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REVIEWS OF Nova Southeastern University IN Florida

Marcos Caboverde

There is no reason to choose NSU's undergraduate programs over those of any other universities in Florida. They will not accept many of your credits if you transfer, because they would prefer you to spend the money on re-taking them at NSU. This happened to me when I transferred from University of South Florida, even though USF is a more highly-ranked school than NSU. Most of the funds are spent not on academics, but on making the campus beautiful and modern, and I must say, the campus is state of the art as a result. The president has an annual salary of $1,220,000, which to me is absurd for a so-called "non-profit educational institution" and is carefully kept secret, but was told to me and several classmates by one of my professors. Perhaps this is why it currently costs $24,000 per year to attend, which increased steadily by $1,000 per year over the course of my undergraduate study. The lack of any strive for academic excellence on the school's part is probably why NSU ranks worse than every single public university in Florida, and is not nearly as esteemed or well-known as their rival, University of Miami. Class schedules are very inflexible, and many students struggle to find places in the classes which they wish to attend every semester. I graduated NSU last year with a biology degree, and am dissatisfied with my experience there. Attending NSU was a $74,000 mistake which I sincerely regret, and if I had the chance to go back, I would certainly not attend there again.


I'm so surprised by some of the bad reviews people gave Nova...Listen, I'm a veteran and I transferred from University of Florida for personal/family reasons. It's like any school. You have good and bad professors (hence, rate my professor people) Coming from UF, I appreciated being able to park my car and walk to a class nearby again for starters. The one thing that I really appreciated at Nova being an older student is that THE CLASSROOMS ARE SMALL IN COMPARISON TO A BIG SCHOOL LIKE UF!!! I took organic chemistry at UF. You have 200 kids in a class. The professor barely knows the students and outside learning is through a T.A. that you cross your fingers he/she is explaining the material good. Not to mention, T.A. sessions are short. At Nova, IT WAS SUCH A LUXURY GOING TO OFFICE HOURS AND SPEAKING TO A PROFESSOR WHO HAD THE TIME TO GO OVER THE MATERIAL!!! I barely noticed students taking advantage of this luxury! Yes, admittedly, my experience may be different because the VA did help me financially and I lucked out with getting good professors. I find the resources here helped me succeed in a way that really catered to my learning style. To each their own.

Tonya Smith

I love Nova

huasen Zhao

garnet hudson

A Ramos

(Translated by Google) We arrived last so we talked have very good level facilities are very spacious and very clean apart has very nice views (Original) Llegamos de pasada por lo que nos platicaron tiene muy buen nivel las instalaciones están muy amplias y muy limpias aparte tiene muy bonitas vistas

Douglass High rise

Mrs. Tahnee

My mom went to this school and the faculty there were a nightmare. Mom was emotionally bullied by the staff. They had no compassion or interest in supporting her. She graduated with a gpa of 3.8 and got her doctoral from them but it wasn't worth the cruelty she endured from the people at that school. It's not just one department wither. Everyone we know who graduated with a PhD or EdD from NSU said the same thing. They put off giving you the degree so they can squeeze out every last penny they can from you.

Oriette Mesika

Beautiful campus

Joel piano


Rachel Earle

Juan Bueno

(Translated by Google) Quality (Original) Calidad

freddy Toloza

(Translated by Google) I like it (Original) Me gusta


The pandora adds are getting so annoying that if i wanted to go to your school ive changed my mind

Yisel Cintas

I'm very grateful for the attention they gave me in the dental clinic.

James C

Undergrads here are from upper class families. They are very rude spoiled

dore teichman

yes.. it's kind of expensive.. buet yes it;s worth it. I did my Masters at Nova.. I liked it enough to send my son for his B.S.. All my professors where good.. not one single bad experience.

Sarah Amelia

The main thing I dont like about NSU is that they offer certain classes at a certain time. Not every course is available every semester. This is by far the most dumbest thing ever and they really need to change this I was kept back from doing certain classes because it was offered "every odd year' yes this is true. Also, since this is a private college everything (mostly) is up to date but their sophomore housing sucks I dont want to share a bathroom and they only have 1 type of housing for sophomore I only attended this college for 1 year and a half and I am transferring to another school. I care about my academics more than anything else so I dont have much to say about the social activities as I did participate in SOME but not most. Getting my degree is more important.

Lazara Brito

The teacher at this University are great!!

