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James Endres

HS Oviedo Graduation, easy simple no tickets $5 parking. Was great.

Abigail Augustin

Very very nice campus! (They also sell amazing gourmet popsicles)

Amanda Jade

The professors and students are great but the administration is horrible. All they care about is their money, and if you can't afford it, they don't care to help you at all. They don't work with students with limited money. If you don't pay them what they want, when they want it, they kick you out.

Windy Jay

I attended the youth stem programs at UCF (All three camp connects and two of the coding programs) and they were very useful. It helped get a head start on what I wanted to study. The programs were very hands-on and I learned so much from them. It was also nice to get to my (possible) future professors and to have a feeling of what life is like in the campus.


You guys suck seriously suspending students over personal relationship related disputes. Theres no law the forbids a student from posting a letter he received from an EX-lover. SMH

Brandon Frank

UCF is a great University! They're a few small things that will take some getting used to like never finding parking and trying to understand all of the different accents of your professors. Once you get past those things you will realize how great this school is. I graduated from the COB or college of business and have nothing but positive things to say about all of my professors! The tuition was high (like most great schools) but overall it was worth it and I definitely would choose UCF again!

Deanna Oxner

One of the largest schools in the country. As a 2014 business graduate, Cornerstone and Capstone were the most useful courses I took.

kay pil

The teachers seem self-absorbed, Staff members (Finacial Aid expecially) are unprofessional and magically able to lose papers you turn in multiple times. It was a disappointing experience. If I could have afford it, would have chosen another school to get my B.A

Dante Z

They should invest in more parking, but the facilities are well maintained.

Jonathan Warner

Beautiful place with lots of fun things going on. The fountain is a beautiful sight, and there's always something fun going on at the campus. That being said, they do operate very business-like and tend to cut corners where they can, and the area has a somewhat higher crime rate than normal, and very few security cameras.

Mark Diesel

Founded in 1963 by the Florida Legislature, UCF opened in 1968 as Florida Technological University, with the mission of providing personnel to support the growing U.S. space program at the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Florida's Space Coast. As the academic scope expanded beyond its original focus on engineering and technology, "Florida Tech" was renamed The University of Central Florida in 1978. UCF's space roots continue as the university currently leads the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium.[9] While initial enrollment was only 1,948 students,[3] enrollment today amounts to 64,318 students from 157 countries and all 50 states and Washington, D.C.[10] The majority of the student population is located on the university's main campus just 13 miles (21 km) east-northeast of downtown Orlando, and 35 miles (56 km) west of Cape Canaveral.[5][11] The university offers more than 200 degrees through thirteen colleges at ten regional campuses in Central Florida, the Health Sciences Campus at Lake Nona, the Rosen College of Hospitality Management in south Orlando and the Center for Emerging Media in downtown Orlando.[4] Since its founding, UCF has awarded more than 290,000 degrees, including over 50,000 graduate and professional degrees, to over 260,000 alumni worldwide.[3] UCF is a space-grant university, and has made significant research contributions to engineering, optics, simulation, digital media, business administration, education, hospitality management, and the arts. Its official colors are black and gold, and the university logo is a Pegasus, which "symbolizes the university's vision of limitless possibilities."[12] The university's intercollegiate sports teams, commonly known as the "UCF Knights" and represented by mascot Knightro, compete in NCAA Division I and the American Athletic Conference.

Jordan Irvin

this is a very great college , its very organized and well put together i will think about taking my son and daughter they are almost there the campus is just gorgeous and very many thing to do keep you busy and staying in a good way

D Raj

Worst administrative system I've ever encountered in my life. No joke. Read the other reviews. The admin has got to be the worst in the country, perhaps the globe. There are no words for the amount of BS I've had to fill out in order to just PROVE THAT I LIVE IN FLORIDA! I've lived here my ENTIRE LIFE. Not only that but the way documents are processed is extremely slow and have the most RIDICULOUS stipulations you will ever come across. This is without a doubt the WORST experience of my life. The classes/profs are good but the admin literally makes me want to kill myself because the BS NEVER ends. You'll see if you sign up how horrendous it is. Don't say you were not warned.

h3artlesss .t

I really like how they got every classes i need i will like to go there

Jey's Repair

Very amaiable college with lots of space to study, and do research. Numerous programs available, very kind neighbors.

Clement McIntosh

Awesome and Beautiful campus. Can't wait to start classes.

Caique Andrade

Hello, my name is Caique Andrade I am Brazilian and I have the dream of making an exchange in the United States. I am player football and would like to try a scholarship at UCF because it was the faculty that caught my attention because of the availability. I wonder how I can is chance? Thank you so much

Jonathon Rice

Great campus, coming from FSU the buildings are a lot more modern and the engineering campus is fantastic here.

Jessica Combest

Very disappointed in the admissions and office technology, very outdated. If you don't pay your application fee right when you are filling out your application then they will only take a check that you have to mail in. Calling in for any kind of assistance, you can plan on waiting for at least 30 min then to be told you need to talk with another department or they really don't know or have answers. I have worked with 7 different Universities and this by far is the worst for helping incoming students.

Donavan Moon

You guys are robbing Donald down there. You didn't even back the man. He is making YOUTUBE VIDEOS!!! And you guys didn't have his back from the start. Smh. What is wrong with him getting paid for something he is doing with his own money/time. This situation needs to rethought.

