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REVIEWS OF State College of Florida- Bradenton IN Florida

McKenna Moore

My mom is beyond furious with the dual admission process for high school students. They make you drive there in person to hand in your application. No idea why because they didn’t require ID from either of us. I missed almost 2 hours of the school day to drive well out of our way. They should allow the high school to send in the paperwork since they don’t verify your identity. This is not a pleasant start to the process.

Heavynn Pena

I’m sure the school itself is good but as I’m enrolling in classes here I’ve experienced nothing but racism. I am so disheartened that I’ve signed up for school here. If I didn’t pay ahead for this whole term I would leave and good to a different school. I just can’t believe how unprofessional and rude the staff is.

The Creative Zoe

school is to strict made a kid who did nothing get in trouble

Nicole Shaw

This is my first semester going to SCF, I go to the bradenton campus, and I am a fully enrolled student (full time is considered 12+ credit hours). It is a pretty good school for what you pay, and the campus is really gorgeous. There are several free programs that the school offers to it's enrolled students. Such as free gym use at the school, free yoga classes, free tutoring in all subjects open 6 days a week, guest speakers, and many other campus events. The library at the bradenton campus is really nice. There are lot's of computers for students to use, printers, countless study desks, group study rooms, and many librarians who are happy to help you find what you need. The teachers i've had have all been really great, they are eager to help students who are eager to learn. The student demographics is also widely varied. There are many unconventional college students. Such as students who are very young (15-17, they duel enrolled or graduated from high school early) students who waited a little bit, late 20's -30's, along with returning students who are in their 50's and 60's. From what i've seen no one really makes a big deal about student ages or really bullies/gets bullied over this. Except for some of the super young kids (15-17). A lot of them get inflated ego's and pretentious about being in college early. If you are an early admissions student don't get cocky.. You're gonna step on a bunch of toes and make people not want to talk to you or write you recommendation letters. As for the majors, from what i've seen the most popular programs are the Nursing, Business, Education/Teaching degrees, and other miscellaneous health programs (dental, physical therapy, ect ect..). But the selection pool for majors is very wide. SCF is a pretty great investment/return for your money if you are willing to put in the effort for your educational success. (:

R Wiley

The teachers there are good. The administration is not; it even frustrates the teachers. There is not near enough parking, and the bookstore and financial aid often have a line going out the building with one person working! I don't really mind the sprawl (as you'll have one class in one building and then 10 minutes to get all the way across campus to another), but I can see where that would be an issue for some.

Mike Barrett

This all in all was a great school to attend. Some of the teachers really act like they don't care about the students and that's a problem.

Kayla K

Bradenton trash and teachers in it for ass to pass nasty and shady

Amanda Gilbert

Om Terr

Christian Miller

Awesome college

Willliam Kiessel

3 semesters of nursing school and the proffessor would not let me review my tests for grading errors, Terrible instructors. You get what you pay for.....


Danny Ff

I didn't like being tricked believing I was dropping 4 classes and told to withdraw instead. Now I owe $1,500 for classes that I now have a W for on my transcript. Stop being sneaky with your students and tell them the difference. I was lied to and told to Withdraw not drop classes.

wildberries berries

I've experienced three separate issues SCF all regarding the finance dept. I moved away and changed my address. They failed to notify me about a debt I had for an entire year! During this time, it had gone to collections without my knowing and has affected my credit. I just found out recently, and now that amount of money has TRIPLED in late fees. Then, Karman Armstrong denied my basic rights (FERPA) to view my educational records! She flat our LIED to me on the phone today! I will be reporting her for violating my rights to view MY educational records! Dishonest staff, lazy professors, poor resources, etc. My family members who all went to this school also withdrew to attend better schools. Worst college I've been to.

Emily Goodie

Ajiane Lee

The admission process as a transient student is terrible! They had none of the classes I signed up for when I came to the college. I called to confirm a billion times before I came to the college. I traveled 200 miles. I am familiar with Bradenton area. I attend a university in a different city. The trip there was very inconvenient and set me back a semester. Never will I ever consider nor recommend scf.

Benjamin Gonzalez

Michelle Andre

Love this College!

