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REVIEWS OF College of Coastal Georgia IN Georgia

Trent West

Now, i don't attend this school, but my step brother is student at CCGA (given, i go a lot) and as a person who doesn't even go to this school, It's a underrated but great school, and i hope to go here some day. But they need to tighten up on security at CCGA because my step brothers dorm room got broken into and they only took his trash can and his drinks but ruined and tossed around everything and broke his $500 TV that we bought for him as a gift, CCGA thankfully responded with giving him a different dorm in a different dorm hall which ended being bigger and better! Nice people and GREAT dorm rooms. A bookstore with a big varity ,everything you'll for class and CCGA apperall. I said it once and i'll say it again, i hope to attend here some day! P.S. GO MARINERS AND HAIL THE SAIL!

Jaimee Howard

CCGA has services for first generation college students, students with disabilities, and low income students. You may qualify for Trio support services if you meet the above criterion, and they will help you succeed while here. If you a student with a documented disability, please register with Student Disability Services. They are also here to help. Counseling is available at no additional cost to students, as well as a school nurse. Please fill out an online FAFSA application if you need help paying for school and go to the financial aid office if you have any questions. Even if you do not qualify for Pell Grant or Hope Scholarship, you may be selected to receive one of CCGA's Foundation Scholarships. If you need employment while in school, the school's Career Services department may help you. They will review your resume and make suggestions for you, you can have them give you a mock interview, and they can help you find on-campus or local employment. Online classes are offered and I have had great success with using these classes as a way to help me work towards my degree while juggling two part-time jobs. If you are comfortable with technology, you may like to see if some of your core classes are offered as online classes. If you have any questions about what classes to take, please see an academic advisor. If you have not decided a major yet, it is usually better to focus on your core classes first. I cannot speak for other degree programs, but the school's education programs really help you get a teaching job after graduation. I had initially wanted to become a high school English teacher, but after two years of working on my core classes at CCGA, I decided that I would rather enroll in our Middle Grades Education program than transfer to another university. My decision to stay at CCGA was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am more excited than ever to graduate next Spring. Overall, I have had a wonderful experience at CCGA. I have met students and faculty from around the world. I have had great success with many of the above programs and services, and I recommend that you look into any of the above suggestions that appeal to you. You will have ups and downs, but you can make it through it.

Tannie Mincey

Just a small campus and everybody love each other

Chris Gowell

The college is great but I wish the WiFi and internet quality were better. Makes getting homework done a real hassle. I'd recommend buying a WiFi router if you plan on staying in the dorms to try and boost the signal.

Erik Brickmeier

Beautiful little school to start one's college years or stay for all four years. Groovy campus life, plenty of sports and student activities, including NAIA Men's National Champions in golf two years in a row! Most of All, part of UGA's university system providing the best education available in the southeast

McKenya Johnson-Bryant

BOOK STORE IS A SCAM !!! I RENTED BOOKS FROM THEM AND TURNED THEM IN ON TIME AND NOW I HAVE A LETTER SAYING I OWE MONEY TO SOME FAR AWAY COMPANY WHEN I TRIED TO GET HELP ABOUT IT THE WOMEN REFUSE TO HELP ME .. I dont understand why they dont keep record of things being purchased and returned as far as books . I had to pay out of pocket a huge sum of money guess thats college for ya scams

Skye Bolton

Yamin Farwell

The College of Coastal Georgia is a drug free school in the process of transformation to match its recent status of 4 year University. The campus size is great since its just small enough to walk from place to place, or skateboard. As a traditional student living in the dorms I must say that they are always well kept and clean as they are also a recent addition to the college. Lakeside there has recently been lounging chairs added for relaxation when the time permits and escaping the hustle and bustle. There is even a great amount of forest which if you're like me crave for relaxing. I used to hike a lot back where I'm from and the forests, or what's left of them give me that little escape I so often crave. As for dinning food is ok, I just do not like the policy of not being able to take food back to my dorm. I mean what's the use of buying a mini fridge if I can't put food in it. Also you cannot take drinks out, even if you bring your own water bottle. The only way you can remove food is if you buy a plastic tray from the dinning room for $5 which they will only sell to you if you are not on a dinning plan which is like everyone since staying in the dorms gives you an automatic dining plan. There are a few cool galley workers who could really care less since they end up throwing the stuff away afterwards. All-in-all the professors are outstanding. Most are from larger schools and have backgrounds spanning more than one school system. Most are highly skilled and are willing to sit down with students during their office hours which can be accessed on the school website. There are many free tutoring resources available as well all over the campus such as a place called "The Attic" and also a more well known place known as "Trio" for first generation students. Being one of the less costly schools in the state,this place truly is a gem of the south.

