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REVIEWS OF Spartan College - Denver Campus IN Colorado

Lance Kuwana

Going to school here to get my A&P license

Corey O'Brien

As the Dean of Students at Spartan College, I love working with our students / alumni with assisting them in their job searching needs. There is no better feeling than a student’s / alumni informing me that they landed their dream job. I use to work for companies that I use to dread going to work but Spartan College is not like that at all. Every day I enjoy coming to work and seeing how I can make a difference with either the students / alumni, the faculty, my fellow staff members or even outside companies that we work with.

Su Bh

What i hated about it Lets seeee. College recruiters ... word about them to begin with.. they pretend to be your best buddies , give you all kinda misleading information about saleres of a airframe and powerplant mechanic. What they claim is true but... they never mention that the income they mention is national median income of a aircraft mechanic. In other words you will get that kinda hourly wage after 10 or 20 years. Right out if school.. hmm if you are lucky 15 or 13 an hour . If you think that your income will be what a national median income of a airframe and power plant mechanic is ... then you are too stupid to be a aircraft mechanic. Secondly this is a private college , have enough money, there is good chance you will need it. I have seen many students starving and homeless all while they were attending college as they again were misled by college recruiting /sales people. If you want to spend 50,000 on tuition , loans and grants and have at least 10 grands in reserve then go for it. Again why spend 50,000 $ when you can goto a community college and get that Airframe and powerplant license for fraction of a cost? This way you can save student debt . Remember student loan does not goes away for a long time to come. All that matters is the airframe and powerplant license from F.A.A , you ultimate goal. Honestly nobody cares where you went to college, as long as you have that airframe and powerplant license. ARe you still interested in spending $50,000 . Thirdly just google which community college offers this same degree it maybe you will be able to get what you want without getting into a huge student debt. Oh yeah about their life long job placement services ... all you will get is emails about who is hiring .... I think you are smart enough to look up jobs your self. I am not sure if my post is against the college or not, it never was meant to be, I am just stating the facts. Good luck and hope this helps to some one out there.

Jason Bowdrie

I know the stresses of going through the wind course, and having to work a full time job. The staff and instructors are fare, and willing to help you as much as they can.

Glenn Wilson

Great College. Excellent results for students in job placement. The staff really cares about the students and works to allow them to succeed.

Matt Caple

I don't have anything nice to say about this college. They are a for profit college, the instructors are there for a paycheck, the administration is there to keep their name clean, career services will promise you the world and get you a job starting between $15 and $17 an hour. Don't believe a word they tell you. I was expelled after five months because I wasn't happy with the education I was receiving. They made false allegations of threats made against the school to keep me quiet. I had a class average of 90%. I've been an automobile mechanic for over 10 years. I would recommend going out of state if this college were the only choice.

Steve Sibiski

Financial aid does not do there job. They never give students a straight answer about anything. It's like pulling teeth trying to get your money. In my opinion the financial department should be cleared out and hire on new staff, people that actually care and cam give you a straight answer. Everyone who attends this school and deals with financial aid has nothing but bad things to say about the department. A lot of students have families that depend on financial aid to stay afloat on bills. So when financial aid can't give you a straight answer your giving these people false hope and they plan there budget around what you tell them. Your giving students false hope about there money and screwing people over. Fire the staff and hire people who care in my opinion. The staff is a joke!

Nicholas DiManna

I have enjoyed coming to work everyday for the last ten years I have worked for this organization. I assure you that every decision made here at Spartan College is with the students' best interest in mind. We are in the business of changing lives.

joel joelshirley4000

Be warned financial advisors are shady and brutally rude. They may sign you up for a loan without your informed consent on the terms. If you attend this college take my advice and keep a watchful eye on your interest rates. If you request information about your loan status be ready to be met with borderline contempt. Complete lack of customer service aside, student loans are the most burdensome of all. If I could do it again, I would choose a college where I'm treated with respect and courtesy by the people who are taking my money

Devon Pettit

Andrew Marmo

I have worked for several colleges over many years. I have seen good teams to great teams. However, the staff and faculty of Spartan College of Denver are beyond exceptional. The staff of Spartan College Denver truly care about the student. I have seen them work tirelessly to help a student find housing, get a job, limit student debt and at times be a shoulder to cry on for students who may be going through a difficult time. To the staff and faculty of Spartan College Denver, students are never a number. Student success is how they define their own success. From the Dean of the college all the way down to the instructors, it is a team effort to make sure the each student of Spartan is successful and ready to take on the industries of HVAC, Avionics, and Aviation Maintenance. Take it from my many years of experience with several colleges. If you want a career in aviation or HVAC and also want a school that truly cares about students and student outcomes, this is where you need to be. You can read review after review but until you see for yourself, these reviews are meaningless unless you witness it firsthand. So do yourself a favor and schedule a tour, meet with Career Services, Student Services, Admissions, and the Instructors. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Ron Worthington

I had an outstanding experience at the Spartan Campus in Broomfield. The education I received has given me many opportunities and created a great deal of security for me and my family. The instructors were outstanding. They provided me with real life training that I have used everyday since entering the aviation industry. Thanks Spartan for the great foundation and great career the training you provided.