Ruari James

Sultan Al-Sughair

You will get a degree but not education or knowledge. I dropped out after only three weeks, I could not stand professors just reading for us from a 48-slide presentation for two hours. I knew I won’t learn neither will enjoy the academic and college experience.

Dario Altamirano


Excellent, the best

Latoria Thompson


I used the campus pharmacy for many years with excellent results.

Alexander V. Fornino

Bad for visitors. Buildings are too hard to find. Every other entrance is fenced-in.


Mario Cesar Nascimento

My experience was great in visiting. Attentive staff with facilities in very beautiful place.

Jide Idowu

Awesome university located in the heart of Davie, FL. The beach and the Oceanographic center is a 15 minute drive away. The university possesses state of the art educational and and research equipment. Not to mention small classroom sizes and dedicated academic and career advisors.

Maria Farias

Kelcie Miller

DO NOT GO HERE. Wold give 0 stars if I could. They only want your money and ALL of it. In fact, more than all of it. I had a baby during medical school and only took 4 weeks off. I had to make up these 4 weeks in order to graduate (obviously. I totally understood this). What I didn’t understand is how I have to pay them the full time summer semester tuition of $11,520 dollars in order to graduate (since I’m technically graduating during the summer semester). This is only one example of my many, many issues with them. I could go on and on but this is enough already ...

Lisa Webster

Luv it


I am not a student, I went to their clinic for a physical. It was the worst annual physical. I decided to come to NSU for a physical thinking that being a teaching hospital I would get a thorough exam. WRONG! Besides listening to my heart and drawing blood they didn't do anything. They said that being I am in good health there is no reason to examine me further. Not look in my mouth? Ears? Urine test (with diabetes in my family)? Check my glands? I am just over 50 and they didn't ask if I ever had a colonoscopy (which I never did). I get a physical every year and never experienced such a minimal exam.


Fantastic college with a huge offering of degrees. Knowledgable professors, very large library, amazing resources for students, and home to one of the nation's largest research labs. A plus - located in beautiful South Florida.

John Gilhooley

Great University beautiful views outstanding buildings.

Hiver Domingo

Imran Akhtar

Krunk Steve


Cepie Harvin

It big

Magen Nicole

You guys are awful and need to be more knowledgeable. I had one simple question and niether your health department or your undergrad department could answer it and instead kept transferring me back and fourth between the two and eventually put me on hold and didn't answer the phone again. One star is more than I wanted to give you but it's the lowest offered.

Bobby C

The campus is great.

Stefan Buckman

I'm a military veteran and I've attended several institutions over the past two decades. NSU is veteran-friendly, has a diligent veteran department, and the programs are great. I would give them 5 stars but the tuition is some of the highest I've paid. Still, I'm willing to pay (completely out of pocket, as I used my GI Bill several years ago) because I enjoy my program. They have a very good entrance process, including an acceptance interview, so they're not simply taking anyone and everyone with a checkbook. Along the way, Nova has checks to ensure students are where they should be in the program. For example, in my program we go through a preliminary interview to ensure we're doing well in the program and that it's still a good fit. Toward the end of the program we take a rigorous qualifying exam to ensure we've mastered the concepts. This way, the students aren't simply passed through and the validity of a degree isn't watered-down. I have attended Nova for four years. They have one of the best libraries I've seen, just wish tuition was a little less painful.

Jeremy Griffith

The teachers and the admin staff at this university are garbage. They rarely return phone calls or emails, and when you can get in touch with someone they give you vague answers, that generally will be discounted later. The school is an overpriced sham that preys on people.

Beckett Farkas

Good school, nice campus and they have fantastic psych programs.

Jorge A Ebrat

The Epic Beanos

Michele Viso

After having completed my under and graduate degrees from Nova Southeastern University at the school of business I have earned the right to voice my complain. I also feel compelled to alert the incoming class of the terrible service they will experience with the advising faculty. You ask me why I completed both degrees at NSU? It’s because of the professors. They are one of a kind and many went above and beyond to help me gain knowledge in my chosen field. Eternally Grateful! However, the advising office is JOKE! After an exhaustive 25 emails with my advisor, having to endure Ms Tramaine Martin dismissive and rude comments and I was assured I was allowed to take summer classes. Now that we are one week away from classes starting I was told that my classes are going to be dropped. When I called my so called advisor, she tells me and I quote “Yeah, you did everything right but sorry you cannot take the classes. I even made a phone call and my director said no”. But what was the point of all the emails back and forth? The many calls? The email of her assuring me that I could take the classes and helping me register for classes? Now I am left to explain to my job that I can not take the classes I was asked to take. I want to say that this was an isolated case, but it’s not. That was my entire experience with the advising faculty. I truly hope someone from NSU reads this review and gives me a call. I would be delighted to explain this particular instance in length with hopes of preventing it from happening to another student. I am truly disappointed NSU! Can’t wait for Alumni events - I shall be a delight!

