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REVIEWS OF Naugatuck Valley Community College IN Connecticut

Dennis Dellaghelfa

Great school! Like everyone else says" the professors are very passionate" It also has a nice vibe and atmosphere.

Colleen Palomino

Jared McLain

I went to this school for 2 years after getting out of the military. If you are a veteran looking to use your GI Bill. I strongly suggest you go else where. Myself and several of my veteran friends have had horrible experiences with this school and it's supposed veteran advisors. The lack of caring or concern is troubling to say the least. I've gone to another university and the difference was astounding.

brooke oakley

bayleigh gilson

krhystal ortiz

Alby A

Naugatuck Valley Community College gives you the solid foundation you need to help you through your life. Whether you continue your education or not, what you get there is valuable. After earning my degree at Naugatuck Valley Community College, I received a job offer but decided to continue my studies for my bachelor's. Now I am in a Masters/Ph.D. program with the University of Maryland. After being at all these schools, I can tell you there is no place like Naugatuck Valley Community College. They have a unique way of helping you and are the driving force behind your success. It’s not just a school, it’s a community. If you are at Naugatuck Valley Community College – take a step back and focus on all they have to offer. If you are not at Naugatuck Valley Community College – start looking into it as soon as possible! It’s a no-brainer!

Joshua Halsband

Faculty is committed to student success. Admin and student support are equally dedicated to student achievement.

Jodi-Ann Superstar Mudfish

Veronica A

I believe that this is not a very good college. Many professors do not care about their students, this is probably due to the fact that they are not working in a regular University. The SGA has many liberal tendencies as well as the president of the college. We need more political diversity but all they really care about is their emotional issues. Being in the SGA as a secretary of a club, I noticed that our budgets are being blindly passed and some groups are favored. On another note meeting the president, I was shocked when during a discussion she had called out every man in the school stating that they have not done enough in grades (which is not true). She also only cares about minority groups getting special benefits when in reality everyone should have the opportunity to get them if they qualify disregarding the color of your skin as well as nationality. As a last thought, I feel if I was to voice these opinions to the college directly, I probably would get alot of hate. I try to remain unbiased and my opinion is always based on the truth rather than emotion which the college has a problem with.

Nicholas Tella

The worse when it comes to helping the students. Everyone you ask says they can’t print a schedule for you. You can only go to one office even though there are people doing nothing. Absolutely horrible management! They were not even prepared to have their internet working for students to use “commnet”. Management should have efficient systems in place to help students out. Since day one of trying to enroll I have experienced nothing but below subpar performance ranging from phone systems not working to people not taking charge and helping out when they could. Very good at saying I don’t know and referencing you to go see some other department to only hear the same thing. They have plenty of attitude to give back though.

Stephanie Galarza

The staff are great plus they have the Ace center that help you in any case that you need help with a hw that you don't understand...I love it

Thomas Lamberti

Ruben M


Alyssa Albino

I had a great experience attending this school. The majority of my teachers were really great and helpful. I liked the small class sizes because it allows you to interact more with the class & create closer bonds in my opinion. The ACE center was a great resource which I utilized especially for my math classes.

karam nasrat

Is good, but they need someone to shut up some people in the library, I go to WCSU library, and you can feel the difference

Mad Monkey

They never answer the phone

Lisa Watson

rich worden

Noone ever answers the damn phone

David Ferrucci

Great school!

Cullen Perreault

The Electrical Engineering Technology program is ABET accredited, so that's nice. You'll find that most professors are great here. Only had maybe 1 or 2 that weren't that good. I will say that the financial aid office is not very helpful. Seems that whenever I call, somehow no one knows how to help me. I called once for information on getting leftover grant money moved to another semester, as I had done in a previous semester. According to who I talked to, they've never done that... OK. So I asked about paying it out... She said they'd send a check. Well, its been 5 months... Wheres my $8?! I recommend not calling the financial aid office about financial aid... That said, everything else is great and I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an Associates Degree.

Matthew Falanga

Joseph Caputo

Naugatuck Valley Community college is probably one of the finest schools out there. I've been to many four year universities, and it challenges their quality. You can't go 15 feet without meeting someone friendly and willing to help you. They have teachers from Southern, Western, Sacred Heart, and Yale teaching their courses, and the education quality is insanely high. When I transferred from N.V.C.C. to a four year university, all my credits transferred, and I entered that university THREE years into a major. Two years at N.V.C.C. equalled three years of challenging collegiate study. N.V.C.C. was also the vehicle that led me to my first internship and my first job. Cannot recommend this school enough. You get out what you put in.

milena amatista

Ashley Highland

I wish they offered more but it’s a good place to get your foot in the door . Great staff and felt the classes were at a steady challenge for me

Ernie Wainwright


hole's medsrg book, + airway first? = A. hole's!

