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Daniel Ruiz

my ex gf goes here and she won’t take me back but all my friends go here so i’ll give it another star

John P

Don't go here unless you'd like to have your life ruined on a daily basis. The staff doesn't care and being nice and patient with them won't even work. Hiring incompetent people to do important jobs (advising, financials) is why you get one star CU Denver!

Private Private

There are plenty of invisible and discriminatory policies that AHEC, Auraria Higher Education Center, doles out. Literature needs a permit to distribute, displaying art constitutes as "signage," and any sort of First Amendment action is heavily regulated and controlled. Any event needs a sponsor/you need to be a cog, and individuals are expected to join a larger organization and conform. Administration is terrible. Campus police doesn't do anything. Porkbarreling is rampant.

Harry Hood

I seriously feel like I’m being ripped off as a student here. I genuinely hate this campus and the lack of classes offered. Will not be donating a penny upon graduation. Also a massive liberal circlejerk that never ends in ever classroom.

Jacob Brayden

This school is the worst university in the state. The programs are horrible the campus amenities awful. After attending this school for one year I transferred out to a better school. The tuition department claimed that I was still registered for classes even when I was living in another state. I withdrew from all courses well before the deadline and this university sent me to collections. They want me to pay for classes I never took and credits I never received. When I contacted the president of the school he understood my case and said the problem would be handled. The problem was never fixed. This is not an institution that supports the education of young people it is an industry that clings to very cent that it can get its hands on. The head of the tuition department is corrupt. It’s no wonder the retention rate at this university is so low. After growing up in Colorado I would recommend CSU or DU over this school. If you want a a successful life and a fun college career do NOT attend this university!

Morgan Weitzel

James DeWitt

Well, I don't see my review on here from a while back, but I'm more than happy to reiterate my horrible experiences here. The school is expensive and the education you receive is mediocre at best. UCD is perfectly content to let students slip through the cracks. It's very clear no one there cares about the students so long as the check clears. The professors are rude, arrogant, and love to tell illicit your interpretation of something is wrong while they give you a D because you have the audacity to think like them. Financial aid office and academic advisements terrible, so expect to become entangled in that. I also informed them of issues such as depression and grief, things I'd been reeling from, and they could care less. I was told right to my face by a professor since I wanted to be a horror writer (my major was creative writing, boy was that a mistake) I might as well leave the class since they encourage 'literary fiction' and not 'genre fiction' otherwise known as the vast majority of books that occupy shelfspace. God forbid your students try to write something fun and unpretentious, right? I thoroughly wish I could have taken all that time and money back and would warn anyone away from this school.

Auston Dealy

it was awesme

Allaura Bryant-Watkins

Came from a different university and this school is set up in the most ridiculous way possible. The teacher student interactions are a joke and you absolutely do not get your money's worth. (At least in the science department)

Gabriella Lopez

I love that you can attend CCD and transfer to UCD seamlessly. The student aid was very giving as well as the amenities this campus has, endless! If you crave to have real world experience as well as not be trapped in the college town scenario like most then I highly reccomend UCD! Being that it is a state collage that holds campuses up & down the front range is incredible. Post secondary school should be available to all regardless of background and living situation!

Ibrahim Lasafer


Ai Oh

Overpriced and overrated. The financial aid office could do better. Messed up my finances over the last semester now they're on a witch hunt to mess up my credit

Zachary Braden

This is the worst university I have ever attended. The financial staff is horrible. This is not an institution of education it is an industry that clings to every penny it gets. The campus is small and horrible. The resources are little to none. There are no notable alumni that have done anything worthwhile. The university punishes you if you transfer out for something better. I would recommend any other college or even community college over this absurdity that claims to be an institution of higher learning. No matter what please do not attend this school. It will be a waste of your time and money!

John Galt

"It's okay." Their engineering school is lacking. Whatever awesomeness that you'll get from being in the city is dulled by the lack of University support for engineering. There really are some top notch professors, but that doesn't mean much when our department is the red-headed step child of UCD, and the top notch professors have to fight each other over the left over scraps. Did I mention that UCD engineering tuition costs extra? A lot of money was just spent building new buildings for generic degrees and I guess they forgot to update the archaic labs. Go to Boulder, Mines, or DU.

Osbaldo Estrada

Eddie Lee

Bad School No fraternity and sorority and unfriendly people and staff not a good school


Sheila Martinez


Worked here for a while a long time ago. Not bad but not great. Arrogant and ignorant coworkers/research assistants but cool professor (Wendol Furman) leading the research

Boddu Martin

Mari Li

I have been in school for 4 years didn't even get to properly graduate. The disrespect they had. I didn't receive a proper apology.

