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REVIEWS OF Regis University IN Colorado

John Prieto


Ryan Parkhouse

scott giuffrida

The level of incompetence at the regis bookstore is startling. Expect to be on hold for 45 mins at a time, hung up on, and given the wrong books even though you read them the course numbers and everything over the phone. Dealing wit the regis bookstore is like dealing with the dmv. Never a pleasant experience. I'd give a separate review for the school and give that a 3 to 4 star overall rating.

Martin Medeiros

Sarah Albritton

I got accepted to this college, but did't enroll in a class. Regis disagrees and is saying I owe them $1500. The woman I spoke with today was very rude and says that the Pell Grant has also partially paid this. This is a terrible establishment and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Elim K

Wasn't too happy with the assessment that was done by Meagan Rudge in admissions she told me I would be able to transfer over sixty of my credits from my old university. Turns out I can only transfer slightly less than 30 its very inconveniencing for me because she set me up with the wrong expectations.

Carmen Monter

Jeremy Z

Regis College offers students with many opportunities to grow academically, socially, and spiritually, and provides numerous events to help students excel in each of those areas: concerts, devotions, academic panels, sporting events, society parties, internships, etc. Even though FC provides its students with many life enhancing opportunities, there are some things I think they should change. FC should be more proactive in encouraging their students to interact with other groups; to not be so closed off from each other or the community. I also wish they had a strong art program. This can help boost the college's enrollment and provide the opportunity to study art in a morally based environment. Despite these setbacks, I think FC has helped me to grow as a person; forcing me to learn how to be more independent, but to also help others who are dependent. The people (faculty, staff, and students) are encouraging and supportive whenever you need it.

devon murdock

Deborah Dahlstrom

November of 2012 I went into the University experience as an older student 30 years after high school. I was petrified. But now I am down to my last two classes to graduate with my BA in May. I found most of the instructors to be caring and approachable. The classes are small, so interaction is guaranteed. You get out of it what you put in and the school ensures a great learning environment. My first Academic Advisor was so-so, but still communication is what I make of it. I had nothing guaranteed that was not obtained. I tell everyone about my experiences and encourage anyone looking for a quality spirit/mind centered education to go for it at Regis. I am looking forward to beginning the graduate program in the fall. Thanks Regis!

Ondre Smith

Myron Hendley

Luke Gustafson

Deepak Pareek

Excellent place to ensure you are rewarded for your hard work.

Victoria Vdovich

Laureen Froimson

Incredible school with all faculty and staff very helpful. Would definitely enroll here again

Valentine Kosyak

It is a wonderful school. I am very blessed and humbled to be attending a Jesuit School, which embodies my beliefs and ideals. This is the school that the world needs to educate our world leaders. I have graduated once already and am working on my graduate degree. I cannot stress enough the beauty that Knowing gives a person. I believe everyone that believes in higher power should devote themselves to the Jesuit tradition. I am a student, I am a believer and I Am wholly committed to the Jesuit way.

jenifer gomes

pricey for what you get and little support is given

Jonas Okwara

Excellent school. Graduated with a Masters in Software Engineering. Like every other great institution you have to work hard to earn your grades. I prefer the online format because of my work and it turned out great for me because I am self - driven. My course work were very practical and gave me the skills I need for the industry.

Jennifer Holland

Don Vollmer

Syah Ruaeni

Vishwa Seneviratne

Looks to be an organization with quality. Had no trouble in getting the stuff done.

Joni Sugimura


(Translated by Google) I went to language courses, but students also was kind. But it is more than 20 years ago. At the time, librarian of the Library It was a Japanese person. Although I have heard the English description of the person of the librarian, the person at a later date, because I was reading a Japanese newspaper "Yomiuri Shimbun". . (Original) 語学コースに行きましたが、学生も親切でした。20年以上前ですけどね。当時は、図書館の司書は日系人でしたね。司書の方の英語の説明を聞いていましたが、後日その方が、日本語の新聞「読売新聞」を読んでいたので。。

Shell Rinard

Dandra Harrell

These people are trying to get money from me for classes I dropped and notified them of me dropping!!! Prospective students DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! I WASN'T EVEN THE ONE WHO REGISTERED FOR MY CLASSES!!!! SOME WOMAN NAMED HOLLY ADDED ME TO CLASSES AND I TOLD HER AND MY ADVISOR THAT I DO NOT WISH TO ATTEND ANY LONGER BUT DO THEY CARE....OF COURSE NOT

Garrett Shreffler

Love this school

Ryan McHugh

I am a nursing student currently attending Regis. I’ve had a good experiences with professors, But some of the staff on campus is completely incompetent. My overall opinion is to not go here unless you’re going for something that the school is specifically known for. For example, the nursing/medical programs are known for being great, also the education program. If you’re coming for any other degree, I would recommend go elsewhere. Save the money!

Steve Umoren

Great school


Jacinto Lopez


Bill Hynes

Faculty, advisors, and staff very helpful. I look back on the experience as one of the great chapters in my life. Thank you!


Disappointment at every turn. I'm a student at Regis, was using my GI Bill here. I've seen a lot of my classmates (BS Computer Science) not able to find the classes offered needed to graduate on schedule. The course offerings are pretty sporadic, graduating on time is unlikely. I was pursuing a certificate in Information Systems Security along with a BS in Computer Science, but the Advanced Unix course that was required for the certificate is offered once a year and often doesn't even run. Now the certificate has been withdrawn. The advisors are helpless. The closer you get to graduation, the harder it is to find the classes you need. I have been advising my veteran friends to attend other schools. The professors here are top notch. They are the only reason I can give Regis two starts instead of one.

