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Boy Aloud

I love DCCC. It is the best school you could go to. The staff is so nice and caring. The Professors are awesome and understanding. I love that they do have a very LGBTQ friendly environment. The school is very clean and everybody is very helpful and thoughtful. You get so much for the money you pay. I have to say that i will gladly recommend this school to anybody young or old. Good luck



Love this school I almost gave up on pursuing my dreams and this school gave me hope. Wonderful staff very helpful and willing to help. Diverse staff and students no racism at all. All are welcomed and all succeed if they give it their all!!! Best college experience ever!!!

Romeo Pipeson


Scheduled my appointment for one time, called to confirm and when I showed up.....the appointment had been entered incorrectly/ there was no point to making an appointment. Unprofessional and incompetent is what I would summarize the institution as being. The employees are the lowest of the lowest as far as professional conduct. Whoever is running this place is out to lunch. I would be surprised if the state eventually hammers down and audits this place. HORRIBLY apathetic attitude of workers all around. You would think you were getting something for free. Not worth the money. Pay a bit more and go elsewhere!

Tom Babcock

A great education for a fraction of local college costs. Delaware County is very lucky to have such an inexpensive post secondary option.

Philly Phlipper

Went to community college here and it was pretty good

paul miller

Famatta Kiamue

Graduated as a registered nurse in 2014.. The program was intense but some of the instructors were very disrespectful to the black adult learners. Praise God I survived.

Kayla Charles

M -

This school is decent, and they have some excellent instructors, but their financial aid department is severely lacking. I've been going here part time for a couple years now, and almost every semester I run into a problem that could have been avoided. I constantly get conflicting information from one person to the next. More often than not I've found that even after I've done everything I've been told to do, it winds up having been unnecessary or there is still something that needs to be done that I was never informed of and leads to my classes getting dropped. On top of that, information has not been relayed to the correct places at times. For instance, on three occasions my "In school" status has not been reported to my federal loan servicer, either at all or until the previous semester has ended. I would advise anyone going here that receives finaid to check, check, and recheck that they're processing things on their end correctly and on time.

Yodit Kidane

Jeremy Iglehart

This place is a great place to get your associates degree! Check it out.

Victoria Ward


Jayson Thomas

Very incompetent advisors. If you don't learn how to correctly pick your classes yourself, you will waste your time and money on classes you don't need. It's pretty bad that I know how to do their job better than a lot of them.

Daniel Mutinda

Huong Quach

I'm been a student for more than a year and I can tell you that the Advising Service here is just TERRIBLE!!! They reckless and probably didn't know that their job is to ADVISE student, not just to make the studying even HARDER!!!! I registered last Summer for Business major, because I'm a undergraduate student, I took the placement test and they said I have to took Pre-Calculus. I didn't familiar with their online system so I come to be "advised" for class that I need to take. The lady that called herself "Adviser" but then mess up everything. She registered me to "Pre-Calculus" while the class that I need for my major is "BUSINESS Pre-Calculus" which is totally difference class! That class cost me more than the one I needed and the material is also a half more expensive. I just can't understand how a "Adviser" can make that huge mistake while she totally have a whole list of class required for my major right in front of her? Unfortunately, I didn't know this mistake until I try to register for my Business Calculus (This time I do it myself through the website) and the system refused to let me register because I didn't complete my Pre-Calculus! I bring this to another adviser and they substitute the course. But things even get more INTERESTING when I go to Calculus class. They use the same material with the Business Pre-Cal which is I didn't buy because I was registered into "PRE-CAL"!!!!! So now I have to spend MORE money to buy the material!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!! Why I'm paying for someone else's FAULT ????!!!!!

