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REVIEWS OF Athens Technical College IN Georgia

Lauren Carter

Abigail Moore

Good school overall but the Admissions office is terrible. As a student I was constantly mocked whenever I needed assistance, and even calling for a transcript request a year and a half LATER I was treated like dirt and the lady abruptly hung up. I don’t write negative reviews often but after being treated with the same contempt and disregard over a year later I had to voice my experience in hopes that the posture of Athens Tech Admissions can be adjusted.

pope shushu

Good school

Christopher Fair


Love the college and the people. Everyone goes a above and beyond to help the students. James Sauceda is the best!

Riddhi Patel

Best college.

Laurie B. Kozlowski

I'm a non-traditional student with a full-time career and family. I applied to Athens Tech to re-direct my career options. On a whim, my 10 year-old and I decided to drop in at the college and spoke with a lady at the admissions desk. I hesitated, since my child was with me and we dropped in last minute, but they offered a on-spot advisement meeting and we both felt very welcomed. I declined the meeting, but my 10 y.o. enjoyed a brief tour of the student center, information desks, and bookstore - It also meant the world to me to know there is a local accredited college nearby who welcomes families and later-in-life students. GREAT first impression.

Preston White

They NEVER answer their phones. Ever !!!

Patrick Kelly

Food Truck Wenseday is the only reason why i come to school.

Jordan Ewing

James Sauceda is a life saver!! Thankful for a staff member that goes above and beyond for his students

Darcell Dowdell

Horrible......had to leave due family tragedy they refused!!! The Registration dept refused to partially refund citing ATHENS TECH has no hardship consideration. Pathetic and inconsiderate. One can't always know curve ball will throw at you. Will never recommend to anyone.

James Gartrell

Maya Daniel

I applied there 5 months ago and still haven't heard back from them

Amanda Lee

Quentin Brady

Hey Athens Tech, answer your phone! I have attended this school for a year now and had a very positive experience with healthcare related classes, but if you need anything to be done here administratively, you need to show up in person. ATC, your phone system is broken, and it’s really making you look bad!

Michael Howland

I love Athens Tech. It is in a great location. The professors are all there for the students and want to see them succeed. Especially true of the individual programs; they want to graduate the best students they can. Not just so that they can graduate, but so that they can leave college and enter into a career and become successful.

Megan Fitzgerald

Rebecca Branch

I have tried literally for 2 weeks to call and left several messages- I have rec'd NO CALL BACK ... EVER.... I went there in person and they were very helpful. However, again I WAIT for a return call to schedule my testing and have missed the deadline for this semester. #disappointed

Jody Gilliam

Table Book

Nancy who work in Financial Aid is rude.She claims to be nice.There's a dark SIDE BEHIND HER.Don't be fool by her smile are weird kindness. I can do her job,but better.Don't beat me up If I don't pay for my class.Right!!!!To old to be acting like a child Wow no profession.keep your comments to yourself.Students heard heard her say it out loud..You suppose to be at the desk assisting people. But leave from your desk,heads over to CASHIER just to be drama..Next time it'll be recorded...Grow up

Patrick Kea

One of the best schools that I've went to.

Kelly Nguyen


Horrible assistance I have called so many times and they barely answer the phone so I then have came up to the school a total of 7 times just for them to reset my email. Each time they still give me an email that does not work and password that isn't correct. They also had my name in the system backwards and a totally different email address. Therefore my email not working is their own fault, yet they sit there and claim to be to busy to even answer a phone or to actually fix it. THEY NEED TO GET IT TO TOGETHER!!!!

