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REVIEWS OF Augusta Technical College IN Georgia

Georgia Falcon


Patricia Nall

Great instructors! Everything else needs improvements. The cafeteria is awful...takes too long to get your food and it's so loud that you can't sit and eat. Absolutely no healthy options. It would be nice to have prepackaged salads and sandwiches that you can get instead of all the fatty fried stuff!!! Also no one reinforces rules and regulations. I always obey the campas rules but I'm probably the 1 out of 50 that does.

Lindsay Blair

I applied to this school two weeks ago and have emailed and have heard nothing back. What this school shows me, is they could careless about the students. I would not recommend this school to anyone even if it was their last resort. They should be ashamed of themselves.

brenda shepherd



I am not a student. Was trying to get information on enrollment to transfer my credentials from another college soo far I am turn off by rude communication from staff. Sorry Augusta Tech, you will not get my Money. Glad I saw the reviews before i continued with enrollment.

Lauryn East

instructors are terrible

Amber Money

Could I get my ged there or what

John Blais

Kristen Johns

Over all it's a great school. Most of the proffesors are great. Do some suck? Yes. That's any school, same with fin-aid. Though i actually havent had trouble with them in fin-aid to be honest. I know some do but thats just part of the college experience. The classes are small. Never had more than 10 people in one class. Usually more like 5-6 though which is actually nice. Its incredibly laid back. As long as you want to pass and are willing to work with your teacher its hard to mess up here. Actually only ever had one teacher i didnt like. Whole class hated her. Rest had been wonderful and im on my third semster.

Jeremy Worth

Jenny P

The worst and rudest admissions staff in the state of Georgia. I will never attend this school again.

chrystale hawkins

Already starting off to a bad start with just registration...yeah...I'm looking elsewhere first.

Ziria Toby

Nichel'le Turner

Really need to hire new advisors because the advisors there that is current is rude and unhelpful. The lady was talking with a attitude, looking like she had a attitude, and just wasn’t trying to help me. If someone come to you and ask for help on how to do this, being that this is the position you applied for and you know the information and how to navigate to a specific page. Why not not just show that student how to get to that page instead of giving a paper instruction sheet and go on about my way. I never experienced anything like this. I forgot her name but she’s the lady with a bob wig in her head and race is African American. Very poor service.

Cynthia Westberry

Great college

junk chain chain

Morgan S

By FAR THE WORST school ever!! This "school" does NOT care about the students! I was unable to receive my student loan because they stated that I was NOT enrolled when IN FACT I was!! The director of the Financial Aid office told me that she wouldn't change the decision for my loan even though THEY made the mistake. I got hung up on, I constantly got transferred to people who didn't know what was going on and on top of all that, the staff was rude! This school has managed to set me back from my program a whole entire YEAR!! I wasn't able to register for my classes because these people didn't "know" that there are two different A&P classes for different programs! Therefore, I had to become a transient student to make up for those courses. Out of all the comments I have ever heard about this school, not ONE comment was positive! I should've listened!! I am so disgusted with the lack of professionalism, lack of organization, lack of communication and lack of overall care for the students. I will NEVER recommend this "school" to anyone!!!

Whitney Bell

All of my teachers are awesome and very helpful. All of the staff is very helpful as well.

Cynthia Berryman

Chef Sonya Patterson MBA

My instructor at Helms college graduated from Aug Tech. Amazing!

Briannah Malone

Kelsey Dedman

Chris Charette

I'm giving 5 stars because he DMPT graphics department is outstanding. Ms. Rowe and Mr. Dixon are super, SUPER accadating. Great professors with great programs.The work is organized and easy to understand. If you need help, they are more than happy to answer and questions you have and help you til you get it. Communication between the student and teacher are phenomenol. GREAT program! The admissions office/financial aid are the complete opposite. You call and call and email and email with no response. I had finally had it one semester and went to the financial aid office waiting room, called ATC financial aid and then watched them look at the ringing phone and ignore it. They literally just looked at the phone and looked away. They weren't on the phone, they were scrolling the computer. Not a good way to run an admin office. They will literally just ignore you. Can't wait to be done with this kind of person and go to a school where the admissions office actually cares about their job.

Allison G

People tend to underestimate Augusta Tech. It's a good place to go to school and get an associate's degree in a demanding field. They may not be the most organized, professional, or friendly people, but the courses are very much rewarding and challenging. Class times are also fairly flexible.

Jessica Turner


Lauren K

I only took two classes here, but they were the BEST. I recommend Mrs.Shine (PSYCHOLOGY 1101) and Mrs.Wiggins(English 1101) they won't let you down.