Julie Yu

Totally BS. I was transferring in from Calif with an A in Anatomy/ physiology and the counselor wouldn't accept it because their Anatomy class is broken down into two semesters instead of one. My class had the same identical description as theirs but because they like to milk it and turn one class into two so they can get more money for their school, she wouldn't except it. My anatomy class was extremely intense with over half the class dropping out, it had a lab and covered the microscopic functions of the liver, the kidney, heart, lungs, the eyes , etc all of the systems and everything that you can imagine . Everyday of my life for 3.5 months, hours upon hours were spent studying for this class, every day and night was devoted to this intense class, driving back and forth 35 mins each way and this woman just blows it off like it's nothing. Why? So she can bring in more money for her school , making students take classes over that they've already taken. It was a prereq for a med class and it's not good enough for her?? Haha! Every time she would read the description from her class, I would say we did that, we did that, we did that we did that , same description from my old College as theirs but she still refused to except it. I also brought in prereqs for the University I wanted to go to so she could tell me if my transferring credits would be equivalent to what they needed. She was barely making any effort to look at it! It was clear she didn't want to put any work in, I had to take my finger and point to a class on my transcript and try to get an answer out of her. She was trying to do as little as possible as she could. I was so frustrated. She was also the second counselor that I met with and neither one of them wanted to put all my transcripts in, they were all too lazy to do it. The first counselor only put my English in !.. and I have over 90 credits! The second said only the classes pertaining to my degree but I'm not sure which degree I'm going to choose so I'd like to have all of my classes put in. I have attended four communitu colleges now and I have never experienced such laxidasical and such laziness among staff. Usually you sit down with a counselor and they spend a lot of time with you converting your classes and making a plan for you, not at this school! And good luck trying to find your way around the school, because what little signs they have are small and put out of the way. It's like walking around in a rat's maze. As far as Financial aid : if you're transferring from out of state or another school with a lot of credits. I paved the way for you because they had no idea if my credits from the other school (which were maxed out) would affect my financial aid in this school. It took me awhile to get the answer. I went in Thursday and talked to a staff member who said he would give me the answer Monday, he did call but only to say he was still trying to find out. Wednesday came and still no feed back so I went down in person. Two staff members didn't know so I had to wait for them to track down the supervisor . Pulling out, finding another community college.

Pablo Jose Rodry

Handy Jeator

Walterlyn Pelham

Ratos Ratorius

I suppose if you have a plan in place to transfer to a four-year school, it might be worth it for the lower price... Don't bother with their advising service, though. As another reviewer said, they are very condescending. It took me four years before a friend told me you could register for courses online, which took a lot of frustration out of the process. The quality of their instructors is also rather lopsided, with some being o.k., and others being just horrible and unhelpful. And forget about their campus life; they pretend to have one, but there is very little to do on campus.

Jessica Byrd

Dwayne Culler

So much better than community college of Philadelphia. Good school to earn a 2 years degree

Fatmata Sesay

thanh nguyen

Chelsea Best

Thanks to DCCC I have transferred to West Chester University with an associates degree. They took care of all the transfer paperwork for me and made sure I was taking the right classes so I wouldn't be wasting my time and money. The advisors and Professors are brilliant, kind, and inspiring. They make sure they offer enough variety of evening classes between the different campuses. I will continue to take courses here throughout the rest of my college career. Thank DCCC for helping me achieve my educational goals while working and taking care of my family.

Sara Luciano

I attended this school off and on for 15 years before I finally graduated. For the money, you simply cannot find a better education. The professors and adjuncts are caring, thoughtful, and extremely dedicated. I am a proud grad and I tell everyone, go here. Trust me.

Biji Georgy

Great professor!

Ray Konneh


Big nice school kind of a maze but there flyers placed on the walls and windows tellong you where you are,great staff,food is good,nice small exercise room,computers everywhere for you to work on.

Robert N

I took a continuing education course here and had a wonderful experience. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Tony Nilano

Marisa Driscoll

Zain Freeman

Thuwaybah Carter

precious jackollie

International student advisor never present or answer any of you questions.

Nicole Pelosi

Tiffiany Harden

sscottypr scotty

Great place to study, staff friendly helpful atmosphere clean accommodating

Chandra Budiawan

Derrick Tawiah

Lisa Marie

Intelligent professors/faculty who are more than willing to help. There are so many great opportunities at this school and there is help everywhere if you're willing to look/ask!

Rovita Yakpasuo

Delaware County Community College is amazing and it’s a great way to start your learning experience. What I loved about the school is the staff, they are very cooperative and help solve any issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learning environment is very welcoming, tuition is affordable and you get to meet great students.