Antonio Rodriguez

Whit M

They told me 3 weeks before graduation that I missed a class, after I already registered, bought my cap and gown, AND told my family. I was so excited to graduate, after a long 4 years. I even met with a student advisor awhile ago and was told I was on track. I've been on the President's List 3 semesters in a row. This school is so messy and I'm ready to be done with it. It takes days for anyone in the offices to reply to my emails. I'm super dissappointed with ending my college degree this way. Now I will be taking this ONE class I missed, and I will not be attending graduation in May. Not worth it. Between financial aid department, and the horrible timing on communication, I will be referring my friends elsewhere for school.



I was in contact with three people and out of those three only one displayed good customer service. The staff of the records department are rude and not helpful. I was applying to a limited access program, but had to apply to the actual school first. They requested a transcript from me that no other college has ever requested and I have applied to 7 other schools. That one transcript was a pain to get (because I've never had to request it before) and I ended up spending $20 to get it to the records office asap. Meanwhile, I was told by admissions that I could apply to the limited access program while they were waiting on my other transcript. The program app fee was another $20. Today was the deadline for the program and because the records office didn't receive that one ridiculous transcript (transcript did not even have to do with college) I am now ineligible for the program and out $40. I decided to write this review because I have never experienced such a lack of help and the amount of rudeness ever before. I was excited to apply for the school until I started communicating with the records department. The reason I am giving it two stars instead of one is because Beth Gonyea was very professional and welcoming. Even though in the end she couldn't help me she was the only one that was delightful to talk to.

Whitney Riffle

This school is a complete joke and I would never recommend it to anyone. Classes are boring and there isn't much to choose from.

Matthew Willman

As long as you use Rate My Professor to make sure you are taking classes with good professors, you'll have a perfectly good experience. Scf has a lot of really good professors that often get overshadowed by the bad ones. Just take your time to look up your professor in advance and take you classes seriously!

Justin Guy Corley

James H

This school was nothing but nasty. The whole place made me feel like just a number and that they didn’t care whether I passed or not as long as the got paid. When I asked my teachers for help in person they’d tell me to email them for help then they’d just ignore the email.

Captain Silly12

i hate it

henry Suggs

I lost my license in 1984 I've been throu. It all and still trying till this day . i gave them paper work on people who know me.saying i don't. Drink or do drugs.and now it's been so long half the people have moved or have died and they can't get ahold of them and I've gave them 10 or more names. I've even had gotten lawers that will get them back I'm 62 know and that is the last thing I want to get back before i die i pray to god every day while I still can drive .thank you for understanding. Try going through. Life not being to own anything. I never even marriage or kids. I don't want you to fill sorry for me.just understanding. Thanks again. I still have 20 or so days left around that. And i won't stop trying. They even told me i would get them back the first time.this is no# 4

Hali Lyn

John Lawson

SCF is where dreams go to die. The most important thing you need to understand before attending this school, is that you MUST take FIVE or more classes per semester in order to graduate in two years. Though four classes is considered "full time," it will not allow you to graduate in two years. No one in the guidance office will provide you with this information. You do NOT want to be at this school for more than two years!

Lance Liverpool

Horrible school. I will say the front desk staff is friendly other then that I can't think of a single positive that this school offers. There is no "Manatee Pride" or campus life to speak of (it's actually eerily quiet on campus) The admissions center is not helpful, the advisors are despondent and unable to answer even some of the most basic questions you may have for them. I know 51% of high school students who graduate from Manatee and Sarasota county enroll at SCF but do yourself a favor and be part of the 49% that do not. If you a first time college student try to go to another school and if you're thinking of transferring to SCF from somewhere else, DON'T! They'll constantly be losing files that you've already turned in. I almost missed out on registering for classes one semester due to a hold on my account because they OWED ME $20. All things considered the only type of student I can recommend SCF too in good faith is an Adult student returning to school who already has their roots set in Bradenton.

