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REVIEWS OF Capital Community College IN Connecticut

Kassandra Vega

Adrian Sanchez

Decent education but somewhat impatient science professors.

Ruth Rivera

Brandon Beak

A School that employs Liars is bot worth attending

inzamam ali

Jess Odlum

What a great second life for the old G. Fox building! This museum-like school has so much to offer: great variety of classes, convenient times, helpful staff.

Scott C

If you want to learn how to lie & play the race card to get out of your own legal issues, then this is the place for you!! Their teachers will try to enable you to become an expert in blaming someone for your errors. One of CCC's professors, Minati Roychoudhuri, is a great example! But, she's pretty stupid & got caught & arrested for her racial profiling lies. If CCC is smart, she'll be fired ASAP.


Professors are awesome. They love what they do and it shows. Earned an ASN here and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I wish they had a BSN program, then my life would be set right now. Admin staff, especially registration & enrollment, are terrible. They try everything to hold you back to make you have to retake courses. Book store is greedy and tries to prevent you from getting your books elsewhere for Amazon or eBay. Save yourself stress, aggravation and a possible arrest by doing all enrollment, registration, etc online. Then just go in on a slow day for your ID and Parking Pass.

Angel Cotto

Michael Brunelle

Paul Ta

Brittany Fair

My experiences has been great thus far. This college offer many opportunities for their students to succeed. The professors work with you and are very understanding. The college provides services for students that need extra help. People say, "The college is ghetto and it reminds them of Weaver High School". I say, as long as you go there and mind your business you'll enjoy the experiences the college have to offer.

Valdrin Leka

Dominic Hewitt

Opportunity for all!!

Gladys Arroyo

Moise Muliro

Shanna-Kay Levy

Kernz Marcelin

Albright Asantewaa

Mark Maxwell

Why am I not surprised that 99% of these bad reports are from white people? Even read one saying he/she won't support businesses that hires people with bad moral whatever. Smh. Name one business or establishment that has no bad person. Even red cross has a devil working for them. But you can't judge a tree by one bad fruit. That is where you guys err in society. Even scratching the racial surface, you guys judge all blacks as one. Smh. I will have you to know, white men commit the worst of crime, but still you overlooked them. You guys just feel that you can beat every establishment that helps black people. As long as helping blacks come into play you guys receive a headache. But you gonna be tired to see our face, because you can't get us out of the race.

Tawana Shelton

I love it

Vanessa Montoya

Bridget D'Angelis


Juan Velazco


I have enjoyed my experience at CCC. The professors and staff have always been kind to me. My experience is with the Radiologic Technology Program, Financial Aid office, Business office, etc. I am grateful for the education I have received here.

Mabintou Darboe

Matthew Krieger

I received my Associate's Degree from Capital Community College and then went on to get my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Connecticut. My experience at Capital C.C. was phenomenal. The professors were outstanding by being extremely knowledgeable, understanding, and accessible. The facilities were clean and modern. Everything about the school was wonderful. One of the school's attributes which set it apart from most other community colleges and universities is the accessibility to the professors and administration. At other school, it can be very difficult to get academic counseling. Some of the obstacles are that: You have to have an appointment scheduled OR You can only see academic counselors during a certain time of the semester. At Capital Community College - academic counselors are available anytime between like 8:00a - 4:00p (Monday - Friday). No appointment needed. It is amazing! Anytime you have a concern - you can meet with them. Overall, Capital Community College is amazing and I could not be a more proud alumni. Thank you, Capital!

Maia Smith

The building always smells great, and everyone is warm.

Stephen Heirtzler

Worst source you could possibly use. Capital Community College is completely unreliable.