Steve Sabol

Ken Sociu

Kleah Sparks

Lisa N

I came here from a university (for money reasons) and DCCC is basically a continuation of high school. Teachers "baby" students to a ridiculous point. And the tough teachers I've had have been deemed as "horrible" professors, simply because they display strategies of university professors. Secretaries at this school are nasty. But most importantly.. the advisers have no idea what they are talking about, at least when it comes to the Science for Health Studies Major. My time at DCCC has been expanded another year because of the ignorance of the advisers (they signed me up for 5 unnecessary courses). Many advisers contradict each other. This school does not promote education higher than an associates degree. Trying to get out of this school to pursue a bachelors degree is a NIGHTMARE, unless you sign a transfer agreement when you first start there (which is only plausible if you know 100% where you want to transfer to after DCCC). The tutors are also very unhelpful for the higher level courses, they are only familiar with the basics. So like another user reviewed, you do get what you pay for. I guess it's worth it if you are pursuing an associates degree. My advice for students pursuing a bachelors degree (at least in the medical field) is to just start at a university and finish there. But if you come to DCCC, don't do anything through the advisers and check with the schools you want to transfer to for their requirements and do not trust the Career Counseling Center at DCCC.


Excellent RNFA program correspondence

Saad Rahman

Chintan Rathod

Good college

Sarah Emery

Lee Seeney

Sherri Mosley

I took a class here campus is very very nice. I love the fact that they have a stem center!

Joy Patel

If you want to talk to someone through the phone at 12, start calling at 7.

pink bubbles

My girlfriend went here and she got a good education.

Rick Wadsworth

VETERANS BEWARE. I attended one semester here and the veterans certifying officials inability to do his job correctly certifying your classes has me nearly $10,000 in debt with the VA. He'll tell you the school will cover debt and not to worry about it but in the end the school will hang you out to dry.

Youssef Tazi

Lynn Carter-Conte

New Choices was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Loved It

Cheuk Cheung

Akiba Perry

The cost isn't horrible and the classes are similar to classes offered by four year universities. The problems I have lie with the administration (financial aid, career center, cashier office.) They do not know how to deal with students in a timely, concise manner. I was unable to get in and complete a single course for the last two years due to administrative problems, even though I had been with them previously. I would recommend having another school lined up in case you find yourself in the same boat.

Edgard Lide

Gloria Wilson


Faith Whitfield

Jorge Jr. Barberan

David Mangiaracina

Dionisia Palacio

Mamoudou Diaby

Excellent College to go to. Everyone is warmly welcome in this learning environment. Thank you all the staff for your outstanding commitment to teaching and accommodating needs.

Phillyangel 215

Teachers are awesome. Just a way better quality of education

Michael Williams

Frank Nimley

Jinoy Reji

Dinesh Kumar

William Vice

Best bang for your buck and by comparing my material to my friends' material, I realized the curriculum is not much different than the first two years of a university. Definitely worth it. Also: very diverse and very LGBTQ friendly.

thomas lauer

Coming to this school was a horrible mistake for me i attended the school for two semesters i had taken 4 classes both semesters i passed a majority of these classes with a C average but due to moronic proffesors i had failed two classes the first was an english class that had the majority of the grade decided by 5 essays i got a D or an F on every single one now i admit english is not my strong suit but i had repeated conversations with the proffesor about why my grade on the assighnments was so low her response usially was this is wasnt what i was looking for yeah because that helps me correct my mistake anyway onto the second class i failed an algebra course now i have never struggled in math i always found it pretty easy infact just watch what the teacher does with the problem and repeat it with different variations of the problem now in this algebra class i would get perfect 100 scores on all the homework assighnments but then when a test came around would normally get around 40 to 50 i had attended study groups with the proffesor to try and help my grade but all she the did was show me the steps i already knew then when i got my tests they always had the same grade along with points being taken off with unclear reasons i would have the problem correct and still lose points asled the proffesor multiple times about this never lead to a clear explanation or a solution so with my c average in all but two classes both of which i failed english had a 58 i did reatake and pass the same english class next semester my algebra class had a 38 this is do to the fact that after failing every test because tests were such a huge part of the grade that even if i got a perfect score on the final i would have failed so i didnt attend the final which lead to me losing my financial aid due to poor proffesors who are incapable of explaining there grading system to the students i am no longer attending college because i simply cant afford it without financial aid now onto other complaints the people that work in the financial aid office are incompitant i show up do all the steps they tell me to then i find out there is more to do have to come back later struggling to get clear help on filling out fasfa it took me an entire week to even manage to apply for financial aid then theres campus life there is almost nothing ever going on around campus now onto another complaint i was in a computer programming major in my two semesters i got one class related to this subject i came to the school to learn my major yes i understand general ed courses are requires but two semesters for one class related to the major i attended for there is a reason the schools graduation rate is so low this is truly a terrible school in almost every aspect other then appearences the campus looks nice so theres that dont be fooled you will waste your money and time if you attend

