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REVIEWS OF Santa Fe College IN Florida

yanio gutierrez

Stephanie Celentano

Cassandra Davison

Maria Colon

Neal Rollin

Do not go here unless you plan on being penalized for being a student. Santa Fe doesnt believe in parking or even a grace period. They start ticketing in the first day and if you have concerns they tell you to go to the overflow, which is literally full and off site. Meanwhile there are dozens of "reserved" parking available as students drive around in circles looking for a parking spot. Every other campus ive been to has given a parking grace period of at least 2 weeks because they understand the situation of students dropping classes or going online. I was even told by the security guard, I should plan for it. I am not coming to campus 2 hours early for a spot. So do not come here. Stay with online classes or go elsewhere.

Chrissy Fievre


Danielle Towner

Their Disabilities Resource Office is extremely condescending and not helpful at all. They won't take my disability OR my service dog seriously. How on Earth could somebody not let you bring your service dog on campus???? Terrible. 07051952

Angela Jones

Erica McCaskill

The School Is Overall A Nice School!.But The Call Center Has The Most Rudest Customer Service Ever!.NO RESPECT, NO MANNERS!.Every Person I Talk To Always Had An Attitude, Like Why Have An Attitude!.I am the customer and I am happy, But you have a nasty attitude for no apparent reason.

joel williams

Mahalakshmi Varadharajan

Santa Claus

I am very discouraged to pursue my studies in Santa Fe since I encountered Elizabeth Drake. How can she fail a student when she’s not really teaching??? She would just asked as to read the book and that’s it!!! Good luck to you whether you understand it or not! Does she have an effective teaching method??? When I was confused because she was confusing which she apologized us couple of times I’ve got nothing but an insult. She discourages me couple of times as well. I thought that a professor meant to encourage students. I always feel sorry for myself after I talked to her. She successfully knocked me down. It was more on traumatic semester in her class. Half of the semester I lost my interest not because of the class is boring. Believe me the program is very interesting. I lost my interest because I was terrorized by her discouraging words. I knew it! She was determined to fail me from day 1. I am sorry for this google review your future students deserve to know the instructor that they are going to deal the whole semester so their hard earn money will not be wasted. I wish I had a clue of who she is before I enroll her class. Why so much hatred in your heart??? It’s Christmas!!! I wish that there will be a policy where future students can read the instructor’s survey before they will enroll the class. It’s like buying an Amazon product. There is always a customer’s review. This is to ensure that the instructor is not going to waste our precious time and hard earn money. I should have use those money to see my family that I haven’t seen for a long time

Patricia Natale

Jesse Banks

M. Reilly


I wished to be one of the students of this university but the comments are negative

Mike Bolle

Dry up your tears service dogs aren't allowed in every area. Many people abused the service dog policies take up your concerns with them. this is a great School

Daniel H

A good entry level facility for new students planning on getting their AA and transferring elsewhere. The classes are not terribly large and you can get a good schedule if you dedicate yourself to it. The cost is reasonable if you are planning to get an AA or an AS. The parking lot is terrible. You should get to the school 30 - 40 minutes early just to get a good spot otherwise you should expect parking 2 blocks down and hiking it.

Randy Senter

I stopped in the office yesterday and talked to one of the team members at the cashier's office with money in and asking for some sort of help on what I can do. I was advised by them that pretty much nothing they can do. Even though my bank on file was only 15 dollars short and I had all the money to pay in hand. I then proceeded to ask for the number for the finical company that sets up the payment plans and I got an eye roll. Then rudely handed the number and told have fun walking to there facility. I dropped all classes already given the way Santa Fe college has run business for the third time. Between rude advisers telling me I'm wasting my time and asking a manager to change my adviser to staff members being rude to me.

Brady Kennedy

Mibsam Cardenas

Santa Fe College was a place I called home for many year. I'm glad I was able to mature here professionally. I appreciate all my professors and classmates for the opportunity to spent time together.

Amie Montalvan

The SFCC nursing program has gone so far downhill since they switched to the 2 yr program. Stay away! Waste ur money somewhere else. Also if you have any questions about financial aid, what you should take, when you will get your book alowence just fig. It out yourself. This school is turning into a joke. I am ready to finish my 2 classes and never look back.

a ferg

This school is an absolute joke! You will never meet anyone at this campus that has your true interest in mind. There are WWAAYYY TOOO MANY STUDENTS than their is for counselors/professors. Anyone that could make you comfortable absolutely does not. They are all tired of dealing with SO MANY students so they just push you on to the next. I tried to go to this college multiple times but NEVER got the assistance needed. I hope all new students read this and realize you are not even a factor in this world. PLEASE go where you feel comfortable to talk with someone and this absolutely NOT the place!

