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REVIEWS OF Red Rocks Community College IN Colorado

Brian Fox

For disclosure I teach at the PA program. The college is a great place to get your foot in the door of higher education. But that's not all they offer. From Emergency Medical Technician classes, to Fire Academy's... Down to video editing, pottery and furniture classes. There really is something for everyone. Cost is very reasonable.

Lydia Rice

Anthony Fraser

Best EMT Program

Graham Ives

Sheep Baby


Vivian Semiedo

Emma Eliasen

Nicci Venom

This school is a joke. The financial aid office has royally screwed me many times by telling my student loans I am not enrolled when I am in fact enrolled. Every single semester there is an issue with the financial aid office making errors. It is infuriating. I have a 3.75 and they put me on academic probation over their own error last semester. They have also repeatedly told me I need a book for a class that is totally incorrect. This place is an absolute mess, do not expect anything to be easy. Half the online teachers forget their online classes even exist, never submit grades until the very end and teachers often respond to emails without actually reading them. Oh, do you have a full time job? Good luck, they act like all the students are full time students.

Stacey Bosman


I wouldn't go if they paid me, the only reason other person gave 5 stars is because it's easy to blow your mind when your dumb


This is a community college, not a university, I expected there to be some ups an downs. My teachers are hit and miss, but I feel even at a university that is still a strong possibility. For a school like this you don't really need the teachers to be stellar, a lot of the work is very doable if you put any kind of effort in, most of the required text alone will tell you everything you need to know about the class. Now, for a community college there's some amazing things they pull off. There have been noble peace prize winners visit, travel study like the civil rights road trip, community programs that tie into school curriculum...The teachers who do take their jobs seriously will see that you use the coursework set before you be applied in the real world. The campus and environment feels welcoming and of course its cheap to go here. Now...not everything here runs as smoothly as you hope. The student clinic is barely open and the one time I did go they didn't even have a nurse to help me. The few times I have bee to the cafeteria the cooks didn't have enough food to serve, my first tour of the school the guide didn't know anything about the programs or services and if you need help with tutoring the available people are very limited on what courses they can cover. I've come to Red Rocks strictly to get my prerequisites out of the way and because I do enjoy learning. I don't make a lot of money and don't have a lot of resources. While I haven't explored everything available to me at Red Rocks I have enjoyed the experience. Coming here does mean teaching yourself to an extent, but it can be beneficial, if anything I wished I enrolled sooner.

Laurien Moes

Jean Kelly

I work at Red Rocks and I love working here! It's exciting to work with students who are growing and learning. I work in Accessibility Services; we're committed to removing barriers for students with disabilities. Check us out!!

Christian Paulo

The Water Quality Management program is phenomenal, not the least bit surprise they added a Bachelors program. All the instructors are working in the field and can help you build a solid network. Parking is always available and the police regularly patrol the lots, which i like. Advising is really accessible and approachable. After 12 yrs as Medic in the Army I was a bit burnt on medicine. This college was the bridge that got me employed in the civilian sector, in a career field I love. Thanks RRCC WQM, ya'll rock!

Ryan Wilson

I applied to the school and for financial aid but did not register for classes. I could not attend for personal reasons. I got a letter in the mail 5 months later saying a debt collector is trying to collect a full semester's tuition. I DIDN'T EVEN REGISTER!!! Nor, did I receive any notification that they were planning on reporting a 100% FAKE debt. I was only notified when the debt had already been sent to the debt collection agency. Now I have a $2800 debt that's going to mess up my credit which I've worked hard to keep at a decent score. It's unbelievable that a professional institution can get away with reporting false debts, absolutely unbelievable. I would choose a different school.

Merry Teacher

I have been a student, a student employee, a non-student employee, and a full-time employee at Red Rocks Community College, so I think that means I LOVE it here! There are so many great programs and award winning students, along with many fun events and activities going can't keep track of it all!

Joshua Hernandez

Do not take an outdoor class with Sally. She is a garbage instructor/professor or whatever she wants to call herself. She does not attend any of her classes and fails to keep accurate records. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with every other teacher and facility member. Sally is the exception and the reason why I am leaving a one star review.

Joaquin Eduardo

This school keeps blowing my mind every single day more and more, just yesterday after class I walked by this place and there was a sign that read Idea Lab, right away I was intrigued and sure enough when I went in there it was nothing short of fantastic! There you can use 3 3D printers and access to soldering tools! It's amazing I'm signing up today for the lab. And the school is just awesome! I took my fiancé and she asked me this is a community college and I said yeah, only the best one in Colorado! Highly recommended ! Staff is the best I have ever came across at a learning institution! If your a student working on your AS please highly consider this learning institution as your go to ! - Joaquin.

