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jacob fridley

Sue Bird went here so did Brenna Stewart, george Springer went here also

Marc Chale

I graduated from MSE, a smaller program within the School of Engineering in 2014. Very good experience with SOE. World renowned professors. Always somebody in the SOE office able to assist me with scheduling or career guidance. First semester engineering students were given "block schedules." Students were enrolled into a block of required classes that did not conflict with each other. I participated in club sports, several social action clubs, a religious organization, ROTC, and completed 1 paid engineering internship. Clubs and sports received solid funding from the university. The company that hired me for the internship mentioned it was the reputation of UConn that got me the job. I can't forget to mention the world class campus in a rural New England setting. I chose to live on campus all 4 years. Housing selection is based on credits. Freshmen usually live in traditional dorms located near a dining hall. Sophomores and above usually live in suites or on campus apartments. There are individually managed dining halls around campus each with its own distinction: locally grown/organic, international, home style, ect. Students who choose to live in apartments or in off campus housing are not required to have a meal plan. My biggest issue with campus was the parking struggle.There are a lot of campus upgrades going on including the presidents "beautification program." Google search: "UConn Next Generation"

Stephen Carlton

John Wettemann

It is the best school you can go to. Screw Harvard. Go huskies

Edward Kozyra

Lol at that kid that posted Holy Cross is better. Better at being worse, I suppose.

Pedro Silva



Mireille Edwards

vipin dangi

This university has been most vital part of my life. These lanes are so beautiful during fall and it feels so amazing to be part of this university. Dairy bar is also one of my favourite place. Storrs is beautiful because of university of connecticut only.

Artur Ulatowski

Relatively clean campus, but there are some isaues

Sohan Aziz

It's an awesome place. It's like a mini beautiful town. There are more than a few nice places to hang out with your friends and families. I loved it.

Pete K

One of the few schools, and this is in a rural area, where one is charged for parking while on an admissions visit.

Stephanie Leach

Love my University, it is such a blessing to attend this prestigious college. I'm about to graduate from nursing school. Thank you for all you've done UCONN staff

Draino 9

Dhaval Patel



אסתר נעמי

Can't believe it's been more than 20 years since I left UCONN. Had a great time, loved the people and great education... I highly recommend it to everyone.

Alberta Joyner

Great school hoping they look at jayilah Lynch's Highlights on line

Sue Curtin

Bob Dole

Michael Barbieri

Great school with a beautiful campus.

Sarah edmond

Well my name is sarah and i would love to g to uconn university but i have a couple more years before im off to college but this is my dream school beacuse basketball is my life and i would do anything to go to uconn university.

Ethan Olmstead

Sophia Lan

My best friend's dorm's air conditioner is broken. She waited for a week and then nobody come! And then she called again! And people said that if they wanna fix it, they need to shut the all air conditioner in the whole dorm, thus they can't do it. Three people came and said the same thing to her! Is it because we are international student? Why?

Kyle Smith

This school is experiencing one of the largest renovations/building booms in the country among college campuses. The campus is so beautiful and it a very strong academic school as well. UConn Athletics are strong in all sports and the amount of school spirit that you see on campus and at sporting events is incredible. Greek life is growing so rapidly UConn has run out of space in Greek Village to house all the incoming fraternities and sororities. The party scene at UConn is awesome and there are tons of clubs and organizations you can join if you aren't into partying. Storrs Center is currently being built, which will add the equivalent of many city blocks of restaurants and shops to campus life. With the amount of positive changes occurring on and around campus combined with the amazing quality of campus life, I could not ever see myself attending a different university. If you are looking for a great college experience I would definitely recommend coming to UConn. Go Huskies!

Michael Arlet

Memo Vázquez

(Translated by Google) Beautiful (Original) Hermoso

Anon Broski

Best place on earth

Mohamed Fawzy

Best Environment for Education ever!

Carla Gold

Jorgensen fabulous for cultural activities on college campus

Cheryl Baer

Eat at Whitney. Organic and fresh.

Emma Williams


I love this place because it houses True Colors Conference and Philippine Fiesta!!!!

Ashley VanDyke

My bf told me he loved attending here. He received his masters degree here at 22. The accounting felid is program outstanding that's what my bf says.

Erik Lindsay

The school is alright. Being the only college I've been to I can't really compare. But I will anyway. The teachers are often sub par, the grounds are nice, but there isn't much going on in the area. On the up side it does have any club you could possibly want.

John Bojorquez

Computer Science is da bomb.

B Nguyen

Nice campus, good community.


(Translated by Google) The school is so big. But it was different from 15 years ago. The number of Vietnamese-born students of the first generation graduated. The class later understands about Vietnam not much, not very salty. Most Americanized. (Original) Trường thật rộng lớn. Nhưng đã khác nhiều so với 15 năm trước. Số sinh viên gốc Việt thế hệ đầu đã tốt nghiệp hết. Lớp sau này hiểu về đất nước Việt không nhiều, không mặn mòi lắm. Mỹ hoá hầu hết.

jonnalagadda achyutananda

UCONN in vast expanse of area looks almost in nature.a beautiful university.

