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REVIEWS OF Norwalk Community College IN Connecticut

Ramoi Hammond

Annwesha Roy Chowdhury



One of the worst community colleges in CT

Sam Pepe

Taryn Venable

Very underrated school. I really like it so far!

Maliyah M. Vega


ololosh lolo

Love it

Macarescu Rotari Mihaela

Jun Zhang

Alfred Jacobs

See for yourself

Vanessa Fabre

beauvais helene

(Translated by Google) I just tried to make my registration card, it was 11:26 am, there were two people available but they refused to do it I'm disappointed (Original) Je viens d’essayer de faire ma carte d’enregistrement, il était 11:26 am, il y avait deux personnes disponibles mais elles ont refusé de la faire je suis déçu

emma rabid


I like this place because I took First Student Number 13, a 2010 Thomas EF with White Roof going there and back from here as a Social Skills Field Trip last Wednesday, March 1, 2017! What a nice ride! Yay!

Emily Camacho

Been trying to reach out to my professor about my grade for 2 MONTHS.

Sandeep Bhandari

Halvor Remole

I've had pretty good results.

ioi Dark

Caitlin Campbell

It's a good starting school but extremely disorganized with idiots for employees. Dr Apple or apfel is a complete and total moron. She is so ungodly useless. She is extremely disorganized no wonder all of the students hate her. She wouldn't shake our hands because she said that's how germs are spread. Get rid of this delusional troll! She made an appointment for 12 and then when we got there said it was for 4pm. Um hello!? This school is so DISORGANIZED. If you're willing to put up with complete chaos for two years then go here. This school was better back in the day now it's a hell hole. The librarians are nice and some of the professors and the security officers are really nice but that's about it.

Hortencia Portillo

While theres a wide variety of classes, the support you receive is limited and communication between departments is poor, and they are very bad in getting back to you to address pending matters.

Siobhan Morin

Matthew Stromberg

The professors here are even more dedicated than the ones I encountered at a four year university. The classes are challenging and leave me feeling well educated in each subject.

Cosep, Isabela

Иван Павленко

Nice school

Jessica Moran

I love It. The people Who do Not Is inadaptable And mediocre . Period

Priscila Oliveira

Javier Pasato

Rafael Rodrigues

Ziggy Sakalauskas

Either believe the previous reviews of 'smelling like poverty and cigarettes', or understand that community college is the last place to find a living, breathing example of the American Dream. On top of that, NCC is the most well-funded community college, the most prestigious, and has the highest share of incredible professors than any other community college in the region. But it won't motivate you to succeed. You have to do that yourself. And if you do not find that drive within yourself in time, do not blame the college for your shortcomings. The opportunities are here and begging for you to take them.

Zaida's World

I love this school i been there for 2 years but they cancel the class over the little weather snow how can a 3 year old be able to go to school in a little snow but grown people cant. Stop canceling class unless theres 5 inch of snow outside your making it longer for people to graduate

Stephon & Nicole

Jay Saduakas

Mario Perez

The need someone to clean the old building, pls

Daniel Rodriguez


It is a great community college, with good food and cafeteria place.

Mac-Arthur Ducasse

Ana Jusino

Den Tymchenko

This is the best college i've ever could imagine! It's affordable (or even free in some cases), it has awesome gym, the professors are paying attention to your requests and the staff is courteous! And it's just 1 hour away from Manhattan by train. They say, among 12 community colleges in CT, this one is the best or the second best. And i really believe so!

Margeny Tamayo

I've been a student here for a year a half and coming from a NYC school NCC is definitely step up. So far, all the professors I've had are willing to help. The school is very clean and there are many places where you can study and do hw w/o any interruptions. I love it here. Wish I was able to do a Bachelors here.

Mariana Campos

I have been studying at NCC for the last two years taking ESL classes. I've never had a problem with anything until this last semester fall 2015. Unfortunately I choose the class without knowing the teacher. Pronunciation class was the worse English class I've ever taken so far. The way the teacher Mr Edward Tynes used to teach was very confusing and questionable. I am from a different country and I have been in the US for three years now, obviously I have accent and obviously I am taking English classes to improve it not to get rid of my accent because that would be impossible, but to learn how to get the closest I can from right English. Mr Tynes would be very clear and very impatient on his words telling that if we students in this situation, immigrants, don't talk as him an American person we are wrong and he would humiliate us in class. Everyone was very quiet in his class probably scared of his comments infront of everybody. After a week of class I lost interest because any world I would say he would spend more than ten minutes trying to make me speak just like him and I didn't want that to happen anymore, I didn't want to take ten minutes from the class for the teacher very impatient teach me how to speak as him what of course wouldn't happen because naturally I have accent, and that wasn't just with me, it was with the whole class, when he wasn't criticizing the way we speak, he was saying annoying things but teaching. He also doesn't have a very good way to decide grades, for this class doesn't matter how good you are, he will give you any grade as he wants, he would give you an F just because he doesn't like you. The only thing I learned the whole semester in his class is that Americans will stop listening to me if i don't speak as an American person.

sandra rodriguez

(Translated by Google) I miss the signal (Original) Se me pierde la señal

Bryand Zuluaga

Fernando alves

Excellent school! Super clean environment, friendly culture, and helpful staff. There are plenty of dedicated professors here! Not all are great, just visit rate my professor first. Way better than Housatonic!!

David Rodriguez

Some of the staff do act like they hate their jobs but some of them are very helpful. Some teachers are very bad but some are good

The Individualist

It's not the best. I went here for half of a semester and i'm at a much better school now. The school is boring, not lively, the counselors aren't very helpful. Food is horrible. Students aren't very sociable and just a boring school. Professors teach biased political things in classes that shouldn't be for that subject. It's alright as a school but to be honest its not that cool

kenndra espinoza

The business office has the most unhelpful and rude people I have ever met. They don't care about helping you at all. They treat you with no respect what so ever.

phatma puzzle

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