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REVIEWS OF Rosemont College IN Delaware

Alice Parker

Anna Coleman

financial aid doesn't help you at all

ST Stephens

attempted for forensic sociology info. the arrogant shrink Dr Claywar never returned my call. Admissions lost 2 transcripts 3 times. Rudy doesn't return calls at all. Claywart told me when I finally saw him practically cornering him, was that it was my duty to come during business hours to see him despite the program being at night but i work day time as a police officer and he wouldnt budge. im delaying my entry until this guy goes or i find a better program. I heard bryn mawar and holy family have good ms programs. maybe admissions will return my call.

Daniel Nicolaisen

Lizz Bolton

Now a Jr. at Rosemont College studying Clinical Sociology. The school is not what it used to be. Six years ago Rosemont went Co-ed for the undergrad program in order to save itself. Rosemont is riding on the edge of awesome and failing. The small campus allows for a great connection between students and professors. For a small underrated school, Rosemont has some amazing, experienced, professors. The student body ranges from academic genius to pure stupidity. Rosemont is not for everyone. The biggest problem on campus is the lack of communication between departments. However I love Rosemont with all it's flaws. I have made life-long friends and networked through amazing professors. I have had a great academic experience. I would like to see Rosemont blossom and be restored to it's previous glory. Rosemont has the potential to be great.

siaka yonly

Shahzad Bhatti

zheng hunng

Literally the worse decision I could have made. Just don’t waste your time even applying here. This is a horrible institution. The staff and faculty makes it no better. No organization, old molded building and to top it off horrible food. On the aspect of education it makes it even worse, biased biology department and ultimately throughout my whole experience I only enjoyed 2 professors. Leave while you can before you get trapped into this circus!

Kareem Young

Gabriella Stamler

Rosemont lacks professionalism in both its academics and its operation. The education is closed minded and resources are minimal though tuition is extremely high. The dorms are ill kept, most infested with black mold and rusting metal. I do not advise any one to support this institution

James Devlin

Excellent staff and facility, well regarded academically both in and out of state.Outside of the immediate geographic region well known.Beautiful campus and surroundings especially for city dwellers used to bus fumes and noise;condusive to study and academics.Resources are there;it’s what you make it.Not for students who need structure and maturity.Excellent opportunity for opening doors and making contacts for the goal driven academically striving student;esp pre professionals.Walking distance to Bryn Mawr Hospital for volunteering or Villanova Law library for prelaw types.Radnor financial district down the road,high speed line to city on Sundays. A main line College without the snot.Completed my MBA here. You can usually tell who’s not making the cut by the reviews this time of year.Theres always Comedy College for the disgruntled Bluto.

lonnie rob

Alison Willse

Saundra Smith

A class act.A fantastic learning experience.

H Marquez

Christian Dean

Erik Barzdukas

Kenya Thomas

I only gave a rating because I had to. Otherwise, they wouldn't even get one star. Financial Aid department is horrible. The school is ancient. You can get in touch with no one and when you do it's the wrong person so when they direct you to the right person after waiting 12 years to get someone, you have to wait another 12 years to get any kind of answer at all and most times, it's wrong. Ridiculous! If It were my choice, my child WOULD NOT continue to attend. However, because it takes forever to have anything done...we know it would take a century to get a transcript. Do better!!

Yash Nag

Chloe Shaner

Aylin Reyes

Guler Ula

Aleah Slish

Terrible school. Ive heard that it was a wonderful school years ago but now it is definitely failing. The transfer-out rate is crazy. Nothing is clean, the dorm halls are absolutely disgusting and no one will do anything to change it. The academic buildings are unclean and outdated as well. Even the cafeteria has mice crawling around eating food on the floor under your feet, no joke. The food is horrible, it sits out all day and hardly has any menu changes. No variety and makes you sick. Most of the teachers are not worth the money. They do care about students individually but are NOT good teachers. A complete joke academically, not challenging whatsoever and basically anyone could get a 4.0 there. No communication between departments so information gets misconstrued and the only way to get things done is to get one everyone about it. Theres absolutely nothing to do on campus. The RAs try their best but they dont have much to work with at all. The only thing to really do is attend sports games, even the clubs are lacking, only having about 20 or so clubs. Security needs some serious work. The only two positive things I can say about this school is that they do care about you individually and most of the staff does try to help in any way they can. Also, campus ministry is a great opporunity and gives the students something beneficial to do. AVOID THIS SCHOOL.

3coloredgirls Movement

closed minded curriculum and unbaribly unorganized offices made it hard to stay positive during my three year stay at Rosemont College

Ira Winston

Kenneth Romanowski

Two family members had a great experience here.

Krystal Johnson

Thomas B. Smith

ROSEMONT COLLEGE- a small catholic college near Philadelphia that is overshadowed by other institutions in the area. The Power of Small= a college with few students, few professors/staff, few majors/course offerings, few resources/funding, and few opportunities/activities. Due to the size of the school, the students are not fully expose to the life of college, and the intellectual mindset that comes along with it. The school is suffering from low funding so the infrastructure and buildings are not well maintain. The school is suffering from low student satisfaction, so alumni contributions and financial support are VERY low. Hint: most of the reviews are negative. Since this is a private college, low alumni financial support is driving down the school. Alumni don't support the school because most of them CAN'T FIND JOBS. DONORS WOULD NOT FULLY SUPPORT A COLLEGE THAT IS HEADING DOWN HILL TOWARD CLOSURE. It is not a great investment to attend this college or donate your money. Also, this school attracts a lot of low income students on loans, so the school is losing its appeal. The reputation of Rosemont College have DECLINE SIGNIFICANTLY over the last couple of years. It was better when it wasn't co-ed. My wife attended there for a short period before transferring to a better school. The school is FAILING and the academics are not good at this school. The school is low quality and their graduates are NOT PREPARED TO ENTER THE REAL WORLD. I interviewed a couple of students from this school and NONE of them was ready for a career. Many of my neighbors and close friends all agree, Rosemont College is NOT A GOOD COLLEGE. The school is disorganized and will shutdown in the next few years. Villanova University will take control.

Joan Cromwell

Tierra Marie

There is a lack of communication between departments. Rosemont College is a small college that dedicates itself to the individual.

Double00 Hoe

The food is terrible abd the dorms are gross.

Maureen Fleming

The students, faculty, and staff are great and the campus is beautiful!

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