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REVIEWS OF Northwest Florida State College IN Florida

Stephanie Baker

Roosevelt Stewart

Depending what office u go to some of them are extremely rude ad and some is very caring

Rubi Martinez

C. Wood

I really like the schooling I've gotten thus far. My huge frustration is when trying to select my courses. A LOT of the professors arent chosen until one week before class starts. Its left "TBA" (to be announced) so you can be completely left in the dark as to if you have a professor that will make or break your semester. Not all professors are created equally..even a straight A student can falter with the wrong teacher. They really need to do a better job of organizing who is going to be teaching a course so that we all know ahead of time!

Trisha Jones

I have to agree with the financial aid process being a joke... you never can get anything done in time because I have been up there 4 times this year starting back in june (first visit was oh, we didnt see that you had financial aid because of this new system) just to start in August... every time i go up there they tell me some other paper work I have to do... well if there are all these issues and hoops cant they figure it out at once instead of wasting peoples time and money(gas, childcare, work) I have spent several hours there waiting on ever occasion. Then they say oh you have been awarded only to realize you still have not been awarded. everything is so insanely unorganized it is ridiculous. If you want an appointment with an adviser you will have to schedule months in advance, that sure helps! Joke for a school! I have been to other schools in Michigan and have never seen such chaos as this college presents!


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Wesley Fleischmann


Ashley Reynolds

Dealing with the admissions office, financial aid, and anyone else that serves as a road block to enrolling or even receiving books is a complete nightmare. Overall, no one is willing to help you whatsoever. I've been sent on wild goose chases to be given the same answer of "oh I don't know sorry. If you want, you can talk to (insert other employee who won't know the answer either)" It's ridiculous and it's definitely an issue of the departments not communicating with each other and there not being any concrete guidelines or "manager." It is rare to find someone willing to help, but not impossible. HOWEVER, if you are lucky enough to enroll in a class then you will find that the teachers are extremely helpful and always looking out for your best interest. As a dual enrollment student of 3 years (with experience in fast track, hybrid, online, and full in class semester), I have never had a problem with any of the teachers and I very much appreciate all that they do. They are the only reason I'm not giving this school a rating of 1 star. If you can deal with the discouraging process of enrolling then you should not have any problems IN class.


They have a huge error on my major causing me to lose financial aid


Alyson house something was terrible. She was super forceful. I waited an hour and a half to speak with someone and basically all she told me was for me to go online and do the research myself. She was so concerned with and wouldn’t stop speaking about “the next person” she was supposed to see. The admissions system at this school is an actual joke. It’s like some assigned a kindergarten class to run this part of the school. Try Pensacola state college they know what they are doing and are organized.

Ronnell Donahoo

Terri K

Leo Pickett

Namira Griffith

Absolutely terrible and a waste of time. I submitted all my paperwork a month in advance and then I noticed it kept saying on the website I wasn't eligible to receive my financial aid because my paperwork wasn't submitted. Every time I called them they said not to worry about it because the website probably wasn't updated. FINALLY I get an email saying I was dropped from my classes for non-payment. I spend 6 hours up at their office trying to get an answer about why they dropped me from the classes to get this answer... "Well it says you submitted all your paperwork so I don't know... not my department but no one can reach financial aid so just keep trying to call them." But it keeps going to voicemail. Not only did this College waste my time but it ruined my future because now I'm going to lose my benefits for not being enrolled full-time. I thought this was an isolated incident but this same situation has apparently been happening to a lot of students who have to drop out as a result. What does the office even do?

Bobby Brewer

As a student I've had repeated issues with admissions and academic advising. If you speak with 3 different people you will receive 3 different highly misinformed answers. If at all possible avoid this institution all together, it will save you headache.

Jillian Hacker

Renee Almonte

Highlander Therecanonlybeone

The teachers are great. Atleast the ones I have had. Some online classes are a joke but you are teaching yourself the class. I once complete an entire online class the last day of the semester and passed with a B. The office staff seem lazy. Your paperwork takes forever. No one answers an email. Why bother having an email for a department when it does goes unanswered. Financial aid department sucks.