Luiz Centenaro

A terrific university with innovative students. The Greek life only encompasses about 2% of the student population and study abroad programs could use some work but this is one of the best public universities in the Nation.

Larissa Aungst

Are u able to work at the Starbucks ? Not a real job I just wanna work........ I have some questions too I hope some day u can answer them all!!?.........


Large modern campus with a hometown feel. I love the layout. A class act.

Melanie Davis

If I could post a 0 star review I would. This school wants money out of as many students as they can get. I went to my undergrad orientation today and left in tears because they have everyone sign up for classes online and my computer stopped working. As the problem was "resolved" every single class I needed filled up. The academic advisor was condescending and quick to tell me it wasn't her fault. I'm terribly disappointed as I was really looking forward to attending UCF. If you want any help and attention while paying huge amounts of money for your degree look elsewhere.


BIG bing bong ding dong going on tbh :(

James Scott

[Mechanical Engineering] I have not yet come across a professor in the engineering department who is not willing to help you during office hours. In terms of great lecturers, I'd say 1 in 3 fits the bill; of the other two, one will be so bad it will be more like a self-study course...the third will vary between the two extremes. Keep in mind that professor-rating sites are plagued by those who are disgruntled and very rarely reflect the professor accurately (unless the professor has a high rating...even then the professors are sometimes pass machines). Another way to think of it is "how many bad reviews am I seeing for this semester" vs "how many people were in his class?". Opportunity is plentiful, as the college of engineering is able to produce its own revenue through research and manufacturing. This means there is always research opportunities for people interested in beefing-up their resume or simply learning. Co-Ops and internships at large companies are also widely available and include Siemens, Mitsubishi, Lockheed-Martin, NASA etc. If you have the grades, they have the space. There seems to be a prevalent culture in UCF of the "luck and pray" degree type (those who would spend as little effort as possible to get a degree). It is critical to find and study with success oriented students; You will get out of your education at UCF exactly what you put into it.

Jeffrey Lasch

Cool place! I don't attend here, but it definitely has been fun visiting. Their degree programs are great from what I hear and their engineering program is superb.

Matt Anderson

Employers ask for students who graduate to have stronger Excel strengths. UCF School of Business Dean Jarley's response? Let's take this course offered at EVERY other college in the nation and make it worth 1 credit, force students to enroll in it for 4 semesters, and create the most busy work that will have 0 effect on student's post college performance and take time away from actual classes that are benefiting these students. College of Business needs to get their act together if they are really trying to produce solid graduates.

Sami Tornese

My experience at UCF has been beyond wonderful. I loved my professors, my peers, the campus, and I feel prepared for the professional work force.

Nayomi Dias

I'm willing to join but pretty scared though. HAHA!

Get Apptive

REVIEW FOR UCF SGA UCF SGA ruined printing and caused nothing but problems. Scanner and copier are always down and AKS never has theirs working either. Printers are always down and their solution is to "pay to print at the library". Lines are outrageous and wait time is insane now that SGA removed the Xpress Lab. Almost impossible to print or do anything now because of SGA's incompetence. Unacceptable.

ethan blount

If you got your child a fine high school education be prepared to throw it all away sending him/her to UCF

Tanya Camnitz

Great play to live around and Work , The greatest University of Central Florida and great place to get an Education.Go Knights

Brittany Willis

You definitely need to stay on top of your grades- it's viewed that it is your grade, and therefore something you should be monitoring. The professors will always help and change grades when proof is shown. The syllabus of each professor is your bible. Always go to office hours, and use e-mail or webcourses to keep in contact with both the professor and TA (if applicable). Definitely find an advisor you like, even if it may not be the one assigned to you... First Year Advising is amazing! Make sure to take full advantage of it! Try to get at least a but involved with the school, as it helps give you that extra motivation to go through the school work. Beautiful campus, amazing resources when you search for them- and never be afraid to just randomly drop into an advisement area and ask where to get help for whatever you need- it's sometimes hard to figure out what advisement department handles what.. So just ask! The campus is also perfectly planned out in an easy to follow system!


love here

Slerpy Quat

UCF is, in a word: Annoying. I'm a working professional in a STEM industry. I've attended 6 different universities in the pursuit of 3 different degrees, with UCF being the most recent. Its bureaucracy is not nearly as bad as UF's, but that's a low bar to beat. As an older, not-first-time student who is paying for tuition and fees 100% out of pocket, this place is designed for broke children, and it's driving me bananas. I'm constantly being flooded with emails I can't unsubscribe from (well I can, but it doesn't help) telling me to sign up for a seminar to learn how to write a resume or to check out the latest happening hot spot for sports fans. There seems to be a constant stream of "how to adult" mandatory online classes, each of which take an hour or 2 to complete, as if I have that kind of time for a "how to not sexually assault girls" and "how to not get drunk before a test" course. And then they constantly forget that I pay for myself, and spam me with warnings about not having filled out a FAFSA (it's not required to fill out, I'm not eligible for any aid, and I don't need any), not having filled out disbursement info (for receiving aid), and threatening to place financial aid holds on my account when, again, I DON'T USE ANY FINANCIAL AID. Lastly, while they do have online degrees, they don't have any good STEM degrees online (what few they do, such as the BASSD, are not a very strong curriculum), nor do they have many online STEM classes. This means if you have any sort of social anxiety disorder or PTSD, you're out. You have to request accommodation, but it's such a long drawn out hassle that the process alone is likely to induce anxiety, and you have to keep redoing it. For everyone who doesn't have such a disorder, this means you have to physically go on campus all the time. That means commuting to UCF from wherever you currently live/work, fighting for 30-40 minutes for parking alone (even if you drive an EV, all the EV charging spots get hogged by plug-in hybrids), being accosted by kids shoving flyers at you to attend their celebration of Venezuelan poetry for women who like pugs event, trying to sell you their music, nagging you to sign a petition for some nonsense like changing the parking space colors, sitting in chokepoints of roads and bridges playing a guitar to force people to hear them, sitting in lobbies blasting ridiculously loud music from their headphones, complaining about how "Mr. Professor is so mean because he won't let me take the test I missed so I could go to a baby shower," and of course the endless barrage of political addicts shouting rhetoric at you. What mature adult in their right mind wants to spend time among that mess for hours, several days per week, every week? We need universities for 25+ and professional/doctorate students only.

