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REVIEWS OF Florida SouthWestern State College IN Florida

Trina Jones

I received my Associates degree here and it was a pretty great school. My professors were mostly good or great with a few bad eggs. The registrar and financial aid departments are a mess though. Still better than FGCU’s but only barely. I would definitely recommend getting a degree here before transferring to a big university. It’s cheaper, it’s more convenient because they have so much class availability, and the student:professor ratio is nice and small so you can get extra help if you need it. I wish I could have gotten by Bachelor’s here but they didn’t offer the program I needed.

gabrielle lee

I have now been to this school for running on 3 years and it all started out my first year in financial aid they "lost" my paperwork this school never keeps track of anything always "loses" stuff and when you go up there to complain they get rude and tell you that you need to control your temper or get out of line and let the next available student in WHAT!!! no this year alone I have gone back 4 TIMES not 1,2, or 3 4!!!! for the same exact paperwork i had gotten married two years ago and given them the proper paperwork needed so they ask me every semester to bring in my wedding certificate my sons birth certificate and copies of our w2's then ask for tax returns after all that it is a continuous loop they purposefully do not want you to attend classes OH! also every semester something "comes up" to where i end up missing 1,000 dollars out of my financial aid when i go to ask they have to search for the answer shouldnt they have it on their a short term this school is unorganized , rude, and unproffesional never again will i attend this school i would rather attend an out of state school i suggest whoever reads this takes it into consideration because i am not the only one

Amberly Gonzales

Clean school, my only complain is that it’s hard to get ahold of staff members for general questions. It’s always a Loop

Ivan Guerrero

This school serves its purpose well and delivers a fine job for being effective while affordable. The school is driving in a new direction and I feel that it's going to better than ever before. If you're looking for an amazing place to start your education then look no further. The college has added athletics to its repertoire which adds more tradition and school pride to its amazing academics. Students that expect things to be done for them will find it difficult to proceed forward since applying for not only admissions but financial aid and scholarships must be completed by students. You will get assistance when it comes to questions but the college helps empower students by having them complete all of these items on their own. Phones can seem challenging if you are calling the week prior to classes starting but if you are proactive (doing this months prior) you will have NO problem getting through. There are a number of resources available to students to ensure that they succeed from tutoring centers to our scholarly database . However, getting involved with student extracurricular will make this experience memorable if not unforgettable. I have graduated from this amazing institution and currently help to empower others through enrollment in admissions. I think you'll find that we're more than just a "community college" but an experience worth pursuing. Hope to see you on campus!

Giancarlos Castano

Sergio Aliaga

This is a decent school if you're lucky; my first term was ok and I happened to get good professors. Second term I had a teacher who refused to re-explain anything the first day when asked to repeat himself (he had a very thick accent.) Me and some other students wrote a formal complaint and heard nothing back from the school leaving us all to withdrew from his class. This third term my advisor refused to help direct me with a major that I was interested because she didn't recommend it. Now after multiple terms and accumulated credit hours they are trying to charge me out of state tuition. I have been calling the Financial Aid department leaving voicemails (since they never answer) and resorting to emails as well, with one reply back asking for my student ID number which no follow up was made. This has been going on for over a two weeks. They have left me high and dry for this term and I will be automatically dropped from all of my classes.

Nichole Henderson

What do kids these days need to get interested in learning? Perks and games. Sorry. I don't care about your "perks" and I'm not here to play sports or make "friends." A bunch of dinosaur teachers trying to get dull kids interested in learning. Get that cheap AA degree and transfer out of this clown college ASAP.

JuanCarlos Luciano

Michal Mack

Formerly known as Edison College, Florida Southwestern State College will only waste your life away. I earned two degrees from this institution thinking it'd help me land a job beyond a cashier position and it didn't do anything for me. Currently, I'm taking orders from goofy people with GEDs at my workplace (BTW, they're kids who are fifteen years younger). The only fifty thousand dollar a year jobs that have been offered to me were from pyramid schemes and MLM corporations. Go into the Army instead, they'll provide you with a decent career and you'll be taken care of. One other thing I may add is there's constant unnecessary construction on this campus because the administration rather waste its money on that instead of job-placement programs that would be beneficial for the students. * This college's main goal is to keep the student as a student for as long as possible. What I mean by this is that they will force you to take remedial courses, even though you don't need to take them. So when you finally receive your degree, your skills and education will be outdated thus putting you in the situation of returning to college--they make more money. Then the next situation turns out that you're already too old and unemployable and the next generation has taken over, working and prospering.