Sheila Garcia

There appears to be political agendas and opinions mixed into teachings which should be fact based. The political views and opinions of teachers shouldn't impact learning materials, assignments, grades, lectures or policy. Teachers need to stick to facts and fact based reading material. Nobody pays for college to have an agenda pushed down your throat. Opinions and facts are completely different and shouldn't be taught as if they had anything in common.

De'Lano Lowe

Marion Miller

Automotive education program is very impressive here. Toured that facility and met with the staff yesterday. Can't say enough good things about their vision and passion for their students and the program.

Elise S.

The school is nice, but their financial aid office is very difficult to deal with. No flexibility or care for the students that go to their school!

Takoda Kerr

sarah jones

Lindsay Ault

Tamara Kendricks

I actually had the pleasure of going to their Art Museum and it was wonderful. I actually sketched a picture while I was there. The people were very nice actually a group of us from Journey daybook went out there and definitely a pleasant experience

Rachel Adams

Yolivir Mendoza

(Translated by Google) It is the best college in use. Very good care and preparation for students (Original) Es el mejor college de usa. Muy buena atención y preparación para los estudiantes

Ryan Holbert


Im a sophomore here and this is a really amazing school. The professors are amazing! I would definitely recommend.

ty hughes

Erduan Valdes

Bts Bts

Kiersten Peeples

I have attended Santa Fe College for four years now and I have had the best experience up until now. Fall 2018 has been the worst semester yet in regards seeking academic advice. If your adviser is not Andy Anderson good luck! Because all the rest of the advisers are for some reason unable to answer any of your questions or give you any advising. I sent multiple emails and called multiple times trying to reach out to my adviser to ask her a question. She responded months later only to tell me that she did not know the answer to my question. I asked her a second question which she again did not know the answer to. I ended up easily finding the answer on Santa Fe's website. As far as everything else goes, Santa Fe is wonderful. They have some of the best professors. They also have an amazing support system. Most people there are looking to help you succeed. They have the best parking compared to UF, however, some days I am spending 30 minutes looking for parking. BEWARE - try to park your car in a location that is safe and away from HUGE trucks because the other day I witnessed someone run into someone's else's parked car with their HUGE truck while they were trying to park. All in all it is a great college and I would highly recommend it!

Kristian Serrano

Nikola Maljkovic

Serdest Ozilice

Worst of ESL classes. All of the ESL teachers are formative, firm republicans who just wants your money. Wouldn't suggest this place to anyone! IDK who picked this school as the number one in nation!!!

Louis Labaky

Santiago Diaz

They still have old boards , very dirty bathrooms and the worst english department

Alex Tisdale

Kam D

Haven’t taken a single class yet and it’s the worst school I’ve gone to. Absolutely terrible when it comes to financial aid help, and their response time for anything is awful.

Erich Christian

As far as quality of education goes, Santa Fe has been one of the best places I've received an education (short of maybe my high school- which that I remain unresolved.) Regardless, out of the two classes I've taken, Calculus and Public Speaking, the number of students per teacher was much smaller, the office hours were reasonable, and the teaching assistant, Marcel was fantastic. I think the basics are better taught here than at four year universities, albeit this is a four year university now that it has acquired the nursing program. They have decent career development content as well. The campus is also quite nice and I may update this review again at some point. We shall see.

Sindi Hogenson

Santa Fe rocks! My daughter has come 110% in her scores which is directly related to the professors who are very willing to not only teach but help!! Thank you very much! Sindi Hogenson.

Elliott Barrington

Hannah Eades

Top Private Chef

Caffeine Fox

I can definitely say that my experience with my professors and other students while finishing my BAS degree on campus and even online for the classes, as well as the clubs, has not only given me extensive education but has prepared me to grow in the workforce via helping me build me resume and e-portfolio. Their study abroad opportunities are amazing, integrating very well with the coursework offered for each study abroad experience. There's a club for any hobby or interest you may have, and the teachers really care about your education.

Zen Ferno

Nice campus. Parking is a little cramped, but the amenities mostly make up for it.


This school is so inconsiderate of students who have FULL TIME JOBS (8am-5pm) The financial aid office, the cashiers office and the advisors office all close at 5PM! When are students supposed to do anything when they get off of work at the same time this school COLSES! It would be nice if they actually opened a little later!.