Bettsie Johnson

Have to agree with some of the viewpoints here... On one hand Capital is a college to go to if your just starting out. On the other hand it looks like the college has changed not externally but within. A lot of students coming in now unfortunately are goof-off types that don't want to study, are a bit too *young* in maturity to be at school or are the obnoxious type. When I first came to this school Capital was fine, I was a new student exploring new options and met a few interesting people along the way. Unfortunately, the more classes I took, I ended up running into some cruddy learning environments along the way. If your serious about your college career try to stay away from the early morning classes where all the goof-offs or super young people go with no parental supervision go. Last semester I had the unfortunate experience of having just one student in an English class almost turn it upside down. This chick literally almost took over the entire class environment with 3 or 4 more people that she knew. They sat off in a corner while the other students sat on one side of the room. All the girl ever did was complain about work, make comments about other students, and groan about a baby. This is not the learning environment I want to be in with people too lazy to apply themselves yet have enough energy to be annoying while we're paying for courses. I realize later unfortunately it was just one of 'those' from the local area filling up a slot. These colleges need to start filtering people out like before. It's starting to turn into a lazy-like atmosphere with goof-offs filling up slots where working students could have been. The second is that although the college is international there is some issue here. May be good for international students but not so much for American/Local students who are trying to learn from thick accents. Some courses are so in-depth that the accent makes it a little trickier but not impossible. The third is yea, the high-school like environment. Personally I'd prefer to be around people my own age-group than getting stuck in courses with a bunch of 15 year olds fartin up on a class. There's no place to hang really and outside the college there's a lovely selection of crack-head looking guys and thug-me-be dudes hanging out in the street that got nothing else to do. It's no wonder why people walk in groups around here and for good reason. The college isn't too bad per-say, but the location and some of the local 'inhabitants' is nothing to blink at. I've been at this college for 2 years now and there's so many programs and opportunities that, for some reason, this college doesn't have that the other colleges apparently do or is not getting them out enough.

Lee Kelsey

Pete Hanham

Google "Minati Roychoudhuri" to discover what ethics the faculty has...

Rondale Holloway

Rachel O

Daphne Blair

Great opportunity to further your education and find a chance at a great career path!

Neiko Vassell

Took My Course And Passed

Diana Campbell

My career start at Capital Community College. Excellent college to work and study.

Rahul K

Seems to be an education hub


Just started this spring and so far, everything is excellent. Staff is friendly and welcoming, teachers are great and students are good, as well. Its great to feel like a part of something again.

Sophie Jose

faculty and staff here is so friendly and knowledgeable.

Rion Lindsay

Great staff. Would take more classes here

Bonnie Correa

The medical assistant's certificate does not meet the standards the school offers. Please do not waste time or money taking this certificate

gustav freeman

I like it. But it just one building

Toni-Ann Taylor

Marisol18 FP

Nathie Avril

I wouldn't give any star at all... staff is rude, like they don't want to be there to do their job. They are so pricey and financial aid is never enough... don't waste your time and money

Gorgine Wright

Maci Mas

They should call it a fashion school because that's all the f*** you see in there everybody is dressed up as if they're going to a fashion show there's no learning the class gets interrupted disrupted by the students who are actually paying for the f****** class and nobody wants to learn anybody's in there for no reason whatsoever but I guess that's their last resort. I graduated and decided to transfer to Central. From what I hear the good professors left at school. I'm doing better now because at Central it's way better. its not way better but it's a lot better than Capital. Most of the counselors don't give a damn about you except maybe Renee which is the only name that I remember. I think her name is Margaret Foley, this other counselor, oh my god she sucks . Gives you no guidance at all whatsoever, you have to figure it what you want to do by yourself which was fine by me because I really had chosen my career. I would recommend you to go to Tunxis or Manchester Community. Should you decide to attend Capital Community College I would recommend professor Jascot. I think his first name is John. the best economics professor at Capital if heis still there. You will learn a lot from him. You will even become passionate about economics because of him. But that's about it

Chris Ragone

I'd give it zero stars if I could. I just read about Minati Roychoudhuri FALSELY claiming a Police Officer had racially profiled her. She even wrote letters to the chief of police and her state senator! Little did she know there was a VIDEO of the whole traffic stop! She wrote a sworn statement with her LIES and was promptly ARRESTED for making a FALSE COMPLAINT. I would never patronize a business that employs people of such bad moral character.