Mr. Squigglypuff

The college is great with with regards to its professors; administration, however, is awful. Financial aid, administrative services, and installment plans are all done on antiquated systems that look like a scam. The financial aid department takes months what it should have done before classes started.

A McMillan

Paul Pery

Cassandra Debel


J. B.

Administration lost paperwork multiple times and I constantly had to dispute random charges on my account. If I could do it again, I would rather take out student loans and get a good education and experience with FGCU


by far the worst school imaginable.Students and faculty try to hype up the school and create events like a university and is just a huge disappointment.Very cringe worthy.Every time I see a school event I get good enough dose of cringe to last me several lifetimes.


FSW offers great educational programs that are also affordable. The campus is beautiful and has knowledgeable and friendly faculty/staff.

Ryan Murphy


Ki Si

3 years to get into classes, they loss paperwork. I have had to resend official transcripts because they lost them. You have to call daily and beg them to do anything. When you see advisors they don't have answers or solutions. They need to completely terminate all of the administration. It takes 6 months for someone to review anything you turn in. Goodluck.

Bo Lonnie

This school is awesome! The free food alone sold me on it. Not only that but they have teams of tutors that help us to succeed. The parking is free and the class sizes are small. I love every single one of my teachers and faculty is very helpful with any issues I run into. The campus tour showed me so many awesome things about FSW and the fact that the tuition is so affordable there was no reason for me to look anywhere else. They even have baseball and basketball starting back up soon. I'm a Buccaneer through and through!

gary Wright

Beautiful school, reviewing the negative comments... I have found 2 year colleges are just not organized like 4 year universities... no matter what state you choose... Going from high school to college is a big step...You are entering the adult world and being prepared for such, is not being taught in High Schools.... Most university's in the USA, the professor writes the work to be done on the black board, and it's up to you to figure it out...

Marco Quintanilla

Campus here is actually okay and not too bad. Personally, I think they should incorporate a Starbucks and also set up another building for housing and perhaps more things to do there. Staff is friendly

Sanjuana Harding

Very nice students that work with kids in denistry

Christopher Herinckx

I love this school. I have been attending for over two years now and I have to say the staff is quite knowledgeable and helpful. New name and new look but the same great feel. Not every teacher is as good as the next but they have some great ones.

michel alvarez

(Translated by Google) A good place to study here the prices are excellent and well cheap I have not studied here but prices have discussed with other universities and colleges and are excellent (Original) Un buen lugar para estudiar acá los precios son excelentes y bien baratos yo no he estudiado aquí pero he analizado los precios con otros universidades y colegios y son excelentes

Dalton Hyser

Ana Hagstrom

I have to disagree with many of the negative posts regarding FSW. My granddaughter started her first year at FSW and I personally went with her to enroll, speak with financial aid, and meet with a counselor and everyone was so very pleasant, helpful and encouraging. We just now had to make a call to financial aid with a question and we spoke to Josh and can i just say he was so very helpful, pleasant and was able to answer all the questions we had in a very short time. Keep it up FSW!!!!

Bigfwop L

School is hot mess.Most of the staff has No Idea what they're doing.It's also overpopulated so the staff to student ratio is insane.The professor selection is also very minuscule which most come from different countries and are underpaid thus cheap tuition.their call center is a joke and inform you of things you don't need and not telling you what you actually need.Their internet is horrible as well as their website....Choosing classes when they open is like black Friday at Walmart..School is garbage.Also the school smells....they are absolutely brutal when it comes to paying your classes on time. :D

Barbara St Fleur

Adrienne Provent

Another class towards my beautiful dreams!

