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REVIEWS OF Tunxis Community College IN Connecticut

Michael Ligi

Nathan Menoret

Mariette Macdonald

While it’s fairly easy to register for classes, everything else is a mess. Walk in advisor messed up my classes for registration (and wouldn’t even listen to what I wanted to do), signed on classes that require a pre req when i was told by her that they did not. Financial aid office is a NIGHTMARE in a lack of better words. Registrar office staff talk to you like you’re brain dead. After the weeks of headaches, I have come to the conclusion that they’re just money hungry and do not care about the education you’re looking for. I regret even considering this community college and will continue elsewhere.

Stacey Lynn Gray

Scott Rydecki

Kid By Art

Irini Metolli

Kevin DiMinno

Great place to learn.

Cassie L

Tunxis does the job in terms of fulfilling requirements or prerequisites. The buildings and labs are nice. The faculty has always been helpful and willing to set time aside outside of class for further assistance or questions, however office staff is severely lacking. If you can manage to get a phone call through, the employee on the other end is rarely able to answer any questions. Also, the registrar, cashiers office, and many other essential departments of the school have strict business hours, which makes it very difficult for people who work regular full time jobs during the day to communicate, make payments, or get answers to questions. That being said, if you're in a situation like I am, having an affordable school that offers the classes you need to fulfill prerequisites nearby is nice.

Ame F

0 stars Worst college and I have attended 5. I have 3 degrees but getting a simple certification was almost impossible due to inadequate teaching experience, poor class management and no structure .I sat through 4 and 5 hour lectures where PowerPoints were read word for word and written out on a chalkboard . That was called "teaching". This is not even mentioning the clickiness and bullying of and by students during class. Horrible .

Daniel Summa

Timozy Akacha

Mirianet Torres

Brigid Gilhooly

Bling Sisters

Alexandra Garay

Michael Ferrigno

Stan Marcinczyk

Excellent staff. Welcoming college experience. Staff and Instructors are most helpful and empathize with individual students. I have found that students who work with their Instructors are very successful here.

Theresa L

I will say that I experienced extreme difficulty enrolling in a class and setting up a paymemt plan for one semester (don't know why it became so complicated). The Dean of Admissions, however, was tremendously helpful and kind. He assisted me without hesitation to resolve my enrollment issues. He even walked With me to the registrar's office to make sure I had no further problems enrolling. I am so thankful for his compassion and his desire to help students. Overall, I've had great professors who care very much about students' learning and success. I wish the library was open later since I get out of class very late (after it closes) and have work all day prior to class. That, or I wish they had a 24-hour study space for students like UCONN does at their Storrs campus.

Zachary Ferland

Heather Gracie

I honestly wouldn't even waste your time applying, especially if you need financial aid. None of the departments seem to talk to each other, and it's rare that you actually get an adult and not a student when you go in to talk to a department. I went in and out if financial aid several times, and always kept getting student workers who seemed they had no clue what they were doing, and wanted to usher you out of there as quickly as possible so they could go back to looking at their phones. I also went through AT LEAST four offical transcripts because everytime I went in there to sign up for classes they claimed I never gave them one. So yeah, you're better of going to MCC or MXCC or Capitol or any other community college around here.

Jonathan Pryzby

i found the support staff to be lacking. i really would have liked to go to tunxis, its very close to my house and very affordable, but every experience i had with the staff was like pulling teeth. i have been told that once you are enrolled it gets much easier, but that did little to make me feel better. i had a much better experience with ccsu

Magnus Duru

Beutiful experience. Saved gas

Kyle McCormack


Love my school

karen luna

Great place, I’m taking some classes there and I always love to go at the library to study.