Brynner Ortiz

I would like to know if you guys having ucf students going to community and knocking on people doors asking for money carrying bottle on detergent soap. I try call the your number and no respond...

Aja Jacobson

Graduated from UCF and I loved every minute of being there. The facilities are amazing and the school is always working to provide the students with more resources, opportunities, and activities. Most of my professors were absolutely amazing, and as long as you show that you're dedicated and willing to work, they will work with you to help make sure that you're passing and understanding the material in the courses. The actual campus is gorgeous and they work hard at maintaining all of the buildings. My biggest complaint is the parking because there's never a place to park so I would HIGHLY recommend finding other modes of transportation ( I took the campus shuttle which was convenient and timely). The staff there is always very helpful and I never really had problems with speaking to an adviser or talking to the financial aid office, etc. Attending this school was an excellent college experience. Just be prepared to work hard and take responsibility for your schedule, etc.

Robert Harrison

Its a great school, you should definitely go. Massive campus with tons of people and a lot to offer. I personally majored in Business and they have a really great program. Definitely recommend courses in creative entrepreneurship I've learned a lot and met a lot of great people here.

Benjamin Wheeler

UCF has terrible customer service in regards to both staff etiquette and in the promptness of their response times. I would constantly be transferred to different departs, because everyone I managed to get a hold of was the wrong person or could not help me. When I was able to talk to someone they were rude and very condescending, with a touch of not caring to hear what you had to say. I would go weeks without any replies to emails, or voicemails. This resulted in me missing multiple deadlines, which leads me to my next subject. UCF also has multiple bogus fees and will charge you for literally everything. I asked what these fees were for and I was told, “stuff” and they are “fees for school”. No one could actually tell me what I was paying for, or why I had to pay the fees. They would drag out paperwork so I missed deadlines resulting in me needing to re-file forms and making to where I had to pay the same fees I had just paid. UCF also did not accept my A.S., which is through another accredited university, nor would they accept any of my credits gained through that degree and my eight years military service. UCF is a wretched university whose soul purpose is milking people for the money. If you can avoid it please do so for you are better off going to another school, in a different state. I’ve found out that a lot of the colleges and universities are subsidiaries of UCF, so you can expect the same treatment from them as well.

Skye Christian

Not satisfied with my experience as a student. Factory like institution. Hard to get advising assistance or any other type of help for that matter. You are pretty much on your own at UCF, do not expect to be cared about or helped in the pursuit of your degree.

Ryan Griffiths

One of the largest universities I've ever been to. This however does not compromise their level of diversity and quality they put into their buildings, programs, is an student experiences.

Lawrence Chmura

Awesome work environment. Staff is top- notch.

Simon Marcos

I love this place because the buildings are so cool and very nice to.

john sensback

Excellent school. Great programs well maintained. Both my kids went here.

Arnold Bdb

The university of central Florida brags about being such a big school but cannot accommodate all their students when it comes to events and regular daily parking. They are a sick lame excuse for a university. I went here for 3 years and hated all 3, the only reason I stayed there was because of the convince for me.

Maliik Morales

UCF is great! This school has a degree for just about everyone in fields across both the sciences and the arts. There are so many opportunities to be a part of clubs and they're a a great way to develop networking skills before you get out into the "real world". The facilities here are awesome, especially the buildings belonging to the science majors. The arts buildings definitely need some updating, however the music and and theater programs both have great facilities. There are various food options on and off campus and most of them are great tasting and affordable. When you're not eating, there's probably some event going on somewhere, you just have to know where to look. One of my favorite things to do here is group exercise, classes that are held all throughout the day every day of the week. Aside from that, SGA has tons of events throughout the year that students are encouraged to attend. Some of the biggest events that occur are Concert Knight and Comedy Knight, as well as Universal Knights. One the smaller scale, SGA and other organizations frequently have movie nights and weekly workshops that help students to prepare for life outside of college. This is a really cool place to be. As long as you're a friendly person and optimistic, you'll have a really great time.

Madi Calbos

Hey, I haven't attended this school YET, but could someone tell me what to expect if I'm going into software development here? Thanks. Also, gaaaah. I keep seeing mixed reviews here. I'm pretty set on this school, so could someone also give me advice on how to prepare to attend this sort of school? If anyone has attended this place, could you give some quick tips? Help would be much appreciated, thank you.

