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REVIEWS OF Columbus Technical College IN Georgia

Mrs Marrero


Marquesha Swint

I Plan On Enrolling Next Semester. How Long Does It Take To Recieve Your Refund Here ??


D. Slick

I’m giving this school a 1 star rating because for one, I applied and paid the application fee over a month ago. I have not received anything from them, not a confirmation email, a phone call, nothing! I wanted to start at the beginning of 2019, but I don’t even know what’s going on!

Lakaye Toney

Today I called in to verify information back in 2001. I am very impressed with the young man named David Lynch whom displayed great customer service. All the questions I had inquired about, he answered. If you need good customer services, I'd suggest you speak with the same young man whom I encounter. Thank you so much Mr. Lynch. They need more people like you.

Abdiel Oscar Lezcano De Beanville

Laura Hawkins

My daughter is in the nursing program and has to take her test in a empty room, she has been approved for this for 2 years, the teachers know it but try to deny her. Today she overheard these so called professor's make fun, yes, laughing at her disabilities, even saying they should just fail her because of it, even thou she has high grades. If this happens your school will be in court a long time!!!

Mark Woodhams

Good place to get an education instead of Columbus State.

Jessie Jackson

The nursing program is very unorganized. I would recommend anyone to go anywhere else. Save yourself the stress, there are so many more options in Georgia to get your associate’s degree. Please do not let them convince you of how great of a program it is because it is not. Only 2 instructors actually care about seeing you succeed, their names are Mrs. M. Smith and Mrs. B. Smith. The other instructors are very biased, judge mental, and do not do anything to help you succeed. It is almost like they do everything to make the program harder for you. I, myself, and several other students can testify all of the unprofessional and unfair treatment the staff has provided. I can provide additional details to anyone seeking to apply for the program. Feel free to reach out. Say NO to the ADN program

Junior Allen

very pushy with financial aid I was there and my first semester was half over and they began calling at late hours (robo call at like 8pm ) asking for next semester payment almost like harassment just about everyday

Ricky Crofford

shawn rosado

Very bad service unprofessional went to took a accuplacer exam there and the lady of the desk was very angry dint know how to talk or be polite first and last time ill go there.

Tareshia Walker

This school is way too disorganized. When I applied I got no information. Luckily someone that attends there told me of orientation day or I wouldn't have known because I received nothing in the way of information about what I need to do after applying. My first semester was a bomb. When they state that a class is web enhanced it means that the entirety of the class is online you show up for class only for them to read what you have already read online. It is a waste of time and gas money. Also the midterm or the final is at home online. It is up to the teachers preference. The one thing that really ticks me off is that I did all this to get to my major and I can't get the class I need because it is full. They only have one teacher teaching that one class and now I have to wait a year, since the class is only taught in the fall, to "maybe" get a chance to get in the classes that I need so that I can complete my education. Why is there only one class/teacher when you know that major/certificate is in demand? You have more students that need to take it than spots. I am fed up! I am looking for other colleges to attend.

Theresia Spear

Small, wasnt able to get in 2 of my classes because they were full in less than 12 hrs! Teachers really want to see you succeed!

Jacob loos

So I'm using the Gi Bill to pay for my tuition. I've gotten registered and was told by their VA reps that I won't be certified until after the drop out day. This means they have sent my classes to the VA but have not paid my tuition yet. Now they keep calling me telling me I have until 3 pm August 11th to pay my tuition or they will drop me from classes. If they don't certify me until it's to late then how is this my fault. Trying to go to this school is one problem after another. I would not recommend this school to anybody. Get it together Columbus tech.

Christian Cruz

1. The place looks like trash. 2. The "Educators" there are like cowboys in the wild west, doing as they please without supervision, good luck if you piss one off or have any discrepancies. 3. Half of their programs have laughable accreditations, good luck when you graduate and no one cares. 4. Expect 100 - 250 in yearly bs parking fees and tickets. 5. The staff and employees are as rude and unprofessional as you would expect them to be at first glance, best of luck if you interrupt one while he or she is on their personal phone. 6. They definitely don't get paid enough to care or be professional. 7. Save up and go anywhere else, or ideally CSU, CTC is a money pit that will eat up your hard-earned money or GI Bill for a "Transparent" degree without weight.

Kayla Hall

Decent enough. Great teachers but the advisement center sucks. Make sure you go early come registration events.

Natalie Williams

Poor help in finacial aid ive been dealing with these peoe for months now only to find out they have lost my file and dont want to take responsibility for it

Katelyn hickmon

Been calling back to back for the past 34 minutes trying to talk so someone, anyone! Just get voicemail. They opened at today a holiday I didn't know about?

Lorre Isaac

I have been a student here for 1.5 years , I have found the staff to very friendly, envolved, and helpful. The instructors expect you to work, and they challenge you to improve. It had been good for me I will be in the nursing program in the next clads.

Meg FV

Don't go here the staff is not helpful and there is never any follow up. When you leave messages no one responds.


I am extremely satisfied with my experience as a CTC student (and I pay out of pocket). Ms. Felicia Harris is the best advisor that I ever had. I used to live three hours away from CTC, so I had to communicate often via email. I could always depend on her to follow-up with me; she always makes me feel that I matter. I read a review about Mr. David Lynch and I agree: Mr. Lynch is always courteous and professional. My experience in getting help from the Science Support Lab has been great-there is always someone there who really wants to help. I also have had positive experiences in the Writing Lab: Ms. Karen was consistently patient with me, and I appreciate that. The last comment that I would like to make is about my microbiology instructor, Dr. Ferrell. Dr. Ferrell really wants his students to learn. He has high standards and that's because he believes in us (his students). I appreciate his passion for microbiology, and his obvious passion for teaching. I look forward to applying to the nursing program at CTC next year. In short, choose this school-you won't regret it!