Josh Huff

DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU'RE A VETERAN! I've attended NOVA for one year now and every semester they've messed up my VA benefits. They claimed they knew nothing about it. I made numerous emails and phone calls and they denied me ever sending emails. I had to argue with them to even get dropped from the University and transfer back to Virginia. Too much stress for a Veteran using his GI bill and VA benefits to go through. I served my country and this is how I was treated. This school only cares about it's "Minority" populace. DO NOT APPLY HERE IF YOU'RE A VETERAN!!! They're going to scam you out of your money.

Alden Darbouze

If you look at the campus as only a place, it's really beautiful and well built. But when you start associating their actual philosophy, school business model, and tuition, it just makes you wonder how much of the money really goes into the campus.


Nice campus

Q Love

Staff is very welcoming. I appreciate the small class sizes and hands on interaction from the teachers and students.

Richa Barua

Nova Southeastern University is a non profit independent university offering under graduate, graduate and courses.

Miryam Guillén

I used to go to Nova University long time ago 1981-1982... I would like to know about a profesor Dr Kooros in can I have information of his whereabouts?

Kehl Arnson

Beautiful campus. here for Doctoral graduation and evening has been amazing. wonderful caring people, excellent university!

Samelyn Colon

(Translated by Google) I want to study the pharmacy doctorate there and I hope they give me the opportunity to enter since it is the More prepared of the universities (Original) Quiero estudiar ahí el doctorado de farmacia y espero que me den la oportunidad de entrar ya que es la Más preparada de las universidades

Carlos Tapia

NSU provided me a great education, with my professors being caring and qualified. However, if you are looking for student life, consider another university. The campus life here is abysmal compared to other colleges, and significantly impacted my well-being and health while attending. You feel separated and the involvement offices seem to say no more than “Look online”. If you have a family, or a full time job - NSU is an excellent school for you. But if you want a vibrant student life, and friends, consider another university. I have since transferred to another university.


Nova dental may be good when you are not going as an "emergency patient." It really isn't about them charging me $160 and just putting a filling in a root canal that had the nerve exposed just so it didnt hurt and filing the molar down so much that it wouldnt hit the opposite one so it would not hurt. It's about them thinking that we are all stupid, that we will not understand that it's just a shady business AND them not telling me I HAVE AN INFECTION until AFTER they were done covering it and i started asking questions. So now, not only do i still have the infection, but it still hurts like hell! Just sad that they do not tell you exactly what is going on, even after looking at an X-Ray and knowing exactly what ultimately has to be done, just to make money.

xiaoyan Jaing

NSU is a world-class university where you can find excellent and knowledgeable professors who really care about you. I earned my master degree in conflict resolution there. I feel that the skills and knowledge I learned from my program are helpful for my career. Some professors are challenging, while some are not. However, they all are responsive and patient. As an international student, I used to suffer tremendously from English writing, but the writing center of NSU helped me improve a lot. Moreover, NSU has the largest library in Fl where students may take advantage of it. The beautiful campus view is an additional merit. Compared to other universities nearby, say, UM or FIU, the fees and tuition of NSU are OK. I mean, it is not cheap, but it is not expensive too, at least, for my program. All in all, I love NSU and would like to recommend NSU to everybody whom I know.

Matt Lechner

If you are considering applying to any branch of Nova University, you should be aware what they did to me when I replied to their full-page advertisement in Florida Trend magazine offering access to research and computing facilities, access to key decision makers including deans, access to research, assistance in obtaining government funding, access to internship talent, and access to equipment. It turned out none of that was true, not for me anyway. I believe they stonewalled and blacklisted me and are now threatening me with a lawyer because I very briefly spoke of the extreme religious blacklisting practiced by the Huizenga company, Waste Management, in its business operations. They are one of the most extreme and egregious propagators of religious blacklisting in employment in American history. It is not a matter of opinion either, it is a historical fact – amply set forth in writing in the corporate history of the Huizenga company, Waste Management, titled “WASTE MANAGEMENT – An American Corporate Success Story” published by Gateway Business Books, ISBN 0-89526-511-7 see for example pps. 161, 195, and 199 which very clearly document the odious practice, which in this case was blacklisting to exclude people of the Jewish religion. As noted on pages 161, 195, and 199 ---- the practices of the Huizenga company in this regard were on a massive scale, the blacklisting was approved at the highest levels of the firm, it was administered formally in writing by the Huizenga company, and Jewish employees were systematically denied jobs that were double their pay rate and included company housing as well.