Sindy Escobar

Nick & Debra Stamos

Caroline Johnson

Kaylee Tates

Very unprofessional. Faculty working registrar and administration offices are rather unorganized. Had an issue with my classes involving both departments which caused me to miss class time.

Ian Sanders

Wonderful course offerings at a great price. Never had a bad professor or faculty member. I would recommend this college to anyone as an affordable alternative to a 4-year university. Credits transfer from here to any public uni in the state too.

Devil Dog

Worst school ever!! The administration does not have a clue what they are doing and they are all rude as hell. Absolute worst financial aid department in existence. My advice: avoid this school like plague!! Much better choices out there!

Bloop Taylor

I like this place because it is were i want to get a degree because I've herd it is great

N Love

Trevor Driscoll

Alan X.

It's pretty awful. One of the Drawing I professors gave an unexcused absence to a student who had an unexpected car crash and couldn't make it to class at that time. If this is the kind of treatment this college gives, I fear it then. Another professors who have a strict rules that we can't go to the bathroom because "If I can hold it, so do you" And let me tell you, she ain't letting you go, Nowhere. Why this college does not check every single professors? If they hate their jobs, then "Don't Work".

Joe Barros

Sonia DAngles

Widline Duvert

Everything is nice. The staff is nice.

C Lil

I've been trying to get into this college for two years now. The reason is because of their finical aide department. I rely on finical aide about 80% and I do have enough money to pay what finical aide does not cover. This schools finical aide department sucks so bad. Every time I went to the school to drop off paperwork/documents they ask me to bring, they asked me to bring in more paperwork. They did this to me about 3 times and for that my finical aide never came through and I had to wait a whole another year. Now this year, what they are doing to me is 100% wrong. I plan to start in Fall 2015. Knowing how the finical department was, I gave myself the heads up about their Admissions'' Office. I turned in my the application for Florida Residency about 2-3 months ago and I lived in Florida my whole entire life and I didn't think I would have a problem. I was WRONG! Just last week I was speaking to an academic advisor and he stated "Oh by the way, the system is stating you are a NON-Florida Resident!" I went straight down to Admissions. They made the biggest excuse. This is exactly what the Haitian man at the front desk stated " I see here that your residency was approved, it just needed to be updated. Let me updated now." not even two-minutes later" Okay you should all set now, when you sign up for classes you should see Florida Resident Prices." I then got home and logged into my Portal and states:{ Non Florida Resident Living At Home in Fall 2015 and Non Florida Resident Living At Home in Spring 2016} What kind of mess is that. Why wasn't it updated before and Why didn't they say that when I speak to them every time I drive by the school! This school will take your money and charge you out-of-state tuition! I am currently looking for different colleges now. If this is how its going to be just to get into the college, how is it going to be 3 years from now? I do not want any more curve balls from FSW!

Marilyn Felton

FSW is not a bad school. I received my Associates Degree from them, and I was very satisfied, however, like with anything in life, people need to be proactive when dealing with their administration. Know what you need, and how to explain what you need. Because it’s been my experience that sometimes their staff doesn’t know what they’re doing, and if you don’t know and they don’t know that makes for a very bad combination of rotten ingredients that will lead to getting nothing accomplished. I gathered information from their website about the program I was interested in, and I checked off each class as I completed them, and I never sat with a counselor, I sat with someone from the program department of my interest. I was very happy with the professors and the level of education I received, but I didn’t get my bachelor’s degree from FSW, I transferred to another school that focused more on core classes and an accelerated program, so that I would finish faster and not be bombarded with surprised additional classes.

Lore SV

David McIntyre

This School needs to with its nonsense! They texted my stepdaughter congratulating here of her acceptance into their upcoming Paramedic program and then the next day calling and saying that it was a mistake! This is garbage so we will be filing a Grievance with the school board there as well as the state! This is totally unnacceptable!!!

Alex "LiveWire" Huynh

Best college ever!

Todd Galvin

Wonderful campus!

Illya Bjazevic

FSW is by far better than Harvard because you get free help for math and writing seven days per week, several hours per day!

