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REVIEWS OF Chamberlain University College of Nursing IN Georgia

Tedd Watts

Preface - I am not a current student here, nor am I employed by the school in any form or fashion. With that being said... I was in the third class to graduate from this college of nursing. I will admit that there were some growing pains in the beginning; trying to learn the "system", find my way through red-tape etc. However, I can honestly say that I had only one encounter with an instructor that was somewhat unprofessional, and I did have some ownership in her response to me at the time. Responsibility is a two-way street. For anyone considering this college know this... You get out of it what you put into it. This is not an easy program; it is an accelerated thre year program. Your success here requires your heart, body, soul and mind for three years. Nursing is not an easy profession. Get it? The two go hand in hand. The professors here do their best to prepare you for the real world and hands on application of your learning once in the field. There were times that I struggled with some lessons/classes/professors, but there were far more times that I excelled and was treated with respect and professionalism. This school is not cheap. It is a private for profit institution. While the instructors are focused on making extraordinary nurses, the administration has to focus on quality in addition to bottom lines. After all it is a business. If you are looking for a cheap way to get a license you may wish to check out the state colleges or associate programs. I was always taught that you get what you pay for; in most cases. This was the case with me an this college of nursing. It was money well spent! Lastly, never let anyone or anything stop you from reaching your dreams. If a BSN (or higher degree) in nursing is what you are seeking, do what you have to earn it. Key word, "EARN" it. Best of luck to anyone considering Chamberlain. I will be returning soon for the FNP program. May you never lose sight of your goals.

Shaneé Hannahan

natalie martin

Love it!!

Natasha Theriault

Joseph Okugo

Kelli Copenhaver

Sharon Bernard

Take pride in students education. Micro managing is at its peek. Not a great place to work, leadership belittle's staff and everyone is scared to speak up. Hr needs to intervene and find out why turn over is high.

Gen Eva

Every time I call all the admission representatives are busy. To call back and no emails returned. Good luck trying to get in touch with someone.

Stephanie Robinson

Chamberlain is not for the weak. It is a very demanding accelerated program. I graduated in December of 2016. Put in the work and you'll enjoy the fruit of your labor.

jenny greene

FUTURE NURSES BEWARE!! This institution, I would not even call it a school is a sham!!! The "professors" (and I use that term loosely) do not know how to teach, and the leadership team is a joke. They are cruel, unsupportive, and do not care about their students one bit. All they care about is taking your money, which they do a great job of. They take advantage of their students desiring to good for society by becoming nurses, and place them in a lifetime of debt with nothing, nothing to show for it. It you are wise, you will stay away. Trust me....I wish I did. RUN!!!!!!

Zemfira Gadzhiyeva

Betcheba Joubert

Nursing school is nursing school. Chamberlain is no different. If anyone thinks because it is a private school it is going to be easy, think twice. It is not for you. They emphasize critical thinking a lot and that is how it should be. If anyone wants to become a confident nurse, it is the school for you.

Tanisha Hardy

I'm in my third session and haven't had any issues occur other than ones out of Chamberlain's hands. Some of the students think just because there is no waiting list, there is no work to be done. If YOU want it, YOU will make it happen. I have not encountered a careless or unprofessional faculty member. I speak highly of Chamberlain and would recommend to others.

Magdaline Burden

If you know what is good for you, you will not even think about attending this "college." They make promises and tell you all the wonderful things about their program, but when it comes down to it , it is all a sham. All these people want is money, and somehow they will squeeze it out of you. Their staff is horrible, and you can never get ahold of anyone if you call/email. They never return your call, and when you do get ahold of them you're waiting for long periods of time to get no help whatsoever. I would not recommend chamberlain to ANYONE, and I even attended the school for a period of time. Not once did I have even the slightest good experience with this establishment that calls itself a "college."

Janvi Patel

Mila Fabb

Hekima Joy

Courtney G

DO NOT APPLY TO THIS SCHOOL OR ANY DEVRY UNIVERSITY. All they want is your money. They do not answer your calls and have poor customer service if and when they do decide to talk. I wouldn't even give them a 1 star but unfortunately I had to choose something. Please invest your time money and education at a school that values their students.

Chaunte Johnson

I would have to agree with Jenny. This place is awful. I'm about to graduate in December and it has been a very unpleasant experience. If there are favorable comments written about this school, the person either works here or they are in the early stages of the program. We got a new president and she should probably stop coming to work, the campus might run better. These guys have no concept of organization, but they really know how to make money off of us. I would advise anyone and everyone to go somewhere else, this place is not for you or any other human being. If you come here, you will regret it.

