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REVIEWS OF Pikes Peak Community College IN Colorado

Eric Newton

It's a joke of an educational institution. Most classes won't transfer anywhere because they are a sub par organization. Would not recommend for anyone.

Krystal Dungan

Although there have been times I have issues with some staff with help, 99.9% of the time EVERYONE else I've come across has gone above and beyond. No company is perfect no matter how much they strive for it but honestly my experience here is and has been GREAT! Btw this is for centennial campus. Other campuses are not convenient for me to attend.

Ryan Staack

It’s been 4 months sense I was supposed to be finished there but they still haven’t gotten to me my diploma. It’s been making it hard to find a job after I moved to another state. I think I need to actually fly back and do their work for them which I paid for! I contact my advisor every other week and she tell me the same thing that the office of “whatever” who process my graduation paperwork still hasn’t gotten it after she said to have sent it over 4 times. So I don’t know where the problem is here! But it seems they don’t care about their student or graduates. I feel like a waster two years.

Dave Debirov

Raised a couple of issues to the Lead and Dean in Geography about course material. Course seemed to be more focused on women than geography. Reported issue to lead and HR and was told to call the main line. This place is not focused on us students and teaching is poor quality. Class sessions cancelled in middle semester and students not notified. Terrible!

Bryan Rossmanith

Seriously? I can't believe all the negative reviews on here. Use the internet people. It will help. Everything is on their website if you simply read. You can't expect someone who has been working at the school for 2 weeks to know every detail about your problem. I had an amazing experience here, and so can you! Instructors were nice, engaging, and small class sizes ensured we had all the attention we needed to learn the material and master it. I came in with very little schooling, especially in Math & English. (Poor life choices in Highschool.) Finished my H.S. diploma through a third party program here. It me over 90 passed credits to get an AA business transfer degree here (Normally 60) from all the developmental work I had to do, and every class was filled with instructors who really cared about my success in life, and not padding paychecks (Unlike most institutions). Started in the most basic of Math & English clasees (045 & English 045) which is a class they do not offer any more due to limited state funding, went through Math 090, 099 then onto College level classes for what I needed for a B.S. in business at UCCS when I transferred there. Overall it was an amazing experience and so thankful for my time there. Without PPCC, I would most likely be in a very different situation right now. College is not necessary for every career path, but for me, it was what gave me the confidence to be able to start and run a business. I now run a part time business doing what I love to do every single day, and it all started at PPCC.

Matthew Heck

My experience has been bad. I had a very openly racist English 122 instructor. I've had several instructors who were not professional and/or lacking in knowledge needed to teach the material. It got even worse when I started a biology 112 course and my teacher had to google words in the textbook in the middle of class because he didnt know them and couldnt ask questions. Being here has been largely self-taught material and I regret being here. It is NOT worth the money. Although my math professors have been great.

Bacon B.

The institution does not respond to e-mails even when it is imperative to do so. When you need to reach someone at the registrars office quickly, you are left with a robot voice-messenger that tells you to leave your name and other information, along with the reason for you call and they will get back to you shortly. This is not acceptable. I just want to talk to a real person... that I am not even sure exists as in the three business days my e-mails have been ignored. Don't go here. Go to a different school that actually cares about you.


Sunnyrae Arlette

I took belly dancing here a while ago with Renee. Definitely not worth the money, the teacher spent way too much time gossiping about other dancers who she didn’t like. Very unprofessional, and not the best dance teacher.

Dre Day

You get what you put in. The classes are great .As long as you are applying your self and doing the work you will be fine. They have a learning commons now which is pretty much a tutor for any and every course there. So how can you fail. Instructors are very professional as long as you have the right mindset.

Johhny Nigguh

Tristian Foster

The other reviews pretty much sum up the problems with this school, overall lots of money and financial aid problems. So guess im broke now. "Student success"

allyson hernandez

Good school, wish I could dual major.


Great college, nice location

Justin Fennern

This school has been such a joke. They are all absolutely rude especially for a school that is literally robbing you for your money. Do not waste your time here. They will wait till days before classes start to tell you that theres another problem! Use another school

Luke Yates

The enrollment staff lacks in professionalism. No sense of urgency or interest is shown towards new students, and the staff they have working at the front desks made snide remarks about how the team is busy with current students. I was very disappointed in my first college visit since entering the civilian world and decided to build my academic career elsewhere. The campus is, however, very specious and well kept. Aside from being difficult to navigate, the campus is very appealing to the eye.

haley regueira

I'm extremely proud to be apart of this college :) Everyone works with you to make sure you have everything in order.

Luna Sea

De W

This really is a great Community College. It seems that probably the people who are posting the negative reviews are not being advocates for themselves. The school has a ton of resources for students, from The Learning Center to accessibility services to the community table where students can get free food if they need it. If you use all the resources available to you and apply yourself, there is no reason why you should not be successful at Pikes Peak Community College.

RaBecca Taylor-Mercil

The staff here has always been pleasant and friendly. It might be hard to get advised on the correct classes to take but the same has been the problem for UCCS. I believe that is just across the board a tough thing for a school to know but with patience and attention to your own degree it is able to be completed. Great School I love it!

Brittney Williams

Danielle Hunt

The employees at The Centennial campus are some of the rudest people I have ever encountered. I have had nothing but problems with them since day one. If you're looking to take a class here, which I would strongly recommend you don't, expect to spend thousands of dollars and hours on the phone dealing with financial aid only to be treated like trash by the staff. I will never take another class at this campus, and I will definitely never give them another dime of my money. Despite the lack of genuine, caring employees at this campus, I have had no trouble whatsoever with the Rampart Range campus or downtown studio. It's a shame that the poor service and bad attitudes at the Centennial campus have ruined the PPCC experience for me.

Camille Rhoades

It's difficult to make everything run smoothly in a larger organization, but PPCC excels at being disorganized. Top marks there. Additionally, EVERY financial aid department I've ever dealt with (and this is the 4th) is a hot mess, but this one seems to take the cake. Congratulations on making the student experience far more confusing than it ever needed to be, PPCC. Keep up the good work.

Tabby Finley

Worst school experience I’ve ever had. I transferred to this school from a well known university in the East because of my husband’s stationing here. I’ve had to fight for every course to be accepted. I have had multiple counselors because they just hand me to the next one and no one seems to know what courses I should take to fulfill my degree in English and Secondary Education. I currently am enrolled in Summer courses that I need in order to graduate from here, and now I have no access to one of my courses. After calling multiple times, filling out forms, and trying to speak to anyone I can, I’ve been ignored and cursed at. It’s really unfortunate that only three people from the staff have cared to help me in the small ways they can and no one else cared. I won’t be graduating on time and have to stay here for another semester and it just really sucks. Terrible institution. Do not go here. You deserve better as a student and a person.