Donoban Tipantuña

Tom Ritucci

Good summer classes and SAT prep classes


Giovanni Cruz

Being a senior in High School is the most terrying thing a High School Student could ever experience because of so many choices and lots of process that a college could take but with NVCC everything was simple and worth it 100%.I am currently majoring in Digital Arts: Audio / Video Production and i have to say i am very impressed with the amazing professors i get for my major classes as well as my General Studies professors who not only teach very well but they help you be sucessfull by connecting with you and engagibg with you to help you succeed and learn the skills you need to be successful in the future. What makes Naugatuck Valley so special is the Student Government who has helped me with lots of social skills and thanks to that i have now what i call my NVCC Family ; the amazing Staff, Faculty and also my classmates. Financial aid help was amazing from beginning to end. The admissions process was the most fast and easy process i had ever been through. I am glad i chose NVCC. I definitely recommend students to come here and save money on tuition and get a more flexible start in your college career. Remember to get involved in all Student activities and everything will be great

Gretchen Napier

Excellent caring staff. I completed my Associate's degree here and am proud to say so. I did have a couple of professors who phoned it in, but I found that 98% were professional and strove for you to learn and excel.

Wanda Montes

Jessica Brazee

My husband was a student 2.5 years ago and attempted to be a student this semester. He said his experience taking classes here was outstanding. All his professors were knowledgeable and passionate, the courses were interesting and appropriate level of difficulty. This semester however they dropped the ball. They told him that he needed to reapply since it had been over 2 years since his last course. He reapplied and heard nothing back. Weeks of him constantly calling, the semester already starting, and they kept redirecting him to a voicemail and everyone he spoke to claimed they were unable to help him. Finally one of the phone calls lead him to his student ID so he assumed he was accepted and was just never notified (by phone, email or mail - nothing). Then he finally gets a call back from someone who said "oh you've been a student in our system since the end of August, weird no one let you sign up for classes... well signs up ended yesterday so sorry."

Dorinda Hunter

Nice campus!

Gel chaves

Great community college! Affortible, good professors and awesome location. I just wish they offered more classes in Danbury. Other than that it's a great place to start your college experience. I transferred to WCSU a year ago and honestly the professors at NVCC are as good as the WCSU professors if not better.

X1erator Games

Justin Dieter

Been going here for my third semester now never had an issue vet/financial aid dept. is awesome always get signed up and get my books no issue as for education it's awesome especially their manufacturing program


One of the best college around for a low price. The credits are all transferable and they have some of the best professors. Highly recommend this college.

Kristin leslieann Harris

If I could give Naugatuck Valley Community College ten stars i would ! I was once the student that did not know what I wanted from my college experience. With help from faculty and staff at NVCC , my eyes were truly opened to what a quality education looks like. Everyone deserves to have the same experience. If you are thinking about college, and you are not sure where to start , visit NVCC. You'll be glad you did!

Patrick McCormack

Pretty much the shittiest college in the state. They are crooks. They have professors that just do not care about teaching. "I want to go to Naugatuck Valley Community College." said no one ever.

Justin Subervi

NVCC is the best place to begin your education. It’s the most affordable school in the area in addition to having some of the most caring/dedicated professors I have ever met. This school has helped me grow in a variety of ways, and I’m grateful for the assistance in making my academic dreams come true.

Coach Carlos Romero

One of the things that makes Naugatuck Valley Community College so great is its passion for innovation. They are strong because of their diversity and all of the resources you might need to succeed are here for you. Also, the administration, staff and faculty are more than happy to help. To make the best of your college experience, I would recommend that you get involved: there are many activities on campus to attend and clubs to join. Also, there is so much opportunity. Even scholarships. I love this college and so will you.

Daiana Malcervelli

Miles Mu

not the best college to go to, teachers were not helpful

Ami Khariton

Decent community college. Most of the staff are friendly but this school definetly has its share of incompetent, non-helpful employees. I honestly believe that some of the employees and professors at this school should have chosen a career/job that doesn't require dealing with the general public. The lunch students can buy is fair at best. Parking can be a pain depending on when you attend class. You will find a few good professors but a majority of them don't really care about you.

malik awan

I took a sociology course 2015 Fall. The professor was bad and always left in the middle of the class. For the final exam week he quit. This affected my GPA got a F.-. They wanted me to take course I did not needed. I had bad experience with the professors, who did not care about their students. When I asked questions the professor never answer my question or would tell me to come in the hour office. I had to spend my time in the student center waiting for a tutor instead of my professor to help me out. There was women in the student center who would help me out with any questions I had, but I could not always go to the waterbury campus and I worked pat-time.

lucas j

Currently enrolled in the horticulture program and love it! The teachers are great, most are adjunct and work in the field so the opportunity for jobs and advice is endless. The program head, Chris Tuccio, really cares for students and wants to help in anyway. My only gripe was the financial aid office not being that helpful but the figured out what I needed eventually. Would definitely recommend this school to start a college career. The campus is beautiful as well.

