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REVIEWS OF Goodwin College IN Connecticut

Michael Heaven

This school is more than adequate in providing the students with the skills needed to shine in their chosen professions. Real life scenarios are used by experienced professors; Curriculum used compliments each other and developing the students to be leaders.

Jean- organization LLC.

KJ Brands

A little expensive but worth every penny, great learning environment great programs..

Heather Cohen

Brendan Carroll

My Pretty Pink Poodle

Dana BC

My experience with Goodwin goes no further than listening to the commercials on the radio. I am so tired about hearing about “Celebrating...” this and “Celebrating...” that. Way too much celebrating. It’s gimmickey and obnoxious. A place of prestigious esteem would never advertise in such an obnoxious manner. Off of their ads alone I would not suggest this establishment for your education needs.

Trevor Deming

I first came to Goodwin for a Manufacturing Career Fair on August 2014. My plan going in was to improve/expand my professional network but after introducing myself to the two ladies at the front door, I was escorted to the admissions office. During this impromptu meeting I learned of their range of Manufacturing programs ranging from a Collegiate Certificate to Bachelor's Degrees. The lady I met with was very nice so I decided to let her run through her whole pitch before refusing. After she finished running through her speech I was about to politely decline when my eyes fell upon a pamphlet detailing their Certificate in CNC Machining. My attitude switched from polite dismissal to serious consideration. By the time the holiday season was in force, I had officially enrolled. From the Spring 2015 - Fall 2016 semesters, I experienced the most fulfilling education of my life. Classes tailored to my major were taught by professors with real-life experience in the manufacturing field. Knowledge gained from operating machines in the school's shop helped me secure my first manufacturing based job (which at the time of this review, I have been at for over a year). Around two weeks ago I walked in the 2017 Commencement with my CNC Certificate AND Associate's Degree (Summa Cum Laude!!!). Making the choice to again become a student with Goodwin College is one I do not regret, in spite of my now increased loan debt. Looking for a quality education with real life application? This school should be on the top of your list!

Robert Misbach

Tamara M. Hawkins

First college I have ever come across that offers full financial assistance to it's students. The professor are really geared towards the advancement of their students. The course time goes by very quickly, but you have plenty of time to get one on one help if need be.

Sarah C

Goodwin College ripped me off! I signed up for Medical Office Procedures Associate degree. I paid over $9,000 for an "education" that I could barely use. Books came late, a teacher stayed out of school for an extended amount of time, and the substitute didn't know diddly squat about the coursework. The student adviser told me that I could make up the course, but that the course would not be available for a another eight months. Needless to say, I didn't want to wait. The only other option for me was to take Environmental Science. (How useful!) There were no other options, I needed to be done, so I could start working. Ready to strangle them, I agreed to it, madder than provoked hornet. I had just conceived my first child, and I wasn't married. I had to get started, and fast. I do not recommend Goodwin College for an adequate education. I got a job at my childhood doctors office, after some scrutiny from the head office person, but I've known the doctor since I was 7. They hired me, but I was unable tot work the scheduling on the PC. If I were you, I would press on. It is now more than 10 years later, and I have refused to pay those jerks back more than the minimum amount due. I still owe $1600, but I don't care. As a child, I was sick with leukemia, and a year after I started working at the office, my kidneys failed. I got nothing for what I spent. Presently, I am looking toward the possibility of a career in finance; maybe I'll make back some of what I lost. Attended while Goodwn's sister facility in Milford was in the process of closing, and then transferred to Hartford. Transplant in 2007 and doing fine.

Ruth Alvarez

Ashley Aponte

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Needless to say I ended not even going through with it. I spent a whole year trying to start at Goodwin and every single time some new obstacle would present itself. I started with one admissions counselor who ended up messing me all up and barely helped with any of my concerns. She no longer works there so I got a new one and at the end I decided to just go to a community college. A whole year wasted thanks to good ole Goodwin. Glad to hear some people had good luck with the school.

jessica calloway

julio carmona

So far so good, online classes are good and teachers are willing to help all the time. Only reason I didn't provide 5 stars because I haven't graduated but overall school provides lots of help with financial aid, payment plans and etc. Wish the cost per credit was a lower so that school loans at the end of the program weren't so high.