Liebchen Hut

Great place to study! Highly recommenced it!

Michael Dion Hamiltom

Force fed gateway program even though I informed of late fasfa approvaland no financial means other wise and expressed doubts as to that course meeting educational goals, was enrolled and when there was no fasfa approved was then later denied my credits transferr which would get me the degree in the field I was initially pursueing. What a shame that to make a pay check for a staff member they would allow manipulation and misdirection

Sam Y

To all the kids who have to start at community college...Red Rocks is amazing and I am so sad to leave. The staff in the science and math departments are amazing! I had a few good teachers in other departments but my main focus was math and science and I never had a bad experience with those professors!

Katerina Bolliger

The professors are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help you. The campus is very beautiful, and the amenities for the students are incredibly helpful and fun too! I am glad I chose this school to go to.

Matthew Dalton

Katherine Brasington

I don't like this college. Maybe it's because it's the 21st century and absolutely everything is digital. The bookstore has restricted hours and the only way for me to get my books while working full time is to pay extra to have the books shipped to me. Classes are very impersonal; two of my three professors I have never even met. Two of my classes require so many different textbooks, some digital, some are only online, and some require access codes, and there are different chapters / units from different books. I can't keep them straight and am always afraid that I am forgetting to complete activities (they are also very expensive and you cannot get them online for cheaper ). Also, for both of my MOT classes, the access codes were wrong and the bookstore gave us the wrong books, so we started class with textbooks that had no way to access the online content. The internship that is required is mandatory unpaid; even if I could find a company that is willing to pay me, the school will not allow me to complete my internship there if I am being paid. Because I work full time and am not 20 years old living with my parents, I am not able to do an unpaid internship. This school is impersonal and will not work with you at all. I don't understand the mandatory unpaid thing. Students don't have to pay enough in tuition and fees so now we have to also do free labor? I am not able to complete the program now, and will go for my CPC cert anyway. The only good news is that it'll save me about $1000 that I won't have to pay the school. I completed 4 years of a bachelor's degree and graduated in 2011, and I had way less headaches and frustration over those four years at that other school than one semester at Red Rocks. The only reason I'm giving them two stars instead of one is because my medical coding class is amazing and so is the professor Becky. Otherwise, this school is terrible.

stephanie burton

Alex Becker

Jesse Rooney

Took the EMT-B class this spring. Mike Burke is a super rad dude, easy to talk to and actually answers emails. Recommend his class!

Bobby Navarro

Macey Geivett

Red Rocks is an amazing school

Jay Rodriguez

Great lil' time killer:)

Chasing the Improbable

Ive gone here 3 years now and absolutely adore the place

Makenzie Parimuha

The best jumpstart i could ever get

Chris Quintana

Red Rocks is okay if everything works out perfectly. Attended a condensed class, and 30% of the classes were canceled. As a result students had to learn and do all work themselves. I failed this $1000 class and received no help from my instructor just an insincere "sorry". I will be sent to collections tomorrow for a balance that I didn't know was due until I recieved a phone call 5 days ago. When I asked for a 3 day delay until my payday, I was told "no". I was then told that emails had been sent to inform me but no such emails were found in my history. If things don't work as they are supposed to it's just too bad for the student.

Marcela Montelongo

Excellent place to get your A.A. Not all my semesters were nice but I had really nice teachers so far. I highly recommended it.

Alex Garcia

Logan Smith

Evan Glovan

Brent Summers

Alex Edington

Thomas Dunlap

Do not trust Red Rocks Community College. Twice my wife was given a list of classes to complete for her degree and twice she fulfilled the requirements. Even their website said she was 100%. She walked in May and we never recieved her diploma. Now they say that their administration screwed up and she needs 5 more classes.

Tom MacDonald

They helped me refund my class after I dropped it late. I will definitely take classes here from them in again in the future.

Kristina Taylor

At first I liked it, mostly because the scenery is nice and campus isn't as crazy as Auraria. The instructors are hit or miss, mostly good on my end but I think that happens at any school. I did have a poor working experience there, wasn't asked to do anything and my supervisor was extremely passive aggressive seemed depressed and critical of others. I did write a formal complaint to RRCC about that and an online class I took and both times they responded quickly and arranged meetings. So overall it was ok. They definitely give more information and feedback than CCD.