Jeanna Varney

I have been attending Edison for over 2 years now and I like it. The campus is beautiful and is high positive energy. There is music playing, people dancing and free food often. Most people who attend are friendly as well as the staff. I have been well educated here and have had some great professors. I see that people have complained about the staff etc. I, myself have never had a problem. Maybe it was a bad day for someone or unrealistic expectations.

Melissa Baulf

I honestly am having a hard time with this school. I picked it because it is not very expensive. However, I can't seem to get anybody to help me. I don't mind the curriculum but the communication is terrible. I feel like they don't care about the students. I have tried calling several different numbers and I cannot get anyone to answer. Or if they do thry just transfer me. I have left several messages and no luck. Hopefully it gets better.

Edward R Longley III

jo hu

The true reviews on this school are not shown on google for some reason,there are good ones at yellow pages . com

Jean-Erique AZARD

B Lynn

I am a new student here and it has been EXTREMELY difficult to get any of the staff to assist me with questions I have. I have called, left voicemails, sent emails etc. I don't understand and am very disappointed. Not a good start here.

Oscar Castro

Yannick Roberts

Left with one B due to a crappy professor. Otherwise an easy school if you stay focused.

Kitty C

Excellent professors and music department. variety of classes and the professors are passionate about what they are teaching. also I believe a great way to get your associates without spending incredibly more at a university. Beautiful campuses as well, Lee campus has a koi pond and zen garden with many statues. The food is amazing and plates such as burgers are even cooked on the spot. Very easy to make friends if you are open to it. Overall great school.

Joe Baseball


Carl Fazio

Private tutors got me through the Math requirements with an Associate degree. The staff was quite helpful when I would call their upper management with questions, often suggestions on how they can improve my experience and ultimately with my timely graduation in 2010.


kerry cadet

terry smith

The people were polite so three stars for that. However this school is designed for grown responsible adults who don't mind staying in their face. Life lesson.. Don't trust people with your future stay on top of things. Keep checking portal financial aid and your class availability until your literally in them.

Alicha C.

This school is trash in my opinion have tried for two years just to attend and because of transcript that cant be found I can't further my education. Even after going through every avenue to find these damn transcript. I was told that I need them if I want financial aid. Please spend your time and money and go elsewhere they don't care about you.

Clarence Mills

Great faculty !

Taco Taco

Everyone here is so nice and friendly. I took a campus and housing tour and had a great experience. I would definitely recommend going here. The campus is beautiful! I'm so excited to start here in the Fall!

Gene and Marilyn McFalls

I have always received excellent treatment from the staff say this school! The Professors are amazing. The administration is awesome! I love this college. You can make it work.

Eric Perez

Excellent place to attend classes. I love the beautiful landscape and nature all around the school. FSW really cares about their students!

jessica lanae

The school itself is beautiful but the admissions process is COMPLETE HELL. the Financial aid office is useless and extremely unorganized i have faxed and mailed so many important documents to this school and they either "misplace" them or just "cant find them" If they were a little more organized, It would have been so much better.

Tomas McDonald

Derek Trubiano

Carleigh Pace

This school is absolutely ridiculous! They hinder educations more than they help. No one is on the same page about anything and they give you the run around on everything. I can rarely get ahold of anyone and when I have Ive been hung up on. Especially the financial aid office and specialists! Just getting into the school was ridiculous and now dealing with financial aid..I am definitely going to find a new school. I would not recommend this school to anyone.

Laurie Presutti

Nikki Yates

Do not waste your money here. I tried to transfer some courses but they refused to do it.

Jhon Kelp

I've read these reviews on here..The school is simply amazingly bad..It's a grand spectacle their phone numbers do not work....phones lines are simple a joke...I've been on hold for 3 hours to hear a dial tone at the end and then hang up...They need to get rid of their ENTIRE STAFF......It's like a poor running car that simply keeps breaking down.

T Buchanan

This college is a joke. Granted it’s a cheap means of picking a degree, if you’re a working professional looking to further yourself with a bachelors or masters look elsewhere, all the classes are scheduled for kids essentially. Aside from that communication is the absolute worst I’ve ever experienced. It seems like you can’t address anything remotely and they tell you absolutely nothing. Take your money elsewhere.

