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REVIEWS OF Camden County College IN Delaware

Diego Colonia

You know who

Jacqueline Sarricchio

Emily Kane

Rhe Oak

This is hands down the worst Community College I have ever been to. Do yourself a favor and don't go here! No one is helpful, some of the professors have no business teaching students, and all they care about is your money. Almost every person I have had to deal with is miserable and isn't the least bit interested in helping you. The website to register for classes and perform tasks is a complete joke and not user friendly in the least. I hate this school with a passion and cannot wait to never have anything to do with it ever again. I moved to another state for two years just so I wouldn't have to go to this school and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Unfortunately I have to go through this school for an outside program but will be finishing soon and never looking back. This review forces me to give it at least one star but I don't even agree with that one measly star. So if you like high stress, anxiety, anger, and blood all means go to this festering ulcer of a school.

Stephon Leak

Wonderful especially at the Camden campus

Nocebo Vaultboy

Good place to get your learning on

Joseph C. Antonakakis

Nayara Channell

The staff was knowledgeable. Good for ESL classes.

Brittany Cabello

This is my first semester, and I have loved every second of it. Professor Bass and Professor Hernandez were my first instructors, and they were so helpful and great people to be around. Indulge in the activities and programs this university offers, this is so different than high school. Thank goodness!

Cheryl Dunham

The Sixth Franklin

Andy Bowman

Raymond DeFlaviis

Camden County College in Blackwood N. J. has had a leftist student radical from the 1960's as chairman of it's History Department for decades. His name is Professor Theodore Barthold and this academic bully has been protected by the college administration for decades. He used to give failing grades to students (especially ex-military) who didn't share his leftist take. Instead of feeling survivor guilt over avoiding the draft - Barthold appeared sanguine towards those who served - without regret. This kind of doctrinaire leftist is the reason why New Jersey churns out leftist thinking people. Professor Barthold is a propagandist- posing as an educator. This why young people are lemmings - and NJ is the Stalingrad of the North Eastern United States. Now - finally - there are student groups and individuals who are standing up to doctrinaire leftists like Barthold and the administrators who have permitted his ilk to monopolize thought on NJ campuses. Time is overdue to end leftist litmus tests in grading and in graduate school admissions. I urge students who feel they've incurred the wrath doctrinaire leftist professors - to use the services of the academic grievance committee apparatus. .

Joel Perez

Edward Tj Gerety III MBA

In 1992, after being a lazy worthless kid I came back to the United States and attended college here. My first class, Prof Burns (Political Science) energized me into getting my life into order. I did my two years in less than 14 months and went on to the University of Georgia. This place changed my life.

Heather Mac Vicar

I am ten credits shy of graduating & I had to dropout in 2001 due to a severe UTI that landed me in the hospital & in 2012 I tried to sign up to finish my degree & I was told I had to pay out of pocket for I did not quality for financial aid & that really crushed me & they are such liars & bull shitters all they want is your money not to help you & I wish Rowan took CCC over not Rutgers .

disha patel

Rich Fink


I attended the Adult Basic Skills program here and it was great. Way better than high school.

moonchild 432

Bill D

Had a GREAT time. The kids are so polite and helpful.

Carl Robinson

I am attending this college now and they've really stepped their game up.

Christian Jacobs

Frank Jago

This review is for Cooper University Family and Community Healthcare at Camden County College, NOT the college itself... Terrible system! Call a 'central' phone bot. Wait 30+ minutes, finally get a human (kind of), they will put you on hold again for 10+ minutes...finally get appt. weeks out! Went to get working papers for my daughter...lying, incompetent ppl finally ( I thought) filed out the paperwork after MUCH running around...Dr. didn't fill out the back! Are you kidding me?!?! Complete MORONS ! Had to make a 3rd trip, so that they didn't violate HIPPA law. Seriously bad medical center at this location!

Adrian Webb

Nicole Horner

UNv Observer D.

Ebee Nation

Rashawn Campbell

Absolutely terrible... especially in the math department. If you believe in surprises on exams as well as class averages in the 50s... then by all means attend.

Leanne Back

preyal patel

Herman Laverde

german gonzalez

Alice Souder

Hanan Salimi

If you wanna get your associate degree with affordable price. You are on the right place. Teachers are friendly and nice atmosphere.

TydaGamer 0424


absolutely a joke. Teachers not caring, simply passing everyone on and giving out free A's without giving you the skills you need to compete in your field, especially regarding graphic design.


yup, nice.

Thomas H

Up to date,very good community college.

melissa Delvechio

I’m still actively taking courses. I’ve never actually been on the physical campus. I’m an online student pursuing medical coding. And to be honest, the director of the program: Linda Mesko has been such a help. I really love her for being patient with me. Financial aid, registration and the library have all been so helpful to me although I cannot come in person. (I’m in Bergen county) thanks to all of you staff for helping a distant student. I appreciate it so much. I cannot speak on behalf of other programs but so far so good

Maria Aguilar

Kyle Sacco

Robert Cunningham

Hassan Ali

Helen Troxell

Outstanding community college who not only offers Associates Degrees but also offers an MBA plus a Nursing Degree. Training programs are also available.

John Medero

Great place to visit and find what you're looking for in education system

Steven Greer

Shirley Garcia

Lena Dandy

Mohamad Sherif

Halbar Mensch

Matt Shubert

Nice place before & they keep fixing up making it even better & has the equipment you would need for almost any program


Pretty solid county college. Great place to continue education for cheap before moving on to a trade or 4-year! Many services and facilities are provided, and there are a number of fantastic teachers if you know where to look.

Joan Cromwell

Nate Cochran

Ryan Randell

LadyJuicy Scottie

I Said

I can finally provide for my baby mama's wit dis degree in makin money

Fareeda Mabry

Christine McCann

Shonta Washington

Duke Smith

Some people are complaining. Sure, not every professor you meet will be a good professor. However, this place changed my life. I was a high school drop out (I only attended high school for 2-3 month or so) who took GED instead. But after 2 years of this wonderful college, I am now truly interested and motivated in sciences. This school and wonderful professors made a high school drop out to a Chemical engineering / Physics dual major and a Mathematics minor in a 4 year state university. I highly recommend Mathematics/Chemistry/Physics department. Professors in this three department are just wonderful. Probably other department as well, but I could not get a chance to meet them because of my major. Additionally, the tutoring center makes you speechless. You can get all the helps and they really do make you to get interests in the subject! That's how I became a science geek now. Role models are important. Go to office hours and have conversation with professors, because you may find a person who changes your interest and goals. Believe in yourself. I have considered me as a no-hope-guy, but now, I've got a pride of my major and as well as a Camden County College graduate. Things are never too late. I found my last chance of my education here, and made a successful beginning step.

Ashley Gen

After leaving Camden county I transferred to Rowan at GC. What a difference. Absolutely supportive everything from counsel and wonderful office/financial aid staff to the professors. An amazing experience-What a difference in quality. My experience at CCC was sooo disappointing. Moving onto another school with amazing and caring staff, I am now graduating with a 4.0.

Marcella Mason

2016 Fall semester went back to college at 57 years old, completed English Reading. Spring completed English Writing II Professor Lori Hufty who's excellent. I'm working towards becoming a Medical Biller. Thank You CCC


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