Sasha Davis

Alexandria W

walt dunaway jr.

William Jake Jones

playboys paradise

This college doesn’t go above and beyond , went here for 2 years and the housing life and dinning hall is straight trash& finical aid office Dosent go extra to help

Alison Burgess

Donaven Smith

Carrie Smith

(Translated by Google) They gave (Original) Donaven

Elizabeth Snead

Greetings to College of Coastal Georgia, I had the grand opportunity of meeting Dr. Melissa Johnston, President, College of Coastal Georgia at the launching of Institute for Executive Women founded by Ms. Catharine Blake! As the quest speaker she shared some of her passions and life lessons. Thank you for sharing your warm spirit with me!!! Elizabeth D. Snead

Paul Gayle


i notice that a lot of the positive reviews on here are from either well-meaning parents of students, or young students who have probably had their hand held by the administration every step of the way. as a mid twenties working professional trying to go back to continue my education, i felt my experience would shed some valuable light on this school. oh, coastal georgia... a sham of a college that, in my opinion, should have its university status stripped. i'm from the mid-atlantic, where the public universities are much, much bigger and somehow the experience is so much more communal and welcoming...and i thought that southerners were renowned for their hospitality? the administration, or lack thereof, at this "university" is appaling. the enrollment process at this school was like pulling teeth. they take forever to respond and when they finally did respond to me, it was at the last minute before a break, so that i had no time to go and pick my classes and subsequently had to wait almost two weeks to go back and enroll in courses. heaven help you if you have to deal with financial aid. the woman, susan, who "helped" me at financial aid actually laughed in my face when i came to her for help and was overall extremely abrasive, and acted like i was wasting her time. nice way to treat students who are just trying to better their future whilst paying YOUR salary. don't bother ever calling any of the administrative offices or emailing - they don't answer. their website is atrocious and unhelpful. you will be forced to take time out of your day to go in to the offices in person for even the most minute of questions, where you will again be treated as a hassle and a waste of time. the administration doesn't even care about you, or your money... the real money-making scheme lies in the bookstore. be prepared to be gouged at every opportunity for books that you may or may not even need (2/3 of my classes do not require you to buy the textbooks because the information is outdated) and codes for online websites just so that you can do your homework. watch that the salespeople don't sell you the wrong thing, so that you again have to schedule time out of your day to go stand in line for 30 minutes just to try to return it. i have heard a few horror stories of people waiting in line for up to an hour and a half at the campus bookstore, only to have to forfeit their place in line so as not to miss their class. the bookstore managers are rude, unhelpful, and again, WILL try to force you to buy items that you do not need. one manager, as i was making a return, attempted multiple times to sell me an online code (which i can buy directly from the website for $30 cheaper) and insisted that i needed a textbook which i was well aware i did not need. buyer beware, be on the lookout for this behavior. overall, my experience with ccga has been very brief, yet somehow very poor. the campus itself isn't much to speak of, but it's pretty easy to navigate. the location in Brunswick itself is also fairly convenient. some of my teachers have been excellent, and one administrator in particular - linell bailey - was very kind and understanding towards me. these are the ONLY reasons that this review gets two stars instead of one. for the rest of my experience, i wish i could give zero stars. as a student who had been out of school for 6 years and was very hopeful about going back, suffice to say this has been somewhat of a harrowing experience.

Jake Mifsud

Great school with excellent professors. Beautiful location and a great college experience!

Kynder Ganoe

Darren Rollins

Really clean, friendly and centrally located in this quaint town. It's a real gem.

gloria leverette

DONT COME TO THIS SCHOOL The dorms are trash. The walls are so super thin because they were built in a hurry, so if you have loud neighbors good luck sleeping. The housing directors won't help you out with any problem you have until it has escalated. The food is trash and they serve you the same thing over and over again. Dont try to come here to go to the beach because the beach is disgusting. The water is a muddy brown that smells and you get more dirty by getting in the water than standing in the sand. This school doesn't care about their students, all they want is money and to keep their rates up. There are hardly any returning students because between financial aid and housing you get screwed over. The only thing good about this school is that it's cheap but they still try to bleed you out of every cent you own.