Shae Crawford

Burnette Howard

Sam Li

(Translated by Google) Terrrrific !!! (Original) Terrrrific!!!

Jen Madley

The faculty at Goodwin College really wants you to succeed. Michael Wolters, Jack Matthews and many others have helped me become who I am today. I've become a member of the Alumni Association and I'm always surprised and eager to learn of what the college has to offer every year. Thank you!!

Olga Haley

Kelly Anziano

My experience at Goodwin was awesome. This school is a different type of experience than your regular university. It is more individualized and family oriented and they go that extra mile to meet all of your educational needs. I would recommend this school to anyone pursuing a college education.

Jessica Lassiter

After joining Goodwin College in the Summer semester of 2014, I fell in love. I worked over the summer in the Summer Bridge Academy to achieve the Navigator's grant, which covers 75% of your tuition plus books. It was hard work, but it thoroughly prepared me for college while making college possible for me. Since joining, I've witnessed a family style community. They offer free tutoring in any class, clubs and activities, and won't stop until you find a job after graduation. I have had nothing but A's in this college, and would recommend this college to everyone, no matter the age, gender, or ethnicity.

Jimareylie Casiano

Great place . Great ppl.

Andrea Williams

They do provide you with free tutoring; however, I find that they're biased in some of the courses.

S Strickland

Elon birthday

Excellent !!!

creola Williams

To whom it may concern: My experience at Goodwin College was wonderful. Goodwin gave me a great platform for higher education and a great foundation for building a great career, which is why I waited to attend grad school there. Goodwin has some great professors which go above and beyond to help their students accomplish their goals... I would recommend Goodwin College to anyone... Sincerely, Creole williams

bruce hoffman

Phenomenal school!! Best place to get an education that is sure to last a lifetime!!

Dawn Kirschner

Goodwin is so different - they make it so easy to register, work with you, and the professors truly care!! The clinical instructors are so professional and are the best mentors I have ever had!! The library staff and tutors are so helpful and career services are available even after graduation!! Love this college!!

dennis brunelle


Stephanie Ruiz

katie vaughan

Rafa D

My experience recently, not so good. I spent tens of thousands obtaining my degree and began the BSN program. After completing my financial aide, I was informed that I was being audited and they required hard copies. Imagine trying to get ahold of your accountant during tax season, coupled with the fact I was working 2 jobs and had a 5 month old baby. I eventually produced the documents and then I was charged a $100 late fee. Needless to say, I refused to be exorted by a bunch of gluteness predators. You got over 30 grand already but that wasn't good enough. Then they asked me to leave a review, here it is, go eff yourself.

Edward Casares

Tami McLean


Kim M Rice

Lisa Davis

Very good college but Expensive and its a technical College i gave a 3because they make sure they spend every dime of you lone so you get nothing back unlike Capitol they will try to give Someth8ng back so it give you some kind of start for uniforms laptops or busfare

Jamie Sullivan

Compared to other schools, this one has been the best fit for me. First off, they start class times at times that make sense for the normal working person. Second, they work so hard and fast to get you started into your classes. Barely any work put on the student. Other schools won’t let you start for the smallest reason. Goodwin will let you start your classes. Will look past the setback for the for the first week, and help you get whatever it is that you need to continue learning. Thank you Goodwin! Oh and one more thing, they put a wonderful big basket of fruit our right in the front lobby for anyone that comes in hungry.

Callie Faison

I graduated in 2006 with a General Business Degree the Staff and Faculty were all very helpful and on top of their jobs. I signed back for classes in 2013 for my Bachelor's Degree in Business unfortunately the staff and faculty changed in a Very Negative way. I had Mr. Rotondo as my Advisor who had me taking classes that i had previously taken also the Black Board Online classes system kept going down I another class were i completed the work on time but their system did not register my work it had been idled for 36 or more hours and never registered my work causing me a NS for the class this caused a snowball affect to the downfall of me no longer attending classes. I talked with Professor Valeria he advised i write some sort of letter which i did explaining the double classes Mr. Rotondo had me take due to him not paying attention to my previous classes for He was my teacher in 2004-2006. I wrote the letter and i have not heard Anything back from Goodwin They just cost my family Time and Money.