Amber r

I had to drop out of my classes during the Spring I was trying to be the responsible party cuz I knew I was not going to complete the classes because of family issues I told the lady that when I went in and had all of my classes dropped because I knew there was no way I was going to pass them. Recently I tried to make a payment online and they declined my payment saying there was issues with this account from previous times I have always made my payment before. now I'm an ineligible to be able to go back to school because some reason they're saying I don't meet the recommendations. The best advice I can give you . got a perfect life and you can make sure you make it to all the classes and don't have to worry about family issues. go for it but if you have family issues that you know come about; this school will not work with you instead they will throw you under the bus now I have collections ......less than 6 months I have been sent to collections.

Lolita Lemus Cuellar

John Johnson

imma a black 19-year old male student & i DO drive a nice '14 LEXu$ and my parents bought me my car so i tinted out windows. the campus police are always trying to search my car and accuse me of being a "drug dealer" 'cause I drive a "suspicious" car.. the problem is that imma black teenager goin to this mostley white school n Colorado, so tha school cops dont like this....

Angel Johnson

tanjy Durgin

MC Davis

Its become a campus of several buildings and not just the 2 it started with back in the day.

Jeremiah Nelson

Patricia Tapia

After getting a 4.0 every semester and working very hard to become a radiography/radiology x-ray technician, I found out that I can't get a job because PPCC is no longer an accredited school with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).


Absolutely a horrific experience. The staff could not be any worse. A very unimpressionable group of people who seem to have very low standards for themselves. I was speaking with a counciler when first registering to see what sort of degree i should get withe my interest, she suggested Associate of General Studies. Luckily i did my research and found out that this degree was not geared at all towards what I need to be doing! Also with "Mendoza Beonca" or some name of the sort is suppose to be a councilor, but is border line useless. She can't suggest classes or anything of the sort and told me to try talking with someone else, but will not give me any advice as to who or where, won't even respond when I point out that she is not providing enough advice, especially seeing that she is the advising councilor. Ive learned to ask her specially to answer all my questions in ((which she still neglects to fall through)) email because when she seems to give a very short, vague response to only one question. I've only asked maybe 2 or 3 questions in the email so it should not be this complicated for her, but obviously it is. I've sent her emails asking to respond to each question and I've spaced them out/numbered them, and I still only get a short response dedicated to only one question. The response is also usually just an assumption and not a qualified answer. I've had this experience with most of the PPCC staff, minus the actual teachers. GO TO A SCHOOL THAT IS ACTUALLY KNOWLEDGABLE AND DETERMINED. I would if I didn't live such a distance away from other possibilities. I fear that my degree with be useless or my classes won't transfer or this and that because they can't help. And the one councilor that did help, almost completely screwed me by suggesting the wrong degree. Don't waste your time here.

Leslie Sheley

The advisor Brandon is the best! I wish my son could have him permanently; he was the most helpful; the most interested and the most informative; so grateful that we got him for a walk in session!

Zachary Peters

The financial aid department here is terrible, dealing with Pikes Peak's financial Aid department is harder than any class you will take here. Out of the 10 plus people I have dealt with in that office only 3 have ever provided any kind of productive help. If you call in and are not persistent they will give you the simplest answer to get you off their back, and you always have to double check dates with them, they will tell you have this coming in on this date ut if you call back in and talk to someone else you will probably a different answer. If you must deal with Pikes peak Financial aid department make sure you know all you need to know because the likelihood of you finding any decent help out of that office is 3 to 10. The helpful people here are helpful and and the teachers are pretty great, just dealing with the Financial aid here is terrible.


If I could rate this place a zero I definitely would! They are awful with communication. They sent me to collections even after multiple attempts to set up a payment plan. I called and spoke with a women named christine long and she got me nowhere. She had said that there may have been a mistake with the amount owed that she would call me back if it truly was. Never heard from her after that so I thought everything was in good standing. This place is horrible they don't care about their students. On top of that she was very rude and was like " why didn't you set up a payment plan?" and told her multiple times that I had tried but she didn't care. I wouldn't recommend wasting your time or money in this place. Its a joke!

Kenny Halla

It's a community college so it's cheaper than your private college or university. You can learn here, but this is pretty much an extension of high school. The maturity level of students are about the same and the quality of teachers is just a smidgen higher. This was a stepping stone for me, so I have no regrets, but I just wish the curriculum wasn't so outdated.

Raceine Wilson

Awesome teaching staff from what I have experienced.

Deanna Rose

Kevin Biron

Dianna Adams is a nightmare. Extremely rude when it comes to helping vets. She will tell you how much a liar you are and hang up the phone rather than help you. I’d advise talking to another person or avoid the school at all cost. It’s not worth the headaches

Brittany Pickett

I have been taking online courses here and I have never attended online classes where the teachers cared more! They have made excelling at school easy. 100% glad I decided on PPCC.

Larisa Zhem

PPCC centennial campus is a horrible place from the ground up in terms of the employees and overall professionalism. I used to professionally work here and since leaving and moving onto better things, my friends have experienced nothing but the worst here. There is no respect nor support for the veteran community who attend this college using the GI bill, the supervisor for the operator harassed me personally over the phone when I asked to be transferred (she refused to do so, and proceeded to talk down to me), and Jill from the cashiers office has extorted students, making students pay more than the original bill for their classes (Jill’s supervisor Christine, is also a part of the extortion, there are eye witnesses who can account for this). Additionally, Jill and Christine has sent multiple students to collections (even after an agreement was made to pay the bill), and has utilized law enforcement saying they can do whatever they want. I highly encourage the president of PPCC to address this (who I’ve also personally worked side by side with many years ago). This is a small town, and this community college already has a bad reputation floating around. Most of what’s being done at this campus is illegal and I highly encourage the students who have experienced the concerns addressed above, to seek legal counsel. You all deserve your money back. Fight for your rights and don’t settle for anything less! To anyone thinking about attending this school, run.

Kenny Bennett

Joan Isaac

My Daddy

ABSOLUTLY DISGUSTING... The "professors" are NOT there to help, and will lie and threaten you to your face!!!!! I am not joking at all. Avoid this place at all cost. They do not give a damn about you, just the money...


There are both pros and cons to Pikes Peak Community College. PROS: Low cost per credit hour, Close to local military bases, Some great instructors, Well intentioned Oasis staff, Campus security does their best to provide assistance when needed, Tries to be military friendly. CONS: Witnessed unprofessional behavior & condescending communication from instructors to students/ Posted tutoring & assistance hours are not kept / Students with disabilities may have a hard time (Oasis) understaffed, effectually powerless at providing any support/assistance/referral for equal access, President Bolton is dismissive, uninterested and slow to respond to the barriers faced by ADA students/Library is currently under construction; hopefully upon completion it will include actual books and reference materials needed at the college level/ Military and Veterans may have difficulty with staff that is poorly trained on programs and protocols necessary for verification and payments/While beautification of the campus is nice, function & ADA access should be considered a priority. As with all of life’s endeavors being prepared and aware of potential obstacles is the first step to a successful outcome.