Michelle Sweeney

Students are rude, immature , extremely childish. I feel like I am in a daycare when I visit this campus. ...on a more serious note these students shouldn't even be called adults the general census has the mentality of a 12 year old. The facilities are nice. The scenery is nice , everything is nice except the maturity level of the students.

Wannabe Psychologist

Cool campus, but not many people now where things are around campus.

B. Macer

UCF has been interesting this year. The housing problem has gotten worse since my first year there. But my class size is surprisingly smaller which helps. Overall I hope the fix the small issues in the gym.

Pat Black

Great school. Perfect environment to form connections of a lifetime.

M Dalal

UCF is a great university. Lots of options and opportunites no matter what you want to study. Like most large universities, you have to make your own way, or you can get lost in the shuffle, but you will find great opportunities here. Great campus, but terrible parking.

Olivia Yoh

I wasn't too sure about UCF prior to visiting... but it's absolutely gorgeous. They have so much to offer, and a good location, except it's pretty close to my own house, personally, which is the only thing I don't like. They architecture is gorgeous, and the traffic isn't too terrible, even on game days! There's a lot of options for things to do in the error as well as good educational options at the school, too, of course.

ashley pardee

Best University, just make sure you research your professors: some are ridiculously difficult, others have a thick accent, most are amazing though.

Robert Vinci

I completed an engineering undergrad degree from UCF. I would not recommend UCF engineering if your goal is to actually learn useful things for a future career (computer science/engineering is an exception, and I've heard good things). From the first freshman engineering courses (some with hundreds of students), the atmosphere is one of professors against the students. It feels like their primary job and goal is to trick you and fail you, not help you truly learn or succeed. Perhaps this actually is the goal, since probably 70% fail out from engineering in the first 2 years. In higher level courses, good luck trying to understand your English-as-a-4th-language professors. And what they teach is 98% how to solve high order math problems, which unless your goal is research and academia, is a great waste of effort and time. I quickly forgot almost all of it, and I use practically nothing from my college courses in my engineering career. There was no practical knowledge taught, and nothing about how anything works. I instead have taught myself "real" engineering through my job, and thankfully have been able to overcome the inferior "education" and succeed despite it, not because of it. Another note, in lower and mid level courses (math, physics, gen-ed and such), there is an utterly tremendous difference between multiple sections of the same course, depending on what professor you choose. Some teach well and most students do well, others fail 90% of the students, some keep the workload light, others burden you like you're a PhD student. I STRONGLY recommend vetting your class sections/professors carefully; ask around beforehand. It makes all the difference. On the other side of things (worth an extra star), the campus is beautiful, and the available student activities are plentiful. For anyone attending UCF in general, I also highly recommend keeping a super-cheap old bike on campus to help you get around.

Rudi Bester

I visited for a conference, so I'm unable to comment on the school, academic programs or student life. The facilities are beautiful, and the campus is first world in every way, i.e. buildings, landscaping, facilities, etc. A great venue for a business conference

Tom Carpino

Second largest university in America- lots of great majors available. I graduated with my B.S. in biology. UCF truly does stand for opportunity.

Chris Nelson

UCF named short-term provost Dale Whittaker as president, a real disappointment. He was passed over at Iowa State, where he made it to finalist for the top slot just as a ploy to pressure UCF. Arms twisted, UCF buckled and named Whittaker - yet another older white guy - as president, Why was Diane Chase chased off, the pride of UCF? Her banishment to Vegas is a scandal, look it up. 1967 called and wants its white male entitlement back. Is agricultural engineering - Whittaker's field - really the knowledge base needed in....Orlando? Is this political hack, who grins nonstop and has memorized lots of word-salad jargon, the best UCF can do? This is not the innovation UCF pretends to prize. This is same old, same old. No financial donations until the executive suite resembles the rest of America.

Milan N

As a civil engineering student, good luck trying to make a somewhat "good" schedule. Class times and professors are limited, my schedule is always scattered. So far I have only had 1-2 teachers that can speak proper English, the rest you can barely understand.

shizhong zhang

beautiful campus . like the woods in front of the student union

Bautista Elativ

If I could give this school no stars, I would have. The administration makes the school, and for crying out loud the admissions office is one of the worst I've ever dealt with. The people that work in that office are the rudest, and everything you say to them is thought by them to be a lie. Every single time I have to deal with them has been a dreadful experience. If you have the means, choose another school for your child.

Tony Brown

Ucf moving up like the Jefferson!! Ever since they beat Auburn in the Championship game!! Teams know not to under estimate them!!!

Alexander Perez

1 in 5 professors here provide a quality experience. As a Computer Engineering undergrad with 5 classes left I will say this has been the most ridiculously challenging commitment I have ever gone through. This university will not hold your hand. You will spend tons of money. This university will try everything in its power to break you (if your major is worth anything). But maintain a strong will and after being chewed up and spat out several times, you might just land a career afterwards. At least there are jobs now.

Kobalt Blue

Well I don't go to UCF but I have been there 3 times. My best friend goes here and I honestly love it. It looks like it would give me more freedom than the college I am going to. I am thinking about transferring. Does anybody think this is a good idea?