Christina Ciccotti

Trey Hemond

wei yan

safe and beautiful place


Despite the amount of pride shown for this school all over CT and the great reviews, I am beyond disappointed for the way I was treated. On July 25th, 2019, I called the nursing department to hopefully find some answers that’s not included on their website, only to end up speaking with someone who clearly sounded like they did not want to help. Out of the schools that I’ve applied to, from community to university colleges— this is my first experience EVER speaking to someone who clearly shows that this individual did not want to help me, as a student. Other colleges would kindly ask if I would like to speak in person, to help guide and suggest what the next steps should be, or even do it over the phone. I had to ask her and instead she gave me a cold answer, almost sounding like I was being belittled. Not all students come from a family with parents or older siblings that have experienced college and so we look to the faculty at colleges as some sort of guidance. Unfortunately, that was not the experience I had calling into the department of nursing at UCONN in Storrs.

Ankush Khajuria

This is the worst school for computer science.The portal even doesn't specify prerequisite for the courses , the professors don't even care if prerequisites are needed or not but the faculty thinks they are the best in CS.1 star since I cannot give it zero or infact negative score.It is based on my evaluation.I am a NYU Alumni and my wife was studying in Unconn and then she took transfer to NYU in the next semester.

kevin poles


Kam Momeni

Pat B

We have visited many colleges and this by far is one of my favorites. All the buildings are beautiful. It’s extremely big, yet looks quint and nestled. Lots of traffic and activity everywhere. The atmosphere is extremely welcoming. Spoke to a few people and they all love going there.

Mitchell Witt

Best College Ever


The UConn business school was pretty good in the 1980's when I graduated. I can't imagine how good it is now with all the money they've poured into it.

Mark Sanchioni

Hostile Deadstock

Austin Costello


Great place

Sid Ramkumar

As a former student, I can honestly say that that my experiences at Uconn, whether academic or those related to school sporting events, prepared me well for my career. The professors in the school of business are tough but fair in their classes. More importantly, they care for the well-being of their students. Although there are limited options for events in Storrs outside of campus, student activities inside keep you busy and you always have the option of visiting Boston or New York city when the time is right. As is the case in any large campus, your experience depends on the opportunities you create and how much you put yourself out there. Overall, this is a great school with a great reputation. Go Huskies!

Franny Lay

I adore my university. I am a husky for life. We have top notch facilities and open and accepting community. We're diverse. Uconn is amazing!!!

Tauhidur Rahman

Dr raju visual gre

15 years have passed since I left this place with a graduate degree from mechanical Engineering. The fond memories of a sedate place and beautiful locations of the wonderful university campus at Storrs still haunt me..Catch you and watch you UCONN next year .....when my son finishes his masters at BROWN ..from there you are just an hour away ..longing to see you UCONN

Chang Lee

good school in country

Benjamin Manus

The University of Connecticut (UCONN) has great campuses around the state and is a highly rated college and is the 164th best college in the United States

stephanie lopez

Frank Carlozzi

C. L. A. S. 1978

Peter Lynch

Tanna Baby

Allison Anthony

Asma Gammoudi

I studied at Uconn for 3 weeks, it was an amazing journey, the classes, the dinning hauls and the dorms are really organized and well equiped !

Dave Hergert

Nataly Solis

For a school to recognize themselves as highly, they’re a disappointment. Called admissions about several questions I had and it was like talking to a machine. They didn’t want to corporate with me and then I emailed the admissions for undergraduate transfer staff for better service and I’ve never received a response back. Why have an email up on their website for any questions on transferring if they can’t do their job right. I then emailed the Director of Transfer at Quinnipiac and I received a response back within 15 minutes.

Ashley Mfum

Sky Brenton

Their sponges aren't even microwave safe

Cerise Whitlock

Very substantial

Tabatha Jones

Because some women that went her made it in the WNBA and when I get older im going her because I wanna make it to the wnba

Carolina Contreras

Because it's huge and perfect for me!

manuel garcia

Emily Liang

Class of 2013- best 4 years of my life. I moved to Seattle after graduation and went back to visit last weekend. I would definitely pick UConn in a heartbeat anytime. Rural location seemed disappointing at first but that's what made us more friends right? And focused. So proud and go huskies!

Barbara Denmark

Shana Petrillo

Very beautiful school I would like to study there

Tingyu Zhou

love my huskies

Don Rey

Excellent university in quiet Storrs, CT. Known for top notch programs in engineering, business, pharmacy, fine arts and puppetry. You might have also heard of their basketball teams. Go Huskies!


Bldgs not clearly labeled and parking is inconvenient for students. The plan is to move parking to the peripheral so students will take buses. Lots of new buildings are going up. Clean and green campus. Lot of passionate grad students working here.

Patrina Huff

Nice, accessible campus. In transit range of Yale/New Haven.

anders farhan

Mwenze Kyungu


Demilade Adebayo

The view looks amazing !! Would love to school here

Wade Gibbs

Teresa Morrison

A beautiful campus with their own dairy. You MUST try the ice cream ! The Professors are fantastic! They actually LIKED what they do which you can see in their contact with the students. All good things to say about this campus!