Porsha Roebuck

Mia Dlabik

Wow! There are quite a few salty individuals posting reviews here. I have been to a few different colleges, and I have even earned my associates degree outside of Chamberlain and was accepted into a nursing program prior to becoming a Chamberlain student. But I took my money and ran when I realized how hard some schools try to create competition among its nursing students. I refuse to pay thousands of dollars to be weeded out. I have had the best experience as a student at this school. Bottom line...nursing is NOT for everyone. Many people come here because they couldn't get into other schools, and some just didn't want to jump through hoops to get in somewhere else. Personally, I'm trying to get in and get out of school in the shortest amount of time possible. I am even willing to pay for it! I'm a deans list student here and I am halfway through the program because I work my butt off. I work my butt off because I know that these people don't owe me anything. I chose to be a nurse, and I chose to come here. I wasn't forced, I volunteered. If I fail, its because of ME. And the people who know me know that I refuse to be a failure. If that is not your mentality, then I agree with the other salty people leaving reviews, don't waste your time. But if this is really what you want to be and you don't mind working for it then Chamberlain is the school for you. Some people just enjoy complaining, and others don't want to work for anything. I really don't have time for these types of people. I'll see you when I graduate though!

Tyler Livingood

This is hands down the most unorganized school I have ever attended. Essentially you are paying for your degree. It is extremely expensive. I could have had an Ivy League degree for the amount of money I paid. Every 8 weeks it costs between $4,000-$6,000! I'm not even sure why they have a clinical coordinator on staff when she can't perform her job. The students are required to organize with every clinical site and submit their documents, create profile after profile, and never once have I received a clinical assignment with more than a weeks notice. I understand that it isn't supposed to be easy, but when the school changes your schedule 3 times over the course of 2 weeks without notice, it makes it hard to keep a work schedule and feed my family. Bottom line go, somewhere else if you can help it!

Mashaia Mccommons

Kim Wilson

I've read a lot of negative reviews so I felt I needed to add a quick review of my own. I can honestly say that I was never misled by anyone at Chamberlain, and was told initially at the open house I attended two years ago that this was going to be a tough program. Period. Honestly, this school is NOT for everyone. If a rule or policy is communicated, don't expect anyone to make a special concession just for you. It may be a hard pill to swallow but look at the discipline it instills in its students. If you know you need a 76% to pass and you get a 75.9, they tell you well in advance that there will be no rounding up so please try your best not to be in that position. The vast majority of the faculty are friendly, approachable, and really want you to succeed. Take full advantage of the resources that are available, because they offer so many more tools than most nursing schools. Keep in mind, when you have a problem or issue, be respectful and stay calm. Sometimes your approach can have an impact on the response you receive. The students here are the best, and we lean on each other and support each other to succeed. Get a study group, even if it's just you and two others. It helped me, and I'm a person who prefers to study alone. As for the scholarships...yes, they do offer a scholarship, but like any other scholarship it is highly competitive. I don't know of any "perfect" school, job, or anything for that matter, but if you approach this nursing school with the attitude that they owe you something, you will be disappointed. You only owe yourself. The instructors and staff all have advanced degrees, you need to join them. Think of this school as giving you the tough love that you don't realize yet that you need to become the confident Nurse, NP, or CRNA that you aspire to become.

Liana Toe

I've been attending Chamberlain University for almost 3 years now. Based on my experiences for the last 3 years, this is a great university. I was in another nursing program at South University when I transferred to Chamberlain in 2017. The real reason that I transferred was because South University was very poorly run and shut down just after I left, as I suspected it would. The main difference between Chamberlain and South University is how organized Chamberlain is. 95% of the teachers at Chamberlain are passionate about teaching and care about their students. My father had been a professor all his life and so I know what a good professor looks and acts like; my teachers here are that kind of professors. Whereas at South University, one professor taught almost every course, badly and had no practical experiences in nursing, and some of my clinical professors had previously served jail time. I've always recommended Chamberlain to everyone I've met interested in nursing school, some of which now attend the program. Chamberlain does make changes in the courses, but they try to accommodate the students as best as they can. They have a multitude of resources to help students out. The campus president is down to earth, and always encourages students to succeed and the professors do the same. If you are thinking about attending Chamberlain, don't go by some of the bad reviews on here as some of the students on here made their own storm and got mad when it rained. I had written a bad review in the past out of frustration, but I can see that I had a good experience now that I'm at the end of my coursework. That is when you can really tell when something is good or bad, because you've been through it all. I didn't go into nursing for the money as I make money sitting on my couch at home. I went into nursing to make a difference in someone else's life. Not all nurses are the same, and I've seen that diversity makes a big difference in nursing. That is one of the real reasons I decided to be a nurse. Off course Chamberlain isn't all glory, you have to work hard and put in the effort, no nursing program is suppose to be easy, if it is run away.