Great school

Ricardo Ortega

Looks like a great school. I attended this campus for a seminar in cyber security

Jorge Renier

The billing department at this University is the worst in the us

Annie Clarke

Turner Jackson

Sergio Mandes

dont recommend

Rafael Fernandez

After 20 yrs. I'm still paying off student loans from this university and very upset that the aluminum association has the gall to ask for more money. They should look at providing financial assistance for former students instead of producing high dollar newsletters. Universities need to be financial advocates for their students and not their bottom line.

Ashley Robyn

Keon Grayson

NSU is all about looks! I have been attending Nova on and off since 2009. What I love the most about it is the professors. You go to college for the education and at NSU you will certainly get that. However, everything else about the university is horrible. The staff sucks. Financial Aid was of no help the entire time I was there. My student advisor; simply clueless. I had to tell her half of the time what I needed to graduate. The veteran liaison was always behind. I never got my benefits in a timely manner. If you are looking for a veteran friendly school, NSU is not the place. The availability of classes is very minimum. Some classes are only available every other year. Class scheduling other laps. Many times there is two different courses within the same discipline that are scheduled at the same exact time with no other scheduled time. Therefore, you find yourself putting a totally irrelevant course on your schedule just to fill up empty space to receive funding. The course work is usually graded with attendance as a percentage of your grade. College is supposed to be a place where you are responsible for yourself. But at Nova you will be treated like a child. I lost so many grade points because of attendance or tardiness. I may have gotten an A on the assignments but I was absent too many times so I have a C now. They offer more mini semester (8 week) courses than full semester and that is also a problem with scheduling. The library is awesome but the computers are slow and the printers break too often. Public transportation users aren't accounted for. If you catch public transportation you may find yourself walking a nice distance to actually get on the campus itself. The food court options are not great; okay at best. The food, along with everything else, is overpriced. The social life is very cliquish. Without being in a club, fun activities are out of the question. I would say that most students miss out on the "college experience" part of going to college when coming to NSU. It catered to a certain kind of people; the more bourgeois personality. I don't think the actual life skills necessary to survive in the global economy and employment market will be attained at Nova. I believe there is much unnecessary burdens place on NSU's students and it will be a hinder to the student's success. NSU is not for people of a mature age. It just is not accommodating to the more experience crowd. Teenagers may love it at Nova fresh out of high school, however, the working mom without a vehicle will not be too impressed. The technology is lacking behind immensely. Buildings continue to be erected without addressing to true needs of its most important assets: the instructors and the students. Some buildings are old and in need of major renovation. Most buildings do not connect so have an umbrella on hand at all times in case of rain otherwise you may get stuck. This place has lost and cost me money. The departments other than academics such as administrative offices are very slow and inefficient when processing important paper work. They're very incompetent. If you are looking for prestige and want to be able to say that you went to a private university, then Nova's your place. If you want to get a good education at high price and minimum assistance, then Nova's the school. But, if you want to have the true college experience while getting a wonderful education and great support from faculty, staff, and students, the it would be advantageous for you to forget about NSU and look elsewhere. Nova Southeastern University has been by far the most difficult easiest place to operate and succeed at in my life. By the way, I'm a Veteran, Councilman, a former college graduate and a family man. So, trust me when I tell you that this school's moto should be "unnecessary hardship". I get NSU a rating of 1 star because other than its professors who have compromised their teaching methods to accommodate the institution's policies, Nova is no more than smoke and mirrors.

Ricardo A Garcell Jr


Bad experience at dental clinic. People did not care enough about my root canal and i still with a temporary filling after my treatment started 5 months ago. I consulted a private doctor and she said leaving a temporary filling for too long may cause infection back on your tooth. Very disappointed..

ihosvany sosa



(Translated by Google) Excellent academy (Original) Excelente academia

Jill Munroe

I love this school

France Chinembiri

Carol Wooten

Santiago Manza

Great school! AMAZING PROFESSORS. Just got my Undergrad in business now starting my GRAD MBA!

