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REVIEWS OF University of Colorado School of Medicine IN Colorado

Monica A

They massively overcharged us when I gave birth and now that I've brought my daughter in for other medical care they're overcharging us again. The doctors are nice, but the prices are completely unreasonable! It shouldn't cost thousands to have someone take one look at your child and have them talk to you for 2 minutes. I'm not saying I wanted free medical care, but we didn't receive any medicine and we were sitting in the room for less than 5 minutes total. Their billing department never answers any actual billing questions, they just say the prices are not negotiable and offer to set up a payment plan. We won't be back to ANY CU doctor ever.

Margaret Dunn

I went through the university for my pregnancy and delivery. I have multiple friends who are currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant and I have not and will not recommend CU Medicine. They charge 3x the price for ultrasounds compared to private practices. As if that isn't bad enough, when my husband or I would call to ask for clarification on our bills and their costs, no one could provide any sort of explanation. We had one bill escalated and were told we would hear back with a resolution within 7-10 business days, months have gone by, we received no call and now the bill in question is back on our account. We also asked our provider about the bill to which they responded "Haven't you met your deductible yet?". Being pregnant is stressful enough, going through CU added a whole other level of stress, of course you know it will be expensive, but the lack of communication, lack of professionalism, and lack of explanation all just added to the stress. Like I said at the beginning I would never ever recommend going through CU and I myself will never go back.

Matt Roman

Cigarette education is inadequate. America is sick with terrible health habits. Phillip Morris gets away with murder. Doctors cannot diagnose anything without a computer. Total fraud of a system to get your money.

Harrison Procter

Brian Blom

Brianna Eifler

The medical care is great the billing department is the worst

Jenn Archer

Kevin Purser

The actual care providers for this company are great. However the billing department is a complete nightmare. In 2017 they over charged me by over $1800. When I called to explain there was a mistake (as I had already exceeded by $12k out of pocket max) Kevin that answered the phone got an attitude with me. After multiple calls explaining to them that they were sending the claim to my insurance under the wrong name I had to get the director of the billing department involved. In this time they were also threatening to send my account to collections as the bill was past due. When I reported them to the USPS for mail fraud they finally stopped sending me bills and that is when the director called me. If they would have listened to me the first time or just done their jobs correctly they would have been paid months ago by my insurance just like all the other care providers. But instead I had to spend hours on the phone with them explaining why their IT system was doing what is was doing and what they needed to do to get paid. Then this year my wife went in to see someone about her anxiety and all she did was speak with a Dr. No tests, no labs, no anything. They charged us almost $300 for the visit (over $300 before the insurance discount). When I called to get details around why this Dr visit was so much (almost all other planned Dr. visits have cost around $100-140) they could not explain why this was so much more. I requested that they send me a detailed bill of why this was so much before I would pay this amount and they never did. I called and requested again and they still did not provide. Since they did not provide what I was asking for I did not pay the bill. They then sent the account to collections. When I called about this they said they could not do anything once it was in collections. I asked to speak to the manager and it just went to VM. I left my contact information and but she never reached out to me. I then contacted the BBB to file a complaint. Once they were contacted by the BBB they went back and reviewed the call records in which indeed I did ask for more details before I was going to pay the bill. They then somehow magically removed the account from collections and placed it on hold pending more information. I went ahead and paid it so that they didn't screw it up again and ding my wife's credit again. We will miss the people that actually give the care at their facilities but I am done dealing with their completely inept, rude, and borderline fraudulent billing department.

Laurence Miller

Continuing our peoples education, particularly in education, is one of our highest priorities. I'm quite proud to have this institution here in Denver.

Marvin Alas

Whomever the receptionist is for the Dean's Office and the School of Medicine, she is very rude. I was simply asking her for her call back number in case I needed any additional information and she refused to give it to me. She's rude and unprofessional.

Shayne Bellestri

Christine Z

I have had several surgeries at uchsc and visited several clinics. It is the best!


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