Christian Bjork

Despite what I've read lately, I had a wonderful experience getting my bachelor's degree in audio engineering at CU Denver, and I think the downtown campus is beautiful.


David Engel


Jay Lee

صالح الراجحي

On My Way

Karan Singh


Kuntal Das


Nice school with good instructors. You'll get a good education here, but you don't have all the amenities of a 4-year school and the students are way different.

Madi Schroeder

Wish I would’ve been able to properly graduate, unfortunately UCD hasn’t realized Colorado weather conditions change rapidly and could ruin/cancel an outdoor ceremony. Have graduation inside! Absolutely ridiculous. I am so heartbroken to have been robbed of that experience.

Joselyne Garcia-Moreno

Dennis Rosh

Great school, great teachers, and lots of opportunities

حسين فهيد الشمري

The Worst school ever I swear to god

Sayed Mohsin Reza

Tina Le

nice school :) beautiful campus

Dare Devil

A Johnson

The most Incompetent scholarship and financial aid office that I have ever dealt with.

Andrea Adame

I was there in 1975 I had brain surgery and the doctors were awesome to have me here and alive going back to visit the hospital to show the staff that the surgeon that operated on me was a big success.

Stephann Cotton

Been a student here for a year now and am just constantly being disappointed. Serious lack of professionalism among many faculty and most of my instructors have not even had a PhD! An undergraduate instructor of my class got so triggered that I disagreed with his disrespectful demeanor and yelling at our class, that he threatened to have me removed by police if I didn't leave the class I pay thousands to attend. This school doesn't care about its students, only their money. Very saddened by the constant disappointment here. This campus has no culture and the morale is terrible among students. It's ironic that this campus is always preaching away social justice and fighting oppression, but if you ask an undergrad TA to treat you with mutual respect, you are threatened with police violence! How wonderful!

Cody Smith

As far as colleges go, I can't complain.


Nice and Good because of awesome faculties and freindly students.

Scott Schelp

Craig Scott

Barry Wilson-Goldman

Have attended both Boulder and Denver, but I feel CU Denver has edged out CU Boulder, in curriculum and experiences, finally!

husain asaleh

Great school



worst ever

Marco Rojas

Odalys R

Joe Szuszwalak

Ricardo Nieri

Kira Sanders

Gerardo Munoz

Graduated from the business school. Learned a ton. Go CU Denver.

Hani Yahya

Raed Husain

My best University in Colorado

murali krishna

Marion Martinez

Phillip Khong

If I could give this place six stars, I wouldn't do it. But I think five stars is perfectly adequate.

Lexie A

Maxim Moskalenko


Zav Dadabhoy

Matthew Owens

Rae Lee

Some how, even though I called to make sure I was unenrolled (decided to drop since the Master courses I was taking were below the academic level of a Bachelor course from Michigan State and I wasn't learning) and I did make sure I was very much unenrolled with the person I spoke to... Back in 2012... I now somehow owe $3000 for a class that idiot forgot to unenroll me from. No one at CU will help or even cares. No one will answer my questions as to how this even happened or how a $300 course became $3000. No, no grants or loans were accepted. Basically, I unenrolled. CU didn't do it right. Now I owe $3000 for their mistake. Story of my life right now... My daughter refuses to go there because of this and I'm thinking of moving out of state. Long story short? The education is way sub par there, you get a better education from community college. And they will steal money from you with no explanation and no recourse for assistance.

Leviah Currier

Saron Kerorssa


A Lustig

The in-state tuition represented is quite misleading. It is almost double the amount being advertised. Close to 9000/ semester.

Cory Van Duyne

Some professors are wonderful, however most professors are clearly on staff not for their teaching abilities but for their prestige or research abilities. Really felt like the school didn't care about the students, as long as you paid your tuition and they were able to get you out the door with any degree they didn't care beyond that.

Rubies Project

Great experience at this school. Learnt a lot and met many smart people!

Kaia Berndt

Amanda Aigeldinger

Excellent! I've been taking classes here for about 5 semesters now, both online and campus, and have nothing but good things to say! (I've previously taken online and on campus classes at a community college in PA as well as FRCC) It's easily accessible through public transport and the campus is very nice looking. The teachers I've had have been nothing short of wonderful and seem to be well versed and experienced in their respective fields. And when I transitioned from a Computer Science major to an Animation major, advising staff was very helpful. The only annoying thing I've come across is that the animation classes are in the building slightly off campus and is right between the light rail stations. It's a little bit of a walk but I guess I could use the exercise anyway. Other than that, it's an excellent school!



