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REVIEWS OF ASA College IN Florida

alfonso sifontes

Great School! Everyone pretty professional


(Translated by Google) School very confused. I've already moved to Campus twice. Super disorganized. You enroll in a course near your home, plan your entire life and from one day to the next they change the address school. Quality teachers but school mcuito confusa. Come living in Miami better choose another school you have family and want stability. (Original) Escola muito confusa. Já mudei de Campus duas vezes. Super desorganizado. Você se matrícula em um curso perto da sua casa, planeja toda sua vida e de um dia ao outro eles mudam a escola de endereço. Professores de qualidade mas escola mcuito confusa .Vindo morar em Miami melhor escolher outra escola de você tem família e quer estabilidade.

Ant Young

If your thinking about doing it .... don't

Jabier Marino

Janet L

If I can give this place negative stars I would. What a horrible school. I guess I should have read all the comments before allowing my daughter to go here. First off no one I mean NO one answers their calls you are always sent to a voicemail, until you raise hell then they start finding someone for you to talk to. Second no one knows anything and they send you from person to person or number to number to no avail. Lastly they are full of lies. You have coaches hiding progress reports of the AD and not going struggling students. You send emails to address the issue and instead the coach is the one that calls you. Then when she doesn't like what you say she texts my husband like if he controlled me. No one addresses issues here. Kids are left in the blind. It's taken a month an a half to have the school withdrawal my child from the Financial Student Aid system which has not allowed her to sign up for any other school. Never will I recommend this school not even the New York main campus knows what they are doing. I am reporting them the the education department.

Eunice Dieujuste

Josue Rafael Javier Garcia

Jesus Tovar

Rosalina Ivette Martinez Santalla

(Translated by Google) I really like the deal (Original) Me agrado mucho el trato

Maria P.

I went to this school to get a certificate for MA. Registration after 3 trips to the school to bring paper work tells me that there's no teacher avilable for my chosen class also she said that this program was 8 months long but in reality is 10 months. I just wasted gas and time in this place. I took the exams to enter but she couldn't say there was no teacher avilable and trying to get me to enter into an associates instead.

Yader A. Jimenez


Yadira Garcia

I have no words to express how unhappy I am with that college

ever alvarado


Lisset Vega

amy susan

The duty of care this college shows to its international students is appalling!!! Complete money grabbers!!

Jose Maria

If you are out of the united states and you want to start a career in the USA, ASA is your best choice.

Orlando Silverio-Valladares

timothy jackson

I was surprised at how unprofessional they were and unorganized everyone form the coaches to the guidance counselors told me some this different and it makes no sense how much it cost compared to how much they told me and all the hidden cost and them wanting me to take out a lone. So for anyone looking for a good school to play at get good grades and have a better future do your research first...

Lotoya Jackson

My son attended this college and all of his electronics was stolen from the dorm/hotel room. We made police reports and still nothing was done. No cameras at all! One day, I went to visit my son and there was a homeless drug addict in the entry hallway where a security guard was supposed to be. Please know After the very first day of school, the security guard never returned to monitor their safety in the hotel. It’s extremely unprofessional and you will not be able to get your matters resolved. I have been trying to reach Alex Shegal (owner) for months and no luck at all. Only response that I receive is: “he’s not in, call back in a hour or two”. I would never recommend this school to anyone and suggest you to never expose your child/relative to this disastrous non sense.

Leyanet Castañeda

Lizjafet Henry-Alvey

Blue Horse

Never went there just have a question honestly, is American academy of Pincerest diploma accepted there?

Daniel Arias

Vitor De Oliveira

If you’re looking for headaches this is the perfect place to study. They change Campus, Classes, Schedules, Prices and even Courses without giving any explanation to students. A complete mess! Still studying here (I’ve no choice to change) but I won’t recommend this place to NOBODY. If it was possible to put negative stars in this evaluation I would!

Ike BondParty

Mailson Hykavei

Gertha Adam

Marcus Kelly

I'm trying to see why my son is trying his hardest to get in this college when he hasn't taken his ACT but yet he's being told he doesn't need to. He don't have a scholarship or is financially able to take care of his needs there but yet someone at the school is convincing him to still come.

