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REVIEWS OF American Intercontinental University IN Georgia

Terrence Bonner

Diana Barrera

Great school. Great teachers

Djamila Barry

james slocum

ShaKendra Franklin

Cameron Dill

great school for fashion. I graduated in 2000.


Great School..

Mary Tillis

Stevie gonyon

Great school for grad students so far! #firstsemester

Pamela Hellee

I am graduating for a second time with 2 degrees and made honors both times. Presidents list 7 times and deans list once in one year. Very helpful student advisors and excellent Tudor’s. May return next year for the masters project.

Nicole Hanson

AIU Atlanta is the best university I have attended! The faculty and staff are amazing! They help us every step of the way. We are a family at this university. This is the best decision I ever made. I just finished my AA IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. This coming January I'm finishing my BBA in Human Resource Management. I don't care about the bad opinions posted. This school is great. You do have to maintain your GPA and ROP as not to get put on academic warnings etc as you do at any scholl. Most schools require at 3.0 not AIU it's a 2.0. you have to maintain your standards. Come to AIU and you'll see!

trice G

DON'T DO IT!! !! This school is a scam. I really regret getting involved. They are only after your money. This school is so small with so little classes yet so expensive. My friend is going there. .. I mean was! She was told that her financial aid was on its way only to receive 0.33¢ they told her it's because she was full time. I then called to question my financial aid and was told not to worry because I'm only part time. Once I get the card and call, they told me I won't be getting anything either. They called me everyday to get me enrolled and signed up. Once u are in, they won't give a care rather u move forward, know what's going on, nothing. I was withdrawn without any knowledge. Here I am thinking I'm ahead of my class. Now I can't get in touch with anyone. Everyone says they will call me after their meeting and I haven't gotten one call. Once you are in their whole attitude changes. I indeed hate this school and wish I never signed up. Now they say I owe. HOW? This school needs to be shut down!! Look at the graduation rate! Self explanatory

Hawwah Johnson

Trieu Xuan Uyen

500 Embassy Row

gurpreet singh

Alvin Alexander

I have been taking online classes this year and so for its been great. I have a A average grade. The staff is always helping and the instructor is just a good teacher. I couldn't ask for no better. Go AIU

Lauren Allen

This school isn't for the weak minded. Yes, every school has its downfalls but you learn so much in a short amount of time due to it quarter based programs. I enrolled in July of 2012 and graduated with a BA in Dec 2015. This was the cheapest school for media production that the program isn't just theoretical. You touch gear, you run sets, you write speeches, production books, scripts and get rough critiques on everything. It's hard to take those hits but you develop the type of skin you need to survive in the real world. This school is what you make of it and that will truly decide your experience.

Donna Johnson

Ray Mckie

Rome Ward

James White

The programs are cool, but beware of Collegiate Housing they work for the coorprate office and the Financial Aid Department works for the money.

Order Info

This institution engages in abusive predatory marketing. Do not under any circumstances request program information. I made a permanent decision not to enroll in late 2015 once I received information about their program costs. I am not a student, do not have any student loans, and I am still being harassed and stalked by executive AIU personnel from various states. I continue to receive unwanted emails, phone calls, and text notifications after demanding that my contact information be permanently removed and not to contact me for any reason. What part of do not bother me again do you not understand? Do not contact me for any reason. AIU receives a one star rating, because Google required a rating to post this complaint.

Keoni Spears

(Translated by Google) Ehh ... (Original) Ehh...

Natyelli Lemus

Queenesta Neville-Belle

Great Experience! I have attended AIU since January 2016, and I have not had a problem with the university or the staff. I think it is a great university. I have learned a lot in such a short period. This university host job fairs and student functions year around. I think it is great how the university uses those opportunities to bring the staff and students together to bond. You can earn a Master’s Degree in as little as 12 months, or like me, as little as 24 months by taking only one course at a time. I believe like anything else in life; this experience is what you make it. I decided the day I walked through those doors at the university that this journey would be about me succeeding and I am destined to win. I'm keeping my eye on the prize........graduation.


Absolutely the worst, expensive school ever. Charging big bucks for a school that only has management of half the building. Student portal sucks always malfunctioned. Limited class scheduling. The staff is nice but the experience over all sucks. Definately will not go back.

Kami Maris

I'm never going back to this school. They say they are there for you and help you. But all in all their just there for the money to get paid and make it so hard for people to even graduate. I thought they were the best school recommended people to go this is where I got my first degree and they want to screw me on the second one. DON'T GO TO THIS SCHOOL EITHER ONLINE OR IN A CLASS.

Prakid Chin-up act

Emani SoZo Thankful

patrick williams

Tatiana H

Teddy Flourish

The best instructors so far ,The assistance they provide is priceless. I love you guys already.

Anthony Morris Michael Love

I love the school and I just want to be working on my own fashion line

Airess Hood

Bettina Appleberry

RED FLAG! RED FLAG! RE FLAG! It is very unfortunate that I was not aware of AIU scam practices before giving so much time, effort and finances toward my degree that I so desperately need. We are taught that an education is how we reach success not knowing that there are organizations praying on that very need. I received my AABA from AIU without issue so signing up for my Bachelors seemed to be a no brainier. I went through every agonizing call and filled out all paperwork. My GPA was at 3.0/3.1 with 4/5 classes left before I received a shocking call that claimed I was no longer funded and owed AIU almost $3000 before I could continue my degree. This was heartbreaking. Today I spoke with a Ms. Mohara from Corporate who was nothing more than a collector. I was under the impressions she was calling to correct the issue regarding the billing. She herself stated that ALL financial paperwork is done for the degree beginning to end and the stipend is what I received due to overage after everything has been paid for the complete degree. My question to her and everyone that called me has been "If all was taken care of the the complete degree how is it that I now OWE anything." She then stated that it's my fault because I "withdrew so they had to send the money from the lender back. That leaves me responsible for the balance." I received a stipend and was due another payment. There was no balance. After reading the reviews & complaints it is obvious to me that this is a Scam. One of the AIU collectors.... Daniel, told me to "get the money from your boyfriend". Of which was EXTREMELY inappropriate. This has been a very upsetting turn of events for me as I have applied for positions noting that I am close to receiving my degree. Ms. Mohara could only say to me that "It doesn't matter, I still owe.... Now she says $2002. When I asked if our call was being recorded for future reference she stated... "No! And it won't be." She even had the nerve to chastise me for cursing at Daniel... the rude collector that told me to get money from my boyfriend. I am at a loss, countless hours of studying, homework, stress and now loan repayments due and I was not given a chance to complete my degree in order to reach my full potential that would allow me to repay the loans. I am beyond disappointed and warn any all of AIU. Today I see 1 positive review and 7 negatives on the BBB Website. Please let our experiences be a lesson learned for you as we continue our disputes and goal of justice. Being a single mother, working full time and going to school should not be taken lightly and should not be preyed upon. I would also like to add that I am a Veteran, paper work was turned in to AIU but was never used to assist. Customer service ends after you begin. Help ends immediately after they say "I'm here to help." Fair warning I would not be surprised to find that the positive reviews listed here are from AIU employees. If the experience was so great why not expound? why just a sentence? A 20.7% graduation rate is a RED FLAG! I really hope my review helps save someone else this misfortune.

Qt Gelato Dulce Singer, Writer,Dancer

R. Stich

How sad to read about the college I attended in the late 80s. WHAT are you people doing? All of the great teachers and professors, gone. The building it was originally in? Where is it? At this point, you should just close shop. It's embarrassing to even say I went there. When I attended, there was no b.s. We learned. And walked away with so much knowledge. Give these kids their money back.


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