Bijoux Eze

The instructors are wonderful. The classes are great and the resources are out of this world, if utilized! HOWEVER I've never seen a school where no one in student services is willing to work with you. Every time I have an issue with classes, clinical compliance, or other issues, it's like biting nails. They are unprofessional, unreliable, and unwilling to work with you. I would list names, but I don't want to defame anyone. Also, for all the money us students pay, I wonder why the library computers are still running windows 97.

Ijose Eghaghe

I see some negative reviews about chamberlain that are false, nothing good comes easy you have to fight for it. I graduated from this school and pass my board exam 3 weeks after my graduation. How many nursing schools can boost of that? It's not about running to the easiest nursing schools, you should know nursing profession is tough, not for lazy people. If you need admission info get yourself to the office and stop waiting for someone to call you on the phone.

Stephanie Takow

Navida Chandler

Prayerfully, I won't be disappointed. God tells me that this is my season & Chamberlain offers the flexibility that I need as a mother, wife, employee, and student. I'm determined to graduate with my BSN, after failing my PN boards. I have come to terms that it was NOT my time back then (2009). Nursing is not for everyone, but NURSING is my passion. I've taken a "mental" break but I NEVER gave up on my dreams. Delayed but not denied! #NamedIt #ClaimedIt

William London

dick hertz

I think Ms. Jenny Greene must have failed her classes. Perhaps you should take something easier, like cooking burgers. Then you can spend all day blaming others for your lack of drive.

jessica rabbit

I went to this school back in 2015-2016 and was told wrong information from the advisors. I asked them information about dismissal because I failed Fundmental 1 and they told me I would have to fail 3 classes or fail fundamental 1 again to be dismissed from the program. So I passes fundamental 1 and 2 and passed Medsurge 1. When I got to Medsurge 2 I failed so I thought I was ok because the advisors told me I had to fail 3 classes.. Do you know they dismissed me because Medsurge had clinical class and that counted and I didn't know.. I was so disappointed

Nicole P

Admissions are rude and could care less about service. I got better service at the community college at $7000 than them at $80k.

Cassie Nerissa

I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews, but I have enjoyed the school so far. However, it is very costly so I do not recommend starting here from scratch. My advice would be to transfer in as much credits as you can from a cheaper school. Each semester runs about 8,000 give or take. Their sole purpose is to produce nurses, so they give you a whole success team. I have a personal nurse that I can talk to whenever for moral support and she can also help tutor me in areas I need help with. I have been to Kennesaw state and Chattahoochee and I can honestly say that the staff here are the friendliest. I really feel like they care and want to me graduate. The only downfall is the tuition, because its a "private school" but its actually a "for profit school' as well. But I don't care, as long as they are accredited. Besides I did want to be on the waitlist forever at the other schools. Not much of a college experience here, but students are friendly, and there is a great ethnic diversity.

G L.

Sabrina Brown

I called the Atlanta campus admissions office several times and the operator said someone will call me back. I tried e-mailing, calling, and left voice messages no responses from admissions. The admissions staff is very horrible I'm going to seek into another nursing school.

karen barnes

Odelia Angum


I was actually thinking about attending this school. I’m a LPN, I just moved to GA and I’m considering going back to school for my RN. But after reading the reviews..... I don’t know anymore. I’ve always thought that Chamberlain was a good school.

Raps Melody

For all of those reading this, please understand that I am not a student who failed a class, so NO I am not out to get Chamberlain. I am writing this, because there are several facets of Chamberlain that are unfavorable, and would not want another individual to experience these issues. For one, I was LIED to by the Admissions office, which did not factually inform me of when I would be able to register. After taking my HESI literally, four months prior to the following time they accept students, I was ignored by the Admissions Advisor, Daloune Lamothe for SEVERAL months. Secondly, the professors (a term used loosely) in this institution will NOT and I repeat, will NOT take responsibility for any wrong-doing, most of the instructors that I have encountered were EXTREMELY unprofessional; in fact, some instructors made crass and inappropriate jokes in the presence of students, arrived late to class, or texted while instructing the course. Lastly, do NOT make any attempt at bringing any troubling issues to the attention of higher beings, such as that dreadful dean, Stephenson. She will make poor attempts at rhetoric and the rem-mentioning of policy, to maintain the CYA(cover your ass) code of conduct that Chamberlain College of Nursing Atlanta wishes to ever so greatly uphold. This is not a student writing this, that has failed a class, or is bitter, this is a student who recognizes GREAT fault and unprofessionalism. I beg of any person reading this, that is considering this institution, PLEASE try your like elsewhere... PLEASE. You're better off at Gwinnett Technical College's Nursing Program... At least youre not in as much debt and don't have to worry about the lack of accountability on behalf of staff. Hope this helps!

