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REVIEWS OF Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design IN Colorado

Deezy 4815


Adam Rodriguez

Love this place! Great place for an education.

Eric DeLand

I enrolled in the 3D Animation program with RMCAD online part-time. My second course, however, was such a poor experience that I decided to withdrawal from the program. The instructor had a personal crisis and basically gave up on the course. She was unresponsive and graded all my projects/assignments at the midterms. This means there was not a flow of learning before the next project was due. We also learned half way through the semester that we were looking at an old/broken version of the course. It seems for roughly $3,000, students should be given a much better learning experience, even online. Before enrolling here, be advised that online courses are isolating and is not be worth the cost. Enroll at your financial risk.

Robert Sarach

Worthless education diploma mill. I graduate in August and regret going here. RMCAD is a joke.

Astral Light

Don't go to a school with a 100% acceptance rate. Don't go here. It's not a real art education. Whoever runs this operation is putting in very little to create a rigorous, competitive program. It's so easy to pass it's almost insulting. They put what makes money over what is is best for the students. I am now going to Kansas City Art Institute and I'm loving it. Please avoid for profit art schools, they give a bs education and don't encourage criticality or competition.

samantha bible

it's a shame the founder sold the school to investors who are completely disinterested in the voice of the student body (which is a fraction of the size it was a few semesters back... it's a ghost campus now). they'll do everything they can to sell the place to potential students and suck in new recruits but once you're there they don't care about what you have to say on matters such as how the required online liberal arts classes are an absolute joke being run on three different and extremely poorly designed websites, how the school is going through one of its recurring administrative changes in which they get rid of the student advisors without telling you and then find some people for the last two weeks of the semester, or how they overwork their teachers by making all of them the chair of at least one department and demanding they work terms back to back while teaching not only on ground classes but online classes as well on top of managing the departments they've been assigned. basically this school is a joke now and it's definitely not worth the money, which is unfortunate because there are so many brilliant and talented teachers there that genuinely just want to teach art but in the end the fun of learning and making art with knowledgeable professors just isn't worth the hassle of dealing with the "administration" and the politics of a transition from a prestigious art school to an outrageously overpriced vocational blanket education. it's so frustrating to experience inspiration and getting into a creative zone and then being rushed through it because we have to cover the next topic or skip the rest of this so we can make sure to complete the important assignments that get graded by the administration and not the teachers because you're not being graded on how much you've grown or learned but by how many key points have you included in this drawing to show that you've understood the course (perspective, proportions, lighting, color, etc). the way the administration manages to break down the art classes they offer into some spreadsheet of topics and chapters that must be covered in order for them to maintain their accreditation sucks all the fun out of studying art. it wouldn't be so bad to make sure we cover and understand key topics to meet accreditation requirements if we were given more time to cover all the material without rushing through it in 8 or 16 week terms without any breaks or leniency. if you can afford to piss away tens of thousands of dollars, it might not be a bad deal to complete a degree here... but for those who are taking out sizable student loans and/or working multiple jobs to try and cover the tuition cost, it's not worth the education you're getting.

Nitta Wingo

Dani Youngstrom

Wen-Ben Lin

Joshua Luckey-Riddle

I can't speak about anyone else's experience, but thus far mine has been exemplary. compassion, camaraderie, professionalism, encouragement, competence, friendliness, humanity and genuine concern. this University Literally Saved my Life and is part of the Foundation for My new life Meth and Cocaine free-- Thank You RMCAD Every single person

Michell Laurence

Johnny Busby

My first daughter went here after her experience my second WILL NOT.

Sarah Kennedy

I attended RMCAD for my freshman year of college, I had a horrible experience. RMCAD is a degree mill but, that is the least of their problems. They have a program for students with disabilities, in every class I would have to seek help from the disabilities coordinator because nearly every one of my teachers would ignore the accommodations my doctor recommended. I let them know I could not be in a class because the teacher did not use any visual aids because of my disability I cannot learn this way so I tried to drop the class. Later that day an advisor forwarded me an email from the head of the liberal arts department, it was extremely rude and he suggested that I just deal with it. The illustration department is the largest department in the school and every class room had around only 8 working desks. The whole year I was there they promised to replace them, but that never happened and students had to work on desks that were frankly unusable. The financial department is a mess, they failed to notify a fellow student that she owed them money and because of this she had to go to court because it violated the terms of her Visa. I never received a single bill from RMCAD and my account would be placed on hold because they did not notify me I owed them money. One time I went in to pay my tuition and it was 6k more than I anticipated, they insisted it was the correct amount. When I dropped out they gave me a check worth nearly seven grand because they had messed up on how much I owed them. I got an internship through the school which I really enjoyed. When I was accepted into it the advisors told me I was free to go ahead and start working while logging my hours myself. Six months after I went in to see how much credit I could receive for the course, the Internship department let me know that a month AFTER I started my internship they created new paperwork to log hours and since I hadn’t used it my hours didn’t count. They never sent me the paper work after they created it and I don’t think they even had a record that I had started an internship. Eventually I figured it out myself without help from the school. I have had an issue with every department at RMCAD. I suggest that you do not attend RMCAD or send your kids there. It’s a scam.