Landon Richey

Every one on here complaining is pathetic I went to red stone and graduated in Oct 2013 while a few points are valid the rest are not the one I agree with yes the pay is not the greatest in some areas in other areas it is if you go airlines you start low like 13 dollars an hour and go up from there to eventually making high 20s but it takes a while but the school has people that their only job is to find you a job I still get emails from them about jobs that are hiring and I graduated a year in a half ago so if you can't find a job that's because of who you are. Second whoever said save a lot of money before you start that's not true at all your government loans you don't start paying back until 6 months after you graduate and if you have to take a loan through redstone to cover what ever the government doesn't cover it's a whopping 75$ monthly payment. I got a job a month before I graduated and started the day after I graduated making mid 20's with a criminal background. Another thing is the one complaining about being dirty and cutting your hands etc you're going to school to be a MECHANIC of course all that's gonna happen. Now for my review on the school the teachers were great they all cared very strongly about your success and taught very well except for one which is expected they can't all be amazing. The aircraft that you work on could be in better shape they don't take care of any of them except the Lear jet and that's because they are borrowing it. The Cessna's that I worked on flew in 2 years prior and we're missing half the parts but it gets the job done. The schools job is for you to pass the faa test and O&P to get your A&P license that's it and if you pay attention is not hard the rest is on you the saying is your A&P license is a license to learn you know why you start low on pay is? Because you just got your A&P you're not gonna know crap except for the basics and as you learn more your pay will increase I love my job and couldn't be happier and it was all because I went to school and got my license I ranted a lot but I think I hit most the points I wanted to make and lastly go to school at night the immature young kids go during the day and it's a mad house.

David Anthony

Loved and graduated Redstone!! Student Council President, work study program! Everything is so amazing I love the price of tuition, everything is great. Study hard, make money harder!!! Worth every second!!! I love everything about this institution!!

Steven D

I attended redstone college for Windturbine tech had no electrical no mechanical or any thing after this school i have been in the field as a generator tech now for 14 month before this david poor helped me get a job at sears as a washer dryer tech over all the help is there if the peraon is willing to succeed and i have to say keep up the great work with the windturbine course was still there loved the schooling

Jacob Norton

Hands down this place is great.

Jordan Thomas

I'm a year into the Aviation Institute of Maintenance(AIM) in Indianapolis and i keep hearing about redstone college in denver. I lived in Colorado Springs back in 2010 and I would love to move back to Colorado and attend A&P school there but being the fact ive already made it a year thru the program should i just up and leave or stick with the program here and then move to colorado? money is not the issue but training and job placement is high priority for me.

Jeremy Beeson

Attended 2014-2015. The only gripe I have with Redstone College is that I think they don't pay their instuctors enough. I've never met a group of people more dedicated to the success of their students. Everyone that works there, from finacial aid, to career services, to the instructors and admin were nothing but helpful and went out of their way to help me finish the program and find the job I've always wanted. If you're looking to start a career in aviation, I highly recommend Redstone College.

Abdulhalim Bukhari

I graduated from this school in 1994 and used to be named Colorado Aero Tech It’s a great school

AUstin LEach

Staff is friendly. Course work is extremely boring and dry. Fast paced and really slow at times. Goes back and forth. Me personally. I make more money now with what I do than if I was on my 2nd year as a a&p mechanic. So that being said. Killing my self day in and out only to get a pay cut and 40k in debt. I cldnt find the motivation. Atmosphere is awesome. A lot of vets

Philip Krueger

Dont waste your time in aviation mechanics you will have to travel your whole life and there's very little work in Denver!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew West

To me this school is really awesome so far i havent had any complaints at all. all those other reviews that are bad I don't understand what they are talking about I've learned a lot so far and the time that I'm going through this school is the best time to go through because so many people are retiring and honestly if you're getting into a field just for money that's pretty sad because you should be happy with what you do as well

David Israel

Almost decided to go here. The support staff made it clear this was a loosing academic (and life) culture. Glad to find out before I fully enrolled. - Fully funded, war injured, Department of Defense Retired, Pilot, 4.0 GPA student.

Sir GreatW0lf

They have fun Instructors.


This school is not a good school. I have been bullied by my classmates who have a criminal record or so it seems. There is no security or even a PA system. I get harassed when I am not participating in class and threatened to be beat up later.

Laura Garcia

I attend this school and the financial aid department is a joke. For the last 3 weeks I have been asking where my student loan is and no one has answer or is will to find the answer. I Contacted fasfa and they said it's up to the school to the send the check. Being that I don't have any hold on my account I wouldn't think I would run into a problem.

