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REVIEWS OF Albany Technical College IN Georgia

Precious Woodard

Brittany Taylor

Mike Will

Great school and experience. The teachers in this institution greatly impacted my life and my way of thinking. Once I graduated some of my prior teachers help network me for some jobs but I ended up moving out of town and gain employment elsewhere. Your experience here varies greatly by the amount of work you put in to it.

Miesha Bradley

well I graduated from there it was a good decent school I loved the teachers also I made awesome new friends... my experience was tremendous...

David Choe

Redtag Redtag

Kaitlyn Rourke

I strongly feel that the admin staff at this school do not give any regard for their students. When taking an online class, I was randomly withdrawn for the class right before the final, after completing all the coursework and of course paying for the class itself. There was no communication given to me of why this happened, or any apologies. In fact, I was unable to complete the class as I could not write the final if not registered. I understand that mistakes happen but this is completely unacceptable. The mistake could have been remedied by a follow-up on the college's end, and communication should have entailed as soon as the error occurred. The incident has lead me to feel Albany Technical college gives no regard for student's personal success, well-being or degree completion. If the school would like to follow up on this issue, I am happy to discuss ways to amend the situation, although it is little too late at this point. My only advice to new students is to consider a different school that this kind of error would not occur at.

Zeno Hunter

Street view

Brandi Davenport

My experience was ok at the beginning until I reached my anatomy class and lab. The teacher is so strict people make mistakes and the test will mess up. But she will not reset it if you get cut off. This is not no way to help people gain success. Thinking about attending another college. The lab teach is worse old retired bad accent and can't understand anything he says. I don't know how anyone can pass at this college.

IAmPowerful 90

I had great experience and not so great experience. Teachers lied alot. Some can't help you others try to help you but have people in higher power commanding them not to help. Its all about getting your money here and not your success. You have to completely show out in order to be heared or to get the ball running on anything. If not they hump shoulder and walk around snobby like do it your self....Teachers and staff.

Jake Wish

Teachers hate when you ask questions, the Nursing Programs is unorganized and chaotic.The nursing teachers do little to help students who need help, no matter how many times students ask for help. Teachers get offended when you ask any type of questions or don't kiss up to them. The students are great and have good hearts but staff are stuck up and believe they are God's gift to earth. The dean(Ms. Buchannon) cares little about her job. If a student is sick and has doctor's note, this school will encourage the teacher to give that student zeros regardless of how sick they are. The Dean supports the corrupt teacher by backing their unjust decisions.


The school has changed a lot over the years, and it has been for the better. The administration and teachers will do whatever they can to hold your hand and walk you through two years of college. Go Titans!

Isiah Daniels

Naquita Summersett

M Michele

This is the worst place to continue your education. First, if you believe anything these people say I feel really bad for you. The faculty takes forever to get your business handled. Don't come here if you need Special Services because those only kick in when you are failing as well. The bus is a loud, broke down, no A/C death trap that takes forever and is always having issues with time. You should have a full time job while you go here because you will spend all your money and need loans. The financial aid is screwed up and they blame the government not the fact that they purposefully mess your money up to make more from you taking out loans you will NEVER see when you need money for supplies. The events are so wasteful, throwing away food because no one wants to hang out at school. If you go here take online classes so you don't have to come on campus and deal with people and drama that in 24-7. A bunch or ignorant animals is the way some of these students behave and then the people who want and education have to struggle. They told me that if I can not find a job they would give me a free reeducation, they just make you take out loans and watch you fail because you don't get your loan money when you need your school supplies.

Adrianna Lenora

Great school

Sadarian Adams

courtney adams

Tangela Stephens

It was good I received my CNA there.



zakira matthews

Laura Hall


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