JuiX Life

Swift Dill

Heather Lane

This school is the most ridiculous, uncoordinated school I have ever gone to. They send you on a wild goose chase for every single thing that you need. Financial aid and educational records are very rude and you have to pay for your transcripts to be sent out; every school I have ever gone to will give you at least one per year for free. The nursing program director is no help and doesn't care about you once they have your money. I had to wait a whole semester to be able to "graduate" even though I passed all my courses and went to pinning in December bc of a $20 fee that I was told by a faculty member would have no bearing on my ability to take the NCLEX. I was then told at the end of the semester, conveniently one day past the deadline to pay such fees, that I DID, in fact, have to pay it for them to release my name to the board of nursing. I offered to pay it right then and they told me no bc the deadline was the day before. I contacted everyone in that department and got nowhere. I even had two people tell me that the conversation I had with the faculty member never took place and the secretary for the nursing program said she could "guaran-damn-tee" me that the faculty in question did not tell me what she told me even though she wasn't present for the conversation. So now I am a schizophrenic with very convincing delusions? Please. So, here I am, five months out of nursing school, still waiting for them to release my name to my BON and busting my ass as a CNA even though I paid their stupid fee, finished coursework in December, and was approved for graduation months ago bc they won't release my name. I even emailed the program director in April stating these facts and pretty much begging her to release my name so I can test for my license and she said no but that she would forward my email to the registrar so that she could "direct us". Surprise, surprise, I never heard anything else from either of them. They are completely unhelpful and I can't wait to be totally finished with them! The ONE good thing I can say about them is that the nursing program at the Venice campus has EXCELLENT instructors with the exception of one or two. Loved the program, hate the people running it!

Jason R

I took a weekend BRC motorcycle course a year ago. I never rode any two wheeled vehicles before going to the class. Thanks to Hank one of the instructors there, I've put about 12000 miles on my 2015 Honda cb500f and avoided some close calls because of what I learned in the class. He's very patient supportive and it's was just the weekend.


This school has appropriate programs to the economy in the area. The construction management professors are amazing and have the same passion that I saw in a northern private university that cost 600% more. This is a great school to get your college education started, especially considering the lower costs. They may have parts that are rough around the edges but the actual education you get is good, factor this is when you get your bill. My first college semester at a private uni was upwards of 30k and all their marketing schemes made it even harder to figure out what I needed to do. I like the realness of the SCF staff

Courtney Buggie

Odessa Lynea Ammons

I have encountered and achieved great things here. I've always received the help I've needed when facing a problem

Rosenie Pale

Andre De Souza Fernandes

Amy Michele

Jameson Pierre

Kira Blue

Shyanne Payne

Honestly I should've picked a different school. So far the only benefit I see is how close it is to my house. The financial aid office is no help. I was missing paperwork for FASFA and they swore they emailed me, but I never received it. Well, that made me not be able to go to school this semester because I didn't know about it. They said I could pay for it and they would reimburse me after the paperwork is done, like a college student had $1,200 to go out for tuition at the time. Now I'm having the same problem with this coming semester and every time you think you're done with all the paperwork, there's more. It keeps adding on and on, which would be ok, but they don't tell you. I've also not had very many good professors either. Disappointed and angry.

Michelle Nino

Amazing school 6th grade - 12th grade scfcs! The assignments are a challenge they have due dates most due dates are 11:59 PM others earlier. I think this school is a great opportunity to take it doesn't come everyday, uniform is strict which is great! The school is getting you prepared for college and the real world. The coaches are awesome and they give you great advice! I say if you're up for the challenge take it! At the end you'll realize I went to sleep late all those nights of stress and homework paid off, the assignment I submitted in 6th grade at 2:00 Am was worth it even though i'm in 7th now this school has taught me so much but I still have a long way to go!This school provides so much help to students if they need it and I love how the teachers are so flexible and nice! Great school I wish I could give it 100 stars! # Class of 2025!❤️❤️❤️

Andrea Hudalgo

I love this school im in fifth grade I wish I could get in

Victoria Williams

This school is a joke, and shouldn't even exist to be honest. I have been attending for two years and only have 21 credits for a 60 credit program. I have only been able to attend ONE semester as a full time student in the time frame of TWO YEARS because their financial aid office is not helpful at all in making sure aid goes through so I may continue my education with ease. The only good thing about this school is that their professors know the administration and other departments such as the educational records office are completely incompetent as far as taking care of the needs of their students goes. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME HERE, take a drive to SPCC, or any other community college in Florida besides this one and get a decent education for yourself. There is no way that you will ever be able to get one here with the incompetence of this greedy, money hungry school. They advertise to be the best when in fact, they are the worst school I have every attended, and I've heard the same from most of my friend who have attended this school since our highschool pushed attending here on us really hard (most likely because somebody pays them to). BE WARY THIS SCHOOL IS TRASH.