Sean J. Oppenheimer

This is the worst school in the whole country. Everything about being here is absolutely horrible, the classes are way too easy, health services is quick to lose paperwork (happened to me more than once), the dining services has no sound method of record keeping and the food in 63 South is like that of a third world country. In the dorms, my roommate filled out a work order in August, and they didn't follow up about it until November. The big fountain was broken for a whole academic year, and all it did was collect rainwater and dirt. So many people live off campus so on the weekends, the campus is a ghost town. There is no public transportation other than the Lynx bus service which is poorly scheduled and poorly run. For all the high schoolers wanting to experience Florida by going to UCF, let me warn you, it is not the kind of experience you should want, and you would be far better off applying to a school in South Florida, or even another state. And to respond to the question asked by UCF, I was a UCF student.

Robert Borman

Beautiful campus. Just needs more parking.

Alex Pena

It's a Beautiful Campos, I see why students quickly fall in love with it. State of the art facility with a highly rated education.

Mar Jones

My son completed his first year at UCF. It was a good intro to college life and prepared him for UF transfer the following fall.

Lizdemar Carreras

My daughter just transfer to UCF this university is huge and beautiful. She loves it! It's a wonderful place to study. Very clean.

Jimmy Rustle

STATE SCAM SCHOOL; no joke I make fun of college kiddies in general for getting ripped off but this place takes the cake. Completely in bed with the Education system to systematically brainwash children to go here. Anything this intuition offers can be found cheaper/better at a community college unless you're a foureyed labcoat trying to get in Nasa.

Jared Ramsey

Great educational system. The teachers are amazing. but can do better with their management of there buildings.



Jaslyn Calhoun

I went to the national college fair a couple months ago in Florida, and there was a guy at the table representing UCF and he was just horrible. He was not only rude but he didn't know a lot of information on the colleges and majors they had. He acted as if he was to good to be there or he just didn't want to be helpful all around . If this is what UCF is really like on campus I would consider going to a different University, don't let all the updated technology or big campus they have get to you, stay focused on the main goal why you want to go to college.

John D.

Too much to outline about this place. Putting it simple, it’s fame is fabricated.

Movie Blog

If you have a daughter that will be attending here, think again. They have two rapists walking the campus without being charged criminally for a gang rape.

Sanasha Renae

The only reason I'm giving it one star is because I'm unable to give none. This is the absolute WORST school to attend! All they want is money. They don't care about your well being as a student or getting you through college. Their advisors are trash, they tell you stuff to get you in and out ... their professors are not any better. I've had the worse experience at this university. Semester after semester I have to constantly turn in unnecessary forms that hold up my account and whenever I call to get information on anything I'm always told "I don't know" or "I think" this is a sorry excuse for a university. I had to stay an extra year because I wasn't informed until the last minute that I needed a certain class to graduate. I was at valencia for 2 years and NEVER encountered these problems. But as soon as I transferred over it's been problem after problem, hurdle after hurdle in order to even attend a semester. So save your time and money and go to another school.

Nakeesha Tate

I don't understand how this huge college doesn't have anyone who answers the telephone during normal business hours. I have been holding for financial aid department for exactly 1 hour 11 mins and counting. This is ridiculous!!!

Christine Austin

Love this place! Full of opportunities! Best school ever. I'm transfer student I've seen and been to a lot of schools. UCF is definitely one of best ones I've been to.

Dustin Fecera

UCF is an awesome school with a great campus.... or so it seems. Some of the professors are amazing but most are not. When it comes down to it, the majorty of the college is just money grubbing and will go out of its way to be unhelpful to students. YOU ARE A DOLLAR SIGN, and they make sure you know that. I went here for five years while working full time, and most of the time they made my college experience horrible. I waited till I graduated to post this review. I finished and this was one of the first hinga I wanted to do post-graduation. The Universty is too big and they do not care about you in the slightest. You are money to them, and that’s it. I will not be returning here for my masters, and I do mot recommend for people to go here, especially if you’re paying out of your own pocket and don’t have student loans.

Charles S

Incompetent staff but I can't deny having had a wonderful time at UCF. Beautiful Campus.

Grace B

I love UCF! Great engineering school <3

Earl Taylor

Had a family member coming out of the military needed to finish their education. Got declined because the strength of their applicant pool was too high. Not sure what that means but their loss. I had to put one star, no lower choices!!

Ari Ari

(READ ALL THE REVIEWS NOT JUST THE FIVE STAR ONES, IT WILL BE WORTH YOUR TIME) The saddest part about this school is there administration, finical aid, and office of student accounts. For this University to be held with so many accolades, they are by far the most unprofessional, disrespectful, money hungry school ever. They do not have any care for not one student and their blatant disrespect for others is tarnishing the schools reputation. Great professors and curriculum, but check the drop out rates & the amount of students who have been messed over by their finical aid department and student accounts. The government seriously needs to do an audit on UCF to unveil some of the most horrible attributes of their staff .

Diana Terracciano

UCF prioritizes profit over student success. Some departments are funded. Some are not. The parking is horrendous. It has some good qualities but I wouldn't recommend it overall. It's too big and the school cares more about money than students. They should model themselves after Valencia College, which takes practical initiatives to help students who want to help themselves.

Madison Brewer

Awesome school. I visited other schools and they were run down and dirty. Sorry to see unhappy people here because it is an elite school.

Jamison Rayfield

Overall I have enjoyed being a student and alumni. Very affordable for the quality of education if you're a Florida resident, plenty of clubs, social events so it's easy to make friends.

Dejan Stajic

Hard to park, no awning/overheads to cover you anywhere when raining, circle design makes it easy to navigate

Matthew Bishop

Great school depending on your department. I wish the higher-ups were more transparent, but overall the school is heading in the right direction. It is massive though, and parking can be a nightmare some days. First rate education.