Cookie Mann

Troy Tucker

James Dye

Brittany Pecina

Brittany Pecina

Tamara Holt

So beyond disgusted by the service this college provides. I have worked in both Admission and Financial Aid myself for 3 years at another facility and I can easily say this is one of the worst run Admissions and Financial Aid office's I have ever come into contact with. The customer service is atrocious, they are RUDE, disrespectful and talk at you vs. to you. They can not seem to show any respect what so ever. They even go as far as stating that they are "never in the wrong," and make comments belitting the new student/parents. I am beyond disgusted at the treatment my family has recieved by this school. I hope no one else has to go through this...this is not the way a college (any college), should conduct themselves.

Andrea Roman

Maria P

Shania Manwell

It wouldn't let me go lower than one. I've struggled with financial aid ever since I have been here and I've been through four different semesters. One person tells you one thing, and another says something else. They are incredibly misinformed and have made college miserable. Literally the worst financial aid department I've come across in my three years of college.

Charles Schickinger

Outstanding School!

Rebecca Gosses

I am sorry to have to agree, the classes and professors are great. Easy online learning for the older students. Great online services and class choices.....however the administrative help, financial aid officers and those in charge of tuition installment plans....well I wish I had their job. They tell you they are too busy to call or return your emails, when was the last time you could be too busy at your job?? Whether you get financial aid, pay cash or take student loans, the school gets paid for their services. I can honestly say I might not finish my degree here. I have had an ongoing problem in my account for 4 months and not one person can explain why one class has put a total of $1,000 in charges on my account.....I dont see how THE PRESIDENT of the school has such exceptional credentials yet has such incapable administrators overseeing the most important piece of the school....the REVENUE

Joe Worley

Emelly Nicole

One of the best schools in Florida. Professors and Advisors here really want you to be successful in everything you do. The tutoring center is great as well. I also recommend living on campus for the ultimate experience! Go Bucs!

239Locho Season Beats

It's not so bad of a school. Can do better...

ggluna foxy wolf

I have been here for almost two years but I am just here to get my credits and transfer to another college to get another degree. Little did I know that I was just wasting my time and money when I found out from the other school that three of my classes were only going to be transferred and not to mention lie to you about how many classes you need to take to get or AA or AS that you might need to spend another year. They told me that I need to take one programming class in the fall and one in the spring just to finish my degree so instead I am getting my certification now, they should have told me in the first place instead of waiting for me to finish my degree and, transfering all the credits to a college in Miami. As for the classes and professor make sure you choose carefully because mostly all of the professors don't give a crap about if you pass or fail, so far I had only 2 professors that actually wanted the students to pass the class the rest don't even care at all and their teaching skills suck. This semester I am taking four classes and two of them are the bad at teaching because most of the students are actually failing those classes, don't get me wrong I studied for all of my quizzes and tests but they change things so much on quizzes, tests, and exams that most of the questions were not in the notes, book, homework, or study guide. So if you want to get and AS or AA then transfer to get a Bachelors degree then I wouldn't recommend this school because of two things, One the admissions people lie and don't tell you everything and Two they're professors aren't doing their jobs right. Yeah this college is a big waste of time, I would've gone Hodges to get my AA.

Chris Conley

I got an A.A. in 2009 then a B.A.S. in Supervision and Management there in 2012. The VA rep and Student Support Services was great help the whole time. I'm really proud of my accomplishments. I learned a lot of skills to help me through the rest of my life. Thanks for the great experiences.

anime&gaming Illuminati

Petra Perkins

I get a lot of contradictory information from advisors and other staff. I've been promised a call back several times that never happened, you really have to go in to get any help. I've had a few AWEFUL professors who just don't care about students and give no course information you couldn't find in the book so check rate my professor. It's not a terrible school but they don't make things easy and you have to beg for help or information. It's usually pretty clean.


Currently attending and it has definitely improved since I have started. The new basketball stadium is very nice. The classes are not too difficult. The food is pretty decent as well.

