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REVIEWS OF Three Rivers Community College IN Connecticut

zachary dean

This college disgusts me.RUDE admissions, incompetent counselors, no one is doing their job and this place is more expensive than in state resident tuition at the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????

Pagan Inc.

Good school. WiFi and website are a challenge

William Allen

Leah's Pack

Tara Giest

Incredible school. It's small, easy to navigate. Everyone I've come across is so helpful.

Alani Rosa

I love TRCC, both as a student and as an employee. It's a great way to get your associates at a low cost and prepare you for a potential future BA. Not every teacher I had was perfect but to their credit, not every teaching method works for everyone. However my time with student services has given me a deeper look into the hard work and effort that happens behind the scenes and I don't regret spending my time and money here. I'm a proud Three Rivers alumini and hope to utilize my education here in my pursuit of my BA.

devin monroe

Trent Tarkowski

I had rated this type of genre a 3 star to set something’s strate. Look It’s a great college to go to. The pears are nice along with the staff, instructors, and Advisers. I know The State Of Connecticut controls 60% of the educational experience for students but, the instructors go overboard when it comes to exams. I was reviewing 8 hours strate and still failed with a C-, You minus well change Three Rivers slogan from, “You College Your Future” to “Your Futures a Failure” all thanks to the instructors who want students Financhal Aid Terminated.


Great college, but terrible call center. How do they expect me to pay a bill if the numbers that I'm supposed to call either have a retired person at them or if the number is non-working?

Senia A

Professors are great, but the school is way too expensive. They care more about the up keeping and physical appearance of the school rather than satisfying/ aiding the students. Raising the prices on classes and constantly switching out the required textbooks for classes. makes it impossible for student such as myself who are on a strict budget to keep up.

Louis Maro

Professors and fellow students are great but the administration and admissions process is a night mare. Little to no help to navigate threw the process. No one is willing to answer question. They always refer you to another person. Example: Me: Can you please tell me how I can access the wifi here? Advisor: You will have to contact a student advisor for that. Me: :/ Avoid online courses here. Professor did not make access easy. Not clear as to what material is needed. If professor isn't able to help you navigate course or they themselves aren't sure of what to do you will still be responsible for payment. Only time in my life I hired a professional service and they were unable to preform paid for task and I was still responsible for payment. And of course there is no one available to talk to about this and if there is no one knows who it is to refer you. If you do decide to take courses here try to make friends with other students that have already been threw the admissions/ administration nightmare. Don't take online. Don't expect assistance if you get lost along the way.


Elizabeth sosanya

Three rivers community college faculty members are very helpful to students.the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

Mary-Margaret Pacheco CVA I

Sally Gallagher

I've been attending TRCC for three years now. I am an older student. My experience has been truly wonderful. Every aspect, faculty, and staff has continually impressed me and driven me to do my best. Love it here and would surely refer anyone looking to get an excellent education here.