Rayon Harris

Absolutely no regrets coming to this school. I've never been so happy to be here than any other place my entire life

Anthony Kees

I wish they had better job placement services.

Erin A

This place is so big. Too many students for the faculty and staff to keep up with. Nobody knows what is going on. Communication sucks. They call it U Can't Finish for a reason. They spin you in circles to get more money out of you. They don't care about your education. Professors only care about the paycheck and staff only care about their job and administration only cares about how many more students they can cram in. I was even told by the one of the departments that there were too many students and not enough faculty to give me the help and attention I asked for. Crap. Complete crap.

Veronica Quintero

This university is gorgeous, the green areas, the lakes, the roads. All very impressive. The cafeterias are really clean and their food is good.

Justin Mercado

I wish I can rate lower with how horrible this University is. If you appreciate your time and your education please decided to attend another university because they call it UCF for a reason, " YOU CAN'T FINISH." Where do i even begin. Undergrad advisement is a joke because they will place you in any course just to fill a seat. This university has one of the WORST art departments I've ever encountered. If your an art major please avoid at all cause because they will kill your dream in creating art. I've took a year of art classes at this University and the professors only focus on students that are actually artist and have experience so if your new to art good luck getting any help or attention. This university claims they will help at any cause but this is false. I've been to all the assistance programs, asked for help and had one on one with professors with no help at all. No one cares what's going on in your life, they only care if you have enough money to pay for your classes. On campus social life is good if you fit in with the vapid meat heads and greek freaks. If you want a good college experience avoid UCF as much as possible and go to university that actually cares about the well being of their students.

Erik Ramirez

This is a beautiful university with great opportunities for anyone or everyone who's looking for a better tomorrow

jake salter

You know its a good school when you call a random help-line near exam week to find out if you have to go and he is just as excited as you to say "nah dude you dont have to go to class and sh!%t, its a study day!". Oh and the women are plenty and beautiful.

Chris Ragone

Great university. Up and coming football team. Go Knights! Beautiful modern campus with many amenities. Always something new being built, UCF=Under Construction Forever lol. Parking is always tough to find however.

Richard Felder

I attended the commencement held on Friday 12/15/2017. It was easily the poorest commencement I have ever attended, including pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school and college. The main speaker, a political hack who was a UCF grad, struggled to read every word of his typed speech, sometimes pausing in mid sentence as if trying to make out someones' handwriting only there wasn't any handwriting. There were only two, one a UCF student< who didn't read every word of even the simplest statement. You really need to do much, much better UCF!

Peter Bernard

Wildly overpriced and some of the programs that are suppose to help students can be the biggest headache. Love my degree path and my teachers so thats a plus but looking back, college seemed like a big waste. Or at least this college.

Michael Hunter

Went here today to find a out that the disc golf course is now closed and defunct. I thought the campus was beautiful, it seems well organized, but it is massive. I did see some construction as others have mentioned, but it did not hinder traffic at all. This is a great place for a walk if you like to be surrounded by lots of people.

A Ng

pretty good optics program and egineering


all money seems to go to football, horrendous parking , not even remotely enough., need more housing, planning on taking away engineering workshops, pool closes at 5pm ,so can't really use it because most people in classes all day and don't get out till 4pm or 5pm, Be prepared to teach yourself a lot of what you need to know by navigating through a million websites for assignments, the advisors convince you to take less than 15 credits to not overwork yourself, but really it's just to prolong your time here and get extra $$$$, classes are overcrowded, lab times fill up quick.

Renée Fockler

I've been waiting almost 2 months for an admissions decision from UCF. As someone who is a veteran, a single mother, and an out-of-state transfer, I find it absolutely appalling that I am still sitting and waiting. I have applied for 5 others schools, and received acceptances to all of them within a month, including Ohio State U., U. of South Florida, Florida Atlantic U., San Francisco State U., and Portland State U. I applied for several schools so that I would have options, but I was originally intending to go to SFSU. However, living in California has been unbearable for me, and I could not take the stress of living there anymore. I was surprised and delighted when I discovered the Transnational Gender, Race & Sexuality Studies program at U. of Central Florida. If I had discovered it sooner, I would have just worked towards that and applied for their program in the first place. I submitted my last minute applications to both UCF, and USF as a back-up. I received my acceptance to USF within a month. Finally, a note popped up on my UCF application status which says "An admission decision is being deferred pending receipt of verification of completion of the foreign language requirement."* I was unsure of what this meant, as I had annotated on my UCF application that I never took a foreign language. I called right away and spoke to someone in Admissions. I explained my situation that I have attended three different schools due to being in the military, and that I am currently a veteran, and that none of my prior schools required foreign language. I also explained that I was originally working to get into a state school in California, not Florida, and so on. She was very kind and helpful, it seemed. She said that she would forward my application on to the Admissions Committee, and she gave me their email address so that I could provide them a thorough justification on why I never took a foreign language and make a case for why I should be accepted. She said I should receive a decision within 3-5 business days. That phone call took place on June 29th. It is now July 12th and I still haven't received a decision, and the status hasn't updated to anything else. Classes start on August 20th, just barely over a month away. This whole situation is pretty upsetting being that UCF was my top choice once I discovered their academic program that I felt was right for me. But moreover, I live in California. I am in the Air National Guard. I have an 18 month old son. All of the choices I need to make have been riding on UCF's decision. I need to plan 2900 mile move across the country, execute the move, find a place to live, find a new ANG unit, find a job, go to orientation and register for classes, find books, transfer my Post 9/11 G.I. Bill benefits, and make sure my son is taken care of. This is just unacceptable. UCF has proclaimed that they are among the top veteran-oriented schools in this nation. If this is how they treat veterans, I am not sure that I want any part of it. Your indecision is a decision in itself. Looks like I will be attending USF for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a concentration in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. *For most schools in the Florida state school system, they REQUIRE foreign language prior to GRADUATION. It is generally recommended prior to TRANSFER, but NOT REQUIRED. There is no reason that the absence of a foreign language competency should hang up an application, especially in my case. I was aware that attending school in Florida would necessitate taking a foreign language, and it was my intention to fulfill this requirement with whichever school I ultimately attended. UCF takes this a step further and unnecessarily requires foreign language before transfer, with few exceptions. Beware of this if you are a transfer.