Kevin Nguyen

Sarah Jones

dealing with financial aid sucks ass. terribly confusing and there aren't a lot of options for times of classes and there are 2 locations. but it's cheaper than a university

Nick Trip

Nick Lay

Eddie Grim

If you are looking for a college, I would suggest finding another one. I've taken 4 semesters here and this was the worst. The faculty here cares more for their money and not the student’s safety, or even academic success. Since I have been here I have seen multiple people leave due to these facts, I am done myself, and it has gotten ridiculous. I'll explain: One teacher thought it would be good to have a live demonstration during class of what we observe, and what we miss for a social experiment, the experiment was of two people slamming a door open, yelling at the class, and throwing foam balls at people. Being an Army vet I almost attacked the teacher’s friends, kind of like I was trained to do. Another student was also a vet he had to leave after the episode, his anxiety sky rocketed, and he couldn't finish the class due to the experiment, The only thing we herd from the teach was "I forgot to tell you guys I am sorry". Honestly what would have happened if we attacked the teacher’s friends before we realized it was just a played out scenario from our studies? We would have both probably went to jail for assault due to the teachers negligence. Another thing (Veterans will understand the GI Bill) the main office of the VA had payment issues, I was unable to get my books in a timely manner, it took 8 weeks, that’s half a semester with no books. I was asking if they could do anything in regards to helping me, they could not. They have some programs to help students, yet their programs did not work for me, and they were unwilling to help find a way to help me succeed. I fail all my classes due to their negligence. I was going to make photo copies of another student’s book just until I got my book money to buy my own books, they said they would get me for copyrights infringement. So their plans did not work and my plan was thrown out even though I planned on buying the books as soon as I got my money, I have never failed 4 classes in a row, hell I never failed a class I had to physically attend either. I also had a teacher get his feelings hurt due to difference of agreement, I was removed from the class, and had to finish it online. Not once did I disrupt the class, nor did I ever present myself as a threat. The teacher lied to his bosses and they cared not of what I had to say about the matter. I am also in another class the teacher did not do her job properly and blamed it on the students, that it was our fault she failed as a teacher. This teacher also failed to upload multiple student grades as well. I missed a few classes and one small pop quiz, I needed to at least do some work, to show the VA I was at least making an attempt, even though they failed me. The teacher left many grades as a zero, I think this was also due to me being a Christian and believing in Jesus Christ, she believes Darwin’s theory, and made many hurrahing statements. Yet again the instructor’s bosses cared not and allowed another teacher to do what they wanted. THIS SCHOOL IS HORRIBLE I PROMISE YOU

Logan Bedford

Zena Antokhin

Isaac Salguero

Registration for Fire Academy has to be in person. Not online like most community colleges. I've had my time wasted twice now by the people at admissions because they give me false hours of operation.

mark rohan

ScooterPuraVida! Steward


Dont do anything involving Warren tech. The liaison made two appointments with me and didnt show up to either. Wasting hours of my time and costing me days of work.

Jesse Anderson

Decent technology program. Good start for a engineering transfer to a four year school.

Jetplane Gaming

David McCreary

Nathan Scheer

They had a HORRIBLE Japanese course here when I went many years ago, but the psych teacher was pretty awesome.

Gerad Osborne

Phil Hayes

Sergey Serpenev

Very rude staff members in admissions! I don’t think I’m going to send my daughter here.

Faye Schei

Amazing staff, a great concurrent enrollment program, and more. One of the best kick-starters for one's academic career.

Tina Seidel Moses

I just began working at Red Rocks Community College and I can already tell the faculty and staff are truly committed to helping students achieve their educational goals. I have worked at other colleges/universities where that isn't the case. Everyone, even the President, is committed to helping students! I understand people have issues here and there and that's where I come in. Please find me on campus and I will help you navigate any obstacles you encounter. My job is to help students graduate!! How great is that! I love Red Rocks Community College! Again, if you have any issues come see me! You can find me by going to Mary Adrian's Desk located at the end of the Advising area as you make the turn to Financial Aid, by Student Records on the Lakewood Campus.

Pauline Sweeney

F.A .B/N

Jim Gordon

Good College

Miguel Verde

Always helpful, good people, small classes

The Truth B

The financial aide office is one of the least transparent, and least professional offices I've ever dealt with in my life. The stupidity of the people in that office is incredible. I highly recommend talking to your bank about student loans before even considering them dealing out federal loans. They WILL give you false information in order to move you quickly through the line, and the entire FA office should go through retraining and should also be required to take communication classes every semester. I've even heard other staff members in different areas of admin talk bad about the FA office people, and tell me to never deal with them over the phone because they WILL screw something up. Should have listened. They are the laughing stock of the school and create so many issues for students. Remember folks, you can file complaints through the DoE if you need to. Again, I can't stress enough how stupid they are.

tara lynn

Great school, great opportunities, and goid resources

Hannah Benavides

Ashton Leinen


Tajidin Abd

Paz Athena

I love my school, I hope we grow our community organic gardening and sustainability programs and projects!