Unless you want their liberal agenda crammed into every subject, don't go here! They are purposely trying to poison and corrupt the young minds of our society. In my math class, I had subsets that were broken up into categories of racism, transgenderism, and left-wing politics that has nothing to do with learning about math. Santa Fe College, you should be ashamed of yourselves! How about you try providing the information/facts of both sides of the isle and letting people decide on their own. You are part of the problem!! In response to your reply below: I tried to contact Makayla and Dave (chairman) and I have yet to hear back from his assistant Makayla. I filed a complaint against an instructor wearing inappropriate attire (revealing her upper chest) during class every day. To this day, nothing has been done about it!! It has been extremely difficult to get anything accomplished at your college. I am switching colleges because I would never want to graduate from a college like this. Although, I am not done I will be writing letters and escalating them above the chairman since they are useless.

Jason Stidham

Never a single problem.

goatee motomagma

Danica Kemper

Loved every minute of dual enrolling here.

The DuffGuy

Good school but there's to many mistakes in teaching.

Savannah Barr


Rude Faculty... I was denied access too fitness center because I'm currently not taking campus classes..only online class..after going there countless to worknow out.. staff was very rude about it like Im gonna steal the equipment. Very disappointing to get treated with no respect.. Technically I don't access too library either. I can see if I'm not a student At all without a student only college credit hours students are allowed to use facility.

Andre Alexander Noble

This is for the dental school. I enjoyed going and would advise anyone going to come prepared for great service and learning a lot about their gums, teeth and how to properly clean them. WOW that was a learning experience I have been brushing wrong for life :)

jasmine duncan

It was great! The teachers were available to assist you one on one. There were work/study labs where you were able to receive assistance.

Carla Ramirez

Diego Posada

Brandon Jenkins

Santa Fe college is an amazing school. The professors are amazing, and the school is very cheap to attend. I now attend school at the University of Miami but I miss Santa Fe like crazy.

Cassie cuppeycake

YahShere Darling


Financial aid department staff isn't helpful at all !

Michael Wiseley

This school is incredibly corrupt in regards to it's financial aid departments. Staff are lazy and bureaucratic.

Xandria Williams

Where can i start. I'm in the Ged program at the Downtown Blunt Center. It's an a experience i don't feel like nobody with mental health problems such as Bipolar 1,Learning disabilities should go until you know you will have the right accommodations that will help you achieve your goals. They judge you before you walk through the door. There is a lot of comparing you to other students. You have to teach yourself. Why ask for help on something you never done and they make you do it anyways without an introduction and look crazy in front of the class. The math instructor dont be there all the time, Kris!!! She started a math class for everybody, then stopped abruptly. I guess i wasnt worth her time. They all can be nice nasty. Laura is on the positive side. I hate the way Jason puts problems on boards and make you work the problem out, many of us are uncomfortable with that. I just wish TYRUS BRADSHAW would come back because he did it all from helping you sign up for college, promote Santa Fe College to the community. The rest are lazy as hell. Tyrus was well Connected to the other's from the big campus. When you come in and you want to know anything about signing up or getting help with financial aide Tyrus Bradshaw was the one to go to. I saw the white help the white and i saw Tyrus Helps EVERYBODY! No mater what race, sex, etc. He did so much that the other's literally would smoke cigarettes outside for God knows how long. Tyrus Bradshaw even let the college student's and GED program students meet the president himself. I work so my job comes first. Then they will tell you you have to come and you basically have to change your schedule or quit your job to acomplish this GED. Im 36 not 18. I have bills and i have a spouse. They play alot of games. By me having bipolar 1 it's a struggle already. I'm sorry but my college experience will be City College. Please bring Tyrus Bradshaw back to help our future kids. He was very knowledgeable and informative. I saw kids who needed help of color and was ignored by the other people who was doing what Tyrus did. Get some real Math and Reading teachers who really is here to see accomplishments from EVERY student no matter race or sex. Thats gonna help all Students, not who they want to help. I saw a white girl in our Ged class and they let her stay in our GED class and prep for college and when another student completed her GED, she (black) was told she couldn't come. I'm speaking for people with disabilities such as learning and mental. We can be productive to. We just need a school who will accommodate us. I'm routined because of the bipolar 1 and when Miss nice nasty Kris stopped the class a couple of weeks before i took my real test and me getting ready for my math test, I still needed help, she just stopped and was like, oh well. Please get some order down there in the Ged classes. Please find Mr. Tyrus Bradshaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go to evening classes but guess what, one of the instructors is not good at explaining math so i might have to come to morning classes. That defeats my purpose of coming to night classes. I can't make mornings. And the math wiz instuctor Kris she may not even show up on Wednesday night's. I guess I will have to teach myself again. I scored a 141 without them i can get those 4 points myself. I'm ready to give up but I'm tired of their bs. Rules changing EVERYDAY!!! Please do something about the GED instructors downtown!


This place beats UF for experience!