Katelyn Brown

good god this school. Everyone's running around like a chicken with their head cut off and are usually rude. I've had my share of experiences with community colleges as well as established Universities. This school by far makes things the most complicated, are the most unorganized, and requires the most amounts of hoops to jump trough. I got what I needed out of them, but not with out so, so, many head aches along the way. However, if professor Jobe is still around in the English department, make sure get a class with him! He's the man!


The school is good. Teachers are good with exception of a few. The library (at the rampart campus) is abismal though. I might have more books in my house than they do in that library, most of the booka they do have are completely useless to actual education. The main problem, is the Librarians!! Hands down, the most inconsiderate people on campus. They talk to each other nonstop, and LOUDLY. Couple that with the fact that the library is quite small, and you end up with their conversations in your ear while your trying to learn. Every.Single.Time. Every time. I hope someone in the cccs system sees this and fixes it. It is honestly a huge problem.


I've applied to many schools and have attended many universities due to military transitions and, as a spouse, I couldn't be happier with this college. The professors are easily accessed, especially for taking online courses, my advisor was very helpful and honest about coursework and class loads, and Rebecca at the bookstore has been nothing but professional and helpful over the phone. My courses are extremely organized and easy to follow. It takes a little organization to keep track of assignments, but doable if you are paying attention. If you are starting out or continuing your education, I highly recommend PPCC.

June Rene Lee

This is by far the worst experience I've had dealing with a college. I am from Texas and had previously taken courses at a private institution. The class prices they have are just about the same as the prices in Texas. That's not my issue though. I applied for summer classes in late March, so about two and a half months before classes started. Along with applying for classes I did finianical aid and waited about a month for everything to go through. I had a FASFA verification interview in late May, in which they told me that I would owe around $75 after all of my aid was applied. Never once was anything changed in my student account, no military discount, no COF fund, no finianical aid applied. Confused, I went up there right after classes ended in which they told me they never applied anything so they wrote it on a piece of paper and I paid the $75 I owed. It is now September and they are telling me that I owe the full amount because my Pell grant was depleted and does not cover the classes. That is fine if the grant doesn't cover it, and I understand that as I took classes in Texas. It is not understandable, however, that it took the college 6 months for them to tell me this. If they would have told me the 2 months prior to taking the classes that the grant did not cover the $1,450 for the two classes I was planning on taking, I would have NEVER taken the classes. This school is extremely unprofessional and I do NOT recommend going here. I am very dissatisfied with their services.


Administration seeks to bite the head off of every student and teachers don't know the material they're supposed to be teaching. One teacher, during the first day of the semester, made crude jokes about how the class should "kill themselves" if they used a Mac computer. He made this "joke" 4 different times throughout the 1st class. This place is a circus.

Angela Sallee

Be wary of this institution as they will mess up your credit if you are not extremely prudent! My husband became ineligible for aid in the middle of his spring semester due to completing too many credits at the lower institution, and PPCC never notified us that it impacted his bill for the current semester or that he now had a balance on the account. We were operating under the belief that all of our accounts were paid and had no balance as always until we got a letter from a debt collector today notifying us of a bill we were unaware of from PPCC. We have gotten plenty of emails from the institution in the past six months but none about a balance and no other forms of communication showing a balance either. We have always been very careful about our credit, and now because of PPCC my husband has a bad mark. Pretty shameful thing for an institution existing for the economic betterment of its clients.

Jesse Haynes

So far I have been disrespected by staff at every level of authority. The teachers have lied to me and the financial aid department has made personal errors that have kept me waiting for grants and loans for weeks after they should have dispersed to me. Higher one is a joke and a scam as well.


Terrible financial aid department policy, but otherwise solid school. Ill get the bad off of my chest first, i applied for FA but i needed verification, so i supplied it next day. 3 weeks later they ping me saying they need 1 more document. I bring it the next day... though they say that they process verification based on the date the last document is received, so because they messed up and didnt ask for the document for 3 weeks, i am now pushed to the end of the line again. A WEEK LATER the request yet another document, which i supply same day and am pushed to the end of the processing line again. I am told by the finaid personell that there is no supervisor or anyone who can make an exception to bump me back up to my original place in line and i just have to wait longer. Its been nearly a month since i submitted all documentation i was originally asked for and it has still not been reviewed. This is ridiculous. Other than that, this is a really great school, with really great teachers, and dont get me wrong, the staff was pretty great too, its just the policy of getting kicked to the end of the line every time THEY request an additional document that is garbage. That being said, (and this goes for any college) you almost always get a better education from in class professors than online. Just because of the medium, it is easier and more intuitive to learn in a classroom where a teacher can see when you are struggling and adjust to your learning style. BUT! If you do take an online class, try to get a PPO Online class NOT a CCCOnline class. Just my personal experience, but i had a LOT of extra busywork that was all automatically graded so there was very little teacher input, the class really could have been taught by a computer.

Samantha Reilly (10-18)

Coming with a 4.0 and 45 credits from a community college in Minnesota, I enrolled in 2 classes here. I work full time and have 2 young children. At the beginning of the semester, I told my professor that I would be late to 2 classes due to a monthly meeting I had at work. She told me to drop the class. My other professor refused to work with my learning disability for tests and quizzes so I had to drop that class too. When I spoke with financial aid they said it wouldn't be a problem and I wouldn't be charged, then I got a collections notice in the mail 2 months later for the semesters worth of tuition. I've never been late on a payment for anything in my life and now my credit score dropped over 100 points. The attitude that I got from the higher ups while trying to work this out is that they couldn't care less about me, my grades, my life, my hopes for a degree, nothing. This is a Community College. They can be as awful as they want and people will still go here because it's cheap and they have no other options. I cannot say that I have spoken with a single helpful person since enrolling here.

Yelizaveta Polishchuk

Got a littlering ticket for leaving my bicycle at the campus. Always always harrasing campus police. When you ask where to complain about their behaviour you are told that the college has nothing to do with them, and they are state police. It is always the old dudes with white hair that are out of shape and look unfit. Like they can't do a mile run at all. Not without a doctor's supervision. The adminisrtation is dismissive and expect you to do everything on line. Thats would be fantastic but the college has to stop wasting money on their salaries and spaces for the office. The trio tutoring services get funds and get payed but they do absolutely nothing but waste your time to check your name on their list just to get paid. In the entire semester i kept asking for a calc tutor everytime I would show up to ask about it they would have me fill out more papers. Once again. Waste of funds and it is extremely stigmatizing way to waste time. They have a separate office complex and when I or at least 2 other students I witnessed including a veteran the staff memvers always innitially try to turn them away and send them to wrong offices. You really got to know the registering process to even register, but even when you register they do nothing. More than half my teacher did not respect my accommodation letters even though they were so hard to get. The student crisis center is total trash. They are there only to deal with removing crying kids from campus. I asked for housing help they just gave me a paper with phone numbers for senior living housing and the shelter then threw me out of the office before I was even done calling 1 place. That and she told me to call section 8 which notoriously just throws people off the list after waiting for a year. But they did make sure to use condescending and stigmatizing language. Another worthless froup of people getting money from the school and office space and produce no results.