Collos Esters

Unorganized and don't tell you anything you need to know.

Julio Naranjo

(Translated by Google) Prepares for the future (Original) Te prepara para el futuro

Jose Sanchez

(Translated by Google) A wonderful school full of many opportunities for all those who want to excel and be someone in life. The group of teachers is great and very professional always dedicated to the teaching of their students, very didactic classes and full of experiences every day. In general, all workers are very dedicated and professional. I recommend it (Original) Una maravillosa escuela llena de muchas oportunidades para todos los que quien quieren superarse y ser alguien en la vida. El colectivo de profesores es genial y muy profesionales siempre dedicados a la enseñanza de sus alumnos, clases muy didácticas y llenas de nievas experiencias todos los días. En general todos los trabajadores son muy dedicados y profesionales. Te la recomiendo


(Translated by Google) I'm not happy studying at a Campus I did not choose to study. I'm more than an hour away from my house. I hate this ASA College. He has no respect for the students. Just promises. I chose to study in Dania, not Hialeah. Disorganized school. They simply waited to spend the two weeks of school, where we could no longer change schools, and we had the news of campus exchange. We're treated like assholes in this school. I've been studying for 5 weeks, and basically I did not have a class. A confusion. Never study at this school, and no campus, ever. (Original) Eu não estou feliz estudando em um Campus que não escolhi para estudar. Estou a mais de 1 hora de distancia de minha casa. Eu odeio esse ASA College. Nao tem respeito com os alunos. Apenas promessas. Eu escolhi estudar em Dania, e não em Hialeah. Escola desorganizada. Simplesmente esperaram passar as duas semanas de aula, onde não podíamos mais trocar de escola, e tivemos a noticia de troca de campus. Somos tratados como babacas nessa escola. Estou a 5 semanas estudando, e basicamente não tive aula. Uma confusão. Nao estude nunca nessa escola, e nenhum campus dela, jamais.

Jada Arthur

highly disappointed with how they treat their international students

Cyberworld Gaming

So far i havent had any issues at the school everyones very sweet and informative plus they try and help were they can as far as tuition and finances go the teachers are knowledgeable about the subjects and theres plenty of opportunities to excel i know all colleges have there dept inducing payment plans but thiese guys take the cake in trying to save you money no joke

Abd El Rahman El Gendy

korin b

ASA has to be the worst college. They completely only care about the money. If you are looking to excel here as far as education or sports career this is not the place. Especially if you live "on campus" in the local hotel which host pimps, hos, all kind of drug trafficking activities and weirdos. However there are rules in the dorm although none of them are enforced that's probably he most positive thing the school has done is found ways to stay completely out of our business. If you are sexually harassed or even hit on by your teacher or a couple of coaches. No need to let anyone know nothing will be taken care of they probably will simply tell your info amongst there co workers. The transportation bus will never come to take you to school on time. There is a bus schedule which the director DD will tell you however they come when they want. Which makes it hard for you to get to class be prepared to walk 30-40 mins everyday if you want to graduate. And also don't complain to much because your number may be blocked. If you have any question for your teachers or any administration they never know anything. Nobody knows your grades or where to get lights or tv that should come with your 2500, 350 deposited dorm. So yes your dorm will be dark bring lamps and sign up for Netflix. And stock on microwaveable food because the meal plans are trash. You will only receive one plate a day which may only consist of rice a wing and soggy lettuce. If your first semester is bad here leave immediately. Nobody genuinely cares be prepared to deal with an issue at least once a week. It's a lot I pretend at Asa everyone wants to act like they have authority but in reality this school is out of control and not one person has control over anything. It's a complete disgrace and I am completely embarrassed and disgusted that I ever attended this "private school" and that they have stolen so much money from myself.

Jorge Ruiz

(Translated by Google) Good English course. excellent teachers (Original) Buen curso de inglés. Profesores excelentes

Claudia Morera

Tatinha SP

I had a good time in this school. I've learned a lot and my professors were great.