Sharon Choudhary

I was trying very hard to get into this school by this spring. However like stated in the previous comments they are very hard to get a hold of. I spoke to several different people with a promise of call back that never took place. So again I'm so grateful that they ignored me now and not after they got my MONEY.....THANK GOD FOR REVIEWS

Christina Beltran

Great school so far! I have an anticipated graduation rate of Dec 2018. The professors are passionate and they care. They have come a long way, and are continuing to get better every year!

Adalia Gonzales

As a former student of Savannah State University (great school but changed my major), Georgia State University (waitlisted) and Kennesaw State University (was “encouraged” to retake prerequisites because B’s weren’t good enough for their nursing program or to change my major

Jose Avila

Please whatever you do this school is garbage. Just get on the waiting list at your school! Dont ever get in any debt for this school

Brittany Flowers

Update- my advisor was on vacation when I called. After speaking with her everything has been going great. After a week and a half of applying, I'm still waiting on someone to contact me. I left a message and everything thing and no one has call me to let me know what the next step is.

Odion Osayimwen

Great instructors.

Latrecia Hopkins

Fruitful One

Awesome school for busy professionals, I loved it and I'm graduating.

Samaria Clenor

Nikkia Parker

My experience at Chamberlain was very overwhelming. I understand that it is an accelerated program but when I got to my second clinical courses it was a complete nightmare, which caused me to fail 2 classes and led to my dismissal. At the ATL campus they made most of my cohort take med surg and pharmacology together. Those 2 classes should not be taken together the work load for the assignments for both were way too much to the point where I didn't have time to study for exams. My pharmacology exams were always a day after my clinical. Obviously something is not right if most of your students are barely passing and some have failed due to the assignment work load. The content wasn't the issue it was the work load for both classes at the same time. I spent thousands of dollars out of pocket while attending this school and they have nerves to basically just kick me out when I'm paying their damn salary. Apparently other nursing schools have the same policy of dismissing students for failing 2 classes that is very dumb to enforce that, it is very discouraging as well. That's like saying if you fail 2 classes your not capable of being a successful nurse, that is not true at all. Everyone doesn't pick up on things as fast as others and just because someone is banging out A's and B's left to right does not dictate how they will be as a nurse. Being a nurse is not all about medication dosage accuracy or how to insert a needle (45 or 95 degree angle). If that A student nurse is not providing proper patient care in all areas then what difference does it make if he/she has an A and passed all their classes. There are bad apples in every profession last i checked 2 nurses in different locations drugged their own selves while on the job true story. Chamberlain needs to adjust their curriculum, they have before and they need to make more changes. Don't ask for suggestions and feedback if your not going to take it into consideration. This school is money hungry as long as the check is getting cut they don't care about their students success. You beg us all the time to help keep your score high for the school so you can look good to the education department or whom ever and so that you can remain open but are quick to kick students out over 2 classes they messed up on. I would have understood better if a student repeated a class and still failed but to have taken each class for the first time and fail both and you throw them out the program is total BS. I would never recommend anyone to come to this school and waste their money because if they happen to fail 2 classes like i did they too will get dismissed and all their hard earned money will be nothing but a waste. Also Chamberlain had the nerves to send me a bill for over $1,000 mind you I always paid all monies owed when i got dismissed I had a $0 balance so where you fools came up with this $1,000 + dollars I don't know and don't care. I don't owe you a thing you will never get another dime from me I have paid you all more then enough out of pocket and have nothing to show for it.

Abi Bridges

Ted Bowman

I currently am paying for a student to attend this "university" . Do not believe what they tell you as far as cost. It is going to run around $12k more than the original quote. On top of the extreme expense, they do not even have enough instructors to provide clinical experience for the students. The quality of education is truly sad, particularly for the expense. Only go there if it is the absolute only option you have. I wish someone had warned us!!

Kiana Holt

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