Brittney Lucero c.n.a.

The teachers have varying personalities, as do all schools. Humans are unique. The campus (both centennial and rampart range) are clean with amenities like a library, gym, and "food area." Not healthy food, but snacks. Admissions, testing, and financial aid are decent to great. Again, there is always a mix of personalities. Classes can be easy or challenging, depends on the professor. Ask around all you'll find out who to sign up for. Do you want a challenge, or do you need an easy A? You can inquire and choose. Overall, it's great for the money. My only other experience is DeVry. My review can not possibly go beyond my own life experiences .


Gone to three community colleges and this is by far the worst. Their Financial Aid Office takes MONTHS to process a single page. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Artillery Man

I attended this school back in 2011-2012 don't trust what they say about it, people all around Colorado Springs will tell you how "wonderful" this school is in Automotive Mechanics, DON'T trust them, the classes are in the ghetto, the people are from the ghetto, one guy does all the work on the car while the others watch him. What's even more stupid is that they won't let you use the cars that were already torn down to work on, just because your school is by a Military base does not mean it's military friendly, oh and one guy wanted to fight me, I figured I'd tell no one about it as those ghetto types love defending themselves and get their ghetto friends around you.


Sam V


This school claims to be veteran friendly yet it places a hold on my account due to non payment, even though I have the G.I bill covering that. Additionally, I wasted nearly 15 minutes of my time trying to call the school and had my call cut short due to a "system error."

Dominique Jones

I loved my classes, I finished the semesters with good grades and passed my finals. The only thing I don't like is the financial aid administration office. I tend to apply for the aid a year early before the class I applied starts. I hear from the financial aid just weeks or days before school either stating I am approved or there are errors I need to fix. It irritates me because I'm the type of person who gets things done early. I would fix the errors they last minute informed me to do so, and still don't hear from them another couple of weeks which causes me to not receive the books I need for class. I had to do my first test without them or attend to a public library to borrow it for a couple of hours and return it back. I tend to do my tests online at home, and not being able to bring the books home from the library was even more worst. It's ridiculous! I honestly was just about to make the decision to drop out only because I had the feeling that I was going to go through school without the books I really needed.

Mark James

I only attended one class there for one semester, but it seemed ok. The campus is nice and clean.

School Account

Meh, the administrative staff is very rude and they always act like you are wasting their time when you need help. They have told me before that it was not their job to answer questions like "why is there a hold on my account" or "what date is the enrollment deadline". Academic advising is a disaster cause those people flat out don't care about you and make it very clear when you go to them for their help. They never even pick up the phone when you call. Every time I have tried to call the college I cannot reach a person so I end up driving down there instead so I can actually have my questions answered. All in all the college wants you to think that they care about their students when really they couldn't care less about their students.

Megan Allen

The advising staff is a joke.... Which makes me sad to say. This is the only college I've gone to, I've attended for 3 years now. I love the school in general though.

Brandon Rice

PPCC charged me for a semester I never attended. I did not get a bill for a full year and even then it went to my parents house in Texas. I sent in a tuition appeal and six weeks later I received a rude, unprofessional letter from the school claiming I didn't fill out the form correctly, and that I was untruthful in my appeal. It very rudely stated in the end that their decision was final. I wouldn't suggest attending this school to anyone. It's subpar education and an unprofessional staff.

Leslie Radford

I applied for financial aid last year. I found out my old loans were in default from my last school... I took care of everything and had everything turned in to financial aid by Oct 28th. I talked to a supervisor in financial aid multiple times she said I was good to enroll in Feb finally (not sure why it took so long to process papers turned in in October). I was layer dropped from this class in Feb for non payment.... this is just one of many issues but financial aid was horrible. Communication and training and quality of customer service horrible (usually) I was finally awarded I have been accepted as a student at ppcc for a year they are charging me out of state tuition and my grant wont cover the cost of my class after months of dealing with financial aid. I might look in to a different school after all of this and my meeting with the financial aid director Ron last week.

Saundra A


I am a straight A student with a 3.9 GPA. I am in my final semester @ PPCC. I wanted to give people a perspective as far as what I have gone through with this money mill. I signed up for an internship for the Independent newspaper for the Fall semester and paid almost 400$. My internship fell through as the art director left the Independent and she was in charge of my internship. I provided the email she gave to me stating the internship wasn't going to happen. PPCC has denied my appeal, and said the "decision is final" . Apparently, they can steal money for internships you don't take and they feel this is legal. Two years ago I took a computer class and I snapped my distal bicep tendon. I was unable to use my right arm to drive or type on my computer. I was in an HTML class and this requires typing tons of code. I only had one hand so this made it almost impossible. I filed an appeal back then, and the exact same thing happened. I have had to call the BBB twice, and this is the 3rd time I will be calling them to try to get my money back. This is a great example for you get for what you pay for. They boast about "Student Success" on their billboards, but they don't tell you about how they try to charge you for classes or internships you sign up for and when emergencies happen AFTER drop dates, it's like pulling teeth trying to get things corrected. See you on the BBB PPCC!

Jesus Vera

(PPCC Online) The worst experience I've ever had. They basically turn you loose with a textbook and tell you make an A. classes offer little direction or instruction other than turn this in by this date. When you go for help it's unavailable. I've driven up to campus twice only to be told labs or tutoring wouldn't open that day even though their published hours showed them opening. I'm probably going to fail a class for the first time because of their lack of resources, availability and instruction. Don't waste your time or money with this place. One more thing, buy a binder if you get a textbook from here. I spent $200+ on a textbook only to have papers fall out after taking off the shrink wrap. Terrible place.

Scuba Steve

This school should be investigated.Pointless courses that have nothing to do with a 2 year program are considered mandatory so PPCC can gouge the student for more money. I would rather have the dean of students put a gun to my back.

Vicky Records

Its really a shame that this is the only community college in the springs. The staff is useless and rude.

Hector Krieger

adam ca

Henny P


Deven Merriman

Really sick of missing class because of the lack of Handicap parking at the Centennial location. If you’re class isn’t bright and early, or you don’t give yourself at least 30-60 minutes to wait around for parking you won’t probably won’t find handicap parking just open and available; so you’ll be forced to walk it out if you can or miss class. For a college that hosts thousands of students on a daily regiment you’d think they’d have more than 30-40 handicap parking spots to the 1000+ of regular spots they have. No handicap student should be forced to miss class, park so far away that they can possibly hurt themselves walking into class. Unacceptable and unfair on so many levels to those of us with a disability.