Jarius Smith

Calvin Jones


Going to school here I learned a lot. However, I'm trying to get my transcripts to transfer and the guy who answered the phone was very short and hung up while I was trying to figure out what I need to do online. After this, when I call the line it is always busy!!!

Hailey Newsome

Horrible place to go! I wasn’t informed of some of my programs rules until after the fact. They aren’t helpful at all and my nursing advisor was no help at all when I had questions. She wouldn’t answer my whole question, was late to our meetings and was no help in pointing me in the right directions. I’m highly disappointed in Augusta Tech. I thought I’d give them a try but that was a horrible decision. DO NOT waste your time here!!!!


I am doing the Information Technology Program. I find that several of the instructors will assist to grasp the concepts and get adequate hands-on for the programming and IT(computer network) related subject than you would get at a four year institution like AU (Augusta University). Student organizations are present but not very active currently. Labs, classrooms and technology support are less than optimal or ideal as would be expected for a technical college. I hope that with the Georgia Cyber Center(GCC) being recently opened here things will change for the better in the school's future.

Na & Family

They're lucky to even get 1 star. I just called for information on online classes, the woman put me on hold and never came back to the phone, twenty minutes later....she hung up! I rather not go to a ghetto school like there's anyway. GoodBye!

Rebecca White

Bryce Johnson

Kartik Sharma

Please tell do they provide B TECH programme for international students. ? Please tell.

Christopher Haynes

I have had nothing but the best experience with this school. The ENTIRE faculty has been very friendly and supportive all the way from Admissions, Financial Aid, to my professors. Thanks so much!! So excited to start my degree in Cardiovascular Technology.

Marassa Denise

The instructors are very helpful...

Eli Beck

Emilee 18

James Whitlock

Cool Guy

Even though I've been going to school at Augusta tech for years they blatantly ignore my calls after I mention I need help.

Irma Daughtry

Trying to get this education . Despite this rainy weather .


Terrible servuces, rude customer service, they loose your rather go somewhere bye

Tabitha Newman

If you wanted to go into the culinary arts...DO NOT GO HERE. Very small budget for the eggs run out for breakfast at 9 am. No food in the fridges. They are very quick to take your money but the administrations idea of what goes in during classes from their own mouths is "you just watch youtube videos" They have absolutely no clue. The disability staff laughed when approached with disability paperwork. Pay the little bit extra. Go to Helms. They have the same course but are far more strict. This is our last semester at this school. we will take the credits and run to a better school. Furthermore there is no way I would pay for my kid to go there and he recently expressed interest in going.

Emery Johnson

Ashley Traxler

Victoria Gatica

Someone stole my rim from the main building parking lot. I've taken some classes here. The financial aid office isn't much help, some of the instructors are sucky An some are great. I guess it could be like that at any school. I give it a 2star because the staff could be more informative and friendly.

Danielle Favors

Excellent place to attend

fulisatee bell

All they care about is money, making us take useless classes we have to pay for and pass and their tuition prices are steadily rising

Brownskinn Queen

Nathan Lefever

Graduation rate: 24.7% (2014); nationally 59% Average salary after attending undergrad: 23,200 USD (2013); 50th percentile national average $35,100 Yet Terry Elam is pulling in 6th highest public official salary - augusta chronical Save your money or GI bill as you might as well be teaching yourself!!

Chiquita Richardson

The website links never work. Blackboard is always down and you can never do you online homework or study when YOU want. I absolutely hate EVERYTHING that has links because they never work.

Christopher Charette

Barbara Gibbs

Kat McCoy

The faculty I have dealt with is nice, except Financial Aid. Also, the buildings can be cleaned a little better and sprayed to avoid ants, lady bugs, roaches, and other insects. A lot of creeps also go to the school. I've been followed a few times during past semesters to my car and definitely felt uncomfortable. I can't wait to graduate and get this degree over with so I can put the school in the past with Education.

Jays’ Crazy World

This school is horrible!!! They do not answer phone calls when you need help. When you email anyone you never get a response. I have been fighting to get my tuition paid for and they keep ignoring me. I am done with this crappy school. I will transfer to a better school. A school that actually cares about their students. I plan on emailing the Georgia Technical College System about how horrible they are treating their students. The instructors are amazing but the staff that run the operations of the school are horrible, rude, and could careless about the students.

Jazmine Pope

Lutfi Omer

Bettina HarrisRedd

Love this school. I graduated from ATC about 6 yes ago.

Chani Sanders

I want to go to this college one day soon. I have never ever been to this college before.

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