Tori Pace

This school does not help you out in any way. They are only there to take your money and then in turn give you an unsuccessful college career. Everything is online when technology is unreliable. And they purposely hold you back so you cant graduate on time.

Mosi London

For the second largest school in the country it is a great place to be it's like its own small town with its culture and atmosphere

Andy Arias

It's very nice, and there's a lot of cool people & wonderful opportunities around as well.

Cherishe Cumma

The campus is absolutely beautiful !


A remarkably amazing place to spend money to suffer through classes. Parents, this is a good choice to send your kids. There's so much to do on campus, they probably won't be able to get in trouble at parties off campus.

Christina Reynoso

My son attends this college - He's already almost through his Freshman year. Yikes! Love this school & what it's done for him... Beautiful campus with sooooo many awesome opportunities & endless possibilities! GO KNIGHTS!!

Sagar Patel

Good computer science program and also 2nd largest university in the US

Zach Eaton

My experience was that the quality of education for my Master's in Teaching was OK but flexible and able to work with distance learners. I had a Teaching With Film course and Curriculum Planning course from the same professor who gave no feedback whatsoever and had a very subjective manner of grading. I was highly frustrated by this. Most of my other courses were average or good in quality of education, but only one was to the quality I came to expect from The University of Florida (go Gators). I would recommend UF over UCF for Masters in Teaching degrees.

Sally Rogers

My daughter went to UCF for 2yrs and every Christmas they out do themselves by turning the Campus into a Magical Winter Wonderland...i go every year...i love Christmas and we get our photos taken with feel like a's the BEST...Go UCF..

Nadia Mubarak

I attend UCF and it is the best university. UCF is not only an university, it is a place to spend time with your friends, they have workshops, events for students to participate, engage and have fun. They provide an excellent support in many areas, not only in your academics they have advisors, mentors, coaches but, as well they provide counseling in crisis, tough decisions, family. It is a place to be, to belong, to better yourself.

Edgardo Acevedo

Recent graduate: Large alumni community in Orlando area can help if you network appropriately. The College of business advising was some of the worst I've ever encounter due to their staff providing different information both of which were incorrect I graduated an entire semester late and took additional unnecessary courses. They don't seem to care about academic success. Only person who helped me succeed was Denise Cordova! Parking is extremely difficult as well! The school is unfortunately growing faster than they can support and as a result its students and staff are suffering.

Mint Roze

Once you're accepted to the distance online program you're pretty much on your own. Never assigned a program adviser to advise on the correct courses needed for my program. You can send dozens of e-mails to your department they will never reply back. they're just interested in obtaining your financial aid , grants and money. ETA: In regards to the recent correspondence below, it's a little too late to provide your number. That number was the same number I used to contact your institution numerous times. Secondly, you're responding after almost a year later??? Thankfully, since then I have transferred to a more caring university.

Brandon Nova

I don't go here but the collage is clean and big. The student tat I've met here are all super nice and respectful. The Qdoba here is really good at making burritos.

Jason Goode

This college will tell you how to live your life on and off campus, avoid at all cost.

Colleen Parnell

The UCF Main Campus is a delight. As a student who has attended for about 4 years, I can say that there is always something new to look at or participate in on campus.

Martin Kortyka

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the University of Central Florida's off campus Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering program which included seven categories of valuable importance for it's time. I will never forget the importance of several of the principles I've learned in the program. Today the upgraded program is Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and includes everything from Server Infrastructure to Business Intelligence and I look forward to upgrading through U.C.F. because of the quality of their instructors and the professional environment provided.

Traci Cappiello

I may be a bit biased as I attended college here, but over the years I've watched UCF grow as an educational institution and as a campus. From the expansion of campus to include the football stadium to the updating of the grounds, it just keeps getting better. Parking is, however, and may always be a huge issue, so be prepared and familiarize yourself with a map.

Danielle B

Lack of parking for student population that seems to be growing exponentially. Need a class or lab for a program? Good luck with that, since it fills up before you ever even get a chance to sign up for it. Took classes at an affiliated college? Get ready to sign forms for the online system to override you into the class because the system doesn't recognize that your prerequisites do indeed count. OH, but then get ready to be denied because the class fills up in the time it takes you to sign the forms and now they don't override you into a class that is full. It's not unusual for seniors to take labs for lectures they took a year ago because there just aren't enough seats, or to be delayed from graduating. Get ready for admissions to sit on your transcripts and not update the classes you took for MONTHS. UCF= U Can't Finish

Clayton Pritchard

UCF is a great university that doesn't get enough credit. That's partially because it's a relatively young university at just 50 years old. It's also partially due to our football team being in a lesser known conference. It is a large university and with that comes a lot of pros and cons. Yes, your classes are going to have more students in them, but you'll also have more opportunities (including more events for students, more student organizations to get involved with, and over time more alumni to connect with). As with any university, there are a few programs that are better than others. At UCF, that appears to be Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Marketing (specifically the Professional Selling Program).