Aleena Crockett

The teachers and staff are what make the college so great. I'm on my fourth semester and have yet to have a bad teacher. The key is getting involved!

Kassandra Rodriguez

Alicia A

They treat veterans like trash; PPCC staff members are disrespectful, hostile, and give no recognition for our significant education and training. I am very disappointed in this school that was supposably "military friendly". I am very aware that many military credits do not transfer well. However, the complete lack of an attempt to even look at my transcript is appalling. My personal private information was "lost" three times by staff members, and no credit for my prior learning was granted. I'm not the only Veteran in this predicament - each time I go to the office there are piles of veterans transcripts that are being discarded and ignored. The explanation given to me by the staff member is that no one is "in charge of it" and "there are just too many" to go through. I am very disappointed with the colleges treatment of myself, and veterans like me, who have worked hard to get where we are, only to be treated shamefully.

Kyle D

Graduated with my Associate of arts degree in Dec 2012. Sure the office people are indifferent and act like you're wasting their time. Also, the financial aid office is very strict and loves giving you nasty grams but it sure beats anywhere like college america or any other predatory for profit colleges. I transferred to UCCS soon after and I'm about to graduate with a bachelors degree.

ع Alshaikhli

Any one knows when the website will return?

Cj Mays

Terrible college!

Zahraa A.j

Kaelyn Graeser

Omae wa mou Shinderu

The "helpdesk" for Veterans at centennial was very short with me when I needed assistance with my GI Bill funding. She did not answer my questions but only told me that she "could not help me at this time" because she had other people in line in front of her. Disappointed seeing as they pride themselves in helping vets get into classes.

Shawnetta Cluck

Veterans Beware! Not as friendly as they seem to be! They not only applied non va loan to my husbands account (saying the state required it) they also didn't allow my husband to appeal it after they told him they could. We have been making slow steady payments (although minimal) to the debt and now they garnished our tax return without one notification. I'm pretty sure that is illegal. Guarantee I'll be finding out

Jerimie Lee

Ashlee Cabrera

Real Facts 2019

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND KNOWLEDGE AT PPCC. They teach us to take responsibility for OUR actions and choices but refuse to take responsibility for the mistakes on the behalf of their advisors. The dean of Math and English Jacquelyn Gaiters-Jordan is a hypocrite. Jacquelyn Gaiters-Jordan said when she was hired that it is her "hope for all students to receive quality instruction, dignity and respect and are given the best opportunity to thrive in EVERY class they take." I filed an academic concern bc my advisor improperly scheduled my classes and it had a domino affect on my other classes and I was unable to drop the class, due to 2 classes being paired together and they both started and ended at seperate times. Jacquelyn denied my request bc i was not in the hospital and no one died. She neglected to take into consideration the fact that my ADVISOR a "professional" they hired scheduled my classes improperly and set me up for failure and not success. So I thought that I had found a great college until my second semester. This school is a joke the advisors do not schedule your classes properly. My major is Accounting. My advisor scheduled my classes in the wrong order and i ended up failing 3 classes bc of this I was scheduled for Acct Principles 1&2 and I was scheduled for 2 other math classes that were mandatorily paired but i should've taken these 2 math classes before Acct Principles 1&2 which is a very difficult class and to top it off the 2 other math classes that i should've taken before Acct Principles 1&2 started late after i started the Acct Principles 1&2. I ended up failing all 3 classes and dropped the Acct Principles 1&2 and i went to drop the other 2 math classes so that they would not hurt my GPA since they started late i had until the 4th of December but bc they were paired i was unable to drop them. I explained all of this in my email to the dean of Math and English Jacquelyn Gaiters-Jordan and she denied me. Clearly anyone with a brain would've seen the SCHOOLS error and taken RESPONSIBILITY for THEIR mistakes so that I the student could have the best opportunity for success. Today there are millions of other options do not go to PPCC.

Sheila M. Presley

Great institution for fair cost. Has a lot of transferable degrees around state.

Shannon Coleman

The Administration department has been the worse experience! People are going there to start to college, we are excited, nervous, and feel lost! We all don't know everything we need and the faculty there IS NOT helpful at all and RUDE! I made a mistake on my application and was told to do 3 different things, which I have done and I'm still getting the run around and making me feel like I am an inconvenience! I am very disappointed with Pike Peak Community College!

Watson and Daughter

The worst school experience I've ever had. They claim that they want to help people get back on track and back to school, but make re-registering and trying to get back on track an absolute nightmare. Literally everything that could go wrong with me registering for just ONE class, mind you, has gone wrong. I have had to chase people down and demand answers from at least every department in the school, have been run in circles, and have been talked down to and dismissed throughout the entire process. It's honestly like they DON'T want you to come back and are doing everything they can to prevent it. The advisers are lazy and incompetent, the teachers ignore allowances for disabilities, and the student government is downright abusive and discriminatory. This is the worst place I've ever been, and I wish I could take the class I need literally anywhere else. Ridiculous.

Bunny Sevex

Went to ppcc and gained my associates, but they made the process incredibly difficult. As mentioned in comments below they act like a rude for-profit business, just trying their best to scam you into staying longer and paying more. The staff was rude and the majority of the students were too. Overall the expierence made me hate the very thought of moving forward with my education. I truly advise you to just find another school. If your serious about education, ppcc is not for you and will be a waste of your student loans.

Paul Berwick

Scott Henderson

I don't know what all the complaints are about I've been taking classes since summer 2014 and aside from one teacher (college algebra) who also taught at CCCS, CTU, and DeVry and was spread so thin I don't think she was of much use to any of her students I've had nothing but a positive experience. Psych, A&P, Bio... all great teachers. The staff that I've come into contact with have always treated me with respect and I've always gotten my questions answered by either the faculty advisers or the personnel in the VA office. The only bad thing I can say is that I've requested transcripts from other colleges I've attended but they've never shown up; not sure if PPCC is to blame with that though. For anyone who is thinking about enrolling the only thing I'll tell you is to go on rate my professor dot com first; maybe that's why I always get the good teachers and others end up complaining.

Dakota York

kelli shunt

Don't waste your time and money, that's all PPCC will do. If you care about your education at all, then you already care more than the entire staff combined. Instructors are apathetic and surprisingly ignorant of the subjects they are teaching. Even the history classes are out of date. Course offerings are so limited that it is nearly impossible to complete a program in 2 years. Good luck if you were hoping for night or online classes. This is not a place for learning.


It would be wonderful if all of your dumbass staff would be on the same page.

Adrian Dominguez

Good teachers.