Pedro Machado

Jennifer Meredith

People are rude and I get misinformation all the time. If I speak to my advisor she tells me one thing I speak to financial aid they tell me another and if I call FAFSA they tell me something completely different. Had one bad semester back in 2011 and due to that I can't even use a student loan to pay for my classes now that I am ready to go back. Spoke to FAFSA who said I qualify for aid but that the school is rejecting it. Tried to get assistance from the school but the people were very rude and spent most of the time transferring me to other departments, which is probably why their graduation rate is at 32% according to the financial aid website, I don't feel that they try to get their students to succeed They even messed up my information and charged me as a non-florida resident even though I had a signed affidavidt stating otherwise and no one told me I had to update that information. I updated my address and other things and they still have not changed it in the system. I can't speak on classes as it has been next to impossible to get enrolled due to the countless holds they keep placing on my account. So far I have had a horrible experience and wish I had another alternative for the program I am in but there are limitations in this area for that particular program otherwise I'd go some where else in a heartbeat.

Rose Zachary

They have some great free events here that are open to the public. Recently, they had holocaust survivors doing talks with q&a time for holocaust remembrance week.

Karina Zelaya

Campus is nice clean and big. Staff not so nice.


Financial aid and registration is an utter joke at this school.

carolann zoladek

Where's bld.U?


The school's admin is really bad. I am transferring to Hodges next semester. If your a vet and want to attend school try going to a different one. This school sucks!

Crystal Seay

If I could give my first time experience with this school a zero I would! The Naples location is far better than this location! I waited on the phone for 1 hour just to speak to admissions and no one answered the phone and I was 2nd in line! Think hard about even attending this school now! HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED FUTURE STUDENT!

Yolanda Robertson

Been going to this school for 2 years now, sucks that the reviews are so bad from people who do not have their stuff in order until last minute. I hope people don't take seriously a review from someone who can't spell "their" when talking about people or "awful" to name a couple "mistakes" I see here. I lived in florida for JUST the right amount of time to be considered a resident when I applied. I got all my stuff together and went right in. I rely on financial aid 100% never ever had an issue with it. Renew your fafsa when you need to, communicate and constantly check the portal. That is all. Every email I sent conserning my accounts has been answered quickly and solved my issues. Including your student number helps. My professors have helped me understand things I never used to enjoy, and although I do plan on transfering to another school eventually, my experience as an organized student at fsw has been a good one. My financial aid renews each semester with minimal help from me, and the advisors have never failed to be helpful. If you don't want to miss out on classes, know what you need and register on the day it opens. Don't want financial aid issues. Check often to make sure your paperwork is done far in advance. College is for adults... everything can't be blamed on someone elses incompetence.

Dylan Worth

Robert Clifton

Kelsey Bautista

Jacqueline R Padron

patrina dieujuste

If i can give this school zero stars i would. Financial aid department is by far the wost, they take up to six months to review one document. They have financial aid reps answering the phone that dont have a clue about any of our accountd, the ones that do make the decision are never there

Alicia Mixell

Lauren Elizabeth

I would never recommend this school to anyone. It has by far the worst staffing when it comes to counselors, advisers, and some professors. When configuring my financial aid I've gotten many different answers from them when it comes to what paperwork I have to bring in. The academic counselors have largely screwed me over and gave me so much stress when it came to the classes I had to take in order to transfer schools. I've gone home crying because I thought I had to take another class because my grade was not high enough for the program I wanted to enter but it turned out that it didn't matter. I drove all the way from cape coral to the collier campus to consult with the professor I had for that class in hopes to change my grade when later I found out that the grade didn't matter. This school has a lot of work to do and a name change isn't going to make them any better. All they've got going for them is the fact that its cheap tuition. That's it.

Pretty Gory

been trying to attend this college for nearly a year and I’ve just been sent in circles and circles. If I had another option I would choose that.

Kassandra Garcia

My brother paid his tuition via credit card and due to a family emergency was unable to attend classes. He was promised that he was going to receive a refund check, and when he did he deposited the check and it BOUNCED due to being a bad check with no funds. What type of institution are you that you're OK with taking our money but are not responsible when returning it ?