ALEX hasna

Sobhi Baki

Mike Wydila

Parking is atrocious. It's a free for all when a spot opens up front.


Great place to start, however don't rely on your advisors because most of the times they give you incorrect information. Overall eveything else is great.

Fatoumata Sampile

Thomas Furmanek

Shanta N

This is a great school with very supportive instructors.

Thomas Bertele


Oh if I could go back just for a day.

Crystal Lopez

They have the worst and rudest customer service if I can give them zero stars I would. Called multiple times this summer and each time had someone rude answer the phone and answer none of my questions.

Dennis Wong

Tom Moore

Tom Johnson

Nancy McLaughlin, the DCCC VA rep is doing a horrible job in her position. I have gone there and asked to speak to her AT LEAST 10 TIMES BEFORE and I have always been told "oh she doesn't speak to students you must email her only" and than I've emailed her and not heard back for a week before. Additionally, advisors when I've spoken to them have told me that she, and I quote "is impossible to get in touch with" and is "the hardest person on campus to get in contact with" and "she only is available to speak on Tuesdays now" and when I drove there on the next Tuesday I was told "she is only available by email" - does she just not want to help us vets at all?!? I spent almost 3 years of my life over in Iraq in an infantry unit being shot at and the LEAST the VA REP of the school I'm attending could do is to give me 5 minutes of her time to go over my freakin schedule to avoid all of these issues. But no, no, no! She can't even do that...and she emails me saying tell me "My goal is to find the best way to reach out to you. " That statement is just comical. I feel like I have no option now and have resorted to having to contact the webmaster here for the school site just to try to get some help. I never had anything close to how ridiculous and unproffesional this process has been occur at my previous school. If she even files my paperwork I can assure you I'm never going to even think about coming back to this school for future classes next year after these reoccruing issues with the same women each semester. I am so fed up with her lack of support, respect, and general help. She should be fired, because at this point she's just collecting a free paycheck and not even doing her job. **I DO NOT RECOMMEND GOING HERE IF YOU ARE A VET WITH GI BILL BENEFITS**

Richard Houser

pierre Ouiya

Aboody Wd


Sandra W

I agree with others below. The administration at this school is the worst and don't seem to know how to handle students with Financial Aid. It makes no sense to miss class or have your registration dropped because the staff is incompetent. They apparently have no issue with students who pay out of pocket for classes but if you're using Financial Aid be prepared for 4 or more weeks of possible hell as they verify your account. Also, once they finally verify your account all of your Financial Aid isn't dispersed. You can still end up waiting and additional 4-6 week for the remainder of your aid so be prepared to pay out of pocket for classes and books. Last, The almost all of the books for their classes are specifically made for DCCC so you can not find them anyplace other than the DCCC bookstore for an astronomical price. Honestly, if I knew then what I know now I never would have come here. Looking forward to transferring out ASAP!

Katelyn McGill

Everyone I have worked with at this college from my professors to administrative staff have been very friendly and approachable. The classes are offered at a wide range of times [generally speaking] to provide flexibility to different schedules.

Ka Fung Moon

Michelle Williams

DCCC financial aid and academic staff ( located in the academic building)are rude, horrible and lack customer service skills especially towards people of color. I have encountered this on three different occasions. Rick the enrollment supervisor is incompetent of handling complaints. Only giving one star so I can post my review.

Rimma Parsegyan

I love the school !

Christopher Childress

This is the second semester I have registered for classes and have been dropped due to non payment. I registered last night at 8pm and was dropped today at Noon, but it says online you have 48 hrs to pay. This college is COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL, Rude, and very very poor quality classes. I am definetly transferring out of this POS School. Their slogan is "Find yourself here"!!. I feel bad for you if you do find yourself there!. Ask yourself what did I do wrong to find myself here with these ignorant ass staff members!