Amanda Clements

I've been to a few different colleges and I have to say that the Financial Aid, and the VA office are the most helpful I've ever seen and always expedite issues that are hindering you from paying for your courses. The VA always takes the extra time to make sure my questions are answered even if they are busy. The financial aid dept is great. I've never seen a dept. that is so easy to contact by phone to work out your issues or answer questions so that you don't need to come in. With 4 children I really appreciate that aspect. The employees in the bookstore are always extremely eager to help you find anything you need and the advisers are very helpful in setting you up for success so that you don't waste your time in the wrong courses (you need to make sure you see one who specializes in the type of degree you are seeking). No matter where you go you will have professors that you don't mesh well with. Some are excellent and some aren't, so before you register you need to ask other students or research what teacher you would like to use to match your strengths and weaknesses in a classroom setting. I've been there for 3 years and have only had a couple of professors that I didn't mesh well with which is a great ratio. The math and science dept. is exceptional. They make sure that you are given credit for courses taken at other colleges if you should be. Sometimes you won't be initially, but if you appeal to them and they look further into the curriculum at your old school they will be sure to allow you to be correctly placed in courses you have the potential of passing.

Andy Armijo

Some decent teachers, but this school is not for anyone who has lead a troubled life. They will take advantage of you and leave you hanging. Take a look at the rating this school has and think very hard before you consider attending. Most of the time, I'd agree with any people skeptical of low ratings, saying, "well you only have something to say if it was really bad." I have proven myself wrong. This school is discriminatory, shady to the fullest extent, reprehensible, and negligent. My recent issues with them have shown me they will attempt to place all the blame on the student and straight out lie about the things they have done to "help you resolve any problems."Unsympathetic, untrustworthy, and deceitful are the best words for this school. It's a shame they have some really amazing and fun teachers (as well as some incredibly horrible ones), but they do not deserve your business.Please take my word on this.

Mudu Ez

Im a new student. This morning I was in the Student service center (enrolment service area) at the Centennial campus , a representative girl was very rude, giving me her bad attitude when I was asking questions about student loans. Plus alll computers for the students not working, were down. My impression and thinking about this college totally changed.

Fortress Of Solitude

So to start this review you have to understand what a PPCC is. By this I mean, you have to understand the purpose/mission of the school. I will upload a picture of the stats of graduation, retention, and transfer with this review. These numbers came directly from the FAFSA website. You can go to their website and view them yourself if you please. I would also like to say ppcc should be ashamed of the stats. If you are determined to get through school, if you have a full vision of where you are going, and are using this school as a stepping stone to get your prerequisites out of the way for a lower-cost with a guaranteed transfer you can use it right. The school administration does not actually does not have the growth of the student in mind. This is evident of the stats I am going to upload under my pictures. There is no concern for the student other than someone to give them money, bottom line. A prime example of this is also apparent if you have credits that are over 10 years old. They do not count towards a degree being theyvare so old, but they do still affect your GPA good or bad. So if you took classes directly out of high school and did not do well because you had no direction in life, these classes will come back to haunt you even though you can't use them for anything. PPCC does have some really good instructors though. The point is if you know what you're degree path is and have the determination to stick it out go here for cheaper tuition. If you are wondering what you should do, don't go here. They will just take your money and leave you with nothing to show for it. Oh yeah, one last thing. Be careful with their math dept. They have 2 pre-algebra classes, both do not count for college credit. The math department at this school is the worst i have encountered, I have no words to describe how poor their math department is. Trying to get help at the tutoring center can be an absolute pain as well. The math tutors in the learning Commons are students and a lot of times are more preoccupied in their own conversations then to be concerned about your silly little math problem. Unless they want to Goof Off with you cuz you're a friend to them. The whole thing is a joke. If you go here get your prereqs knocked out and get out.

Monica Marquez

Kay Liggett

Online program at PPCC is poorly organized and difficult to use, in spite of higher fees than campus classes. Some of the confusion comes from the poor quality of the PPCC website, which defies both internet conventions and common sense. Pure bureaucrap. The bookstore is completely out of touch with the needs of the online student. We have waited several months for a refund for items that were never shipped. The bookstore forged a proof of delivery in order to keep the charge on my credit card.

Frank Bunny

Nic Bell

Beware the Radio and Television courses under MATT . Very crass and presumptive he is TRUELY discriminative to anyone over 30 years old and will encourage you to leave his class !!BASED ON AGE!!, either that or he dislikes combat veterans with service connected health problems. Wastes the classes time with long winded speeches about his son. Stop talking about your kids and get through the class material for everyone's benefit no one wants to pay someone to talk about their children. Had my fill of MATT under the Radio and Television when he arrived in class sniffing frequently and VERY animated. Been around too many those people to know they are impossible to work with/for. NOTICE TO POTENTIAL STUDENTS : they will give brief and rare exceptions to the people who actually have acquired a career from this PPCC program. MATT is a car salesman.

Sean Ban

Jennifer Wiemers

This school has the most incompetent staff; teachers and administrators. I DO NOT recommend this school to anyone. You are better off teaching yourself, because that’s what you pretty much have to do anyway. These teachers are unorganized; mismatch due dates on assignments, Unprofessional and don’t teach the material they are supposed to. Awful school!

Phyre Girl

Sa’Leena’s World!

The experience was plan out horrible. I enrolled in classes for summer and fall. I'm kind of ashamed to say I gave them two chances, but they failed. I called advising left voicemails 2 weeks. So I decided to email them for a whole week. Still no call. Once I finally received an email back it stated can someone please help her. Made me feel like I was being bothersome because I needed assistance. I was so excited to attend, but they ruined it. Once I made it in to speak to an advisor he refused to say my name, literally he refused to say my name (EBONY). The two people before me got called by there issued name. Why couldn't I? His approach to me was hey you need an advisor. I said yes I'm waiting in an advisor to call my name and let me know there ready. He just stood there so I asked If he were an advisor. Yes! I said well hello my name is Ebony how are you? I asked why my name wasn't called. He replied with, you need help right? I blew it off to keep my sanity. He was so unprofessional so I just told him to drop all of my classes. I'm tired of coming across unpleasant staff. This school needs to teach a course on respect and make it mandatory for all staff.

J. Torres

Sadly they only care about money. I'm definitely thinking about transferring somewhere else.

TanyaR Sandoval

chylene Palmer

the only issue i have run into is my FA stuff ive been trying to get my award letter for almost 3 Months now so i can get my books! I just had a baby and want to get ready to start school but they seem to be dragging there feet and when i call they do not have any answers for me! :( but so far that sbeen the only problem

Marcello Bachechi

What is the point of having a phone system if you can never get a hold of someone? Every time I call into the college I sit on hold for 30 minutes or more before I finally just hang up. What is the point of having a phone system if no one is ever able to talk to anyone? If you ever want to ask a question of the staff save your time and just drive to one of the campuses. Maybe then they will talk to you.