Mark Kaminsky

Better going off to another community college and save your money going to tunxis was a mistake transferred to middlesex grades went way up and they actually act like they care over there then at tunxis from my experience

Adriana Dowling

Victor Neves

Allie Fournier

I have never dealt with so many unprofessional factuality and staff as I have taking one summer course here. BIGGEST mistake I have EVER MADE!! --I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL! Let me just say that a professor I had, had the nerve to tell me that 'actual students who go here, are more motivated since they pay their own tuition...' I wanted to take one class for a cheaper price (not that it's any of her buisness!) and you LITERALLY get what you pay for! I pay my way through school 100%, still cant believe a professor said that to me! When you have issues with anything they do not take you seriously and do nothing to rectify any issues! They have no tutoring! ***THIS SCHOOL IS A JOKE!***

Backup Account

I attended this community college for a semester and it was a HUGE waste of time, and I would say a waste of money but financual aid paid for it. I wouldn't recomend this school to anyone, if you're curious as to why, here's a tone of reasons why... 1.) The Aweful registeration process. Starting off with the class registation process, it was a mad house. They have professors, NOT academic advisors, scheduling mass amounts of students all at once, so they are going through students as fast as possible. I brought my SAT scores and the staff member putting me into classes didnt even look at them. They base everything off of the accuplacer test and wont even consider SAT. They also force you to take a extemely easy class called FYE (First year experince). Supposedly they make all students take this waste of time class their fist semester. (Ill go more into that a little later) However a friend of mine who still attends this college was not signed up for FYE his first or even second semester! Now he has to take first year experince in his second year. This is how terribly managed they are. 2.) The classes/professors and how comically clueless/contridictory they are. 2 out of 3 of my first semester classes were a joke. As mentioned before FYE was a complete and total waste of time. If you got through high school without any issues you shouldnt even be taking this class. They try to teach you "the soft skills" like organization, time mamagememt, and so on. And yes- this class is potentially helpful to some of the students who stuggle in these areas but overall most students seem to fair pretty well on their own. That being said it is just rediculous that the force EVERYONE to take this class. But then again that's just was I was told, maybe they dont force everyone to take it. Some of the staff don't even know what they can and can't do, and what does or doesn't happen. My FYE professor told my class that none of the professors can count attendance towards the students grade. Which if funny because my other two professors were very strict about their attendance policy and would count it towards the students grade. 2.5) Sudden rule changes and inconvineces. As for my math class everything started out fine. There is the class its self and then a 30 mins break and then a "Lab" where students are forced to get their HOMEWORK done online (The book for this particular math class was almost $200, but it was only for the Pearsons registration so we can do our homework online. Now I'm stuck with a book we didn't even use, that I can't even sell online because the account isn't included. Did I mention the pages of this book arnt even held together by anything? You have to buy a 4 inch binder to put it in so you can use it.) Anyway, most of the students wanted to do their homework as HOME so no one ended up going to the lab. But one day half way through the semester the professor announces that he will be counting the lab for attendance as well as the class. The professors can just make up rules as they go if they see fit. It's ridiculous. I ended up failing this class because I didn't want to spend another 2 hours on campus, and do my HOMEWORK in my ACTUAL HOME. 3.) Communication (or lack there of) between administrative staff and students. My friend applied for for Tunxis to go this up coming fall. She applied later in the year (sometime in late may) and they were quick in their response to say she was accepted. However she never got her financial aid report from Tunxis and yes, she did apply. She called and they told her to wait and to wait and to wait. But the thing is, if you want to register for classes you need to pay THAT DAY. So she couldn't register for classes. So finally in mid august she gave up on waiting and emailed Tunxis admission and told them to withdraw her file. Anyway, if you can go to Northwestern Community College (as I ended up doing), or Manchester Community College, please do. Even if it's a longer commute it will be worth it because Tunxis is certainly not worth the time and effort.

Robert Lavin

ahamed kanee

It's a mess all together. I ordered a transcript and my order was put on hold because I owe $3. Then I called to pay and they told me to use mycommnet which I don't have access to and to get a Net ID I have to wait about 5 business days. They don't take payments over the phone. $3 caused me to miss Spring semester. SMH I wish there was an option to to rate less than a star.

Luis Cruz

It is one of the less overwhelming colleges in New Britain, great as basic introduction into higher learning.

Valon Gjonbalaj

I love this school but DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT PLAN I signed up to use payment plan was late on a payment and asked when it had to be paid by to avoid more fees, they answered that no more fees will be added and to pay before i can register more classes, sounds good, but they sent my balance to collections agency! Unacceptable way to treat students at public school, should be renamed from community college to communities money mongers

Maritza Ortiz-Guerra

Kelly Pryor

Beautiful library


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