Carlos Lopez-Hernandez


Dominique Hopkins

Jay Anthony

Athens Tech decided to use this new program called Snap. Snap is basically online tutorials that teach you the class material. This program is very poor. At first, it took teachers and students awhile to figure out how to even run it properly. After that, when doing certain "tasks" in the program the program counts many things incorrect even though you do them correctly. The instructor's defenses "You have to do the absolutely way Snap wants you to do it without shortcuts or different ways." However, the class book that goes along with this class teaches you the shortcuts and different ways, so you can see how this is confusing. I watched teachers themselves sit and try to do the "task" the students have to do and end up getting it wrong just as the students. I heard in one class, a person who works for snap came into class to address issues they were having. The person explained "Only use google chrome in order to avoid this issue." The class did so, the students got the same issue. The Snap person then tried doing it themselves and also got it wrong. Then the snap person said "it seems to be a different problem with Chrome and I have no idea why." This program is garbage. No one seems to know how to fix it, and hardly even get it working in the first place. I see students leaving classes in frustration because of Snap. The students spend more time trying to figure out how to "deal with" Snap and less time actually going over and learning the material for class. I once had an issue with a task and the instructor told me "Okay, I will manually give you a 100 because I see you are doing it correctly and it still marks it wrong." The problem is, the instructor tried and could not figure out how to do so and stated "I will try again later." The instructor never did and I got a bad grade due to Snaps problems. Snap is not just restricting my educational success but also many others. Snap cannot replace physical instructors in teaching material. So stop trying to do so ATC. Many students (along with myself) will drop out of school or class(es) literally due to Snap. I have been going here for four years and this is the most frustrating time I have encountered because of Snap. Get rid of Snap and make the instructors teach, that is what they get paid for.

Kevin westover

Just Peachy

Horrible School!! They do not care anything about their students only about the money they can they can make off of you

Melissa Elswick

Horrible! Has taken 3 months to get a return call back at which time, Justin the admission director, stated they are short staffed and I should have come into the school. I would be commuting to this school to attend!! Why should I have to drive 100 miles one way to see if my transcripts were in?? He was rude and combative on the phone making excuses for the school not returning a call in 3 MONTHS. NOT The school for me!

not buynit

Latrice Willis

diamonique james

Sheterra S.

I absolutely love this technical college. My advisor and teacher's I've had were amazeballs!! They will help you to succeed any way, shape, or form. Student Services rock too..

Nigel Gauvin

This college has a poorly run admissions department headed by Justin Mccalla. Despite having prior degrees (psychology and computer science) I was met with vague responses and long lapses in communication. I would suggest international students look elsewhere or wait until the university has a new admissions director. Also most of 5 star reviews contain no description, likely faked to up the average.

Sadarian Adams

Amairani perez

Carole Peterson

Samantha McCartney

My husband has been trying to contact someone (I believe his name is Justin) since February. He paid the application fee and got a letter stating he needed to provide a couple more things. He submitted those items and then got a letter saying he needed to call to schedule some sort of testing. He and i both have been calling and emailing and can not get a return call or email. This is very upsetting as a promotion that my husband is trying to get requires him to atleast be enrolled. Very disappointing.

Zydayzia Parker

Edison McGhee

Frugal Living with Chris and Stacy

They desperately need to put some brochures out in the lobby for students and parents.

Antonio Ferrer

Shauntavious Gober

Athens Tech is a joke especially the Monroe campus!!! Horrible school to attend the blind leads the blind here!!!

Ashley Palinkas

Malik green

Good visually pleasing and relaxing school for Learning


Desiree Patterson

Sage Cash

Really good school

Seth Gregory

Not veteran friendly. My military service was a waste in their eyes and nothing transferred. Could be run better with students at heart and their futures cared for.

faith dominguez


Mandy Reese

I am in the Cosmetology Program at the Monroe Campus and I jave really enjoyed the school. I have met several of the teachers and all hsve been really awesome so far. The Front Office staff haven't always been the best over the years, but the teachers have been great!

Judy Maddox

They need to answer their phones; horrible assistance; The SNAP software was very hard to use. The instructors couldn't even figure it out at times. I felt like I taught myself; didn't really learn anything because I was too busy trying to figure out SNAP; you need to let the instructors TEACH!!! Isn't that why they get paid?? Athens tech is nothing like it use to be; quality has really went down hill. I am not proud to be a student there.

Kenny 2k17

THEY NNNEEEEVVEERRR ANSWER THE PHONE!!! I found out why. They put a very soft and low volumed ring tone on the phone. You can barely hear it from where im sitting... im sitting 2feet away from it.


This school is pretty terrible. Classes are spread between the three campuses, It is possible to take 3 classes and have to take your classes at all three campuses. Proffessors are lazy and do not respond to emails in a timely manner. Assignments and Grades are handled as lazily as the emails. In one class I had a teacher fail to respond to emails for a month, In this time we had papers that were due. We never even received feedback which was supposed to be provided before the final paper. IF you care about your education and genuinely want to learn to better yourself; FIND ANOTHER INSTITUTION for your sake.

Anthony Huato-Penaloza

Glenn Seavers

Well worth your learning efforts.

Mama2burdette_ boys

Great place!!!


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