Suzy Smith

Getting my online degree is convenient, rigorous, and affordable. I'm held accountable and I feel like my degree is really worth something. I know potential employers already! Highly recommended!

Stefany Merino

natalija jovanovic

More than 5 years ago I was accepted on dentistry program as a patient. One tooth was really problematic and I told the student that root canals is not an option for me, and if they insist of doing the root canal, to tell me that and I would sign off from the program. One day, the professor in charge for our section was busy and another professor came to check on me. I talked to him and I told him the same thing as I told before to student Ryan. While a was switching chairs, he told Ryan to use material on that problematic tooth that would kill my nerve (as preparation for the root canal). What this professor didn't know was that I've already signed the plan that considered saving the tooth in whole an no root canal option. The student just supposed to fix the temporary filling he put before, but, without my knowledge he put what this corruptive professor told him. The professor that was in charge for our section, asked student if he was going to just replace the same material, and the student said no, the other professor said to put the other material (preparation to kill the nerve). The professor in charge raised his voice: "What?" and then said "Well ok, if he said that..." Ryan replaced materials, and within 2-3 weeks I got terrible sensations in all my left lobe, up and down in my face. All nerves reacted because this killing material supposed to be removed by then, but they kept it as temporary because the signed planed in their system was showing that. I ran from the parking to get inside and have them remove the material (I still didn't know what was going on with me) and try to help me. They admitted me, but the main professor (could be for the shift) was called and here where the real devil shows up. They reviewed documents in the system and realized they were about to end up in court. They were separating from me several times (I was sitting on the chair in pain, waiting for them just to remove the material and figure out the following time I come in), so I started realizing what actually happened and this main professor confirmed to me that the tooth was the preparation for the root canal, before he stood away from me first time. Since they were coming back and fourth few times, each time I asked them to just remove it, because I wasn't able to handle the pain and it was so odd to have the wide sensation, that was not located only around one tooth. When I was pressing the spot right next to my nose on the left side, I was able to feel pulsing sensation on the tooth that was 3 teeth away from that spot. Last time this main guy came, he came with the ultimatum, to remove all my teeth surfaces, wherever I fill sensation and pain reminding me that we had only 5 min left before the shift ends. And if I don't, I can then go to any other dentist and I would be kicked out from their program. So I left, without being able to tell anything to the evil that was looking at me and raising the voice at me. Ryan gave me business card for emergency and some other professor dentist gave me his business card. I went to work and the day after I called 50 times emergency department and 50 times the dentist from the school. No one picked up nor called me back after I left several VM. I went to some other dentist and he confirmed that the tooth was dead, he removed the material and put temporary material to calm the tooth down and nerves. I ended up with root canal, and this tooth had 2 roots. The cleaning of the canal was done without anesthesia and I didn't feel a thing (to the surprise of the dentist who was doing the root canal). The is still only one tooth with root canal I have. I remember also while I was there, that a lot, if not every patient was ending up getting at least one root canal at Nova program..... Sapienti Sat! Parents: DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS TO THAT SCHOOL, IT IS THE NEST OF CORRUPTION. Patients: GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, SAVE YOUR TEETH. Students: PLEASE CHOOSE DIFFERENT COLLEGE.

Francisco Rivera

Really disappointed with the service. I got there on time but forgot my credit card I ask the lady if I could give her my card number so she could make the payment manually she said that it wasn't possible that if I wanted to do that I had to call a number and what not but since I had still to fill out the form I was going to be late anyways so I shouldn't even bother, this was 5 mnts after I had gotten there and spoke to her. How can't they do a payment manually are they retarded? These people need costumer service classes seriously.

Michèle Bernard

Awesome university located in the heart of Davie, FL..

Romulo Chavez

(Translated by Google) Many appetizers (Original) Muchos aperitibos

Shantell Perry

Hector Robles

Super nice campus. Expensive. Awesome gym.

jason moldovan

I have 2 friends that go to NSU. One had to repeat his whole year from dentistry school because the nova administration office is really trash and couldn’t get his credits. My other friend had to take a random class just because if she didn’t she would lose her scholarship. Nova is very unorganized and it shows they only care about money and not their students’ education.

eriel marimon

Every website that has to do with this university sucks.

