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REVIEWS OF Atlanta's John Marshall Law School IN Georgia

Alex Jordan


Don't do it. There is nothing inherently wrong with this place. However, the legal profession is extremely snobby and you will never be accepted into this profession with a degree from here. The legal profession bases your worth on your lsat score and the law school you graduated from. It doesn't mean they are better attorneys, but that is the accepted presumption. Retake the lsat, hire a tutor, etc. Your last score is not a measure of your intelligence and can change drastically with practice and effort. Learning the law is learning the law no matter where you go to school. How do I know this? 1. When I was at John Marshall, many people left and went to Emory Law School. It's all the same. 2. Once you "get it," you can do anything, legally speaking. I have a career as an attorney. I had a part-time position before my bar results came in. I also passed the bar exam on my first attempt. Not sure why, but there is a terrible stigma amongst the legal community against people who've failed the bar exam. My current position is best career/job I've ever had. I work in a firm with people with law degrees from Vanderbilt, Georgia, Georgia State, Miami, and many others. If you can show people that you are more than the school you attended, you can get a job. It would just be a lot easier with a degree from an upper-tier school. Debt? Mine is tremendous. However, I have 8 more years and it will all be forgiven. The state schools are much cheaper. The $100k careers are few and far between. Many 4 year degrees easily make more than many lawyers. Good luck!

Alexandra Morris

Ok, so it is true this school is VERY expensive compared to Emory which is another private institution that is rated much higher than JMLS. However, each person has the ability to make law school what THEY want to make it. I met some good friends, some great professors, and feel pretty well prepared to embark on my own legal career. Of course there were aspects that frustrated me, but I have dealt with the same levels of frustrations at both my public undergrad universities. I think students will all have their gripes with their educational experiences. I will admit the ever changing administration looks unprofessional at JMLS and the turn over of professors gives JMLS the appearance of instability. Perhaps my biggest complaint is the way students seemed to have a lack of respect for their personal/ professional appearance. No dress code was adhered to and some very unsavory clothing and behavior were tolerated when they may not have been deemed ok at other law schools. However, I earned my degree and passed the bar exam. Therefore stressing my earlier point that law school is what you make of it. I felt as if I always had access to opportunities, experienced professors, externships, etc. I never felt as if I was missing or lacking good legal education at JMLS. Perfect? No. But I am happy with the education I received and in no way feel that my professors did not give me the proper preparation I need to make it in the real world.

True Shit

Kevin Crayon II

I'm a successful attorney, and have been since I graduated in 2012. They have practicing attorneys, prosecutors, and even judges who teach some of the classes. Real world skills. They prep you for the bar exam, for free. It's too expensive, but it's a private school. It's really not about the school, because in the end, you take the same bar exam and in the end, it's about you and what you do with your education. Any haters on here are probably students who flunked out because they couldn't hack it. I worked full time and went to school here at night with other students who knew what it takes to grind. Now, my classmates are successful colleagues. This school has everything you need to succeed, but ultimately it's up to you to make it happen.

Edward Cole

I was chased away by a rent-a-cop when I was photographing the property outside. So, not friendly to artists.

P Schechter

This school really impressed me when I visited last week. I sat in a few classes and I came away with the feeling that the students were definitely getting a top quality education. The school's ABA accreditation is fairly new which may be the reason why the ranking isn't as high as it could be. Overall, this seems like a great place to learn the law.

Sandra Brown

Drove from NC to GA to attend information session. Huge waste of time and gas money. The school was old, filthy and crumbling. I asked questions on the tour and responses did not match what I had already reviewed about the school. This school is definitely an overpriced fourth tier waste of money. Bar passage rate is extremely low for the costs, job placement looks good on paper, but in reality many individuals with JD degrees working as bartenders, waitresses and low income jobs. Do your homework on this place before you go. I wouldn't pay $20 to attend a school that I cannot get a job after graduating with a JD. Take some sanitizer before you go, you will need to clean you off a spot somewhere before you sit down. What a dump

Samaria Smith

Carolina Arias Cediel

Dawn G

Law school is very difficult, you will literally study every day and if not you will fail. However once you reach the end you will see how great Atlanta's John Marshall Law School has prepared you for the real world. I have interned at both the District Attorney's Office as well as the Public Defender's Office and I have learned that there are a substantial number of excellent lawyers in the industry that graduated from Atlanta's John Marshall Law School. John Marshall professors are experienced attorneys and many have graduated from Ivy League colleges. The professors are always available to answer your questions and the staff is very supportive. My only complaint is that it is very expensive and it is a for-profit institution and for that reason I would compare prices before making a decision to enroll. Excluding the price it was a difficult but wonderful experience.

Cherice Mitchell

2012-2012 was my first year at Atlanta John Marshall, and I was very pleased with my experience. The teachers are very knowledgeable of the law and how to convey it to students who were completely unfamiliar a lot of the information being taught. Furthermore, the professors were very willing to assist any and every student who took the initiative to seek assistance after classroom hours. If the teachers did not have office hours available, you could email them, and then they would make the needed accommodations to meet with you. Furthermore, the Deans of the school have an open door policy where you can go and speak with them about any questions, concerns, and issues that you may have concerning John Marshall. The entire faculty has genuine desire to see each of the students at John Marshall succeed. The school has many ways that they prepare students for the bar exam. But no matter how many bar preparation classes, workshops and/or prep courses a person take; it is still up to an individual to put in their fair share of effort and studying to pass the Bar, as well!! John Marshall definitely has the resources to assist you with preparation, but some of passing the bar is up to the individual person and how much time they have put in!! The school my not be the "prettiest" as other comments have mentioned, but they have exactly what they need inside to develop/mold exceptional, upstanding, reputable attorneys for the future. C/o 2015

Gwen Foxx

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