Joy Mikulecky

Giselle Carranza

Love this school

Chase Lasater

Cyre Thompson

I`ve been doing research on this amazing school and I want to go here so bad

Michelet Emile

Sandra Ivelisse Collazo Sanchez

Duch DeLuca

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I was only treated well by two people. The finaid department is what I can only describe as brash and angry that they must work in order to make ends meet as students. I was singled out and made to jump through hoops to comply with THEIR demands which ARE NOT PROTOCOL in regards to FAFSA. The entirety of my experience was awful. Not even the dean and HR departments would correspond despite my contact about the situation. I can only assume these attacks were garish acts based on racism, an odd assumption as they are so diverse. All the same I have No other reasons to explain. Last fall semester, two weeks in they dropped All of my 15 credits and courses, negated all of my class work because I refused to amend our taxes from my husband's filing status from HOH to married filing jointly even though I have not worked in 13 years. Do yourselves a favor and consider all the schools available. I have since re enrolled at SNHU who has been ABUNDANTLY SUPPORTIVE IN EVERY MANNER. From the moment I called with questions I have been impressed with the amount of attention and concern for the needs of the STUDENTS. Unlike SCF you are Always recognized as a person rather than an ID number.

Antonia Ventura

Alex Bentano

This school has some really great teachers who've got impressive educational backgrounds and who are professional and enthusiastic in every regard. However, the people who make all the student related decisions (those under Dr. Hafner) are unprofessional and completely unwilling to do what it takes to ensure students are taken care of (financial aid, conflict resolution, etc.). The school is a big business and when it comes down to dealing individually with students and their issues (most created by the school itself), you're creating a situation that no doubt requires a Tylenol for the headache and frustration you're about to endure. If you're willing to be herded like cattle, the school is great. If you require individual attention (which every big business knows is crucial to provide) in order to fix issues you're having (again, most likely ones the school created itself), go to another school; your question/comment/concern/need for someone to address the issue will fall on deaf ears. The way this school is run totally kills it for all of the superb teachers who work for it and truly care about students and for all the students who value education. Think you won't need to deal with "higher ups" with a financial aid/registration/etc. issue? You're dead wrong; you'll eventually have to deal with them and when you do, you'll wish you had chosen another school. Getting a reply email or a phone call back or a a yes/no answer about meeting someone in person on campus is just not going to happen. A staff member not willing to meet with a student in person to discuss a school created issue is unheard of but a reality for students at this school. The school needs to take care of its customers (students) because they are the ones who are keeping the paychecks of the staff members coming. This review was not created by a disgruntled, young student; it was created by a professional, working adult. Grade for the school: D

Tracy Post

Teachers were great in air and heating. Not enough time per class program.

Nicole Hankins

Rovel H FL

Beautiful campus

Brooklyn Graham

christian ulanch

Kawaii Lord

I am trying to get in that school. I have researched so much about that school! I was in 4th grade but I am advanced and I am skipping 5th grade so I really want to go! EDIT: don't get your hopes up 6th graders. It is hard to get in to that school 2 months before it starts.

Rose Johnston

I am a student who has been through the entire program here (6-12) and I am about to graduate. I love it. In the collegiate school, I felt like my teachers cared about my education and my wellbeing as well. They were flexible, understanding, and challenged me every day with the content they taught. On the college campus, I still receive the same level of support, I just have to ask for it now. Counseling here is brilliant and the academics are great too. If you can get in, I highly recommend toughing it out. It's not easy, but it is very worth it.

stephanie p

Very hard to get help at the bradenton location. I went to the guidance office twice and both times I was unsuccessful in finding information to help me on my path for schooling. Both advisors didnt know how to answer my questions or simply seemed like i was an inconvenience. Very sad to see how unenthusiastic the administration is in trying to help people.