Rosemary McCammon

Fire Science degree was where ii was going with all that, EMT certification ii wanna thank my instructor for putting

Eric Lachapelle

Waste of money. I can get the same education by sitting at home reading the books

John M

Waste of money! Instructors teach trash material they didn't even write for the class. How about designing your own curriculum instead of regurgitating someone else's who worked there a decade ago!? Most the instructors work full time somewhere else and do this on the side. So if you want to be overcharged for a second rate education go to Red Rocks. They even overcharge for books and then refuse to buy back because it's a spring semester class only. Taking advantage of poor people. That's Red Rocks CC..

Randy Hass

Mark Comstock

Sandra Schloemer

Awasome school looking forward to

Gary Levasseur

Parking is rough. Definitely not enough spots. Admissions was easy. Seemed like I was in the financial aid office every week if not every day because of issues on their side. Had a couple great teachers.

Kyle Phillips

I have had some of the best teacher's and experiences here at RRCC.

Cyrus Young

I've been to 4 colleges in my career and this place is super friendly, the science department is top notch! The learning center is amazing. The students are some of the best people I've met in this wonderful state! I can't recommend this school enough to anyone looking for a step ahead in life whether you plan to transfer to a 4 year University or not, your time at RRCC will not be wasted!

Christopher Richards

Carrie Dittmer

michaela harman

Scott Kilman

DO NOT REGISTER THERE!!! Take it from an Instructor and Artist in Residence. The instructors are hit and miss. The administration is lazy and demanding. They are idiots. They don't even have their required course book done before class starts....Friends don't let friends go to red rocks.....

Jimmie Lee spencer

great but i get confused when i try to get finical info because of card and pass code or id isnt clear

Sheena Skinner

Nguyen Nguyen

Nik RomiX

Don Darouse

I love my professors here! They all love teaching and you can tell while you're in their class. I had a terrible experience with the front office and the cashiers office, but Linda Crook reached out to me to make everything right. She single handedly changed this from a 1 star review, to a 5 star review. She stepped up and made the situation right. Thank you so much Linda!

Theresa Ba

My first day, on Campus was wonderful, I was able to see where, I stand, talking of business, Customer Service, wonderful. Thank you

jennifer McCall

Yo ski

Literally the worst WiFi and reception anywhere in the world. You'd probably get better WiFi at the bottom of the ocean, and they wouldn't sign you out every 5 minutes.

zebo kraken

Don't go to college. It's not worth the time or money.

Cheyenne Scott

I have been to FRCC, CCD, and a massage school in search of the type of support that, without effort, I found at this particular school. I am enjoying my education here because I want an education. The campus is beautiful and has a lot of open space, great for people with attention problems or even the rude people who have commented previously. Thank you, RRCC!

kayode dobosu

Love it

Nicholas Garst

Tim Ulmen

Amanda M

Jim Brooks

Julie Kremer

RRCC gave me the confidence & great education for learning in a way no other school could do for me. I was inspired to WANT to learn and almost 20 years later, I still love learning, have a Bachelors Degree from Webster University, own multiple properties & own & manage 2 businesses. Thank you Red Rocks!

Y Sa

Tanner Burrows

I'll be as plain as possible. It's an okay college. Some courses will definitely be better than others. The general quality of everything isn't that well maintained. The computers seem outdated and rarely worked on. The staff can be great or might want you there so they can earn their paycheck. I had a Mythology class taught by my same English teacher, who had no knowledge in Mythology what so ever. You could say her teaching skills were a myth.

Priscilla Vasquez

So excited to put my two cents in here. I absolutely loved taking some courses here. However I found that when I was taking my history course Toni the instructor wad completely unwilling to work with me and I had to get the chair of the history department to intervene. I also did not appreciate Bill Dial when I was applying for a custodial job and was turned down due to heresay and things that absolutely had nothing to do with the job. But hence since he is in human resources he blatantly discriminated against me and kept the custodial department from hiring me due to a sexist and controlling employer I had in the past. He was completely unprofessional and a complete bully. Just want his actions to be known and I did file a complaint against him. If looking to work for Red Rocks I suggest not getting this man involved unless you want to have to jump through mounds of red tape and not have your rights respected.

allison rapino

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