John Parsons

Bob Carilli

A hidden gem outside the mile high city!

Greta Dunn

My son has attended this university and the follow up is horrible. They do not return calls or promptly respond to emails, but when tuition time is near, they are very responsive. While I believe the university to be decent and has a great price point, I wish my son had continued at SCAD. There is no real concern for the students and their success because if there were, staying in touch with the students, or even responding to their emails and calls would be first priority and not last.

Jorge Gutiérrez

A total lack of honesty and trust. I represent a university which signed an exchange agreement with RMCAD last October. After nominated one student for September intake of next academic year and submitting all the requirements that they asked for, suddenly they decided to cancelled the agreement as they didn't have any student to come to our university. This reveals their short mind, when it comes to international strategy. Simply because ,you cannot expect to have a balance number of exchange students since semester one, as no student or university representative have come to visit and share feedback. One of the clauses of the agreement said that in order to cancel the agreement any institution MUST NOTICE six months in advance.... (they have told us with 2 days of advance). All academic community should know about their "good practice" and stay away from them.

Zoe Black

tirzah luce

Asia Evans

This school was horrible they never returned emails and phones. There level professional for most of them is unprofessional as well as not organized. Plus they charge three times the tuition and they charge for withdrawing from their school which is $200. Lead along with that some of their classes have to much workload that doesn't catch to 8 weeks but instead for a 16 week course. So I repeat do not go to this college.

Elyse Keller

Rylee G

These people are racist. I apply first - then I tell my boyfriend to apply. They contact him. I call and leave a message. They called him again. Still disregarding my attempts. Don't waste your time with this school

Cara Thompson

I'm fixing to transfer to this college pretty soon and so far they have answered my calls and emails as they should. They haven't been rude but are straight to the point when it comes to answering questions. They're not like others who fiddle around and don't really answer the questions you ask. I think the only reason why some are having problems is because 1. They didn't come as prepared, 2. They didn't get their way and are throwing fits about it. Yes sometimes college have mishaps even the community college I go to has messed up but it's okay. RMCAD has really helped me with getting my degree plan set up with all the classes I need and helping me get my stuff ready to transfer. So as far as I have been shown there are no problems with this university and they've helped me when I asked. I'm really looking forward to moving soon.

Laura Madrid

Amazing. art education department is wonderful progam.countless memories and experiences.

Johnny Mathews

Chicken Dinner

You could probably count the number of Animation Alums who are working in their field on one hand. What else would you expect from an animation faculty who never really worked in their field either or at least not with consistency. Also, the humanities department is basically just a full blown communist discourse survey. Add in the cost cutting moves to online classes which the average student gets nothing from and you are paying tens of thousands for a few barbecues and pats on the back. SERIOUSLY you might get a better education from casa Bonita down the street. Its a place for failed artist faculty who are themselves in deep college debt to pay off their debt by getting the new generation into college debt. REAL TALK


Jenna Coleburn

Shania Ortegon


DS+I Program was interesting and valuable in many ways. I was alone in a couple classes but didn't feel like I missed out really. I think that it is important, especially in a masters program, to take responsibility for your education and experience. Yes, this is a collaborative and critique-based program but that doesn't mean that those aspects should be limited to the classroom or online forum only. No one is going to hold your hand in a professional environment and I don't think you should expect it from a MA program either. There is definitely room for improvement in the program and on the organizational side of RMCAD but that's life buddy. Professors were helpful when needed. Online system worked just fine. Books/course materials were valuable. Good balance of research, academic writing and design work. I think that any intelligent and capable designer will be able to extract value from this program even with some deficiencies or personality conflicts along the way. Just having a degree won't get you a gig at any place worth working for, you have to make it happen for yourself. I really don't know if this is the best MA option around or if it will benefit you but I did it, it worked for me, I'm a professional designer, I'm out there and I'm your competition. Good luck.

Cindi Hatlevig

Beautiful campus with a great fine arts education! I can't wait for my boys to attend.

