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REVIEWS OF Atlanta Metropolitan State College IN Georgia

Tara Bell

This school was not very informative when it came to my financial aid. They never discussed the options that I had for student loans. You can never get any one in financial aid, unless you are on hold for 30 minutes or more. They never respond to emails or voice messages. They take forever to process financial aid. Thinking about switching schools next semester

rynae southall

I had a really good experience with this school I just graduated with my associates and plan to go back because they are so cheap for my bachelor's never had any issues with financial aid here just like any other school you have to stay on top of things to get them done how you want and that's what I did and they got done. The professors work with with you throughout my time there I only had one bad professor but other than that it was a good experience would recommend this to people especially those who have busy schedule's kids etc.

Shatoya Hoyle


Najla Johnson

Been on the phone all day to speak to someone. Ordered a transcript and still shows ready for processing for days now. Atlanta Metropolitan College, you have got to do better than this!

eddie carrell

Jaleesa Jones

Everyone I have spoken with LITERALLY, has the worst attitude. I'm calling 3 to 4 times a day to make sure I am doing everything correctly because they always try to rush you off the phone. 9 times out of 10 I am always met with the utmost disrespect over the phone, by most departments. I am calling for you to answer questions I don't know the answer to. I hate having to deal with anyone from this school, it always seems to turn into a problem.

Regine Cotton

Nick Dumas

Jessica Stovall

I almost couldn't graduate from this school because 3 weeks before graduation they said i owe $500.00 from 2015. I paid that off and I Graduated May 5, 2017. Two weeks after that they sent me a letter saying I owed money from 2014 and until I pay the amount I will not be able to get my transcript. I have been dealing with this unprofessional UNACCREDITED INSTITUTION since 2014. I have dealt with sexual and physical harassment form the people we as students go to for help! The teachers are no better than us! When we have questions and they do not want to answer they say things like " I got my degree." " You need me." When I reached out to Dr. Gary McGaha his assistant would tell me hes in a meeting but when I said i would call THE STATE he would picked up. I Do NOT advise anyone to attend this school, but if you do i advise you to read your handbook and use it against them!!

Kiara King

I hate this school the worst school ever the worst mistake I ever made

Christopher Durden

I deleted my orginal post because my wife made me.the school sucks bad communication with students and has some very argumentative classes concerning race and god fyi

Miss Charlene

DO NOT GO TO ATLANTA METROPOLITAN STATE COLLEGE!!! A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!!!!! If I known better then what I know now, I would've attend a much better school! They charge unnecessary fees such as a student center fee. Everyone uses the student center fee on a regular basis. They also charge an institutional fee for the downtown 34 peach tree building!! Why charge that fee for students who don't even take classes there. COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY AND RESOURCES! Anyway, I will finally graduate from this godforsaken school. DO NOT ATTEND ATLANTA METROPOLITAN STATE COLLEGE!!!!!! RUN WAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!! ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

Janelle Minniee

jazmine hollister

Khaleaf Thackery

Pretty nice and cozy place with a large campus and multiple ways to improve your learning

Angela Foster

Morris Little

Dw Howard

Newport Commons

I'm only giving it a 1 start because I have to in order to leave this review. I ordered my transcripts to have them sent to a school and my new school has YET to get them... meanwhile it has been 17 days since they were ordered. Then, when you call to inquire about it, they act like you are getting on THEIR nerves; meanwhile, I've been on hold for 30 minutes as we speak... They are very unorganized and unprofessional at the same time. Typical black run business....

Miracle Watts

I applied for the Summer as a transient student and my experience has been wonderful. I applied on a Monday and turned in all of my paperwork at one time and on that day I was accepted on the spot. At my current college it took 3 months for me to get a accepted. The Admissions office was wonderful to work with.

Jasmine Guinn

The people up there act like kids.there are some teachers who care but most are just as childish as the students. The admissions and financial aid representatives are rude and have bad attitudes. I have been here for one full semeste nd I am in my second. I AM DONE WITH THIS SCHOOL COMPLETELY.!!!! I dont recommend.

patrick daugherty

Okay this is my semester at Atlanta Metro and I hate it! Registrar office have attitudes, financial aid is so screwed up, i turn in my loan app 2 months ago and its just being reviewed, then they change the amount because they made up some new rule about 30 credits. The advisor, OH BOY! i stood in a line and received my schedule, they didn't ask me what classes I wanted, they just signed me these classes and I had to move my life around. I don't recommend this ghetto forsaken school to anybody!!!! Horrible staff!