Walter Joseph

Peyton Sherry


Ilya Pavlov

This university is overpriced for any of its program that you're applying to. Undergraduate science programs such as Bachelors in Biology or Marine Biology are mediocre. Graduate school programs on the other hand prepare students well for their desired profession and are also very competitive to get into.

Tyler Powers

I would give zero stars if I could. I was a high ranking student graduating high school, and even took college classes in high school. When I came to Nova the environment was so different. The food costs so much that you basically go broke one to two months through the semester because you can't spend money on anything other than the horrible quality food. The students were way too spoiled who go there and I could not mesh with that. I stopped one of my friends from drunk driving and I was awarded an email about sexual harassment where half of it was made up and was able to be proven it was made up. There were no consequences towards the student who made the false accusation, and there was also nothing done when I reported the student who harassed me about the title nine because people spread rumors. It got bad enough where I left the college because I didn't want to deal with the harassment. Then Nova tried to bill me for a semester I never went to. Finally I got that straightened out. Now I'm still in debt to Nova after all I endured when I was there and I'm paying that off. The only good friend I made there got reported for sexual harassment twice for "Hugging someone who didn't want to be hugged" so he gets time taken from his studies (Has full ride scholarship) to go through a waste of time hour long meeting because someone couldn't say please don't hug me. This school needs to learn how to discipline students because none of this was okay and no student should have to go through what my friend and I went through.

Mike Thompson

My niece had her graduation ceremony here. Nice campus!

Fareida R

Our daughter is a recent grad, who earned two bachelors degrees. We are happy to say that we believe that her experience at Nova has prepared her for Graduate school and future endeavors. But, more importantly, we feel that she received very personalized support from the university staff, her professors, deans and even president Hanbury himself. She felt safe, cared for and supported while living, working and studying on campus. We are grateful to Nova for her academic scholarships, opportunities and successes and can assure other parents/students that our small, but growing university is an excellent choice.

Tom A

Nadeem Qasem

Professor Naim Syed is wonderful. He takes his time to meet me after class if I ever need help and made my experience at NSU that much better.

Aori myneko

Elena Santana

I am a potential online transfer student from another university and I am hesitant to proceed with my application. When applying online, I have received little to limited communication from the university on how to proceed. First, they had assigned a counselor that no longer works there. Then when I attempted to contact the new counselor, in a not so friendly tone, she forwarded me to Admissions for requirements that were unknown to me. I then contacted Admissions and the receptionist there told me I needed to provide them with a Transfer Report from my prior university. My previous university forwarded the Transfer Report to Nova and I have yet received a phone call nor an email confirming receipt of the form and how to proceed. Granted, I also have an application pending at FIU and FIU has been communicating with me and guiding me through the admissions process since the beginning. They assigned me a representative which has been the go to person for everything and he remains contacting me and encouraging me to proceed with FIU. I had a similar positive experience with my previous university where I was guided through the entire process and always had a representative working with me every semester. I'm very surprised that this university being triple the price of the others does not have organization. I am a 50 year old long life learner and have been in the corporate environment for many years. I find this lack of organization, communication and follow up unprofessional and unacceptable for a university. I am extremely interested in the program I am registering in, but am very hesitant in proceeding. If things improve in the application process, I will update my review, but so far I am very unsatisfied on how an application for a new online student is being handled. I am sure that Nova loses many potential students due to this same problem.

Gianfranco La Rotta

level Njowir

Awesome school.

Aracely Vasquez

When I’m 22 I going to collage is big

carlo paul samayoa

Julian Uddin

Nice instructors helping me with work, nice classmates I met, and beautiful campus! 10/10!

Tristan Ainsworth

STAY AWAY!!!! They are either 1) COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT or 2) SCAMMING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND STUDENTS to make more money. I attended with 100% GI Bill plus yellow ribbon, so 100% funded. Got in constant arguments about funding, and they even claimed I owed $1,600 at one point AFTER they returned some funding to the VA. I asked three different people about the funding and got three completely different answers. I thought that was resolved, although they never gave me a definitive answer. Now, 5 YEARS after leaving the school, I get a letter saying I owe them over $3,800 and they’re going to send it to collections. The bursar says that their VA office made an adjustment of $2,600 in Feb 2019, with no other details. Three calls to their VA office have gone unanswered. I called the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs and they said it had something to do with an adjustment from 2013, and they’re even confused why the are claiming I owe them. This is on top of screwing me out of funding for training at a flight school in Texas (I’m in California), which stuck me with non-refundable airline tickets and incomplete training back in 2014.