Emilio Alvarado

It was the worst college I have been, they treated like they wouldn't care, the installations are terrible.

T Santmier

I am not even sure where to begin, and so much occurred, in such a shirt time that I will try to keep this brief. I only write this hopeful to help and prevent other parents from going what our family experienced. 1.The whole admissions process was an unorganized, mess! I should had stopped there but after all the travel arrangements made to get there, I was praying all would end on a poisitve note. I couldnt have been more wrong. Even with an appointment, faxing and emailing documents, we spent 6 hours in the "admissions" process. 2. The dorm was a dirty! With no dresser, desk, or lamp shade, there was a light.1 plug in lamp on the floor. 3. During football camp-The supposed security guards turned a blind eye to the smoking (within a closed room, all windows were bolted shut) , drug use and fighting reguarly. 4. Theft- My sons items had to be locked in a chest, due to stealing and the lack of a locking dorm door. Finally he come back home! We had to evacuate him due to the hurricane (thankfuly). After a few weeks home, he receives a text from his coach. We had less than 3 days to retrieve his belongs, or they would be trashed because the dorms were unusable. This was rather short notice due to distance. 5. Retrieval of his stuff- By the grace of God, a building worker causally mentioned a report of bed bugs. Yes, just casual! All of my son's belongs were infested!!! 6. Dorm refund-Since he had only been at the school for a football summer camp for less that 3 weeks, I requested my $250 deposit back (hardly a fraction of the money lost). Emails, upon emails, phone classes, upon phone class that all resulted in me being ignored, put off and transferred to someone else. Finally, I received a email 5 months later (In January) from a lady who stated that I was not elibgle to recieve my 250 refund. She attached a blank copy of a dorm contract, not even the one that had my signature (which I have a copy of to this day). Furthermore, her claim was my son had been in the dorm for a length of time which was passed a refund timeline. I replied to her and have yet to receive a refund and or follow up email. My signed contact was within the timeline and the evacuation date was proof. We spent over a thousand dollars on a one-way ticket to get him home (safety has not price), arranged travel back down only to find all of his belongs had been infested. Our research of this school provided a very, very faulty depiction of this college! Or at least the Hialeagh Campus, although numerous calls to the New York campus only resulted in the same...Nothing! I feel 1 star is more that it deserves.

Marckenton fils-aime

So unorganized. They will finesse you out your money also so make sure you pay close attention to what they do with your personal information. They still owe me money since 2018 and i still haven’t received it yet. The service there sucks there’s a handful of people that will actually pick up the phone and answer questions for you other than that your on your self.

taleisha hopkins

I wish I could give them zero stars! This campus is absolutely unorganized and inefficient. My brother is on the junior varsity football team which was scheduled to play 7 games, but only actually played 5. They were living in a hotel which was hit by hurricane Irma and they were displaced. There was no sort of compensation for this displacement. They moved to some other place that had drug dealers and prostitution going on. Completely unsafe! They only stayed there for roughly 3 weeks, but then moved to somewhere that was an hour away from the college. Living in a safer environment was a plus, but when the transportation that is provided by the school is not acceptable it leaves the students at an educational disadvantage. I say this because they had missed classes and several test rescheduled due to the bus breaking down in the road for hours on end. During the time of being displaced they put their items in a classroom, not a storage unit with some sort of security. With no security, items such as a refrigerator, microwave, and luggage with clothing items in it were stolen. When we called to speak with someone who could rectify the situation we were circumvented. Also during the semester their professor relinquished his instructional duties. This left the students without an educator. When someone finally took up the position the environment was not to that professors liking, so the students suffered and all failed. With all of this being said I feel this campus in particular needs to go under investigation. Students have to pay a handsome amount of money in order to attend there for one semester! There a lot of factors that go into having a successful college career; having professors, living in a safe environment, and having reliable transportation are apart of that. Thank you ASA Hialeah for failing your part.