Kenyuna Jenkins

I didn't have any problems!

SosoMe 018

Absolutely TERRIBLE! Mainly the financial aid department they will give you the run around and I swear to you that you will have accomplished nothing with those people...I highly recommend that you go to the school and talk to them because they will lie to you on the phone and it's one of the worse experiences I've ever had!

munib munib

The customer service is bad. The just make u hold for no reason. The staff dont wanna help at all and most of the time they dont know what they are doing. They just keep playing by transferring your call to other people. So sad. How they can be so incompetant and so irresponsible? Second. All current staff need to be fired and then they need to hire new educated staff who resolve the student issues. I think. Most of the people here in admission, registrar, and financial aid office they barely have a high school diploma. These staff is so uneducated. I know because the way they treat student, there behavior, attitude, and the way the talk it show how uneducated they are. They dont even know they are sitting the state college. They are getting paid to help student. Not to give them hard time. They just sit there and relax like they are sitting at their home. And if we try to call no one get bother to pick the phone. How disappointing.

Haley Curry

2 words....Horrible staff!!!! Especially the staff in the business office! Throw the whole staff away and get some new ones please! sheesh!

Jessica J

Most of the staff here are rude as all get out. It doesn’t take long to tell they hate their jobs and only show up for a check. I’m mainly referring to the people who work the front desks at the Student Services & Success Center, and especially that old woman that works as a cashier in the lunchroom. As someone else recently stated, you can tell they’re uneducated just through how they act. I only attended this school because someone suggested to me that I should attend a community college for the first couple of years because it’s cheaper. Biggest mistake of my life. I can say though, that some of the professors are really good and do care about you understanding their material. Those particular professors are the only reason why this school gets two stars from me. Too bad they work here.

K Bundie

I regret not reading reviews before enrolling. As a part of USG they should fire the entire staff and start over with professionals. Attended 2 semesters, enrolled in a 3rd but dropped classes because of customer service. I can never feel proud to attend this institution so I won’t continue to waste my money or time.

Geraldine Brown

Jasmine Nelson

I'd give this school a zero ! They are unorganized the staff is rude ! The professor are nice ! But the business office is full of rude people and so it the financial aid office! I'm a current student now there. I was on hold for 40 minutes I drive to the school nobody was in He office and I finally got to speak to someone. They take forever to give you your refund check... seriously do not go to this school!

edgar corral

one star is too much. the faculty does nothing to help you. haven't even fished my degree and already trying to transfer. do not recommend. go to another school.

Trav Ford

Jabarii Williams

Compared to other colleges I have attended I have noticed a vast difference in the operators in regards to admissions and other registrational services. They were extremely impatient and rude when it came to my interest in wanting to attend this institution, I was simply asking about the process of sending and mailing transcripts from my previous college and all she kept saying was sir I dont work there I dont know. This is how we do things here call them. Being very short with me instead of trying to help me come to a solution. If i wasnt so late in the application process i would not even attend this institution based surely off of its customer service, from the door if they seem impatient and unwilling to help i can only imagine how the staff will be in regards to my academics and so on, if I were to have any questions or concerns. I havent even started yet and I dont recommend this college.

Byron Stokes

Atlanta Metro's admissions process is horrible. I simply wanted to take some refresher courses to advance my career. Needless to say I ended up taking classes at Georgia State because AMSC is sorely lacking direction. Avoid this place. If you want to start out at a comm. college try Georgia Perimeter College or something else. Atlanta needs a strong comm. college system, AMSC is not it!

Miss Ckai19

The WORST experience ever! Don't waste time and money. AMSC doesn't care about its students and only use them as a way to milk money from students. Shady financial aid practices have the Financial Aid office flooded with 50+ students who are in classes with no book money or purged from classes period. When the horrible customer service the school provides is addressed, nothing is ever done about it. Unorganized. Unprofessional. Inconsiderate. Ghetto. I take school very seriously (3.8 GPA) I really tried to support an African American operated institution, but I will be switching to any other school than this. Don't waste your time and money!!