Jamie Sheffield

Brandi & Isaiah

This look like a good college for me to go to , plus my bae live there

Chris Logan

Applied for a semester and it took more than 6 weeks to confirm my acceptance though I had provided all the requirements. Exceptionally slow admission process compared to other schools. Most schools make an admission decision within a week of receipt of all documents. Couldn't register for my classes on time and this messed up my schedule big time.

Kaleb Curl

I love this school. I am about to graduate after spending all four years here, and I am very pleased with my education and provided experiences. All issues that have ever come up have since been addressed, and I believe the college is carving a very unique and quality path to higher education unlike any other colleges. I truly cherish my time spent here, all the way from living in the dorms freshman year to getting help applying for degree-related career fields after graduation.

Shawn Théroux

YungTom Reme

Admin has failed me on multiple occasions. They take weeks to respond to emails and calls and it took over a month to be accepted as a transient student. Then I called to find out which campus my class was going to be at and wouldn't you know it, I was told the wrong one. The lady even looked it up on her computer and still gave me the wrong answer. Changed my commute from 15 minutes to 40. Very unhappy about this. I'm sure once I figure out all the kinks I'll have a much better time.

Ryan Peters

Completely depends on you professor. The admissions staff doesn't do basics well. Had one teacher who did literally no teaching, she had us read book, look at book provided slides and take book test with no guidance or suggestions. Worst professor I've ever had. I already have a 4 year degree and was taking course work for a refresher before grad school. Mostly a waste of my time. The college seemed to think it was okay to teach a class this way.

Michelle Atlanta

Professors actually know you! Some professors are from big name schools and are retired down there but then they decided to teach. Great school for your and your parents' money! My both daughters love the campus life. Be involved with school activities. It is close to the beautiful beaches. What can you ask more?

Kamil Pilecki

Great college nothing more to say

Beth Frost

Madeline Smith

Wallis Bland

Excellent campus easy access to all my daughter attends there on scholarship (volleyball).Division I Conference Champions two years running and NAIA National Championship qualifiers. New dorms and adding more for following year. Also in state tuition for surrounding states. Excellent academics in all fields.

Emily Brown

It's an amazing up an coming college! I've been enjoying my time here. The college has giving me a lot of opportunities!

Anthony Mitchell

Town is full of s*** and the people are haters

Kaitlin Sumner

Kayelee Bjornestad

Yajaira Quinonez

Good school and it has great professor's that love teaching. Unfortunately the finance department will give you a hard time. The Veteran Rep. Is so disrespectful and unprofessional, she's never available and when shes in her office, shes making jokes and talking about other employees while you wait for her to assist you. She retaliates against you if you try to file a complaint. If your a Veteran, I defenethly don't recommend this school just because of her.

Curtis Thompson

This school sucks, the professors are, for the most part, great, but the offices, all of them, are full of a bunch of incompetent, rude men and women that do not know how to even look up the answers you are seeking. Be prepared to be transferred back and forth with no resolution.

Tracy Pellett

Great college dedicated to access and student success. The faculty come from some of the most prestigious in the country.....but they are focused primarily on teaching! Students get a chance to engage in undergraduate research as well as service learning, study abroad and a variety of clubs, sports, and associations. If you are looking for a personalized experience - that focuses on student success and development - CCGA is the place!


Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing Program

Aleisha Lett

The school is located less than a mile from a high crime area. The professors are really great in small class settings. How ever, this school is very unorganized and is more concerned about becoming bigger and expanding than the well being of its students. We were basically forced to get an apartment because they ran out of space in the dorms, even though we all lived 5 or more hours away. Pretty sure one of the R.A's is past their 30's creeping on freshmen girls. The campus police creep on females and women through the windows and harass those they don't like. And no one really seems to care when you try to point out how many women feel uncomfortable with the way they talk to you. They do not care. They are just trying to make an extra dollar.

john hancock

kristy Dozier


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