Katrina Miller

I had an awful experience with this school. I've had lousy teachers almost every semester. I've complained to the board about a few teachers and they wrote off all my concerns. The financial aid department is pitiful.They do not try to help students in anyway. I was looking for a more caring experience; One where financial aid would HELP assist me in choosing how to pay for college. The financial aid lady just said "I do not know what to tell you" when I told her I didn't qualify for assistance from the government. She did not even suggest a loan. Then when I finally suggested perhaps taking out a loan she said "yeah do that." Nothing else. As a matter a fact-this is a perfect exampled of all the support staff departments at PPCC. This includes financial aid, advising, the book store and student support. I almost never got my questions answered, and it was very clear they did not care about their service either. I now understand why it is one of the lowest ranked community colleges in Colorado. HORRIBLE SCHOOL.

Deanna Breen

I've never had any significant issues with the school or any of the services there. My FAFSA was always processed without problems and I've only had one minor issue my Post 9/11 GI Bill (someone forgot to send my online courses to the VA for them to get paid but was fixed almost immediately after it was brought to their attention). I gave 4 stars because there aren't many options for times for some of the classes.

Jenn Brown

This review is in regards to the nursing department at PPCC at Rampart Range. There is a instructor/clinical instructor that should not be teaching here. This instructor, Cassie, is a bully that picks on students for the sake of it. She told a student that they will "never be a nurse" in casual conversation during class. She told another student that they would probably not pass the clinical when the 2nd day of a rotation. A student went to the head of nursing and brought up these concerns. Nothing got resolved and this instructor later got promoted to a lab teaching position. The nursing department at this school doesn't take concerns of students seriously and promotes an atmosphere of bullying.

Mackenzie Jones

Teachers are condescending, and they don't help even when you go to them for assistance. The office people don't offer help or options when things get rough, and it's ridiculously expensive for a community college.

Braden Yingling

I'm surprised to see all of the negative reviews. I had the best experience at this college, and I have a lot to compare it to. (5 colleges to be exact) I only encountered 1 unprofessional employee, but he looked super young so maybe he's just a "millennial." Anyways, I encountered people in advising, financial aid, and VA affairs. Everyone was knowledgeable, eager to help, and kind. Professors were all kind, understanding, and encouraging. I felt like everyone there wanted me to succeed. I wish I didn't have to transfer schools. It was the perfect environment. As for all of the negative reviews. I'd say take a chance for yourself, and be sure to never stop seeking help. They have so many resources at this college. If at first you don't find help then I suggest seeking out the employee over that one.

Corey Engdahl

It could be a lot better. Four weeks in I find I'm teaching myself most of the material. I have only one professor really putting forth the effort. Everything seems geared at taking money. The professors are all part time so they don't want to put forth the effort, so the tests and homework are all online that you'll have to pay extra for if you were prudent enough to buy the books used. On the math placement test, you can't get two wrong or else you'll take a math that is completely useless. It gets the job done but if you have other options, I'd take them.

Fawn K Hess

A student's education is everything to them and it doesn't come cheaply. Spring 2018 is my last semester at PPCC. This isn't my first community college I have been to, but the worst of the 3. I am a 40 year old student. I am the wife of a combat disabled veteran and a mom to a child with disabilities. My biggest issue with PPCC is how the classes are taught. PPCC pushes writing papers so much meaning 3+ papers per class and now 99% of ALL classes are making students write papers. Instructors have are more worried about students writing papers that they forget to teach the subject matter. Not all students are good are writing papers nor are all students in Colorado Springs area. A lot of the students are deployed to combat zones and don't have the best internet to write papers and research materials. I understand writing papers in Lit or Comp classes and maybe one in a history class, but when all students do is write papers I will not recommend this college. I had a 3.2 GPA before attending PPCC and now I have a 2.6 GPA. I am not a writer, but a student who is trying to get an education to provide for my family. 90% of the instructors I have had in classes teach beyond a community college level and make students feel like they want them to fail instead of succeed. Get way from the writing 4+ papers per class and start teaching the subject matters.

Violet Conner

Good value

Jeanette Fox

Greg Frey

Administration staff is rude. I don't think I've had a positive encounter with any staff besides instructors. Constant problems with the school and the VA playing nice. Staff treats GI Bill users like welfare recipients. School uses Pearson, so all books are expensive and of course you'll have to pay extra for the "online parts". Terrible experience so far, pretty unimpressed.

Heather Hudson

I have had no problems with the school up until recently. I ordered books for my current classes through the book store as I usually do, then i get a call from the centinnal campus and I answered it and once the person who was calling me realized that someone had picked up on the other end which was me they hung up. then i actually have to drive all the way down to the centinnal campus to cancel a book that costed over 200 dollars and i went down there and the book was ready to be picked up. and it had been like a month or so that the book had been waiting to be picked up by me and i had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that it was ready to be picked up. After that had happened I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to order books through the PPCC bookstore unless i ABSOLUTELY can not find the textbook that I need for a class. And the fees that you have to pay for are absolutely stupid and it seems like all of the classes i have taken i think three of the professers of classes i took actual cared and wanted to see the student be successful other then that the professors just seem money hungry same with some of the people in the advising at centinnal and the rampart range campus are rude some are not helpful at all..

Sky Olson

Just go somewhere else

Anonymous Grain Of Sand

I have been attending PPCC for almost 4 years, received two certifications and I am finishing pre-reqs for the nursing program. I have nothing but good things to say about the staff and the facility. Some of the teachers are a little bit difficult but, in the end, it works because students learn the material in and out. The only down side is during the winter the school remains open 99% of the time, for people who live far from the school this travel is a bit difficult but most staff work well with student needs and it is unlikely to effect grades if a day is missed due to weather conditions. Great school!

Tina Koen

College is what you make it. I have been doing my associates at PPCC Rampart Range and feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn. The teachers are great and I are continually challenged by the work. You will get out what you put in.

Kailee Starr

Love the school. There are amazing teachers who work here that are understanding and supportive.

Marcus Moore

Great school

ray gille

Every semester my financial aide is completely screwed up. I love my instructors but the office staff is a joke. If you decide to attend this college be prepared to have to make A LOT of phone calls

kevin hallahan

Stay away... Especially if your a veteran. They act like they are helping you sign up for classes when in fact they sign you up for classes that the va doesn’t cover. You’ll end up in massive debt.

Lexie Babas

Worst experience I have EVER had with college. They take advantage of people and its the biggest waste of time and money I have ever gone through. I wouldn't recommend this college to ANYONE, not even my worst enemy. The ONLY reason I am giving it one star aside from the fact that it won't let me post this without giving at least one, is because the teachers, well...some of them, at least remotely give a crap about their students and do their best to teach you.

Amanda Brewer

Made me wait in the freezing cold for a tour and 10 other people ... nobody ever came to the door.

Luke Richardson

Great place to get your Associate’s!