Misty Doswell

Samantha Veasley

Been here a year and I love it

Sloan Mason

Great teachers. Don't of the buildings need updating. The new health science building is top notch. Moi l medical programs are very competitive so bring your A game or go home.

Anthony northington

Have none personally got any opinion. As of yetis

Dum Dum Diddy

My old alma mater is a very fine school and I'm proud to be an alumni at Columbus Technical College.

One4Life 14L

I decided to withdraw from classes today, because I enrolled July 8, 2019. There had been an error made in admissions were I had been given an student Id number that started with 999 which it was supposed to start off as 910 and what they did was give me another student number. So it was supposed to be corrected and something about them having to go in and completely remove the student number that started with 999. I ended up having two student Id numbers and so happen my financial aid was on the student id number that started with 999 that was supposed to be removed. They even had me go back and resubmit my financial aid. Now let me remind you this mistake was made last month on the 8th of July and even though I was told that my classes would be saved and that I wouldn’t be purged, I felt like if they hadn’t fixed the problem before the semester started it wasn’t going to be fixed. On top of all this my admission fee was waived, but I get a hold put on my account for admission waiver fee for some reason. I go to the advisement center and they was able to get it taken off. Then a week later the hold was placed back on my account. Today would’ve been my first day, but because off all this I didn’t want to attend classes blind not even knowing what financial aid would cover and what would be left after tuition and fees.

Tamia Jae

I've been calling this school for two weeks, cause by the time i get off they're close. I have left a message and NO one called me back and I know they have an OPERATOR, soo UNPROFESSIONAL, they were NEVER this way, you could call and someone answer RIGHT away or a few min later. Are they ShorT on staff, this is ridiculous!!! They need to get it together QUICK.

Jasmine Perry

Register a month or two early because classes fill up fast!

Angela Graves

Unfortunately, this particular college has shown lack of communication and poor organization. Perhaps because I am a older returning student ( career change ) but after 2 semesters I have not found improvement. The one positive point is that this college is much less expensive than others.

Southern Bell MJ

Travis finney

Randy Dennard

I was a student in 1966 in the first Computer Programming Class. I graduated in June 1968 and I got a job in May 1968 as a night Computer operator. I worked this job for for six months and was promoted to a Jr. Computer Programmer in December 1968. When I had two years of experience Columbus Tech offered me a job as an Instructor in the Data Processing department. I was an Instructor in the Data Processing department for seven years. Long story short I retired as a Online Programmer after working thirty five years in this field. Thank you Columbus Tech for my education. Columbus Tech is GREAT'


The Automotive technology field is great, a perfect blend of studying and hands on stuff. Also, having to work on your own car where you learn is very convenient. I even got my Cat back exhaust installed on my car.

Brittnii O

I'm beginning my last semester here in the cosmetology program, which I throughly enjoy by the way. The admissions office is the only issue I have at this place. They lost my transcript 2 different times, so I had to get them a new one and they lost that one as well. I had taken a computer class at a previous college, which was listed on my transcript, and was told several times that I wouldn't have to take COMP 1000. Here I am in my last semester and they decided all of a sudden that it didn't balance out and I do in fact have to take COMP 1000. Money wasted. All they want is money. I KNOW how to use a computer. Do not recommend.

jas kenny

I love ❤ this school and the Paralegal program is awesome

Vy Huynh

Wyn Bush

Dont worry about laura hawkins. If ur child cant handle her own business or take a test with people around she probably doesn't need to be in the nursing field. The staff and professors at this school have been amazing. Very impressed for an affordable tech school. The science, math, computer labs great expert help and top of the line equipment.

Amanda Streeter

They make wanting to better yourself impossible. I intended to transfer here because I needed some classes for my current job. The admissions office was less than helpful, and after I requested to be placed in the Health Sciences degree program, the admissions rep STILL put me in some certificate class I didn't even ask for. Yesterday I received an automated call telling me that I needed to log in and check my financial aid because if my balance wasn't paid by 8/10, my classes would be cancelled. Okay, cool, right? Wrong.. I logged in and didn't see an award summary, so I called the school for clarification and they sent me a text...? Who does that? So this morning I called to find out what was going on, and the lady told me that I needed 12 credits to qualify for 233.00 in FA.. my total was 942.00 NOT INCLUDING BOOKS... so I'm like okay, but I also qualify for federal loans... She said my EFC was high and I had been selected for verification. Cool.. I'll give you what you need... but she never told me what I needed.. told me to call FAFSA, to which I did, and they referred me back to the school. Now I'm frustrated because it seems this school is full of a bunch of unqualified personnel... I called back, got another lady... she told me that I needed 12 hours to get the FA. I'm already taking 7(3 classes), and they want me to add on 4 more classes.. 7 classes they want me to take... so then I asked, okay, and who is going to pay for the other classes? I told her the only way I can go to school is to use FAFSA. I told her I was qualified for the loans as well and she said "we don't participate in the federal loan program, so you'll have to go through a private lender".. ummmm. WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN MADE AWARE OF THIS? I would have not even APPLIED!!! This school is a JOKE. They don't care about students succeeding, they obviously only care about the money.. period.

Growrena Russell

Ezenri Obaa III

Umbra Howl


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