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Where is Delaware Technical Community College - Charles L. Terry Jr. Campus - Dover?

REVIEWS OF Delaware Technical Community College - Charles L. Terry Jr. Campus - Dover IN Delaware

zelda shockley

This is really a good college, the professors are great. I learned a lot.

Hiram Whatley

Julian Clark

Some of the staff is very nice and helpful however others especially in the math department ruin it for the rest. They are completely unprofessional when it comes to dealing with conflict resolution. They were very unresponsive sometimes taking 2-3 weeks to get back to you. They treat student concerns as a chore and annoyance rather than doing their JOB. They prefer to bounce around problems to other people and departments rather than help. They have just forgotten or ignored complaints rather than dealing with them. They are paid to do their job but do not want to help. I particularly had a horrible experience with the math department which mis-informed me on very important details of a summer course I took. Which ended up costing me a great deal of money. The communication between departments is a serious issue. I was given conflicting responses to my situation and was even offered a resolution at one point which was later revoked due to "mis-communication" and me being told that "was not possible" in the first place. At the time of this posting I am still awaiting responses from the department regarding my issue with them and it is nearly December. Names have been omitted for obvious reasons.

Busra Akoglu

Nicole Veale

I think this school is fraudulent, a professor or two stated I attended their class and I never fully registered at this school. Then these con artist said I owe them $369 for what? See you in court!

Sean McCracken jr

Garren Lazar

At first the experience started out promising, but right away I realized during my first week of classes that I made a serious mistake. The staff of this college are terrible. They are very rude, and act like stuck-up, spoiled children. The campus felt more like a high school than an actual college. I wasted three years of my life going to this place, it got to the point where I was embarrassed to say that I went to Delaware Tech. This is supposed to be a two year program, but they keep changing the curriculum every chance they get, thereby adding unnecessary classes to waste all of the students time. One of the teachers said to a group of students going to have lunch with the college president: "try and think of positive things to say about the college". I was surprised, yet not surprised by that. Most of the staff there are entirely disrespectful, and some are honestly downright stupid. I demand respect when I interact with people, I show others respect, and I expect the same thing, no less. Also, I would not recommend this college to anyone else. Go anywhere but Delaware Tech. Do yourself a favor, and go to a real college, like Wilmington University. Whenever someone asks me for a college recommendation, I'll always say: "go anywhere but Delaware Tech". Horrible college, and horrible staff, do yourself a favor, trust me, I'm saving you from this place, stay away from Delaware Tech! I wish I could rate this place a negative five stars plus, but I can't. One star is extremely generous from me, but I had no choice. Stay away from Delaware Technical Community College, and go to a real college.

Ellingsworth Brown

Charles-Eugène Loubao

pat porcello

Energy Dept courses are a waste of money, instructors are not qualified to teach their subjects. On-line hybrid excel course w/on-line book turns out to be free u-Tube videos and you are instructed to "google it" if you have any questions. Physics instructor has never taught physics before, asks the students for help. Components class you are handed a sheet of paper with the bins of parts, instructor goes in his small office and watches tv on his computer while you try to figure it out. When you get to Autocad no-one knows how to use it, so we are told, "you are on your own". What am I paying money for if I am going to be teaching myself? I will come out in two years not knowing any more than when I came in. Intro to energy course, instructor is kind and a good man, and was good at his previous jobs but that does not make him a good enough instructor that will prepare us to preform the job responsibilities of a energy manager. Math dept is the pits, everyone in pre-college class is failing. No-one is addressing the problem, just take the money and the heck with the students. I was told by the Dean that I have no right to question what is being taught to me. I also got a bad mark against me because I asked questions in math class, and by asking questions that makes me disrupting the class. I had to hire a math tutor. Why should I hire a math tutor when I am paying good money to be taught by competent teachers? I asked her did you give me the money for these classes? No, then I have every right to ask questions in class, and I expect to be taught by instructors who are proficient in their subjects. Terry campus does not care that there are serious problems with their instructors. I am so very disappointed with DelTech Terry Campus. What a shame

enci jiaohui

Delphox plz

Elizabeth Lagemann

Tameeka Cooper

Everyone at this campus treats you like family. It's refreshing to know that they actually genuinely care about your success. I can't think of a better school community to be apart of. I am a proud student of Delaware Technical Community College- Terry Campus.

megan dacey

All in all it's very worthwhile. Yes, there are always some obstacles (Scheduling, financial aid, uninformed staff), but if you keep your personal goals in mind it is cost effective place to begin.

Marquisha Harris

Aigner Sampson

Go to Wilmington university at least you'll have a chance at achieving a degree

Pablo Mojica

It was on for a small time school but I felt the staff wasn't always interested, had issues over the years getting things right. They even had an issue getting me my diploma. I had to use a day off to come in to get it sorted out. I've attended all the deltech campuses and I felt I had more resources available to me at wilmington.

Gabriel Smith

Rena young

It's a great place to start your education with affordable school cost. No school is perfect, however i feel as though they want the best for their students.

Paul Blakeslee

I'm going there to further my education and the faculty there are very professional and caring. Right when you walk through the door you can see they are truly there to help you succeed as long as you are willing to take the first step and be motivated to

Jaymoh Nyashvil

Mel R

At some point the staff and teachers are not what you would define as professional or worth their pay checks. You get what you pay for and this place barely chalks up to that saying. Online classes were horribly designed and lead by copy and past comments/ lesson planning. If you ask the admin staff any questions be prepared to walk away either fustrated or even more confused. Heck probably both if your situation is like mine. They'll suddenly slap you with a final notice, even if you never received any indication that you had a balance. This place is a piece of work and I knew I shouldn't have gone here from the start but you live and learn.

svshi x

Ozgur Sen

Rahul Patel

Some dean of the college are very rude. They need to learn how to talk to people. The head of Math department are so rude to some students and parents.

Ashley Moonli

rosie olivas

I am just wondering if anyone cleaning the shelves in the library...The staff talking talking all day long, but can't find 2 minutes to clean all that's really hard to breathe there.

Rosa Alvarez

I feel that the staff honestly cares

Kat Furta

Jesus Morales


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