I Dislike Googleplus

Great school.

Justin Smith

Getting my PhD here! Awesome experience so far!


Glenda de la Paz

Great school! But some teachers are not good enough compared with the price we pay for classes.

Edwin Marchan

Great installations, state or the art Campus

Elena A. Constantinidis

I took several classes in the ITDE program and there were a few good teachers. Although I did quite well academically In the classes they told me I can complete the program without being a certified teacher which ended up being a problem when attempting to do a Capstone. I was told to improvise when completing assignments and projects. It sounded unethical for me to continue because I’m a person of substance. I was misleaded and being an active certified teacher currently working should be a requirement. I lost faith and credibility in the program.

Terrence Michael Scott

Don't waste your money to come to this school. While like any school there are many teachers that care. But Sadly the ones that don't care run the place. There is no help for anything you may need. They charge you for everything and the patrol gives you a ticket for everything. The school is over priced and really doesn't not provide you with any more education that BC or FIU. In fact. Either one of those school would've been a better choice. I'm so so so sorry/sad that I selected this school. Its nothing at all what its cracked up to be.

Harrison C. Davies

Very well established and growing University in the South Florida area. They have a great focus primarily in the Fort Lauderdale area and really show just how much they love the South Florida area. Love the Shark theme and mascot, it’s vicious and daring but has graceful attributes too! The Student Center is very beautiful to say the least. #finsup #nova #razor

Baron DaParre

Great school amazing groundsneed to improve Sign In service from the staff



A Mustafa

I graduated from Nova last May and I already miss my school. Nova is well-known school in FL and it offers variety of majors including Bachelors and masters and PhDs. There are some areas where they need to improve but the overall experience for me was good. The university is located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale where living in this area is a plus

Gustavo Rengifo

Conor C

Not worth your money. Very shady admission office and the name is not respected in Miami. Go to FIU or UM, not Nova.

rama clem

lecturers were great, everything is here to get you into your first job

Krupal Patel

Great school, amazing campus.

Thomas Brien

Excellent staff and faculty recommended for advanced collegic academic courses

Travel n babble

We sent a citizen on patrol aka undercover guardian angel to protect the students and patrol the area for anything suspicious, he even made a request they change the old ragedy furniture in the dental medicine break room which was carried out. He was later on warned by public safety after identifiying himself to one of the faculty members he asked for directions who then called police. He was a 5'11 brown male with a non violent record and unarmed. He was given a warning and told to leave campus. Later on a month later he went to the public safety building to see if he could overturn the warning and he could continue his volunteer community service. Instead he was arrested for misdermeanor tresspassing in the office for just volunteering his service . After 4 days he was released . A week later 20 died and 9 more in a mass shooting in Texas and Ohio. Thru lack of intellegence we believe that these mass shootings are happening because an ample amount of time is spent on petty crime Instead of concentrating on maniacs with access to these weapons. I wonder how many students would be upset if they new the same people that where there to protect them where being arrested. We got used to a system of officers who dont have the talent to identify a real threat which is because of a lack of intellegence. Blessings and respect to the officers that have the courage to go after the armed and dangerous and dont put all there focus on petty trespassing. The more these mass shootings happen the more we need to volunteer our time to keep our neighborhoods , campuses and public areas safe. It took 8 officers 3 hours to lock someone up for doing volunteer public safety. Yet noone knows when the next mass shooter who buys bullets and machine guns and makes videos about it is gonna strike something is wrong with that.

Shelby Everett

I love NSU! I'm a freshman here and I'm satisfied with the services and amenities we are offered as Nova students. It is a great university with wonderful students and staff. It is expensive but I personally received many scholarships as well as aid.

Norberto Gonzalez

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Over priced, over hyped, and terrible parking. Only plus is the new facilities and rec center

Ken Richards

Be careful because they charge you for health insurance without every notifying you

mya beautiful


Melinda Kimball

Wonderful staff :3

Michel Rodrigues

I read all those comments and I am sorry to say that nothing has changed, the admissions office is unprofessional, they seem to be incompetent and it is impossible to talk to someone who has any information, very discouraging for new students who just want to go to college... I hope the issues will be addressed but as I see that nothing has changed in more than 10 months, I don't have much expectations. You can try as hard as you can, if they don't want to, it's useless.


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