Austin Barnes

They have a great public safety program

Michael Helton II

Rachel Prescott

You can be sure to fine some amazing gems of professors at NWFSC including Dr. Allen & Dr. Dunbar in Humanities and Mr. Mizell in Mathematics. Mr. Mizell specifically is probably the best teacher/professor I’ve ever personally had in any subject. Admin & staff is always so nice, always very polite and helpful. The arts center and theater is phenomenal. I wish using these facilities for students and local artists was more attainable. There are many not-local groups and troupes and symphonies and concerts and shows constantly booking and being promoted at these facilities. There is not a ton of access for locals which seems really unfortunate. Back to the college...also wanted to add that the whole college online system and physical campus is not exactly “high-tech” but it’s not run down or anything either. It’s clean and simple. :)

Drayful Edmundz

Luis Muñoz

Cade Supple

Horrible student services even worse campus police go anywhere but here.

Meg Zaboski

This school is a huge joke. I hate it and they ate terrible with their students there


Drove an hour to talk to advising and they told me to go home and look it up online.

Bob Stephen

I love school very much. However dear president, why would you let professor like “ D'Arcie Chessher“ and “Elizabeth Gross” these kind of irresponsible teachers to work for college. They are horrible and terrible. They are not teaching anything academically helpful at all. As a student, we seek for knowledge not just a good grade. Please replace those teacher with good teachers like Dr. Allen and Spanish teacher Mr. Godoy. They are hardworking and responsible for their job. Thank you so much.

Hayley Robbins



Travis Brady

You’re better off talking to a wall. First off they don’t want you to have access to the advisors and when you finally talk to one you might as well talk to a brick wall. They told me my EMT would count towards my degree and it did not. Shocker. So now I’m stuck going to this terrible school for another semester.

Morgan McCormick

It's an average community college. Nothing special.

Mallory Banks

Shelby Linn

As a dual enrollment student trying to figure out my login information, and later trying to check when final grades will be available, these people are impossible to work with. Half the offices won't answer the phone, and when they do they just sigh and click for about twenty minutes until they say they can't help me and give me another phone number that nobody answers, day after day, during office hours. Being in a different state I couldn't go in person but they would've gotten an earful. This is based on my encounters with the offices - I never really went to the college. These people are impossible to work with

Patrick Brannon

Transcripts placed on hold due to unpaid balance. Had to prove to the school the VA paid for the classes prior to them releasing the transcripts to a new school. Now losing out of funds due to they would not release transcripts to move into next class .

Nick Zimmermann

Not the best school, but a good choice for many students. NWFSC is a very small school, so you shouldn't expect it to be amazing. That said, they do a good job with what they have, and they have been growing by leaps and bounds in the years that I've lived here. Generally, most students will like the school, but most intend to go to another college at some point. I particularly love the library. This is one area where being a small school is an advantage; the staff is very helpful, and will get to know you if you go there often. It has a great atmosphere and is the best place on campus to read, study, or get work done. One complaint that everyone has is the school's computer system, which is being "improved" very, very, slowly. It is not unusual for the websites to go down and for the email system to be uncooperative. Luckily, the staff has the same problems as the students, so professors are generally understanding if online work doesn't get turned in on time.

Chayse Fox

Donna Jones

Unimpressed considering you are a state College and provide higher education yet you are incapable of doing a simple task of updating my daughters in state status so she can attend classes this semester. Classes start in 7 days, yet we can’t even get a student ID or parking pass and have given you at least six weeks to do one thing. We have run into a brick wall at every turn through your registration process.

Tommy Smith

Can't talk to a live person when you call.

