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REVIEWS OF Clark Atlanta University IN Georgia

Alfred Wyatt

A school that takes those from humble beginnings and trains them into those who transform the world….

rita rowland

My daughte is a senior at CAU... she was in the homecoming fashion show. "The Ball"

Jada White

I attended CAU 2016-2017 school year and from my own experience, it is not the best university for Biology majors but it is an OK institution. Cafeteria food is HORRIBLE. You literally eat the same disgusting food Sunday-Saturday. Living arrangements are OK (mold problem in suites). No on campus parties. Not a challenging university (easy breezy). SOME professors do not know what they are talking about. Bookstore is GREAT! Lots of on campus activities and events. NOT worth $36,701. I will be transferring.

Jessica Harrison

Best four years of my life...


Shadarius Stephens-Rogers

Claudia Veronica Villalva

(Translated by Google) Porq have variety in your photos (Original) Porq tiene variedad en sus fotos

· Aaliyah Too Flawless ·

Mark Gibson

I have had my issues with Clark Atlanta, Administration and professors and I wanted to leave and got accepted to another institution. I can honesty say now that I decided to officially stay I have made the best decision. We are in the process of a transformation and if you take one step on the campus now. It feels like a whole new campus and a whole new University experience. We are taking the right steps in the right direction and I want to be here to experience them! I am excited to go into my junior year and I can honestly say now that I can recommend Clark Atlanta to others wanting to come!

Anel Divanovic

Adeyinka Doherty

greatest school ever

Naomi Monatin

Ashley ollivierre


It changed by life. It's 22 years since graduating and the best decision I made.

Khrislen Branch

Its absolutely what YOU make it. The teachers are great although, administration is a bit unorganized. (but they are improving) The motto is Find a Way or Make One and that is exactly what you need to do. This school is not for the weak minded. So if you cannot balance work and social life then save your money and look into your local community college. Clark Atlanta has all the resources needed for you to be a successful asset to society. But you do have to WANT it and LOOK for it and APPLY. Closed mouths don't get fed here. You have to be a go getter. Which you'll thank the institution later when you enter the real world! There is always something to do around campus and you're in the center of downtown Atlanta where there are loads of things to do! What more can you ask for.

Phillip Anderson

Great place to learn and grow! I had an amazing experience at this institution during my matriculation. Class of 2007

Joel piano

Halee Rae

Ms.Briscoe was terribly rude and unknowledge about any question I asked her. Talking over me, rushing off the phone...very unprofessional.

TyKita Fairley

William Willoughby

Top rated softball field

Justin Hefner

Tamla Hayes

Excellent !

khalid alammar

ToriJ xo

Must say that I wanted to go to Clark, then transfer to Spelman to finish and get my BA but I'm her now and CAU is the BEST college for me. I couldn't see myself anywhere else. Im learning more than I ever thought I would from my professors, not just academically, but about life! I love my hbcu❤️ Highly recommend

Joseph Fields

MC Davis

Never been here but my experience was a good one. Everything was so clean and pristine I was afraid to stand on the grass. Clark Atlanta is part of the AU center. Its somewhat connected to Morehouse and Spellman down by West End mall, right after you get off the exit, its to your left.

Ginger Alese


Great staff work and reach out programs

Ramona Hale

Great staff work and awesome programs.

Jamie Hamilton

Osama Akhtar

Staff is not unprofessional or rude. That is a racist stereotype above poster. You do not go to Clark. Ppl r very friendly and I have had the privilege of knowing them.

Kaoru Burton

CC Imports Imports


Beverly Rollins

I Have Been Here For 20Years" And The Change I've Seen, I Will Send My Family.

CentralAmerican Momma

I just got a clear view of A Register Sex Offender Lounging On The Property During Homecoming at a PopUp shop and its clear this school takes Pride in allowing these types of PEOPLE TO LOOK FOR NEW VICTIMS. Do Not Allow Your Children To Attend This Campus. Very Very Disheartening Conduct By The New Dean and Chief Ms.Williams. Not Safe School At All.

Quila Wilson

D'aja Brown

(Translated by Google) Cau18 (Original) Cau18

Grace uzoh

Meshari Alshammari

Jack Miller

Denaki denaki

ErICK Erick

I happily picked this university but the staff are making me regret it. First of all their transfer student rep at the admission office has no social skills. She is so rude. Their stuff are never in office, my school start on aug 15 they kept telling me the wrong person as my advisor and when I email those advisors they will send me to another advisor. Now I have another advisor but she wont be back until the 9th and there is NO ONE in that school to help me pickup my classes. So I have to choose classes myself and sadly I am restricted to most of the classes I was recommended and some are closed. If you are transferring to this school you will go thru so many downs with every single department. Will definitely leave this school

carolyn denise

Osama Muaddi Alshehri

I started my MBA program there, and I decided to transfer to another school in the first semester because of the degree plan and some professors treated us as kids. Not only that but also I smell weed everywhere even in class rooms. Don't let your kid come to Clark Atlanta University.

Charlie Mcghee

Eric Roach

Yu Monica

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alaa alharbi

I applied 3 times, No one answered my questions. None of the emails or phone calls!!!!!!!! And now in November they sent me an email says that I am missing recommendation letters for my 2017 Fall application! Please give more attention for the students CAU, especially international! You can find other decent schools guys.

Latasha Ceasar

Great. Love clark atlanta

B. Smith

My alma mater I love this place with all of my heart. With anything you have the good and the bad but it matters what outshines the rest and that's the good!


Kay C.