Emotionally Trapped

If you’re not paying your tuition straight out of pocket this is not the school for you. They give you the run around when it comes to your financial aid, they misplace money, and if you’re using any veterans funds they seem to misplace that money as well. I was told it sometimes takes until the end of the school semester for money to show up in their system. I’ve been in school for almost two months and I still don’t have the funds in my account to even buy my books. I’ve been to other schools and I have NEVER had this many issues when it came down to money. The student portal is even showing the wrong information on my account sometimes. This will be my first and LAST time enrolling in this school. I can’t wait until the semester is over.

Anonymous User

If I would have known, that I would grow through all that I did, I would have never had applied. The instructors seem to go there for a check. Many of the staff have terrible attitudes. They're website is not up to date. They have you run around and when they can't figure out your problem try to blame you for why it might have happened in the first place. This should be anyone's last choice for a college. Some of their programs are not in order so I would not even risk applying here. It's not worth the price honestly.

Alisa Johns

Please do not even think about going to this school. I have never seen a financial aid office that is run so badly. Once I found out that the school is part of the Experimental Sites Initiative, I decide never to come back to this school since they are part of this program it is up to them if you get all the aid the government is awarding you. They did not give me my full aid because they had a personal issue with me. I guess they are part this program because of the number of students not graduating from the school and paying their loans back. Most student that goes to this school is low income and get no real support from the school. The teacher nor the faculty cares about the students that attends, so of course a lot of students are going to drop out. Please do not waste your money attending this school.

Olatundun Oke

Yateshia Nelloms

TerrikahD TV

I haven’t even started school yet and they already giving me the run around with my financial aid .. thinking about calling the state , but b4 I get into alll of that I’m going to give them another week after that week is up , I’m callin GDE

Abdul Banza

Graduation 2k17

Love this school.

Too Official

This school is absolutely the worst as far as the Financial Aid department and Business department. I can not believe how unorganized a University can be. It takes 3 to 4 months for them to figure out where your money is located, and when you speak to the Business department there is always a lady who is uninterested in doing her job. My entire school semester came and went, and they are STILL processing my payments and refunds. School is OVER. What is the problem? They quickly try to get you off of the phone before you ask another question, as if they are in a hurry to answer the next caller. Which we (the callers) know that is not true, I have been on hold for OVER A HOUR on multiple occasions after being told there is only one caller ahead of me. They obviously need to get rid of the entire (In Office) staff and find professional people who actually know how to do their job, and don't mind doing their job. I am completely over the top aggravated and annoyed with the way they handle Student Affairs and Business. I will NOT be returning, and I advise others who are determined to have all business handled professionally to do the same. I should have listened to the poor reviews before I enrolled, They aren't made up reviews of students being bitter, this school is actually disappointing, and full BS.

Jean Pierre Chahwan

Maria Medrano

My school is the best! Yes they over charge us with lots of books fees and parking but what school doesn't ? My experience here has been great so far. The staff is very friendly and welcoming!

santeria harris

Celeste Keenan

Dorothy Browning

Very poor customer service, I've been calling for my transcript starting 3/1 constant recording and placed on hold, today is 3/12. Still have not spoken with a person. Is this an actual college? Still trying to get my transcript. Have left several messages and no reply.

Ambrasia Mcleroy

one star is really too much i just started and im already getting a taste of the rudeness and lack of professionalism- already talking about transferring because this school is ass- i love my professors and my classmates but the people in the business office and financial aid really SUCK! they take forever to do every damn thing. they will set a dae for something important and then change the whole schedule- like what in the actual hell is going on ? like i really wish i would have read the reviews prior to enrolling im truly disappointed!!!!!

Miss Yuri

My experience with Atlanta Metropolitan State College was pleasant until this year. I was lied to, hustled and scammed by AMSC's faculty. I withdrew from one of my courses in February. A month before midpoint. I was told by my professor and it's posted on the official website I wouldn't have a penalty if I withdrew before midpoint. Well I'm being penalized with a $755 fine. AMSC is charging me for the class I withdrew from. I don't have that kind of money at my disposal. Now I have to drop out of school altogether because AMSC's faculty are a bunch of lying, money-grubbing hustlers. I withdrew from the class because I missed a discussion post and an important quiz. I was afraid of failing. I registered for 12 credits for Spring semester. When I withdrew from the class, it should've brought my total credits down to 9. I registered for another class which should've brought my total credits back to 12. So my credits shouldn't have changed. However AMSC has me registered for 15 credits. They're including the class I withdrew from before midpoint. If only the faculty was more honest with me in letting me know what was going to happen and that I'll be charged nearly $800 for a class I'm no longer taking and withdrew within the appropriate time period, I would've never withdrew from that class. I would've simply took my "F". Being charged for a class isn't even on the withdrawal form! So when I read the paper before signing my name, the official withdrawal form merely stated I can withdraw from the class without penalty before midpoint and that I"ll need official signatures from my professor and someone from the registrar's office. AMSC's faculty need to be more open and honest with their students about these things. I understand the number one goal for EVERY college is to make money. However we as students, our number one goal is to receive an education from an HONEST educational institution. I feel cheated. And I feel like a failure. Thanks a lot AMSC.