I love this place I will remember my advisors forever!

Kayla Catherine

Acyclic Light

this is a great school. nice learning atmosphere amd passionate professional art teachers. great math teachers and the scf club sandwich is to die for!

Isabella Gracia

Alejandro Naranjo

Very pretty campus, nice and peaceful place

Jamaine Watson

Meghan Schutte

As a High School DE student who has only taken two courses so far, I cannot begin to express how disappointed I am in SCF. With terrible communication on both sides my ,High School and SCF, DE students are completely left in the dark about any important information whether it be about registering or dropping classes to picking up book and supplies. Everyone acts like it's a burden to even give you the time of day. Student staff is very uninformed and quite rude themselves and will lead you on a wild goose chase around campus trying to find the correct building. Had to drop a class due to medical reasons and no one could help me answer any of the questions I had. I called multiple times and was put on hold for 20 minutes at most. Eventually I had to trek down to the college myself. Look, don't expect too much because this is a community college but I do at least expect the staff to do their job. Guess its still better than high school....

Tom Morehouse

This is a great college. They are improving and learning from mistakes made in the past. They offer Bachelors degree programs, and are going to be offering more in the years to come (unless the Legislature takes this privelege away.) The advisors are so-so but keep at them and they will help you. Some of the Professors are better than others but its a commuter college so that comes with the territory. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who wants to work and go to school...

Bob Gasper

Excellent learning facility for the budget minded.

Elif Akar

I truly wish that I could rate this college 0 stars. I am currently enrolled into my spring semester of my sophomore year and I cannot begin to say how much of a joke this school is. The staff is rude, unaware, and uneducated about their positions and duties. Don’t bother calling because you’ll be transferred around and play phone tag until you realize no one knows what they’re doing. Trying to go in and speak to office secretaries is even more painful because you will run up and down every stair and office, and leave without having your issue resolved. I am more than disappointed yet not surprised. I was told countless times that I would receive a call back from which ever secretary/ office helper and had to go in myself due to no call. By the time you go in it’s typically too late for your needs to be fufilled due to certain deadlines and dates. I really can’t say enough how much money is wasted on staff that really just show up and do nothing. The odds of the situation being fixed is 0 since no one does anything but say “I’ll get back to you”. Literally go anywhere else. Better customer service and communications could be found anywhere else since they set the bar at nothing.

Stacey Moore

Aqua Grip

I love the fact that professors at SCF take the time to get know you as a student.

Joey N

I feel like this school does not take their students seriously whatsoever the amount of time I've wasted because their study Hall doesn't know what they're doing isn't joke students have a certain amount of time to study usually we're adults with jobs and kids so when we drive 40 minutes to get there and have computers crashing in tutors not they are that were promised why am I paying for your school

Rosenie Auguste

I really like going to scf. I think they need improvements, but over all its a great school!

Alec Vancil

First time in college after spending 5 years in the marine corps and what I have to say is it's a great college from my experience. I am not using G.I. Bill so I had to sign up for classes and do my FAFSA along with whatever paperwork was thrown at me. That's how this works and for all the other people on here leaving 1 star reviews I think you are just making excuses. This is a great school and they give you AMPLE amounts of material and help. This is the real world dont expect handouts and people to call you back right away things happen! This is your future do not expect the school to do literally every thing for you. I work more than 40 hours a week every week and take 5 classes each semester so for all you people in the reviews talking about how you are "adults" why dont you start acting like one. I would recommend this college to anyone!

The Ghost Host

They do not properly train their student workers so you get mixed information starting with admissions all the way to financial aid. I called financial aid today to claim my first half of my loan which some said was due to me today, others said next month. First they tell me I already received my loan which I hadn't.. That was my grant. Then they tell me I won't receive any aid until next month.. when my semester is almost over.. leaving my family in a financial mess. No proper training or education in a school deserves my one star vote.

Dale Bauer

Claudia Meilan

Camila Patricia

Harsh Patel

Hammed Silva

Went to an open house for charter, was an awesome place.

