out!! Everyone had left!!! This was so frustrating!!! I wish I had of done more investigating, I would have chosen another school. now that I have been put thru hell to get into this school, I am too tired to start over.

Diana Larios

Willie Vickers

Kennedi Ragland

Registration staff is very hateful and never give enough information. They had my residency information for over a month and never told me why there were still holds on my account.

John Pendergrass

Gary Jones

You are the master of your own destiny here. Different information from every advisor at Floyd campus on the nursing program and its requirements, If they say you need a class, I suggest you verify it with multiple advisors on other campuses. The student degree line up also shows classes that aren't required as being required. They'll be sure to inform you of this, after you taken and paid for the class. Its not a money game though, they promise.

Chandler Stephens

J Knorr


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