Aimentt T

They never answer the phone for Financial aid. I’ve been told I wouldn’t be purged for classes yet I was still purged and they are very unprofessional

Midou Grafix

Kapha Yahu

Lisa Allen

Perfect Precision


Plenseh Koryan

This school is the worst! Very very very unorganized. I did my financial aid in spring semester of 2017 for fall 2017 and got the run around when school started. They purged me out of my classes twice and didn't actually get my classes paid for till oct 4.. They always messing up every freaking year. That's not even half of what's wrong it's too many to name. Avoid it at all cost!!!!

Rejuvenate Wholistic Wellness

The DJ Team

Great event space!

Shatira Gilmore

Miss Williams

EPCP Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated Third Annual Bingo Event.... was awesome

Tee Baby

Went to take the SAT. Yesterday they didn't have no sense of direction we asked where was the 900 building the folks that attend the school didn't no nothing they didn't have any sign up pointing to it just bad all around after everyone drove around for a while we eventually had to walk the whole campus just to get where the testing site was but that was horrible service.


wonderful college this Has help me pretty much with everything


Taylor Vaiskunas

Piper Burks

Getting someone on the PHONE is a ZERO. THEY DON'T ANSWER!!!!!!!

Angel H

Horrible school to attend retention rates are extremely low the staff & students only go for a check and not concerned about there students to the point they don't/wont even answer the phone EVER!!! glad I transferred I am now a straight A student getting better understanding from my professors.

Deja Bolston

Tameka Walker

This school is the worst. The staff is very unorganized and doesn't give correct info. I've been getting the run around for about 3 months concerning MY LOANS. At thus point i feel like its something fishy going on behind close doors. The professors give a overload of work at the last minute (unprofessional). Please be advise that if you come to this school you'll need at least 30 credits to transfer out. At this point I'm so miserable I'm ready to just drop out. This institution cares nothing about their students and they are VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Parents please think twice and do your research before letting your kids attend this school.

terry Tolbert

Nyasia Anthony

winnie williams

Called them and the voice said there were 0 callers in front of me. I finally hung up 50 min later because I was irritated. Really unprofessional which is why they get 1 star.

Kirstyn Eagle

Kacesm Cemone

The school is not that bad but the staff ! They are horrible. I called in for information and the man in the registrars office cut me short because he was working on audits. Therefore, he just told me to look for my answers. I’ve recieved emails about certain warnings and when I ask about the outcome, I am again sent to search for my answers. The staff is a complete joke and very unprofessional. They are rude and nasty. I understand that we all go through trials in our lives but leave that at home grumps. You give your people a very bad name with the way that you carry yourselves.

Nadia A

V Robinson

This school is thee most unorganized and unprofessional school i have ever seen they don’t even deserve a one star! I have tried to enroll in school here for summer and fall both which i was set back because they either gave me the wrong information or they told me all my forms where in then when i go to register i was missing Important documents i recommend that if possible you find a different school to attend like i plan to do.

Ki Livingston

Cheri Davis

If I could give this school zero stars I would. This has been the worst experience I've ever had. The staff is rude and non-caring. I can't wait to leave here.

