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REVIEWS OF Gulf Coast State College IN Florida

Dwite Harrison

Kaleigh Rose

This is a great college. No need spending big bill bucks on a university for the same classes until you need to. The campus is on the water so you get a great view during breaks. Most of the teachers are wonderful and the library is wonderful. If you want to study with friends and talk, go downstairs. When you want to be in silence, go upstairs. They have a coffee/smoothie bar but the food in the cafeteria sucks

Margie Marcum

Liz Wilson

I attend educational enrichments classes and many sports activities and I love the environment. I am a retired professor and taught at a University for 25 years. I love that many students have educational opportunities at the community colleges/universities. They graduate and go on to four year school to earn degrees and become successfully employed. It make the world a better place. Great job GCCC. Liz & Rob Wilson Retired US Army, living in Destin, Florida, Missouri & Kansas

Destination Guide

Zerron 2006

a woman accusations of sexual harassment are taken more seriously here then a man facing the homophobic slurs

Alisha Turner-Day

Kaitlin Deyton

Xander Cunningham

Lack of communication between the school and student. Very horrible voice machines the lag and glitch, with no sense of direction. Website hold hardly any information worth using. Pretty much makes you go to the school to get your information, that if they even know where you could find it. Employees lack good training and knowledge of campus, its almost like the school has lost all effort to teach any of the staff

Judy Allison

Lee Bryan

Ciera Hodges

Хайдар Тагиров

Gofa Kurself

Counselors are worthless. Lady running the tests, worthless. It's like they try to screw you over. The site says one thing, staff says another. If you mention the website to the staff "I didn't design the website". Okay then!! Avoid "Harvard by the bay" at all costs

Galenda Mount

Dan Walker

Carlana Martineck-Howell

Shyla Jagidish

Kristin Edwards

Holly Peterson

Great campus!

Angela Hullum

Basketball tournament great experience

Step C

College is crappy. If you can avoid this college at all costs I would. If you don't, trust me you will run into some serious issues with the Staff from Admissions, Financial aid, and board of directors. Most of all the teachers are pretty nice. I've transferred out of this college from all the issues I've had over the past year. The staff is not helpful and if you do not be careful you will get purged from your class because someone in the office did not do their job. And if you want your classes reinstated well YOU BETTER FIGURE IT OUT!!!! They will not help you at all.

Joshua Santana

Do not try to contact them over the phone. No one ever answers the phone. The phone menu is long and outrageously ridiculous. The call brings you to several menus before you can even ring someone up. Even when you finally get through the menus, you will have to call and go through the same process all over again because no one will answer. I have been attending Gulf Coast for one year and have only been able to get through one call. If you have any questions at all just do yourself a favor and drive up there. Do not waste your time trying to call.

Jayy Waseem

Lisa Martin

Chad Raffield

As a community college, it is pretty good. I think they slipped up a little once they put the "state college" label on. The teachers are still really good for the most part but, I think they kinda lost their edge by trying to become something they really arent.

A More

Kyle Polter

I am a current student at GCSC and if you have any option to go anywhere else in this country for college please do it will be better for your stress level and your education. The staff does not want to help anyone at all in any way, the administration is rude and if they don’t like questions you ask or if they don’t agree with you will just stop talking to you. The teachers are useless other than teaching the class all they get paid to do from my experience is change the one PowerPoint they have made in their tenure to prevent cheating and sit in the class that is it. I have not had a helpful or caring professor since I stated at the college. Take it from someone stuck here for now, If you value your education do not apply to gulf coast and spend your money somewhere it will be worthwhile. I will be transferring as soon as I can!

James Mcdonough

awful teaches don't keep everything updated

Austin Harbourne

Awesome campus, great faculty, and instruction. Just an awesome college in general.


Gulf Coast State College is a valuable resource for the Panama City area. The college offers a range of academic programs for launching or building a career in our community, as well as an affordable start for students headed for further study elsewhere. I have had the opportunity to learn from several excellent faculty members; this is a teaching-centered college, so energy goes toward students rather than research. GCSC contributes to the cultural and economic growth of the area, and I hope to see it continue to expand and innovate.

Maria Johnson

Christian Ivers

Sorry to say but the staff is terrible, it is a small college and no need to be rude. You have a beautiful view of the bay, no excuses to be in a bad mood. If you do not like the job, go get another job somewhere else!

Casey Daniels

Connie Krout

oh my gosh where do I start,The most helpful and knid and supportive staff,generous and please go to student support,say hi to Judy Bailey.

Daniel Kilpatrick

This is a great college for a small town. The professors are smart and helpful and will work with you to make sure you succeed. The disability services for students are fantastic and they truly care, and follow up with you, and make sure you are doing alright. Make sure (as per any college) to get a primary professor and not an adjunct, if you can help it, especially if it is a subject you struggle with. The school is a bit older, but has recently become a state college and they are putting their new funds to great use in an attempt to modernize it, including an entirely new technology center which is quite impressive.

Keanna Brock

I just love it here !

Its Me

Issues with certain faculty departments.

Angel Eyes

Falcon Hughes


Joe B


Some of the instructors should not be teaching and are not very professional.

Allison Black

Emily Weathersby

GCSC is a great college with wonderful professors!

Louisa Velez

It’s a good community college, Trio is great! But the financial advisors don’t know what they’re talking about. Not too many activities on campus.

cyhn santos

Do you offer a bachelor's program in nursing?

Ira Harkness

Local community college

Melissa Burch

Sean McNally

Walter Wear

The professors are pretty decent but the administration is lacking massively in communication. Very few departments are easily reached. Often emails go unanswered and calls not returned. Do yourself a favor and start any processes you need to complete very early and get direct extensions to anyone you need to communicate with. If you do that at least you'll know rather quickly when no one is going to answer the phone rather than completing the maze of telephone robo-menus just to have your call go unanswered.

Mike Rookard

Marianna Mutti

The people at the college are always so helpful. Hurricane michael happened, but the great service and assistance given hasn’t stopped. I studied in another college and university, I never got the opportunities I did at Gulf Coast. Thank you all for these great semesters I spent here.

Wanda S. Merchant-Dung

Only took non-credit SAILING course here back in the 80's. It was called GULF COAST COMMUNITY COLLEGE back then.

cynthia elias

Kyle Lowry

Have had a great four years here pursuing one of the Bachelor's programs offered. I'm a nontraditional student, so it definitely felt like Billy Madison when I first started and it for sure still does a lot of the time, but if you take your classes and professors seriously, and have a good work ethic, then the staff and faculty will do everything they can to be helpful and help you on your journey. Specifically, a few great professors to look for are: Dr. Payne, Wendy in the ATC Dr. Works, Karen in the ATC Dr. Phillips, John in History/Social Sciences If you have the chance to take a class with any of these professors, I hope you jump on it.

Virginia Bragg


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