Christian Diaz

So far I love the complex, the professor are really nice and helpful. They want you to pass the class for sure. The only thing I can complain is for the service of Financial Aid. I am a transfer from Lincoln College and when I was about to change they explain me that it would be cheaper or about the same. Before classes start I went to Financial Aid to see how much it was going to cost me, but they didn't have any information of me yet. Then I received a message saying "to not go to financial aid" I could start right away. I went again the day before start and they couldn't tell me anything. They charge already for the semester, it shown in my credit report, this is my third week of class and I do not even know if is the same as Lincoln, more expensive or less.

Tabitha Martin

Erica T

Tuition is a little high, but, I still chose to come and stay here after attending CCSU for a year. The professors here truly seem to care about you and your future, where as CCSU made you feel like you were just a number, another student. The environment is very different. The professors and staff acknowledge and speak to as you walk through the hallways, or cafe. You feel like you actually belong.

Oscar Deangulo

Great experience would recomen to anyone

Osmond Hanchard

Everything about this school is great. Especially if you have children and a job

Marc Conrad

Very good school. Happy with the teachers. They really do show concern for their students.

Adelina Pagan

Sandra Liliana Castillo Castaño

Mr Peligro

Thomas Nardello

Began classes on the old campus, which had portable classrooms which were cramped and uncomfortable. Moved to new campus when it was completed and what a huge difference!! Comfortable state-of-art classrooms with all of the latest technology! My professors/instructors were top-notch and the Nursing Program Director was the absolute BEST! I enjoyed attending my classes and all the staff were friendly and helpful. I was very well prepared for my nursing boards, which I passed on my first attempt with the minimum amount of questions. I had great clinical rounds, which totally prepared me for a nursing career. I would highly recommend to anyone considering a career in nursing, to check-out Goodwin College.

Quinntieja Scott

- Goodwin is a great school. They offer a lot of one on one help. It's a little on the expensive side but for the most part it's worth it. I'm still in school and I'm really enjoying it.

Anyelii Salcedo

Suzanne McCormick

I've been at Goodwin College for a while now and I love it here! I'm a Mom, and I work full-time yet thanks to Goodwin College and their on-line and flexible course schedules, I can finally get my Bachelor's Degree!! I highly recommend this school to new students and returning students alike!!

Magali.reyna Password12345

last laugh

Here is your own “report card” for ethical business practices from me now!!!! Straight F’s all the way across the board for everything: billing practices = F, honesty in promising your students one thing but delivering on another = double F, and lousy instructors who just love to brag about themselves alll day long instead of actually teaching relevant course material to their students to actually prepare them for their careers rounds you out with another F!!!!! Just straight F’s in every area!!! What a freakin’ ripoff I got from these scam artists!!!!!!! They quoted me as one price for my tuition for their information technology program!! All of a sudden my tuition expenses turned out to be hundreds of dollars higher when all the hidden extras were added in???!!!!! What they do is lure you in with false advertising and promise you that your final tutition expenses will be ‘X’ and then when they factor in all the hidden extra costs (which they never tell you upfront) turns out to be much higher!!!! Under no conditions ever, not even if your desperate for a degree should you ever attend this lying, deceptive excuse for a “college”!!!!!!!

crystal Oliver

Gail Michaud

Jamie Callahan

Yaitza Nieves

Ale Madrid

Adela Navarrete

Husna Sayeed

Katherine Guilmette

I wish there was a Goodwin College 35 years ago!! I know I would have completed college in better standing then!! With my life experiences and determined drive as well as (and especially because of)the professors and advising and Academic Success center, I was able to receive my Associates AND Bachelor's in Human Service with 3 honors Societies recognizing my now 3.85GPA!! Thank you Goodwin College!! I will always recommend you and be involved with the Alumni committee!! Katherine (Katie) Guilmette ASHS 2015/ BSHS 2017

Kristina Daniele

Ileana Fernandez

Agnieszka Zaleski

Don't waste your money and time.

Allen Whetstone

This school is a joke $63,000 for the undergrad nursing program. Goodwin college may be felixable but too expensive don’t waist your time you’ll be paying this school off for ever


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