Yenia Borroto

(Translated by Google) I started my English classes in the third level of English and now I am close to finishing my Business Administration, ASA College gave me the opportunity to finish fourth and fifth level of English along with some career classes. I feel very happy with ASA College and I recommend the school 100%. I come to school to learn and prepare for my future. If I recommend ASA College, all teachers are highly trained and the flexibility of schedules has allowed me to be a student, a tranajadora and a mother. I started my English classes in 3rd level and I am finishing my Business Administration career. ASA College gave me the opportunity to finish fourth and fifth English level with some of the career classes. I am happy with my school and I recommend it 100%. I go to the school to learn and to get ready for my future. I do recommend ASA College, all their professors are highly prepared and the flexible class schedule has let me be a full time worker, a student, a wife and a mother. (Original) Empece mis clases de Ingles en el tercer nivel de Ingles y ahora estoy cerca de terminar la carrera de Administracion de Empresas, ASA College me dio la oportunidad de terminar cuarto y quinto nivel de Ingles junto con algunas clases de carrera. Me siento muy feliz con ASA College y recomiendo la escuela 100%. Yo vengo a la escuela a aprender y a prepararme para mi futuro. Si recomiendo ASA College, todos los maestros son altamente capacitados y la flexibilidad de horarios me ha permitido ser estudiante, tranajadora y madre de familia. I started my English classes in 3rd level and I am finishing my Business Administration career. ASA College gave me the opportunity to finish fourth and fifth English level with some of the career classes. I am so happy with my school and I recommend it 100%. I go to the school to learn and to get ready for my future. I do recommend ASA College, all their professors are highly prepared and the flexible class schedule have let me be a full time worker, a student, a wife and a mother.

André Vitor

Worse college I’ve ever seen, they make everything to get you register and lie about the program that they have! No classes, no professors.

jorge luis davila sanchez

I have been here for 2 years and I can tell you that the school gave me to many things. First they have a good staff in the Hialeah Campus. Anna who played an important role as DSO with international student (which is my case) is the best. Every single question that I had she always had an answer. Besides that, she is always smiling and is very kind. Teachers are very exceptional. Ms. Matute, Ms. Bertha and Mr. Orlando they were my teachers and I could learned a lot from each of them. Not only English, but also live experiences. I can tell you that with Ms. Bertha you are going to have a good time. Although, I can talk to many positive things here but this is a review. However, negative things are also there such as the bad campus' odor. Some classrooms were dirty and because I am a kind of nerd the library I would preferred more comfortable and less loud. On the other hand, I have to talk about an important person that gave me the opportunity to be in that school and is Alejandra. Because is the last person that I mentioned , does not mean that is less important, instead I thinks is my Key in the school. She gave me hopes when I did my change of status and always was there when I need. I recommend ASA to every single international student that wants to be there and learn many things. I apologize my mistakes in the writing but I am still learning.

Sergey Dyabkin

(Translated by Google) If you ever want to study English at this school, then I recommend doing this for several reasons !: 1. There are employees in the School who speak Russian and are always ready to help! One of those is Anna Horuk! Incredible good soul man. He will tell, show and explain everything! 2. The school has very good teachers! I learn first level English. Moved to the second. Despite the fact that the teachers speak Spanish, they explain so that everything is clear. 3. The teaching methodology is very good! Lots of examples and practices with other students. 4. The most important thing is that you need to learn only 3 hours a day, four days a week! And you study in a really good and big college! The prosperity, goodness and development of this School and its staff !!!!! (Original) Если вы когда либо захотите изучать английский язык в этой школе , то я рекомендую это делать по нескольким причинам!: 1.В Школе есть сотрудники которые говорят на русском языке и всегда готовы помочь! Одна из таких Анна Хорук! Невероятной доброй души человек. Расскажет, покажет и все объяснит! 2. В Школе очень хорошие преподаватели! Я учу английский первого уровня. Перешёл на второй. Не смотря на то что преподаватели испано говорящие, они объясняют так что все понятно. 3. Методика преподавания очень хорошая! Много примеров и практики с другими студентами. 4.Самое главное что учиться нужно всего 3 часа в день четыре дня в неделю! И ты учишься в реально хорошем и большом колледже! Процветания, добра и развития этой Школе и ее сотрудникам!!!!!

Deyse Collins

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