Joe Conrad

The worst college in Florida, I excel in all subjects but one, but I am still trying, they withdrew me from that class so it would not hurt the teacher results, I have 3 A’s and 1 B in my others classes, I was doing my best in this class, I always did my assignments but I was bottom of the class, well someone has to be bottom, this is unfair it should be about education not money. Pathetic way to treat students.

Swindler 4252

I go here

Kelly Haslup

I wish I could give 0 stars. I’m about over this school. As an adult who works full time it’s hard for me to get to the campus on only Monday and Tuesday. Since I applied to this school all the staff wants to point fingers at each other when it comes to answering questions. No one can seem to answer anything and when I ask they just say it’s not their area. SCF screwed up my federal loan last minute and had to reprocess the week before. I was FINALLY able to order my books the day before my class started which is TODAY and I just called and they said I can’t pick up my books until tomorrow. Meanwhile I have a class tomorrow evening at the LWR campus. So I’m going my first week without my books! Very disappointed and considering transferring after the semester.

Jake Rst

The staff and administration is so discombobulated. No communication between staff and other offices. Constantly missing payment/enrollment deadlines because financial aid office cannot properly communicate with students. I’m considering enrolling at a different school.

Jimmy Procopio

Outstanding facilities! Nicest facilities around. I have done my port a potties!! HUGE range to ride and learn! Wonderful instructors..State College of Florida is no doubt the best place to take the motorcycle class. And you can't beat the price. Best price around!! I asked the right qustions before I signed up and I'm glad I did. You will find the same answers I did. I was looking for the best and I found it. SCF has been doing the motorcycle classes for over 20 years now. Do yourself a favor and call them! You won't be dissappointed if you take the class there. My friend found out the hard way!

Brian Long

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Japanese: ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 Hepburn: JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1987 to 2004 before being transferred to the monthly seinen magazine Ultra Jump in 2005. The current story arc, JoJolion, started in 2011. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is currently Shueisha's second largest manga series with its chapters collected into 117 tankōbon volumes and counting. A six-volume original video animation adaptation of the later half of the series' third story arc was released from 1993 to 1994 by studio A.P.P.P., followed by another seven-volume series covering earlier parts of the arc from 2000 to 2002. A.P.P.P. also produced a theatrical film of the first arc in 2007. In 2012 an anime television series produced by David Production began broadcast on Tokyo MX and covered the first two story arcs of the manga in 26 episodes. A second 48-episode season covering the third arc was broadcast in 2014 and 2015, and a 39 episode season adapting the fourth began in April 2016. The JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga has over 95 million copies in print, making it one of the best-selling manga series in history, and has spawned a large media franchise that includes several novelizations and video games, action figures, a jewelry line, and even snack foods. From 2003 to 2005, Super Techno Arts released both OVA series in North America. Viz Media released a translation of the third part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in North America from 2005 to 2010, and began publishing English versions of the first two arcs in 2015.

Daniel Kapp

The best!

Dawn Pettet

Caressa Clark

Patricia Uribe

Anthony Holt

I am an adult student that is enrolling in A.A. degree coursework. If you are careful about which professors you choose, and have a general, if broad understanding of what you are pursuing, you will LOVE this place. Oh, and make sure to stop by building 14 and get some awesome creole food at the cafeteria. (I do not work here. It's just that good.)

Rob Z

Avoid if possible.

johnny D

My daughter started school here has good academics what's really nice is when she graduates she'll have an associates degree with her high school diploma that saves Dad a lot of

Dalton Blair

Nice campus, but I wonder about that lake you have on campus. I go there nearly every class day to feed the Muscovy duck family and the turtles that live there, and I noticed that the water is an unnatural blue, and it's filled with garbage. One of the ducks tried to eat a strip of plastic, and I had to throw a chunk of plastic another tried to eat, and had to catch him when he went after it. I've also found a Doritos bag in the water. Might want to clean this up. I don't think it's healthy for those animals to be swimming in it, and I think this is backed up by the dead fish littering the lakebed. Plus, it'd just look a lot better without that color.

Jose Ortega

(Translated by Google) The worst place for a Latino to study. Too much discrimination against Latinos. (Original) El peor lugar para un latino estudiar. Demasiado discrimen hacia los latinos.

Hayley Safko

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