Patrick Hensley

This school has its ups and downs like any school I've gone too. Don't expect it to be like your typical college experience. A lot of the winers and complaints on these reviews are typically people who just aren't cut out being a mechanic. I believe if you don't bullshit all the time and actually put forth the effort to memorize the information you'll be cut out for the real world. Good luck

Matthew Rix

Brent Settle

They'll promise you, that you will make all kinds of money upon getting your A+P, but you won't really. The industry wants qualified people, but in reality it really wants qualified people willing to work for a lowest wage possible. The recruiters will sell you on the industry turnover, and the aging mechanics which is true...but what they won't tell you is nearly every employer is wanting the replacements to take less. That usually means new immigrants, or, industry nepotism which you'll find out exists everywhere you go. When you do find's usually not good work. You will always be dirty, have cut up hands, you will have to be a contortionist. You will always be straining the hell out of yourself, and the industry itself is very demanding physically and mentally. You will have to give up what you might consider a normal life. You will have to work odd hours all the time. Forget weekends, and forget holidays. Oh, and also: Forget relationships. Everyone in the industry is divorced for a reason. Also, if you're not working OT, you will not be making a profit. So make sure if you do go through the program you head to a job no one wants to work that at least is offering overtime. This will give you a headache because even when you have your A+P you'll always worry about the lower qualified guy not knowing what FAA regs are. You'll also be saddled with tuition costs the rest of your life. That means after you find a low wage'll struggle to pay your bills...and figuring out how to pay your tuition back will be a life-time problem you'll need to solve. Oh and if you had prior school you'll qualify for one of their "Associates Degrees." Which, you'll find out the hard way really means next to nothing to most other employers, and other colleges don't view them as legitimate, if you plan on getting a Bachelors. This is a 'for-profit' school. If you want to earn your A+P, go the traditional route...find a community college that offers a program. Save a bundle of money. They charge their students way too much for what it is. It's a shame the government hasn't forced them to make changes with their charges. They accept anyone, because they view anyone as a revenue stream. I think back in the day, it was once a good school...but ever since it transferred hands from Colorado Aerotech, it changed it's value of helping students, and the industry, into churning out anyone possible. When I went there it was Westwood School of Aviation. Now it's Redstone College. A school that has changed names 3 times in 20 years or so should be a red-flag to anyone in the know. There's always a reason why Corporate name changes happen. It would be ok and reasonable if it wasn't so expensive, but since it is...I recommend against it.

Tamara Stout

Great and knowledgeable instructors and friendly environment.

Roderick Sanders

I graduated from Colorado Aero Tech in 1985. To put it in perspective, because my son just started here, let's look at the cost of an A&P license. A 1985 Chevy quad cab 1 ton duelly new cost just over $10,000. School was $9300. Today that same pickup costs $50,000 and school is $40,000. I'm just an A&P mechanic, not an economist but I'm gonna say that the cost of school has moved up with inflation equally. I was told the first day of school not to expect to stay in Colorado, where I grew up. I have lived in many places since and have no regrets. I know that I will always have a job if I'm willing to move or travel. Yes divorce is high, but I think that's everywhere. Yes it's hard and stressful sometimes but that's why it's called a JOB. Yes I make my best money on overtime. I have made good money for most of my life, never under 100gs for at least the last 15 years. I have Colorado Aero Tech to thank and believe in the industry so much that I'm sending my son to Redstone.

Dominic Arguello

Mike Cuellar

Amazing school experience

vincent onyango

De place OK

IAM ShyCity

Love this school and the staff, very helpful and personable

Hans Solo

I graduated with a 4.0. I made the Deans List. I could NOT find a job. I had an excellent work history. I was interviewed by Delta, but that was it. I sent out hundreds of resumes. I was willing to move anywhere. They made all kinds of promises all throughout the schooling, but when I graduated No one was hiring. I don't know of anybody in my class that got a job in the field that didn't have a foot in the door with a company already. My advice is don't do it. It was only $10k when I went. It was educational. I did learn a lot. A life's lesson actually. Which is, these types of Tech Schools are BS. If you do sign up you could be saddling yourself with a huge debt for years and years. You can't do a bankruptcy on these loans. It is a toxic situation. Stay away, unless you can pay cash for it or you are working for a company willing to pay for the education.

Vernon Keith Mynatt Jr.

Diane Sellers

I really enjoyed going to school here! The faculty was so helpful when I needed assistance and the instructors are all so knowledgeable. There is a ton of hands on learning which is great for all of us that learn that way! Job placement is amazing as well. As long as you do what is suggested you should get a job before you graduate or not too long after! If you’re looking for a school to get you into an amazing industry that is not your traditional college this is the place to go!

Mike Belanger

I attended this school back when it was still Colorado Aero Tech (1980-82). Good school then, probably better since it's changed hands a couple of times now.

Daniel Rubio

School is okay way overpriced. Teachers were great as well as the staff. If you're military or you come from money you will love it. But $40k in student loan debt is ridiculous. Really shot myself in the foot. At least I got my A&P. Should have done my homework before I pulled the trigger on this school. I now see that there are schools that offer the same teaching from the same asa study guides you can buy on amazon and poor learning equipment at a price of around $7,000. This should be against the law. Everything in the school was outdated or didn't work. Which I wouldn't have cared about much but the fact you pay around $40,000 is unacceptable. I should have pulled out when I felt I was being hustled in the first months but I'm not a quitter. Got my A&P and a ridiculously huge debt. All I can say is if you're thinking of getting your A&P and uncle sam or rich family member isn't paying the bill, don't do it here your future self will thank you for it. Teachers were great.

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