Shahidul Islam

I enjoy my days here for many different reasons - people, environment, working freedom and opportunities. It's an amazingly growing campus for good. The dedication of the university is reflected in many areas. Last year the football team became only undefeated college team in USA, the computer programming contest team became North America champion. These successes seems to be the beginning of many to come. It so exciting be here in such great going moments for the university.

Dan B

I will graduate from the College of Business Administration in 2015 as a Marketing Major and a member of the Professional Selling Program. I have had nothing but positive experiences with UCF, all of which I earned through hard work and dedication to my education. This school is like most things, you reap what you sow. Come to UCF and sow high quality seeds deep in this fertile ground; you too will see flowers bloom all around you.

dave pearce

Administration is incompetent, condescending and stupid. They don't want to help you, and even if they did they aren't capable. One wonders how any of them got their positions, until you remember where you are. They couldn't make it in the real world, so they ended back up in the safe confines of academia. These people haven't made it past their early 20s, either professionally or emotionally, so consider that when thinking about where to spend your tuition.

Tina Fleming

I had a great experience at UCF as an undergrad and even went back to get my master's here after becoming an employee.

Gavin London

Horrible school for parents trying to do better for their families. They won't work with you for smaller payment plan options. Advising has not been there for me when I reached out for assistance. They don't have enough evening classes. This is def for the traditional college student who has a full ride scholarship or has mommy and daddy money

james rofle

Absurd unnecessary policies that only serve to hinder students from finishing or even finishing at all. The best thing is they are making you pay for it. Thank you UCF

Alyssa Cara

I transferred to UCF after finishing my A.A. at Seminole State College, which I think contributes to my so-so experience at UCF. Maybe if I had started there as a Freshman, I would have been more involved and enjoyed it more. The campus is HUGE, as are many of the classes. Initially I was a Psychology major, and one of my classes was in a 400 seat room. Before I could talk with the professor, I was required to ask my peers, then ask a TA, and then, MAYBE, the professor would have time for me. Don't get me wrong, I understand how hard it must be to juggle hundreds of students. However, if I had the money and time to do it over again, I probably would have chosen a smaller, perhaps private school, to get the student-teacher ratio I prefer. The campus is pretty nice, and very few of the buildings are what I would consider in need of some TLC. The student union is great, and there are opportunities to get involved in many clubs and organizations. The academics, at least in my program which is Humanities, were okay...personally I don't really feel like I was very challenged throughout much of my time there, with the exception of one or two classes. If you are a science major though, I've heard the programs here are top notch for those fields.

George Joseph

- One of my two most favorite universities. Black & Gold......Charge On......UCF!

Dex JustDex

Awesome university that used to serve as a training center for space related jobs.

Courtney Mursell

Best university there is! Graduated with my forensic science/chemistry degree and was able to find a job in my field 3 months after graduation. UCF prepared me for everything I needed to succeed. I'm very proud to call myself a Knight!

Jim Bailey

This is a very cool campus. Was here for daughter in laws graduation. School is very clean, tons of parking and great security.

Martin Van Roekel

WOW! You don't hear much about UCF but Wow! Our son is starting here and we had never seen this campus. I've seen every major University campus in Florida and nothing comes close. What a beautiful place UCF is and all it's facilities are brand new it seems. As parents we were blown away. If your kids are thinking of staying in State make sure one of their stops is this amazing University!

Christopher Rohner

Alumni here and this school really is what you make of it. And it basically caters to all types for better and also for the worse. If you are a serious student there is so much funding at this powerhouse school and opportunities you CAN find something as long as you look for it. If you are more into the party scene and just want to enjoy college than by all means you will be surrounded by many sharing the same goal. But as a serious student (med school now) I can't say that I am happy with my decision at UCF. Although I did have fun I think it held me back more than push me. Only because there is too much emphasis on distractions/events/gym/sports and the party-school environment. With so many students that are not taking school seriously I let myself get carried away with the flow thinking my lazy lifestyle was the "norm" for a student. Kids go into class in their pajamas and the class sizes are so big you'll never get to know your professors let alone a letter of recommendation for higher education. So I'd say its a slightly below average place, as long as you don't get caught up in the wave of blowing off your school work which can really hurt in the long run. Avoid that and you can reap the benefits of all that insane funding they get.

Tyler Rothenberg

Beautiful University. The facilities are well maintained, but they should invest in more parking!

Nick K

The campus is large, well maintained, and contains all the essentials on site: shopping, dining, medical, and abundant recreational activities. Interacting with all departments of the university has been a pleasure. The College of Business has been rigorous and the faculty surprisingly friendly and impressively qualified. Peers and friends are alumni of or students at UF, FSU, The U, USF and plenty more out of state. Mine, my wife's, and all my alumni or student friends rate highly their experience with UCF.


Top quality university and great professors! Loved my time at UCF!

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