Andres Longo

Inconsiderate and greedy

Samantha Roberts

Lyle McElgun

Decent education at an affordable price (roughly $100/credit hour). NW Campus offers more advanced/intensive curriculum than the Watson Center.

Champagne Gerhardt

Shakira Fadus Pérez

This is my Story: Being an International Student at Santa Fe College is the worst thing that can happen to you. Besides that your tuition is 3 times more just for being an immigrant, they don't offer scholarships. Why we are not allow to get help? because we are just seem as a profit. Also, we do not get the benefit to choose how many classes we want to take because we are "required" to be full-time. We can only take one class online for semester. This post is about my tuition and what they did to me at Santa Fe. I apply for a student loan because I couldn't pay the ridiculous amount of money, but what happened is that the "amazing people" at financial aid didn't processed my loan, so my classes got drop. I talked with everyone at Santa Fe for help, even trying a payment plan but the last day to add/drop classes just passed. I brought all my papers signed of my loan to financial aid, and they told me that nothing can be done to help me. They just play with me sending me to person to person making lose my time and nobody helped me. Whenever I went to cashier's office and told what my situation was this lady after treating me horrible told me "we don't care about your situation, we just need the $6,000 today or you can start saying "goodbye" to your visa. I feel really glad about the help that they didn't give me, by the end of this semester I am going to be back in Venezuela because they did nothing to help me keep my visa status. Thanks for nothing I might be kill at Venezuela :)

Evelyn Alfonzo

The phone is never answered in the international center, I had some questions and I’ve never got an answer.

Stephen Locke

Class of '75. Fond memories, couldn't have spent two more productive years anywhere else. Great faculty and staff!


I would've liked to get more information about a program this college offers. But I can never get through the phone. It always says its closed. After reading these reviews I have no interest in pursuing any of my educational goals with Santa Fe.

davion smith

Jenny K

Tuition pricing is great. Campus is clean. Parking is free. Quality education.

Melisa Trotman

Thosha Maile

Olivia Smith

Fredrica Gatson

Santa Fe College has impacted my life in so many ways! SFC is an awesome college!

Jordan Williams

Forrest Miller

This college is a joke. The financial part of it I should say. I took prep classes here and had to drop them because I was raising two kids. Well I went back to go into the police academy and they wouldnt accept my Pell grant from the state. My wife says they are trying to compete with UF but she said it's easier to deal with UF. want my opinion? go somewhere else if it's possible.

Gerardo Castillo

Reinol Diaz

Christopher Anderson

Great learning institution to start a career !!!!!

Chris Cherry

Pat Su

Staff is friendly and helpful; professors are professional, informative, and helpful; grounds are kept beautifully manicured and clean; there are so many programs available to choose from; there are plenty of places to get help with English and Math (labs and SmartThinking for essay review); and so many other reasons why this school is number 1 in the nation. I'm proud to be a Saint and I'm thankful to the school for helping me maintain a 4.0 GPA.

Eric Marhofer

RTD Tools

Benjamin Ford

Stefan Oswald

Nice school. Rec center is awesome! =)

Michelle Warmick

Came out yesterday for The Walk Run event.

Nicholas Lutz

It's a great school to attend to!a my experience with the resource center has been great. And the teachers are very accommodating if you talk with them.

Yanyan Jiang

Only went to the nursing department a few times but was not impressed by their staff, unfriendly and unhelpful. They were so snotty as they thought their nursing school was so popular. Fortunately I got admitted to UF, and I took my nursing prerequisites at florida gateway college in lake city.

Sarah Anderson

I love it here at Santa Fe College! The campus is always so beautiful and clean. Shout out to JAN in the math lab! She is always so pleasant and more than willing to help when I am having trouble understanding Algebra.

Akshar Patel

Paras Patel

Nakul Patra

Maggie Driebe

I dropped out of Santa Fe after my first class. It was a developing math class that I had to take and it was soooooo hard!

Purple Lights

i got lice here. :( i spent 100 dollars on the treatment screw this place

James Moran

The medical program at this establishment is horrific.

Lily Starr

Elliott George

This was a great way to start my college career. I began here and went on to get a PhD and become an academic. Previous to Santa Fe, I had actually dropped out of college. It is affordable with supportive and committed faculty. Nice campus with all native plants and trees. I love this place!

joannie johnson

Vicente González

(Translated by Google) Yes my like (Original) Si mi gusta

Titan Kiwi

Great school. Worst parking. Dont plan on parking on campus.

King Quan

I'm not a student there, but went on atripy there a few months ago and I was astonished at how nice and friendly the students and staff were. Hopefully I get the chance to go there in the future.

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