Harvey Mains

I attended a Horticulture Certificate program here. The teachers were and are great. I recently completed a Greenhouse Management class which was great as well. The new greenhouse is wonderful with aquaponics as an adjunct. The horticulture program is fantastic.

Julio Abrahamson

Good place to start your college education.

Josue Torres

Good Community college.

Lee DuC

For a first time college student this is the worst place to go to college. Financial aide office is unbelievably SLOW. Not to mention the phone line. You can call and call all you want leave a message and the will send you some bogus email as a reply. They really make you feel unwanted there even when you go in.

Adriana Dowling

This school is a waste of time. The advisers are confused and the Dean in room 600 is extremely rude and clueless. Only nice one that seems to understand my frustration was the Dean Sarah G. I was trying to transfer from Tunxis to Naugatuck Valley and Tunxis did not offer a class I needed for Winter session. I took the class with Capitial and I went to Naugatuck Valley to have them register me for the next class that's needed for Spring semester and it was liking pulling teeth. IF ALL COMMUNITY COLLEGES ARE TIED TOGETHER why in the hell is it so difficult to have these advisers look at your credits and register you for the next class. "well you didn't take this class with us so we cant register you." IF A STUDENT GETS CREDIT FOR A CLASS THERE SHOULD BE NO ISSUE WITH REGISTRATION.The Dean said to me "WE ASSUME IF YOU HAVE TAKEN ENG 101 THAT YOU CAN READ AND WRITE." Just like she assumed that, I will assume she is saying if you have not taken that class you're stupid. I mean if that Dean can assume so can a student. With that being said I will stay at Tunxis where they work with you. **I was told there are 4 Deans, I wish I knew that Deans name that was rude but her office is 600 in the Kinney Hall with two other ladies in her office if that helps any other student. If you need help speak with Sarah G she took time to call and help me but the class is filled now so that's just that.

Des Cables


Naugatuck Valley is amazing

Anne Branch

After reading what other Veterans have to say...I can't believe I have to agree. From the VA rep telling me basically last minute important information about what classes I need to change to the guidance counselor screwing up on what classes I need I'm being held back and can't graduate. It's demoralizing and makes me not even want to attempt to finish my education. What a waste of post GI bill and 2 years. I'm so depressed

Rachid Us

Christopher Gordon

Erin Strauts

Rob Jeffrey

It's a quality school with quality teachers. If you're willing to put in actual effort and time you will get everything out of NVCC that you could get at a four year college. The only problems I've seen are with students who think they won't have to take classes seriously because it's a community college, and throw fits when teachers ask anything of them. Expect a college work load with a real payoff in education and skills!

solid snake

I went through the advanced manufacturing program here. I do agree that the financial aid department and some of the professors, staff I had were awful, I had a pretty good experience. The faculty couldn't be more supportive. 2 stars down because I had a stalker in my class, that was handled poorly. Took the proper steps only to be told that what he did "wasn't stalking" and tried to force me to put up with him along with the "boys will be boys" spiel. I threatened to leave, take it further and he was transferred to another class. The cafeteria is expensive, so I either went to Lena's right outside campus or Spartan's up the hill.

nicholas brown

Jake Crystal

William Cabrera

jannifer polanco

Megan Bliss

Bullying Info Network

I had to quickly give this school five stars when I saw it had a 3.9 since this school gets you to where you need to be in order to reach a university. I came here an idiot, and I left ready to pass certifications in any field. Thank you so much for sharpening me for the real world.

Michael Madden

The financial aid/veterans affairs personnel are easily the worst people I have attempted to deal with. The reason I say attempted is because I have tried to reach them for over three months and have received only one email back with an answer to a question I didn't even ask. Even going into there office was a failure being that they had already left for the day. I would be surprised if they get all my GI paper work right.

Matty 24

Just graduated and other than the professors and the fire tech program I attended I have nothing good to say about this school. I was very surprised to see their rating is 3.5 out of 5..People must be getting paid to write good reviews. *edit, if you are a veteran avoid this place, the vet reps are morons. The school is attempting to get $500 from me after never attending a summer course I was originally enrolled in due to the fire technology Department head retiring. No one replaced him the 2 years I was there and nowe after being advised incorrectly the school wants to charge me for a class I dropped at the beginning of the semester. If you are a vet rep reading this, you guys do an awful job at this school.

Michelle Retamar


I love this place. My 2nd year here and got full finical aid twice in a row. Im enjoy all my classes. Great Professers.

Gay Carter


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