rob slow

Jose ruiz

Luís Enrique Méndez Angulo


Jame Doe

This school is almost like a retention status for high-school bullying for stupid people, poor-people with anger-management issues, stereotypes, weirdos off the street bugging students, and foreigners in a d!ck click with the addition of your local Hartford resident junkie. A bunch of shady-acting and jealous cut-throats in this school! Sad! What happened to the up-coming CCC? Has this college gotten so big-headed that it truly believes it's a prestigious four-year college? Why should real students waste their time with ghettowards? Be warned that there are GPA buster classes here!!! The foreign students here are so terrible and big-headed I'm not sure what type of curriculum that their teaching, but be warned many of them are city cut-throat and covetous as hell. Super judgmental and racial themselves yet they want the world to sympathize. Be warned they have tactics to manipulate american students to help them out while playing foreign favorite for anyone willing to help them and try to wreck the education of american students and kill your tax dollars. Scammers!!! Be warned!!! Hidden vultures from all sides!!! The foreigners will manipulate the system and leave Americans dry!Illegal!! Seriously you have college students that drive illegally and all sorts of crap acting like they own the world at this school which, to me is not only offensive as OUR tax-dollars still go towards this school, but its big-headed, anti-american and just plain disgusting. The environment outside the school smells of the force of 1,000 lit sewers and Hartford is still a ghettoward. They even attack and ostracize other minority students here with the belief anyone who is of a darker skin color is automatically Hartford-inclined or of LOW intelligence. Hidden racism, everywhere at this place, enablers of bullies yet this college tries to paint itself so hard to be academically successfully and culturally diverse. Every time you turn around there's an annoying race flag or movement spouted at this school and they try to drag students into the crap while they have courses! Talk about hypocrisy/reverse racism!!! The foreigners themselves are RACIST towards Americans who, first and foremost, send the money and the suburbs TO this college! The Business/Comm Professors LOVE talking down to students here!! No wonder a professor got ousted/arrested at this school!To top the cream of the mockery, they add people who aren't qualified in courses so they can stick around and drain the brain-cells of those that are and cause their grades to potentially go off-track! Their even lazy enough to have students do FREE tutoring and won't even recognize them for it. This school also has a hidden anti-handicap/mental disable snobbery,which is terrible because these type of students end up getting antagonized. I've heard one student end up breaking down in tears because the bullying in an english class got so bad. On the other hand, they shove weirdos who are just nuts into courses with students who are normal, draining them of braincells and being irritating while their having to bare with something that is obnoxious while trying to pass a class. Not fun and waste of $$$!!!Brings down the academic integrity of the courses and causing class poisoning! Then on top of it ghetto-jealous mentality students! Yuck! Then the students who try to help other students get bashed! What do they do? They get criticized by haters who haven't done $ht and act as if their owed something!!! CRAZY!!!! Self-Entitled Complexes to the MAX at this 2 year joint! This college needs to get its ACT together and start supplying tutors. They've gotten cheap and cut back so half of the time if your stuck on a question you can't even get the help you need. They need to drop their STOP RACISM act and more like STOP BULLYING/STUPIDITY act! Smart students get bullied and ridiculed in the courses here. No wonder why this college STILL has a high drop-out rate.They also have NO tutors for certain DEGREE programs so if your stuck your SCREWED. How STUPID!


I called and emailed several times for the continuing education and never received a response. Went to a different community college instead and loved it. Very unprofessional.

Stevie Pizza

not worth your time and dedication.

Yanique Forsythe

Hasamah Abid

Staff is very helpful

Naty Saldana

Antonia Anderson

Chaney Ortiz

julio castillo


Great experience!


Jennifer Lee

Good experience so far.....


i hated the school and the teachers never really helped even if you went to their offices after class

Diego Eduardo


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