A X629

On my portal they had said they had mailed me a letter about their decision on my application. I waited 4 weeks they didn't send a email or the letter . I had to call the admissions office to get my decision. I hope it was some sort of mistake but I shouldn't have to call them to get my admission decision.

lemons apples

Rubinaldo Domingos

Juliet Diana

They never sent me a bill or any information that I owed money. I took a class here 5 years ago for continuing education and pretty sure I would have paid for it when I signed up--that's the way these kinds of things usually work... Well here it is 5 years later, and I get a bill from a COLLECTION AGENCY!! That is so lame UCD.

Maria F

If you are a working adult, this school is not for you. There is no evening classes and hardly any online classes. The time slots for classes are 2 days a week either mon and wed or tues thurs, the latest class available is 3pm and that just does not work. going to have to find a different school thats not for people without a job.

Ren Seunghyun

Zeyad Tareq

zach braden

This is the worst university I have ever attended. The financial staff is horrible. This is not an institution of education it is an industry that clings to every penny it gets. The campus is small and horrible. The resources are little to none. There are no notable alumni that have done anything worthwhile. The university punishes you if you transfer out for something better. I would recommend any other college or even community college over this absurdity that claims to be an institution of higher learning. No matter what please do not attend this school. It will be a waste of your time and money!

Anthony Thiros

A great commuter school. It has a very centralized campus and some really great class offerings!

Kyle Carter

Excellent university

Zach and Abby Vlogs

Jake Neel

Got my Master's here. Great urban campus.

Andrew Francis

It is the year 2016, and this Institution of Higher Learning cannot figure out how to have half-decent functional internet on campus. Plot twist... Assignments have to be submitted online.

elijah dave


Nick J


Joshua Lewin

I graduated from CU Denver, and I might as well have been given tissue paper rather than a degree. CU Denver seems more interested in pandering to trendy social causes than delivering a worthwhile education. It charged me thousands of dollars, and I only had one class that was even remotely valuable in the years I attended. The worst part is they have the gall to hound you for donations years later. CU spends all its timing scheming of ways to swindle people out of their money. What utter rubbish.

Leo Alexander

I have lived at, studied at, and worked for CU Denver since May 2008. As a student, I was admitted to the Music & Entertainment Industry Studies (MEIS) Program and was impressed with their audio engineering and music business coursework; however, I was not impressed with advising at the time and it severely messed up my progress over the years. I worked on my degree completely backwards and had to take some classes by professors in my General Education credits that seemed like a complete waste of time and money. Erin Hackle, in the MEIS department, completely discouraged me from my dreams because she always chose her favorites to be apart of the lead ensembles. I sang in the lower choirs for almost 4 years and "gave up my passion" because of her policies and attitude. Needless to say, it helped me find what I truly love to do now...which is web development and not music. Nonetheless, professors need to focus on encouraging every student to succeed and not just the reputation of a singing group that is/was finally getting national attention. It was rather selfish of her to not see the bigger picture at the time. The administration of the university has changed over the years and I have to say, I am excited for Chancellor Horrell to make some LARGE organizational changes. I hope to see the university become more centralized around auditing the student's experience in regards to advising, scholarship, and Bursar practices. Those are the areas where students are confused and "thrown through hoops" quite often. I believe there are small pockets of amazing people and departments, but we need to be evaluating these units and applying their practice to all of the university. This is very clear here in the reviews - where you see polarized experiences. Overall, I am pleased with what I know the university is trying to do for the students now. I still feel left out from my dreams in terms of being a student at CU Denver, but hopefully that will change in the future. I hope too see more focus on the traditional student experience (on-campus student housing, student engagement, food court expansion, and athletics focus) to bring students, faculty, staff, and administration together. There has been too much of an acceptance that CU Denver is a commuter school. This definition DOES NOT improve the image of the University and if anything, lets students know that they can expect no sort of traditional experience. Although this may be a selling point to a small group of's not what students want. I hope administration moves away from "siloed" accountability and practice. Without unity, we have nothing.

Taylor Klugman

John Kuriakose

Jennifer Kubus Wells

ashkan sobhi

Abigail Kassa

Horrible communication within the advising offices. Takes them so much time to process and/or accomplish a simple task.

Mafi eminet

عيد العيد

Kester Spindler

A Jai

If I could have chosen another place for my education, I would have. First and foremost, why in the world is there a MILLION councilors for one person? It does not make one single sense to me. Not to mention, this institution does not care about the mental state or health of students. THE PARKING SUCKS. I've paid for parking meters and still had to pay for tickets. This place is like a mafia or a thug. Also, you will be run around in a marathon since no one truly understand what they're supposed to do. Anyway, horrid organization.