Jorge Cabrera

I could say it was the biggest mistake to attend this school. If you want online classes don't waste your money here. This place is a ripoff this was graduate level education and the online professor's don't have any professionalism. They don't even teach your or help you.. Then they expect you to pay for a class were they haven't even acknowledged you!! Save your money go somewhere else

mark hendryx

Yajaira A

Michael Parrott

Just moved here for better school

maria trick

I wish I could give this school ZERO stars. Some teachers press play on a recorded lecture during our "class," and thats how we learn. Other teachers read verbatim off of the slides. There is only one competent teacher - Mary Castang, but she only teaches the begining nursing classes. The teachers were very unprofessional and often didnt know answers to students questions. They are very power hungry, and will get in arguments with students who find mistakes or have questions about the material/books. The books are written by regis professors - an obvious conflict of interest and are required for the class. The clinical instructors are VERY untrustworthy, and will cover their back in an instant, and put the students at risk. Even though they are supposed to protect students, and teach them during clinical. The dean for the nursing school terrible, and should really be looked into. She claims to care about the students well being and wants them to suceed. Of course this all happens virtually or in a big lecture hall in front of all the students. When met with individually she acted as if she was listening and responded with a gereic response she probably tells all students/ has a list and chooses one that matches what the student says --> all she had to say was "I dont care," and literally reapeated that after I tried to explain. All very degrading and emotionally traumatizing when nurses in school are already loaded with busy work from class, and clinical work assigned by the clinical instructor and from the class teacher. Lisa Zenoni comes off as the sweetest lady during orientation, and seems super supportive of students succeeding. After school starts shes very passive aggressive, and gets very defensive when she is confronted about being wrong. All in all, if admitted to the nursing program, be aware of every rules in the student guide, and dont follow the directions of the clinical instuctors as those rules dont match the regis rules and those are grounds for dismissal. Understand the teachers and how they teach and be ready to teach yourself. As for the students, the younger students who went throught the regis college are very rude to the transfer students and try to get them in trouble due to the fact that theu are usually smarter, do really well in all the classes, and are very motivated. Be very careful where trust is,placed as it is easilt used to get students in trouble.

Chris Perticone

The gym is closed in the weekends on the summer and closes at 7:30p M-F. Additionally, the dumbbells only go up to 100lbs. The core classes are arguably easier than my middle school. The business program is ehhhh but since Mr. Anderson stroked a check for $10 million we'll have to see what improvements are made. Apparently the nursing/medical program is great though

Evan Anderson

Jess Willson

Paul Andrus

I got my MSIA in Cybersecurity from Regis and watched my classmates and myself hired by Fortune 500 companies literally left and right - some of us before we even graduated. I went back for a second degree, an MS in Data Science. Regis is either the best-kept or the worst-kept secret in the region.

Morgan McMahon

Just winging it

I have been attending the online classes for about a year now. The professors are really good and always helpful. The online interface for the most part is well organized and easy to navigate while the curriculum can be challenging, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to complete it. The most attractive thing about this college is its 100% online and has ABET accreditation in computer fields which is becoming a must among employers. I would give it a five, but due to the fact I am a veteran; the military department is only run by three people which is crazy because the amount of military students they have, so the service for vets a is a bet lacking. Also, because they are ABET accredited, If you are military don't expect alot of credits to transfer over from your JST's. Simple fact is that the military dose not concentrate on theory much in its training which is the back bone of electronics and computer field for the ABET. If you are going for the Computer science degree, be prepared for tight deadlines, thinking outside the box and crazy amounts of math including the calculus 1 and 2. My advice, stick to the General educations classes first such as your maths, science, social studies etc. See how you handle it, because you may decide to change majors depending how well you do in those areas. If you find that you are struggling in the math, probaly don't want to the computer science, because the programming requires drawling your own mathmatical math solutions using differential equations. Finally, if your are a vet, the University is only 250 a credit hour, so making it work with the TA is great. If you looking more for the hardware side of the house of computers, then I would check out Excelsior colloge based out of new york. Extremely military friendly and partnered with navy college, plus also ABET accredited in the electrical engineering (but an extremely hard program, last year they only graduated 5 for the entire year). Anyways, Good university if your looking for computer science, just be prepared for a challenge.

Cathy Finn

Regis University Founded in 1877, Regis University is a Catholic Jesuit University located in Colorado, a ten minute drive from downtown Denver. Regis University has a park-like campus and a unique Rocky Mountain landscape. Most Regis students live in residential quarters, and the school arranges a number of extracurricular activities to give international students more opportunities to integrate into American society. Students in the 108th and 109th grades can also take the University's certification program when they participate in the ELS Intensive Language Program. Students who complete Level 108 can participate in an in-house work placement program for a local private company.

Renee Thrower-Smith

Oscar Acosta

cory king

If you don't already have a job in the computer programming world, do not bother going to Regis through their online computer science degree program. The program has many errors in both the content, the instructions, and even in the grading of assignments. The cost of their program is incredibly expensive, unacceptably so with the errors they have in their own coursework. You also spend all of your time reading and teaching yourself since there are little to no videos available. This is fine if you have experience in the field already or are fine with reading a textbook, but if you are looking for someone to actually teach you this is not the location you want to go. Over priced, little to no help, errors in the course work so buyer beware!


Hans Landis

Joined the student gym here, and everything is clean and well organized. Friendly people with a good vibe.


Wish I could give 0 stars. Worse grad school for cyber security! Don't waste your money - go to DU or UCD. Awful school!!!

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