Alana Woods

Honestly, I’m not sure why everyone has something negative to say about this college. For some reason, people always think it’s the colleges’ fault when something gets messed up, but we are all adults and should be paying attention to what is ultimately OUR OWN responsibility. The staff at NWFSC basically held my hand through the entire process of getting my associates and transferring to another University, and they were incredibly helpful compared to other experiences I’ve had with colleges. I would recommend this college to anyone. Thanks to NWFSC and their PTK honor society, I am doing really well at my new school. If you’re an aspiring student, I have one recommendation. Get a schedule book and use it. Ask the staff what you need to do and how to do it. Call on the phone. If you’re talking to someone who isn’t helping you, ask to talk to someone else. The staff of this school WILL help you to succeed. Oh yeah, and shoutout to Professor Mizell in the Math department who is such a phenomenal teacher that I actually enjoyed taking math classes!

Yvette Sneed

michael williams

I've been given the run around all summer. Maybe I'm just spoiled and gotten lazy. At Pensacola State College, I get my class schedule, print it out, take it to the VA office, and I'm done. I drive an hour to nwfsc to register for classes only for them to tell me that they don't do that there, that I have to do it myself. It's was getting close to closing time so they were telling me that I an find classes online at home and if I have any questions, I can call back the next day. After filling out all the paperwork, I'm told that instead of the verification of enrollment being sent straight to the school, it has to be sent to my address and then I have to take it to the school. Also, my book stipend will take 30 to 60 days to be received. I called the school today, nothing was sent off and I'm 2 weeks into the semester without books. Oh!!! My classes use custom books from the school's library. The cheapest book is $200. The Most expensive is $300. I'm so frustrated. But the teachers are the best part. Except for maybe the online ones.

Leon Noland

Its no good

Garrett Beckvermit

This has been the worst experience transferring to a new school I sent my transcripts over a month before the semester started and I called multiple times and they gave me the run around saying they couldn't find them I sent them a second and third time finally a week after classes start they are located I stayed with guidance and we talked about my schedule she gives me a list of classes to take and thanks this made you better for me so I switch now it turns out that two of my classes are not for my major so I got bumped down to a half time student which then I lost most my financial aid then I go apply for a loan and they tell me now because you don't have enough credit hours you can't even apply for a loan every step of the way since I've started this school they have screwed me if you are transferring to the Northwest Florida area I suggest Pensacola State College when the better ones in the area and they won't try to screw you every time you turn around

Gabriel Kalel

Pool Guy

Attention to anyone pursuing a career field as an Electronics Technician. This School will gladly sell you on their Electronics degree program, but they do not offer the necessary classes to complete it. They list it on their website and if you call them they will tell you that they offer it. But if you dig a little deeper, you will find that the classes are not listed therefor you can not complete the degree. I've been going back and forth with them on the phone and in person, only to find that their staff is completely incompetent and can not give me any definitive answers. So after wasting so much time and effort, I will be going to LBWCC for my degree in Opp Alabama. LBWCC has been a pleasure to work with and they seem to be much more professional and knowledgeable about the degree programs they offer. Don't waste your time and money with NWFSC. It would be more cost efficient to pay out of state tuition rates than just flushing your money down the drain with NWFSC.

Towon Jones

STAY AWAY!!! Attempting to attend this school is absolutely pointless! This place is awful. I've been trying to enroll here and attend classes for months. I have the finances, the grades, and anything required on my end. I will briefly describe my experiences with this place. Signed up months in advance. It begins I drive to the school complete all paperwork, submit finances, and transcript. I ask every individual I encountered "are you sure this completes your portion of the process?" the answer is always the same. Oh yes sure! I return home a week later logon to the school's website no updates not one. I call the school they have never heard of me. I go back up to the school repeat all steps from day one. A few days later I check the website again. Nothing i'm not kidding nothing. I call they say oh it takes two weeks to input the information (one piece of one sided paper). At the time of this post it's been 3 months. I went all the way up to the school president (whom doesn't exist they don't have one) and ended up speaking with the executive assistant to a president that doesn't exist lol. That was also pointless. Take my advice stay away or if you're extremely bored and have endless time to waste North West Florida State College will be a great fit for you!

Amelia Smith

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