Ryan Tomasiewicz

raul cardenas

Sarah Smith

Rishi Sankineni

Fani Ttofali

I really enjoy my college years at University of Colorado Denver as an international student. I study Biology and couldn't be more satisfied with all the Biology faculty and stuff..without a single exception. Beautiful campus in the downtown Denver area. Easy access to the beautiful mountains. Great internship and collaboration opportunities with the Anschutz Medical Campus. Highly recommended!!!

Isaac Oxom-Montenegro

Samuel Allen

As a former disillusioned and bitter Colorado School of Mines graduate student of chemistry (1981-1985, GPA 3.52), I cannot begin to offer enough praise to the University of Colorado's Chemistry Department. They were very supportive of my graduate research and educational success while attending their fine institution. My graduate advisor, Dr. Douglas Dykes Ph.D., was so knowledgeable of his field, that to this day I remain in awe of him. He, and the other chemistry professors of my graduate research team, treated me with respect, dignity, and ethically throughout my challenging program. To any prospective undergraduate or graduate student of chemistry, I say this university offers the very best for a rich and rewarding academic experience. Samuel R. Allen, MS, CPW

Courtney Schultz

Mohammed M Almuhanna

Kimya Kamran

If I could have this school negative starts I would. So many families flew in from all over the world for the Graduation and due to not having a back up plan they had to cancel the graduation because of a storm.

Joesph Mackalary

El Presidente

Mike Stowers

Mohamed Kariyeh

Nice place!

Paco Rabanne

I am an international student, don't came here you would waste your time and money. Firstly, you would not met great people, I mean the top student in this school which is not helpful in the future career, the connection all around the world through alumni---don't think about it. I am pretty confused whether all the school in US are so ignorant and rude to students until I saw the local student's comment. Also pretty confused why I have to pay like 10 dollar to get the transcript of undergraduate. Everything costly, the school are not like a public school, the price of each credit are high. You would have to wait for and schedule everything and wait like 3 to 5 business days. Efficentless. I don't think Professor really care what you are thinking and your feeling. You would really feel sad as you came to Auraria Campus. I don't know why. The advisor in this school are to some extent helpful. The student are really hard to engage in an efficient and better interaction with their professor. It is kinds of joke. The ranking is gradually slide down from 100 to 200, and recently I really mad about the ranking nearly 500. It is at the very end of Top 500. And dean, the chancellor and the staff should really feel shame for their ignorant of dereliction of duty. And lastly, I think all my class are in the afternoon which is kinds of embarrassing, when you understand that the professor only came before class or often out of office. The university professor earn 110000 annually, which is even higher than DU. Why? Worth it? Where is my money? Why school build lots of new building which to my extent not useful for me. Shame, my money (International student)support almost 60 percent of either the city of denver or the state of colorado. Whether it is facility of transportation or the livelihood. I feel really sad to tell you maybe CU Denver manifest the spirit of the City of Denver, cold, not open minded, not friendly with the international student. You get a F, CU Denver.

Eli Warmann

The staff(management) is beyond stupid and unprofessional if I can give them less than one star I will

Paige Moseley

This school makes me regret everyday that I went back for a second degree, and I'm only a month into my first semester. It could be the fact that you have to pay to park every time you come to class, if you're someone like me who has to drive because I work before and after classes. Or it could be the fact the school is so focused on how much money they could get from me that they denied me in state tuition, even after I have been here for over a year now, and am a Colorado resident. They said it's because my mother consigned a loan with me that I took out for the sole purpose of paying tuition. I was also initially accepted into the wrong program, and had to go through advisors for me to get approved and on the right program. One professor I have is amazing, and really cares about his students. The other two are definitely lacking. I am unable to make office hours for a certain professor and had been emailing him because I was struggling with the homework, and at one point he told me that he "couldn't keep doing this", even though I had been stuck on the same 2 questions for easily over 4 hours, even. after extensive googling, trial and error, and consulting my book. It is a pretty campus and I love the location in Denver but if given the chance I would not have even wasted my time applying.

Taiba Shawkat

My family came in from overseas to see my graduation. I was not able to walk because of weather conditions and improper planning.

Sandy Mendoza

You should be ashamed to put a murderer under your notable alumni

Jonathan Solomon

I had the best college experience here

David Baptiste

The CU Denver Department of Engineering was the best thing that ever happened to me. My current position is MEP manager and at LeeKennedy in Boston, MA. I will never regret getting my BSME at CUDenver. Thank you to the College of Engineering

Rosa Gracia

Alfredo Ochoa

This is a great school with a great business program that have at one point worked within the industry or currently are in the business world. The only thing that sucks about the school is their advising. Their counselors there just suck, they are complete idiots to the students needs and don't take the time with you to explain things.