Michaela P

David Waszmer

Catherine Macafee

I attended the school as did my daughter. I had a terrible experience when contacting the school for a simple form. The woman answering the phone was rude and dismissive, and transferred me to another rude, dismissive woman who did not want to do her job. It is the sad testimony of the type of staff and atmosphere this school provides. Unfortunately type of attitude is prevalent throughout the administration and the faculty.

Manar Isis

Jesse Nolan

Andrea robards

Lonnie Baker

Great place to host an event like I am in, it's called Advanced one-day seminar

Yousemenise Etienne

isabel escalera

A VERY MEDIOCRE MEDIOCRE MEDIOCER SCHOOL. If I could leave a 0 i would. I have not even started school yet and I have already been met with so many problems. Everyone at the finacial aid office, records office, and adivisng Office do NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. One person tells you one thing another tells you another. They are lazy and ridiculously missinformed. If I could tell the whole story I would but it would turn into a book. They are soooo rude and this school needs to reevaluate their whole proccess of doing things. They had since may to review all of my paper work. I spoke with them on the phone mutliple times and even flew to florida and came into the school multiple times and was reassured all my things were in line and ready to go to school. Come to find out a week before classes start they had not even looked at my paper work. I cannot say anything negative about teachers or professors yet because i have not had a class yet but overall just from my experience so far I do not recommend anyone going to this school. Nothing will change my mind on how mediocre this school is i will just have to deal with this one semester but I will be gone by next semester. People working at this school are supposedly here to helo but i can disagree strongly they are impatient and rude hey are litterally all sitting next to eachother and know nothing. I cannot believe i was treated the way i was treated even while still being completely respectful and patient.

Rylie McCollum

Alexander Paraschuk

I was expecting to hate this place, but I find that the quality of professors and lecturing is rather good. Most of them teach at FGCU as well so you are getting the same lecture for a fraction of the cost.

Abinet Derese

Schar Berens

I have 3 degrees from this college. Everyone was great. It's a very good school that will challenge you.


I was assaulted by one of the staff at the gym her name was Jay she pulled out a taser and threatened to use it and turned it on told the police and filed a report haven’t spoken to them in 3 weeks talk to real police and they told me to press charges and hire a lawyer horrible experience everytime I come to the gym to work out...JR

Shelby Kennedy

No one at the main campus has any idea what they're doing. No one. I live in Fort Myers but have to drive all the way to the Hendry county campus if I need to get something done, they actually know what their job is. CORRECTION- the Hendry county campus actually doesn't have any idea either. Simple math is a little too complicated for them I guess. My advisor screwed me up so badly I was forced to drop out for a semester. She had no idea what she was doing nor what the requirements were for getting into the Nursing program. She was too busy trying to sell me an Associates degree in "general education" that I do not need. She ended up getting fired but I still payed for it. Everyone at the school seems to be so busy trying to sell everyone an Associates degree in nothing that they don't actually care about why you're there. The Anatomy and Physiology teacher I had was such a horrible teacher that at withdrawal time, only 16/35 students were left in the class. Out of those 16 left, around 8 passed the class. How is she teaching again this semester?! As for getting in-state tuition, GOOD LUCK. Everyone on the main campus will kick and scream to make sure all of their out-of-state students just give up on getting in-state. I had one lady at the main campus tell me that I absolutely could not get in-state tuition for one reason and when I talked to somebody in the Hendry county, she said that was false and requested the name of that person, unfortunately I didn't bother to catch her name. I have lived in Florida for over a year and have done multiple things to show I am qualified for in-state tuition but every time I come back to the office to turn in paperwork or something I am told the requirements are now different AGAIN. The only nice part of FSW is the campus, it's beautiful. Along with a few good teachers who really care about their students. Getting a teacher that doesn't suck is a 50/50 chance though. Location of the school is good, right by US 41 which has everything you could ever need. If you're thinking of coming here from out of state, I'd say forget it. Everything here is such a mess, not worth it. If I could give zero stars I would. I am beyond done with this school and CANNOT WAIT to transfer.


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