Grace Hosanna Márquez Carranco

AMAZING PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT HERE :D Dream come true...I can't wait to keep pursing my dreams, these people are motivators, no matter who owns the company they are amazing and always striving their best to help others in need! No matter who sold to who, honestly even if they have little people or more, its better to be closer to your peers than be far apart. I love this place, i don't care if a huge company bought it/school(Full Sail University) , but i think and believe that you do you, and we strive to get our selves out there, even if we start small without a job, if Paul Sullivan can do it, anyone can :3

tomn my

(Translated by Google) Called 1600 Pierce St. (Original) mang tên 1600 Pierce St

Hayley Hubanks

Adam Drotar

This is not an actual art school. If you have any actual art education, this will become apparent at the first chance you have to critique your fellow students work. Work done by someone who already has experience and an AA in graphic design will be graded equally with what is essentially stick figure drawings. They will push you through as long as you turn in any garbage but once they get a chance to screw you out of a grade they will. Teachers are failed artists who sit in their box and send out Ted talks as lessons and don't abide by the rules set by their own syllabuses. Don't waste your time at this Full Sail ripoff factory.

eugene davis

This is a place that is best reviewed beforehand. While enjoying a family day out we happen across some minor to nonpurposed art so we go take a look. Lawn is well kept, what few art pieces we did get to view while sitting seemed slightly dull then no more than two minutes we see a man running interior to what looked like the main building. Within being there possibly four to five minutes security is on site..... I did question him some and he was very professional however we did learn the policy is stay away. Now as a family we enjoy finding new places to go different playgrounds to keep it exciting for the children, different areas of the city to view the differences in art, culture, etc. It is very rare that a place holds such a view. Honestly you would think they would encourage art culture in upbringing of children but I could be wrong.

Paden Sandell

If you’re looking to get d!cked around in the worst possible way this could be the school for you! Recovering crack head? Perfect! Because you just got hired to be the counselor for last names L-M! Is a student unsatisfied? Who gives a $&@?! they are payin’ us right?!? Waiting for your degree in the mail? Sorry our administration needed some rolling papers so they used your diploma! If you thought your college experience couldn’t get any better we’re located straight in the barrio! You’ve got a better chance getting stabbed than getting a degree! So come join us and completely destroy your career/life at RMCAD!

Alex Helene


Came for the art. Stayed for the disc golf.

Dan Watling

jarrett harrington

Ezra La Roux

Erik Pinedo

where can i change my ps3 at?

Mel M

I LOVED some of my classes but after two semesters here they didn't have enough students for the classes I needed for my degree and put me in a bunch of classes that were irrelevant to my degree. And their decision on what makes an online class and what is an eight week class is baffling. I had to take a full semester for a class on using the library but got stuck in an 8 week Art History class that was extremely difficult to pass, not because the work was hard but because there wasn't enough time to turn out the quality of work expected. I also came to the school expecting scholarships, I MOVED from across the country to come to school here and once I arrived I found out my scholarships were only partial and ended up taking out close to 10 grand in loans. For a degree program they basically did away with and put online. I have credits I CANNOT use and had to drop out because I couldn't finish my degree here. The best part... when i was trying to get in touch with financial department and academic advisors, who were being hostile towards me... they put me on academic probation for "being rude" on the phone. Don't waste your time here... They might be a decent university if they are open with what is going on, but they spend too much time tricking students so we don't leave. They promise degree programs and financing they just don't have.

Deth Wulf

Currently attending this school, and it truly is a gem. I'm enjoying my time here, and despite what some may say about the changes being made or the difference from other schools, it is pretty rad and special. The feel of the community is very friendly and the staff and faculty are open and friendly as well. The work is challenging enough but also fun. Anyone considering art school should definitely consider this school.

Carolyn Pooler

I love RMCAD- to go here you have to manage your time well. The educational track goes quickly and you can earn a degree that carries a history of prestige. RMCAD is a school for artists founded by artists in beautiful Colorado. If you want to study art-go to RMCAD.

Red Mesa

Beautiful campus. Took tour and met faculty and students. They are expanding the programs and new President is from Gnomon. The school will soon have a Makerspace.

Trung Vu

Great school i love this school

Cathy Finn

Founded in 1963, the Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design is a private art school in the United States. Since its inception, the school has been one of the most important art and design institutions in the United States. The college is a place full of great joy, enlightenment and creativity. Here, the College has always planned to develop the talents and abilities of artists, designers and visionaries. The Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design (Lakewood) is a four-year, fully accredited college. The main majors are graphic design and digital media, animation, interior design, illustration, art education, fine arts, focusing on photography and video, sculpture, ceramics, painting and so on. The Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design (Lakewood) campus has 18 historic buildings with a variety of twentieth-century architecture. Includes a woodworking factory, a ceramics studio, a photography studio, a professional sound studio, a 283-seat auditorium, a 35-seat audio-visual theater, a large conference room, and a library/resource center.

Alesia Soreil

Walk through the campus and enjoy public art on display. Whimsical and fun outdoor sculptures are juxtaposed to old brick buildings each carrying a special name. A beautiful and very well kept complex of multiple buildings that were built as a part of a medical facility in early 20-th century.

Adrianna Rodriguez

Jeff Youngstrom

Diego Sepulveda

Historic campus.

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