Jasmine Ortega

Haleem Mokhtar

Zeki Polat

Victoria Armstrong

I pay for tuition out of pocket and tuition is rather expensive. I took a class over the summer online. There are so many students but not enough professors causing some professors to be neglectful and overwhelmed . Of course the summer classes go by rather quickly. We have four months of work to complete in a couple of months and that is to be expected. No problem there. I had some questions and emailed the professor and never received a response! Needless to say, my class had our first exam within the first two weeks and seemed like the exam was conveniently scheduled after the drop deadline for a full refund. Within that two week period we had no graded assignments or any indication as to how we were performing. The majority of the class failed the exam. I didn’t want to risk my gpa so I dropped. I tried to appeal my tuition and that was denied of course. Showed them proof of the non responsiveness and I still had to pay. I decided not to go for Fall semester due to what happened and now I’m back. Disappointed even more now because the same non responsive professor is teaching the same class and is available ( I believe we know why at this point) and there is no availability for the other professors for the same class. It’s really frustrating. CU cares about money only.

Andrew J Babcock

Exceptional Student Experience (2nd Year Student)

E Palm

Don’t go here. This school does not care about you, your money or how hard you work. They will treat you badly, they will steal from you and they will try to make it so you fail or have a harder time. They treat veterans horribly despite their proclaimed most “veteran friendly” school. Their “ethics” should really be called into question. On a multitude of different levels. Their curriculum needs to be re-evaluated or have more oversight. There is something very shady about this school and how they operate.

James Fowler

This institution does not care about their students, they care about their money.

Lloyd Cummings

Great place for our grand daughter to get a great education.

perplexed glf

BSEE 1984 Best move I ever made RIP Dr Simmons , Dr Reno

David Burton

Great education and college experience and the professors are there for you.

Bryon Blake West Dyk III Hamburger

The path to success is paved with black and gold. Senior superintendent of defined terminology of English and Spanish spoken word Blake Edward Westdyk

Jason Barrett

Jeremy J. Lynch

The university is located in the heart of the city with access to all the great restaurants in Denver. The campus can have several loiterers but has city charm. Say hi to Dave near the light-rail and buy a Denver Voice to support the local community.


Bader Alhammad

Cisco G

Small classrooms, great Aviation program. Exactly what I needed.

Gary Hobbesworth

akwasi antwi

Great and friendly staff and students


Good environment

Shania Criszia

It's a great school, great programs and affordable! As long as you are not shy to ask for help, they will give you the resources that you need. It's also in downtown so it's super convenient to go anywhere, a lot of activities. A lot of options for food. (The Market on Larimer street has the best hot cocoa - as long as Ernie and Jose makes it!)

B Βύρων

***EDITED*** So I got accepted to DU and now I hate CU Denver even more. DU costs about $50,000 per year versus CU Denver’s cost of about $30,000 per year if you take summer classes. At CU Denver I filled out a FAFSA and only got $3800 in a Pell grant and no other scholarships or assistance from the school. At DU I got - wait for it - $45,000 in aid for the year and I only have to pay back $5500!!!!!! How the hell does that work???? On CU Denver’s FAFSA I checked the box for “white” and got no aid from the school. At DU I put all the same info and basically had the same amount of money in my bank accounts except I checked the box for "other" and then wrote Greek. CU Denver gave me nothing for being a white guy with a 4.0 gpa in all my majors classes and a 3.85 overall but DU hooked me up with tens of thousands of dollars for all my hard work. Now I go to a much better school at a fraction of the cost that I went to CU Denver. If you’re white, do not go to CU Denver, they only drone on about how evil capitalism and the white middle class is anyways, that’s not a real education. ***ORIGINAL POST*** DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!!! All the other bad reviews are 100% accurate. Calling it a school is actually complementing this garbage institution of lower-learning. I went to this place for a year. I have been to 3 other colleges on the east coast. The education from this place is comparable to my high school. The professors are rude, arrogant, do not care about students, and will make things up that a simple google search can disprove, but when you call them out on their lie they give no response and cancel class early - this seriously happened to me, the professor said afterward that we are only allowed to use the information that he supplies for the class, which for some reason only focused on intersectionality and Marxism. Financial aid office is screwed up and made getting a refund I was supposed to get for something that I never should have been billed for in the first place difficult and sent the $200 refund in multiple checks, had to tell them the refund was incomplete and they owe me multiple times. Cannot describe how bad the professors are - the worst I have ever experienced in my life. So unprofessional. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

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