Khalid Baloch

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” ― Isaac Asimov

Ankle Breaker

Jordyn Roberts

Worse school ever ruined my school experience!!! People there or so unprofessional and always have attitudes like they don’t WORK FOR YOU

candace conner

For starters, my advisor is the worst advisor in advisor history. She NEVER responds to emails. I’ve purposely emailed her weeks (and other times MONTHS) in advance to schedule an appointment for advisement before registration starts, and still never get a response. I’ve had to contact the dean of the business department to get him to remove my advising hold just so that I can register for classes. Another semester, I had to get the registrars office to lift my hold so that I could register for classes.... how are you a student advisor if you’re literally never available? An advisor is a pertinent position to have, one shouldn’t have it if they don’t care to be of any help! Second, I am transferring to Kennesaw state SOLELY because of this current semester we’re in. From the time school started up until last week, I’ve been constantly stressed about something I shouldn’t have to worry about (financial aid, classes being cancelled, etc). What completely did it for me, is when I realized something wasn’t right with my online class because there wasn’t any work posted nor was there an instructor listed in the “class list”. The next morning I went up to the registrar office (getting somebody on the phone is impossible), come to find out my class had been cancelled and this was news to registrar office as well!! Apparently the department of science didn’t notify them to let them know the class was cancelled. Had I not brought the issue with my online class to their attention, we never would’ve realized my class was CANCELLED and my financial aid would’ve been affected because I’m a half time student and that class that they cancelled made me have 6 credit hours. If I would’ve had received my refund check prior to realizing this issue, I would’ve been in an extremely bad situation. They register me for the class I needed so everything worked out with that situation but still..... But that’s why I’m transferring. I don’t have time to play with this school and their lack of professionalism. Cancelling classes without letting ME (the person paying to attend the school) know is where we draw the line. I could go on and on about mannnnnnny other horror stories regarding this school but I’m sure my point has already been proven. Don’t. Come. Here !!

Selby Perkins

Ms. Benson is an admissions counselor who is always on lunch, never fulfills her word to call back, continually gives wrong information, and is completely incompetant. I would recommend asking for really anyone else if you are wanting to actually get to go to school and not just spend hundreds of dollars and hours cutting through her endless maze of misinformation.

Lakeisha Williams

The only thing I can say that was good about this school is that it's easy. Other than that the staff sucks, especially financial aid. They will make you believe that you were awarded money and give it to you and then you will end up with a high balance on your account months later. I was told I had a hope scholarship of 600 dollars and come to find out almost a year later from applying and 6 months after finishing , I wasn't eligible. I finished in December of 2014, graduated may 2015. Now I have to pay this balance before I can reciece my diploma. Talk to finacial aid today and the business office. The lady in the business office told me it's just like a bank, if they make a mistake and give you money and you spend it, you have to pay it back. My issues is how was they even under the impression that I was qualified. Why should I have to pay for someone else's mistake? Even the people GSFC said they didn't even have me on file for being accepted for hope. They said they didn't understand why they would do that. I wouldn't recommend this school to my worse enemy. They are a scam. Getting over on their students.


See Twitter school is handcuff by doe not to give waivers to struggling students Atlanta Metropolitan State College how can you put a time on loosing a love one how can you tell a student that you denie a sap appeal because your committee feels a person should not be grieving a great grandmother and 2 other love ones a year later??????? How inhumane can you be??I’m Goin to the department of education for you all using selective enforcement as to who u grant sap waivers too and for practicing discriminatory behaviors

Bhris Pettis

Kenny Severe


Joseph Porch

Keith Sylvester

I took summer courses there one semester during summer it was a great experience encouragement and morals


I will be apart of the 10.1% Believe Begin Become, its that simple! Class of 2017. Thank you! Dr. Harmon... If it is too easy it is not worth it.

Be Like Water

Had a Gr8t time.


This school is the typical black ran business in the hood. Take from it what u will.

Myra . Peoples

It’s what you make it.

Alexis West

Donovan Nelson

Beating the Odds Lifestyle

Hey, guys just went back to school after about 10 years in the military. I was really excited and found the cheapest college in the state. Furthermore, i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get a degree from there. "boy was I wrong" Atlanta Metro is the poorest ran school I ever attended. Late on financial Aid, Professor late on deciding if he's going to offer a class, I had to call everyday to follow up to make sure things was getting processed very BAD experience. This school will set you up for failure; Not really sure how people attend there but FAILURE IS DEFINITELY NOT AN OPTION FOR ME, HOORAH!!! If you decide to go here, good luck! I'm sad to say this is an ethnic ran organization and it shows. this is very disappointing , I EXPECTED MORE, BETTER STANDARDS OUT OF MY PEOPLE I'm transfer out here; I whether pay the money and know business is getting taking care of.

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