King_Shizz 215 #SwBoyz_215

Tiffany B

The only benefit of attending this college is cost otherwise the communication between staff and students is horrible. The policies in place make it extremely difficult for students to navigate with registration and financial aid. Some of the staff members are incredibly condescending I was instructed by an academic adviser not attend another nursing program because they only accept the best. This individual is suppose help students excel but this is the advice I was given. I did let that deter me from achieving my academic goals now working on my third degree I wanted to take a few classes at the college which would be significantly cheaper. I would be paying for these classes out of pocket and was informed that I didn't meet requirements when I just registered for this course earlier in the year but due to my employment had to take it at a later date. The advisers reason for my access was a wide spread system glitch. My question to her was how come students weren't notified about this matter. The adviser stated "oh we would have to contact too many people you need to take to the dean there is nothing else I can help you with" So all this time I have been able to schedule this course with out issue I haven't even had to speak with an adviser and now so happen I have to take another course that isn't needed. There was a major malfunction that the school failed to inform students about. So what happens to the students who took and pass this course? I would advise any student looking to attend this school to mentally prepare your self for a fight. A fight to ensure you classes are registered, a fight with financial aid. I looked in my account to find an email saying I'm never eligible to receive financial aid again and haven't made any academic progress when I haven't had any classes in over 7 years. But if I pay for two classes out of pocket this would go away per the counselors. Ensure you have documentation to prove your point this will be needed. If you don't have to attend this school then don't stay far away save your self the headache. While each interaction with staff turns in to a dilemma I'm very fortunate I only have to take a few classes other stories posted are much worse than mine.

Emmanuella Vincent

Pooh Nobles

The food is ok, since I'm a Vet I don't see the teachers really showing gratitude towards Vets through the education. At 33 this place just seems like high school plus,lol all the gurls wear revealing clothes and all the black boys act like they thug'd out yet they are all broke if not poor all together

Navkiran Kaler


Janice K

DCCC is a poor community college with a confused mission. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 16% of students graduate, with another 25% transferring out. This means that most [~60%] of students who attend DCCC will have wasted their money. A big reason for this is because the school hires mostly only adjunct faculty. Adjunct faculty are very poorly paid, and so the College cannot retain good adjunct faculty members [see their employment webpage- they are perpetually having to hire adjunct faculty]. Full-time faculty are tenured, and are not always very motivated. Too much of the community's tuition and tax money goes to supporting a bloated network of administrators and support staff. It's a shame the community does not hold DCCC accountable for these problems. If you're looking for a good education and high probability of success, I would not attend DCCC .

Shelby Smith

This school is very affordable and has a great website but, communication is very difficult with staff members at this school. Trying to call them to ask a simple question was like going through a maze, it's so hard to actually talk to a live person, it is all machines and when you actually do get ahold of someone, they are rushy and grumpy.

NGuyen Le Truong An

Teachers and staff very nice.

Todd Archey

Their student services are the worst!!!!!! Avoid this school if you can!

Justin Wilson

Beastmode Faze gang

The more time I spend at this school the more I believe they are Racist and have a very bias approach on Minority’s success rate. From administration down to secuirity. Any situation that minorities are involved in please believe they are automatically wrong! The professors can accuse you of cheating and with NO PROOF and this school allows the professors to determine your fait an success at this school. Interesting right!? The professor can tell you all semester that “Your final will replace your lowest test grade, end of semester he refuse to do it.” This scholl wilk allow these professor to not honor what he has said all semester. Another example “If a teacher decides to not help you in a class theg are teaching, they school wont force them.They will just say “Oh its not in her contract she doesn't have to do it. Nevertheless, I believe that some of the european students who attends this school are related to some of the individuals in administration. Just base off how they make decisions. The white students are allowed to use the N word towards miniority students and this school has no consequence for that. Which means they are in support of the disrespect. I would not suggest Miniroities coming here. Go to a HBCU where we are among our own kind! You complain they hide they complaints, ignore the complaints. Wish I spent these 3 years of school at a HBC or somewhere else!

Joseph DiLuigi

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