Adriana Peralta

Bernard Brennan

Andrea Buka

sytira charles

You would think that this school being a “community college” they are more understanding of financial situations and are more efficient with financial aid an other “programs” they offer. Not this school! Not only does every single person in the financial aid office treat you just like another person asking for handouts but depending on what staff you run into behind the desk you might not even get the correct information! I went to the financial aid office yesterday due to the fact that I found out when trying to register for classes for spring 2018 that I was on a financial “probation” these people gave me NO NOTICE NO CALL NO NOTHING but that’s the least of my worry at this point. I go to their office the girl behind the desk had told me due to me getting a D in my math class last semester of 2017 financial aid was skeptical about covering classes for this upcoming semester so I would have to appeal( good thing I came a week before registRtion was over ) I appeal the form then I get a notice in the mail saying I’ve been only approved for 1 class this semester up to 6 credits. I was a little bothered, but I took it, I go down to finally register once again! Then I was told I didn’t have enough for books an technically they were only covering up to 3 credits an my class is 4 so I owe the school clerk a balance of $23.00 and now I’m also expected to pay for my text book. 6 days before class starts ... what happened to the notice they sent me that said they cover up to six credits???? literally because I struggled in my math class last semester an got a D I’m going through all this torture as someone who is barely able to pay my own freaking bills at 20 an living by myself just trying to get my own education, every Semester it’s something else with this school the office people SUCK they are there for a job an that’s it. Then When you ask to speak to someone in charge of financial aide they torture you with hold for atleast a good 20 minutes on the phone ( probably praying for you to hang up) unless your willing to take 2 and three trips down to the office which is no problem probably for someone who doesn’t works full now that the semester is getting ready to start an they feel like they did their part by covering the “majority” of my class (3 out of 4 credits, which my paper says they should cover up to 6 credits at least but whatever) I’m now expected to fend for myself an purchase a $200 text book within the next six days. Boy I can’t wait to be successful in my near future an to look back on the mistreatment an lack of support from this school an tell it to others as a learning experience an as a recommendation to never attend here just because of the thought of it being “cheaper” or “local” because u get what u paid for an these people’s attitude is just as cheap as the tuition they offer for a class an they lack what REAL schools have an that’s staff that cares about their students and the well being of others. An to make sure they give right answers these schools double triple quadruple check their work! If you attend TRCC as a freshman with no idea what your doing I suggest looking for support else where because this is not the school, they throw you in an don’t give a damn, not informative or helpful what so ever an definetly misleading . Always takes at least 3 visits to the school to ever get something rectified. Or a 20-30 min hold on the phone each time your trying to get the very little information that they are able to provide. Can’t wait to transfer✌

Colin Gauvin

Matt Pascal

Christina Silva

Amazing college! I had the best experience here. If you have the chance to take a sociology/history course, take it with Professor Edward Derr, phenomenal!! I graduated this May with an associates degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences and all my credits transferred to SCSU. You just have to manage your time well and be aware of the resources offered at this school, and you will see a big impact on your grades.

Willow Clauson


I have never really enjoyed being a student, but at TRCC that changed. I went from failing near everything in high school to an A/B student. You'll definitely find something you'll enjoy here.

Andrew Corriveau

Brian Lavoie

Teachers and Professor's here are great but the staff here are not helpful or pleasant.

Esther Hanna

My professors are all terrific. Being a Mom that took a few years off there was high anxiety but they were welcoming and warm which made the anxiety disappear & Made me excited about being back. I can’t wait for more classes!!! Wish I picked up more this semester. There’s always next semester!!

tiler thornton

Wislyne Naubert


When it came to registration they did little to nothing to help me understand the process and how to go about it as a new college student. The welcome center told me nothing about fafsa and its process. all I have to go on is a unclear print out and Q&A on some Facebook status from other people who had went through the same issue with them.

Jay .S

Mike Lally

Good stepping stone to college. Great tutors and staff.



1: I registered for a class and dropped it a before week prior to it starting, boy was I in for a surprise bill. $120 for a class I didn’t even step foot in, let alone it didn’t even start when I dropped it. What a SCAM. Of course I had no choice but to pay it. So just be cautious when you’re registering for a class, because you cannot change you’re mind and not expect to pay a fee even if the class hasn’t begun. 2: If you’re “graduating” be sure to wait months for your actual diploma to be delivered. Very unorganized system they have going there. I graduated in may and have yet to receive any proof of it. My transcript is still not updated with my current degree and my diploma is who knows where. Sucks. 3. If you’re receiving financial aid and you’re registered for a class and the school decides they want to cancel it, be prepared to repay financial aid back.

Clynt James

Mark DAndria

Good school to get started with good education, good instructors and good staff.

Nejat Eshetu

I have learned a lot and I am so happy that I went to TRCC. I will miss it

Reyy Traveler

Get it done. Graduate. Move on to bigger & better things. Period.

Brian Ennis

Jose Flores

Terrible administration, but great professors.

Chelsea Haff

Can never get ahold of anyone in admissions and administration. I needed simple questions answered and when I finally got through to someone, I was transferred to a voicemail amd never received a call back. They don't care about the students. They only care about the $$$$.

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