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REVIEWS OF Delaware State University IN Delaware

Kendra Gravely

Maddie T

Very unorganized, lacks communication between other staff members and administration. If you want to get ahold of anyone in this school you better not count on emailing or phone calls because they will not answer you. I had my major changed "accidentally" and they "didn't know how that happened". On top of all this, it is very unprofessional. I've walked by students smoking weed in the circle(the center of the campus), there are numerous gun violence crimes every year. From shootings to armed robberies it makes me wonder why we aren't allowed to AT LEAST carry mace as our self defense because clearly the campus police are a joke. I have contemplated going to Delware Tech or Wilmington college.

India Lee

An amazing HBCU!

Latisha Ribolla

Sobeyda Aguilar

(Translated by Google) Beautiful place and mom proud to be a student of this great educational institution (Original) Hermoso lugar y orgullosa de ser mamá de un alumno de esta gran institución educativa

Mike Brown

Was a participant in one of their survey studies this year. They promised all participants a $50 Visa gift card. This was officially ran through the school and run by school officials. Never received payment along with many others that did the program. Emailed the school multiple times, got a response the first time saying they would look into my problem soon and send payment, and they have ignored my emails since then. I know multiple people that go here who say that the entire environment from academics to campus and social life is terrible. Most people that I know who went here transferred to a different college after the first year. Could not recommend anything that has to do with this school to anyone.

Jennifer Dahlstrom

Awful school with extremely unorganized staff

Mecca Carey

Deisy Sanchez

Tara LaGrassa

Tee Harper

Nick Hillman

john lurry

Great school but no school is perfect 100% of the time I'm a proud graduate of DSU and of a HBCU. My daughter attended and graduated also. Black students and athletes please support and attend HBCUs. Be proud of our legacy. The campus has been well kept and updated since I attended. It looks great.

Jack Jackson

Great university proud Alumni. DSU

Suspicious Wolf

Adam Taylor

Amachi Dimkpa

Amanda McGarvey

Nice campus however, administration loses everything. Extremely disorganized.

Layoncé Sorzano

Best hbcu in the land

M'TUSA Muqtadirj

Prince Messiah


The King

Tran Phuong Ly

Teachers in here are so supportive

Jessica Young

Travels With Ian

charlie zeon

Micah Holmes

I personally witnessed 3 ladies (faculty) smoking marijuana outside the Admin Building during their lunch break... Place is a joke.

Tina Sullivan

Tiff Scott

Gotta show love for my school.

Immeanded Panda

k sparkes

Christopher Belin

Mr. Buzz

Toxic environment, unorganized and unprofessional. There was a hole in the wall in my room and I told the people at the office in the village about it at least half a dozen times. Nothing was done to fix it and on top of that they tried to charge me for the damage....FOH. Overall I would not recommend Del St to anyone I know. The people I encountered there were spiritual vampires that would try to suck the life energy out of you.

Dawn Mosley

Awesome University & Great place to stay for Firefly Festival too!

Angela Mitchell

Survive & Thrive Fitness

You get back what you put in at Delaware State. If you are looking for opportunities to excel at your major, you will find them. If you are looking to skip class and go to parties, you will find them as well. Delaware state is a very diverse school with predominantly black students but also a good mix of Russian, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, White & many more ethnicity backgrounds. Granted they use to be insanely unorganized but now under a new staff they have stepped up thier game and have been able to assist me in tackling the financial side of DSU. The campus is small so it's easy to network and it's also great when it comes to looking for success. DSU prides itself off its students and definitely does all that it can to empower us as women, men, ethnics, & aspiring leaders. I commute and I would recommend DSU as a higher education institution that can be inexpensive (with easily obtainable scholarships) as well as close to home. Join me in being a DSU alum & remember, you get back what you put in.

Curtis Shannon

Germany Thomas


Shine'z Williams

Mike P

Horrible, hate it.... super ghetto. Its like 13th grade. Everyone wants to party and skip class. Do not attend.

Cherise Spruill

BC Thomas

This honestly the worst school to go to. It’s a big scam, they not for the students, they just want money and will do anything to get it. There’s lack of student activities because of the lady who is running it and public Saftey don’t do anything but give up parking tickets and make up anything to make them look good. The students are fine but everything else about Delaware State is trash, you will not get ya best college experience here and i regret coming here.


10/10 best landfill in Delaware.

Andy Ryan

Daquon Sanders

Alana Milan

Haven't attended this school but I wanted to transfer here for my sophomore year and they lost my transcripts so I guess they're clearly unorganized. Wasn't paying money again to resend my stuff when they were the ones who lost it. Wish I could of came here though. Anyone I know that goes here says the staff/administration at this school is horrible and very unorganized and don't care though unfortunately

Sandy Rijo

Noelle Jeffries

Timothy Gachanja

Lisa Carroll


Ashura Goines

Where is my picture and name? I have to call someone about this. It's a complaint coming soon.

Akeem Predeoux

Agreeing with the other comments below, DSU is what and how you make it. Do not come to DSU having specific expectations of something because of what you heard from someone else. You will need to experience all aspects of DSU for yourself since everyone's experience will be different. Definitely try to be involved, connections and who you know is key.

Michelle S

After all these years of graduations one would think that DSU would be more organized.

alexis anderson

dwayne johnson

Renea P

Vicente Rubio


孟 Meng君威 Junwei


Andrew Chambers

I was contacted by someone to do some promo shots for one of the sports teams. I did them on the promise a check would be mailed shortly. I delivered the pictures within 3 days. 5 months later no check. The school official has contacted me to tell me he would pay me more and the check would be to me soon. Still has no arrived. Never do business with them without everything in writing or money up front.

Tim Farwell

Sonce Lee

Delaware State University provided a great foundation for me, personally and professionally. I have maintained some great friendships and served in the education field for over 18 years.

James Comma

Saile Retsim

My alma mater! I came to DSU back in the 1990's. I really enjoyed my time as a student. I worked there for several years after graduating. As an alumnus, it is difficult witnessing the diminishment of some of the great traditions and campus wide family feeling that made DSU the institution that molded me. I am proud to have received my degree from DSU and will always support alma mater. I'll be there for Homecoming with hopes that the University will do a better job reaching out to get more high school students involved in the festivities. (parade, football game, battle of the bands) See you in October.

Miriam Leon

April Amour

Iris Rivera

Khalil Collins

Only giving this 2 stars because of the head of the department I'm in. He helped me with housing when I was extremely within desperation. Besides this one person, and Dr. Tanzy, this school is absolutely dreadful. The staff is very condescending and their demeanor is insulting. Do not attend this college.

Obnoxious GirL

The system works against young black males and their prosperity as opposed to for them.

Kaylin Peay

Kiki Channel

I hate this place, very unorganized and unprofessional staff in the administration building, they need more mature older people in the business office but they consistently hire young unprofessional black people with ghetto attitudes. The professors barely want to help students, they just there for the money!!

Pierre Ville

Kat Furta

Delilah Berkley

Attending Delaware State University was a great experience. I was able to network, attend many conferences, and use many resources throughout my four years attending. My advisors were extremely helpful, career services office has a lot to offer. College is what you make of it and I had a wonderful experience there. Delilah Berkley DSU Class of 2013 - B.S. of Management, Concentration Management Information Systems

Tiesha Davis

Extremely disorganized. Worse choice of colleges could have chose a better HBCU! The staff is not knowledgeable about nothing. The “system” is always screwed up and than they expect you to be patient while they never “fix it”. Never received the fall refund check. School is a big mess.

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