I really wanted to have the HBCU exerience and had my heart set on Clark, unfortunately I ended up runnng for the hills. The school is so unorganized. I turned in my application in Sept , didn't hear back from the school until January ( every other school had admission advisers calling to keep me informed) by than I already went with another school but Clark emailed me to say I was missing my resume in my application ( I double check, and nope my resume was attached), I resend my resume anyways. I hear nothing for a month then they sent a email now saying Oh, they never got any of my letter of recommendations ( I check with my undergrad professors and they all have sent it in and have the proof they sent it in) I email admissions to tell them this and all of a sudden I get a email saying, basically that they do have my letters of recommendations but not my autobiography .... I took it as a sign from God not to switch schools. Also, when I would call admissions I could never get through and the lines would cut you off if you stayed on wait longer than 10 minutes. I ended up calling the main number and would get a woman with a less than pleasant attitude who transferred me to someone in admissions who seemed to NEVER be at their desk no matter when I called ( mornings, afternoons, before lunch, after...etc) I tried calling the school to speak to someone for 3weeks before I gave up. I really wanted to give this school a chance but if I can't trust them even helping me to basically give them $21,000 a year, how can I trust them with my education?

Conrad Ingram

YT Since ‘11

The staff are rude

Jessica Jones

CJ Office

As a college student, a degree student and educator I enjoy learning, family and knowing who God is. Hopefully one day I can help someone who needs help or show someone how to do good things by learning, and one other thing knocking down barriers is very important GO CAU! Go Clark Atlanta University!

faisl venecx

The best University ever ...

mustapha muhammad

Kevin Walsh

stephanie cox

Jesse Carr II

My daughter making history May 16th 2016. She is my 1st child graduating from college.

De Talal

Abdualaziz Alnukhaylan

Lester Thula Gooden


Nola Petelo

Maria Lloyd

The faculty and staff are literally your family during your matriculation. I was polished and groomed to navigate through business and mass media upon graduating. Although it is expensive, I highly recommend this school.

Trezelle Island

Tameka King

Ariana Jackson

Veronica Lamel

My uni !

Thiago Wavves

(Translated by Google) Many universities around here (Original) Muitas universidades por aqui

Trevon Abraham

The kid from webster is there

Niaya Greene

Overall Amazing! I love my school and everything that comes with it!!!!!

Tonia Tanya Tonya

I graduated from Clark Atlanta University in 2003 and didn't really realize the impact it has had on who I am now until recently. Attending Clark Atlanta really does change you and the experience will teach you a lot about life. Its mottos "culture for service" and "Find a way or make one" have been two of my personal mottos for the past decade...especially "Find a way or make one". I wish that, when I was enrolled, I appreciated the experience more. I have reflected on my experience there a lot since I have completed my J.D. and am now preparing to take the Bar exam. I have encountered few professors who are as learned and caring as the ones I met at Clark and the experience definitely instilled a sense of culture and pride in me. I worked with high school students for a while after I graduated and have been on several college tours and visited many HBCUs during that time...few compare to Clark Atlanta University. If you are considering attending this institution, I think you will come out of it with a great experience being a better person with a deeper sense of self...even if you may not realize that that's what happened until years later.

Antonio Curren

Robert Miller

Melody Battle

Great place to be

thomas Garrett

Cerrone Malloy

Stephen Matthews

Mohammad Khojah

amya Mcclendon

Lamont Scott

Northpoint Rashid


James Washington

Sharnise Bang

i want 2 come here so I don't go to spelman with fam

Mireille Kassansa

D'Anthony Howard

atavia izzard

If I didn't learn anything else, I learned a lot about life....the motto: "Find a way or make a way" is very profound. I gained many valuable and solid relationships,wisdom, and knowledge.

Arwa Almohammady

Tweetsie Baby

None of yall answer the phone.. These teachers aren't prepared. I had to wait a whole 2 months for my pin number because, the terrible staff kept giving me a run around. This is a joke.

LV Williams

Khalid Baloch

“Marriage can wait, education cannot.”

Ceyerra Cousar

Clark is OK, i went there for a year and i had an amazing experience, i am not going back another year because the tutition is too high, i dont think the college is worth it. I had a few bad experiences with the faculty at the university no being easy to contact and not getting there job done in a timely fashion, i had one professor who actually never came to class and never mentioned to the class why he was out and where he had gone. Contacting anyone at this school is challenging its always a hassle, waiting time to speak to any department varies 20 to 30 minutes, and sometimes you cant even reach the department your looking for because they are out of office.

Diandra Doman

Whitney Guyton

Autumn Taylor

خالد البر

Good place I love it

Dorsey Watkins

I would love to play fooball for clark

T Renay

London Baskin

My freshman year was amazing and I was lured into the ILLUSTRIOUSNESS that Clark was, but everything changed my sophomore year. Plenty of intelligent and sought after adjunct professors were fired, majors beside Business or MMA (Mass Media Arts) were not taken serious, and the student housing is in a complete disarray! The communication between the different departments of the institution are fairly non-existent and when they are mud is thrown at one or the other. Blame is never accounted for and the students always end up in the crossfire (normally at the cost of MONEY). I HIGHLY suggest if you think the HBCU life is for you, look into other colleges and universities because I doubt this one will give you the proper education or results.

Sarafina Mwangi

I recently just toured CAU, I am a rising Junior and I felt like it was the right time to start looking into colleges and stuff so basically I fell inlove with this college and I had an amazing tour guide. My parents loved the college as well. Originally I just toured this college just because I couldn't get a tour at Spelman but I am actually happy that I didn't get that tour at Spelman because there is so much history at CAU and I can't wait to go back and tour it again and actually apply!

Chani Sanders

I would like to visited this college one day soon and I also heard about this college too.

Sage Greens

hamod Moha

والله حدي اشتقت لأمريكا ابي ارجع


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