The Money Makerz


Farshad Chowdhury

song amber

Affanso Lloyd Anglin As Siedge Georgetown

University of Connecticut

Kevin Leitao

Coming from a fellow duck...... i love this place, so many ponds for me to swim in!!! LOVE ITTTTT QUACK QUACK!!!!!

Teri LaFleur

Clean campus, friendly students and staff.

Monica Wasinger

Sue Braghirol

My son not only got a great undergrad education , he is a student at the med school. Very generous to out of state residents. The only school that offered money for grades and not sports.

Jim Roach

Excellent university!

Tonyboy2000 lin

(Translated by Google) The campus environment is wrong (Original) 校园环境很错


Wayne You

Kyle Miller

Holy Cross is better



Christina Hill

Let's go huskies! I'll never forget my time as a student here.

Deja W

Best college ever!

Dylan Leitao

Ruben Miras-DeSimone

UCONN is a beautiful school that will hopefully accept my future application.

Kwasi Adu-Gyamfi

The best institution for graduate education. Had a great experience whilst assisting in teaching and research.

Sarah DuQuette


Shaela Oliver

Douglas Schultz

My experience while at UConn was fine. It is since then that I have a problem with the school. Don't call me looking for money when you are paying sports coaches outrageous salaries. Also, Kevin Ollie and his staff boycotting the Final Four is disingenuous. I am sure they were told not to go by the president in keeping with comrade Malloy's edict. I do not personally condone discrimination against anyone but in the USA I know (or thought I knew) small business owners should be free to hold to their religious beliefs...period.

Jiachen WEN

MariaCelia Andrada

Tyshawn Thompson

I love to go to the University Of UConn ..Im a 13 year old boy basketball player who will like to be a Uconn Star

Tim Xeriland

A great university that gets better every year. Apply now before it gets impossible to get in.

diddykid 105

Antelmo Flores

Avie Owle


LuisAndre Loza

Best School Ever!!!!!!!!!!

jonida koroli

Mike Diakuw

Spectacularly beautiful! I spent a week on the campus during their puppetry festival. The grounds and the people were equally excellent.

Ann Quinn

Been hearing and reading some very positive reactions from students about the College. Not only is UCONN recongnized both in-state and out-state but UCONN is also known as a School of Engineering. For my next semester, I'm deciding if I should attend UCONN for my a full experience in my studies living on DORM OR If I should go to another college to complete my education.

Bayram Derin

pierre Ouiya

Noah Vieira

Alex, our tour guide, was AMAZING. She had so much spirit and energy. She respected our decisions and made a real effort to connect with the students. Overall a great atmosphere and a great school.

André Vinícius Ceccon

Gene Peng

beautiful view view here, cool and comfort.

phil zhang

(Translated by Google) happy (Original) 幸福

alvaro gomez

Some place.... AWESOME!!!!

Caitlyn Cody

herlindo jimenez

(Translated by Google) Woow (Original) Woow

Maria Morales

Paul Eaton

Miriam Leon


(Translated by Google) It's the safest school !!! (Original) 가장 안전한 곳에 있는 학교라네요!!!

Will Liu

The University of Connecticut is a decent school and offers excellent value for your money. However, it has large classes sizes, high faculty to student ratio, most classes are taught by TA's, isn't good at any one particular area and has a limited reputation beyond the New England and Tri-State area. I had a great experience for undergrad at UConn but you may want to look to more prestigious programs for graduate school depending on your goals and fields of study.

Deshun Wang

Yunfeng Zhang

Great place

Randi Updike

Connecticut, approximately a half hour's drive from Hartford and 90 minutes from Boston. It is ranked as the best public national university in New England and is tied for No. 18 in Top Public Schools and No. 56 in National Universities in the 2018

Supreme Boost

Cale Wood

My babies school

Tamika Jones

Amazing food, great people. Also if you love a big campus for college go see UConn. UConn is its own city.

zijun zhou

Thomas DAlbora

Jared Smith

Crazy liberals running this place and turning kids into thoughtless sheep. They literally offered counseling after Ben Shapiro spoke here. If you haven't heard him talk you should look him up on YouTube. He is very reasonable and well-spoken. Anyone who would need counseling after hearing him speak is very very weak and clearly hasn't been prepared by their college to deal with sharing ideas and figuring out what the best ones are.

Evan Kimia

Sabrin Randal

It's a beautiful campus with a lot of life.

Nguyen Van Toan

LoomRoger Sargent

My son Robert graduate,and loved the experience all way around. Never a problem in getting a job with his educational credentials from this fine school.

angie roberts

not easy if you dont have a car , otherwise great campus

Lawanda Beals

Thomas Perone

The accounting program here is very thorough. The one week spot is teaching auditing fundamentals. You don't get to learn auditing until you go in the work force.

ritop magnet


Hillary Lam

Great school!

Pravesh Mallik

Kelly whitten

UConn is better than Disney world

SriKanTh ReDdy SuDha

Erick Piller

عبدالعزيز الظاعن


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