Matheus Santos

It was the worst experience of my educational career. Online classes are the price of a University. They are well aware that most active duty military personnel rely on online classes for the flexibility they offer, and they capitalize on that by overcharging.

sylvia malone

It's a larger campus then it appears to be when you're just driving by there are 2 buildings Aspen and Breckenridge, Aspen is the building in the front when you are coming in off Academy. It has all the administrative stuff, library, cafeteria, financial aid, student center etc but also the theater, and bookstore. Child center and Breckenridge building are in the back parking can be a bit of a drag depending on when you have your classes so plan ahead for that. Over all it's a clean campus the staff is ok I'm sure they do their best meeting the demands of all the students. The library is really big and has plenty of seating plenty of study rooms, computers, printers, even a bunch of charging docks for phones and tablets.

Jennifer Garcia

This school is a joke. They have been helping me with fafsa since 2017 and never had helped me complete it. They have set me up to fail, they hand you a paper and sush you away. Careless about what’s best for the student

Randi Davis

I have attended PPCC three times in 22 years, and every time was a great experience. There are some teachers and administrative staff that are better than others, but that can be expected at every school.

Remington Smith

HORRIBLE advisors. Departments give you the run around when you want to have a problem resolved. Do not offer many class time options. Cancel classes constantly without notification to the enrolled students. Subsequently messing with people's financial aid benefits. Teachers are extremely hit and miss. Most of the teachers are terrible and can not teach addition to a 6th grader. There are a few good teachers that take their jobs seriously and strive to teach students.

Dean Meruk

I'm very surprised to see all the negative comments on here. PPCC is an awesome institution. Instructors are very professional in classrooms and the staff are eager to help students. Best college in CO if I may say so myself.

Billy M

I would avoid Pikes Peak Community College. Even though it is a federally funded public institution of higher learner. Their main goal is to operate as if they are a for profit business. I enrolled in the Springs of 2016, was awarded various grants and took out a few loans to help fund my time there. My tuition was paid for (in terms of not being on a payment plan with the school itself) and my books were paid for. I was awarded my refund, all that was left over of my grants and loans, proving that PPCC obtained their money for their services. During the middle of the semester my father was hospitalized with a stroke. He was admitted to what they referred to as “boot camp” for recent stroke victims. This entailed him staying in Memorial for almost 2 months while going through various therapies (physical, speech, etc). As his only son, I was tasked with helping my father setup his temporary disability through his work place. I had to run various errands for him and was constantly ensuring that he had comforts during his stay in Memorial. Due to this I was falling behind in my courses because I decided that my father’s well being outweighed classes that, I thought I could take in the future. I made a conscientious decision to withdrawal from my classes in order to salvage my grade point average. Fast forward to around the end of February of 2017. I received a letter from PPCC stating that I owed them around $1300. This of course is what they estimated that I owed them due to the fact that PPCC had to pay back the State of Colorado. Keep in mind that PPCC had received their money for their services for the fall semester. The wording of this letter was very clear and concise, that if I did not pay what they felt owed to. That my transcript and Certificate would be held as collateral. To me I felt that PPCC cares more about profits then the actual students. If they cared they wouldn’t try to extort money in which they owe the state from their current or past students. Most of the teaching staff are adjunct and are paid next to nothing. The centennial building (main) is constantly under construction and the library is never available to its students. If you know that nothing will come up during your time here, then by all means go to this school. Else, I would advise you to not gamble with this establishment.

Persephone Lazos

Two people in this bookstore seem to know what they are doing. The rest of the staff is somewhat clueless and they do not seem to care about their job, at all(just my opinion).

Ian Mason

I had been considering this school because the ones near me had embarrassing reviews but these are significantly worse. Literally a students worse nightmare, admitted by too many to look over. I need a good school so I don't end up like one of these teachers at this school. Take your students more seriously, I would be embarrassed to take anyone here seriously.

Dean Fuhriman

Decent college for what it is. They work with you to get you on the right schedule for perfect life balance

Gwyn Tomlin

The math department is awful. The English classes were a waste of time.

Lani Crook


This is a review for the Rampart location. This place is such a joke. The " Academic advisors " are ridiculously un-qualified. They do not have a clue on the requirements for classes. I have been dealing with them for 2 months now. Have been in testing 2 weekends in a row now. The first time, they said I had to test, got there, and they said that I did not need to do the test. JUST to find out that I needed to do the testing. Ok, so I went back a second time and passed with flying colors. Their " computers were down " so I couldn't register, told to come back Monday. Went in today to be told that I didn't pass!!! Went above their heads, and was cleared for registration, and to find out that I had indeed passed. So now I am registered. Not sure where the " Academic advisors " went to school, but they need to go back, and retest for their job!!!

jack marrtin

Saul A.

Danielle White

Dakota Kneedler

I have had a very difficult time dealing with PPCC. The staff is very mixed in the answers to their own policies and procedures. The professors are unprofessional and unwilling to help in certain cases and it has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. From start to finish, this school has been very tough to deal with. Starting out at PPCC I was coming from UCCS where I had in-state tuition. Once registering for classes at PPCC I noticed I was being charged for out of state tuition. I spoke to someone in financial aid abut this and they explained. that since my parents no longer live in Colorado, that I would have to complete one semester successfully at PPCC before I would qualify for in-state tuition. I explained that I have lived in Colorado for 13+ years and that my parents had only moved a couple years ago. The woman looked at me and said sorry, that doesn't change anything. I asked if there was anything I could do to change that and she shook her head no, and looked at her co-worker for reassurance and the co-worker chimed in and promised that if my parents no longer live in Colorado, then there was nothing I could do. Frustrated, I looked into the laws for in-state tuition and found that there is in fact a form that I could fill out giving past addresses, and work information to get in-state tuition. I went to a different campus and spoke to a financial aid representative and explained the situation. The lady said of course we have a form for that. She pulled out the form, over the next week I got it filled out and I received the in-state tuition. Once I was a student I still had trouble with the Professors. Half of the professors I had were actually amazing teachers. That is the only reason I gave PPCC a 2 star rating. They were extremely helpful and genuinely cared about me getting a real education and seemed to actually care about what they were teaching. I applaud those teachers. The other half made me feel unwelcome, and as if I was asking to much of them by asking for help. I voiced concerns on subjects I didn't understand in these classes, and I wouldn't get an answer that helped. I would again, voice the concern and these professors would brush off my question like it wasn't something of concern. I would speak with these teachers after class trying to gain the knowledge that I missed and they would deny my request and tell me to go to the study halls or library for additional help. I used the facility a few times, but it was hard to make it in while working a full time job on top of this. Finally, a life choice has prompted me to leave PPCC, and to do this I needed a copy of my official transcripts. I ordered them online for a physical copy with an attached word doc, required for the business I am entering. Not 30 minutes after submitting the request I received a call from the person handling my request and they said that they can't attach a word document with the transcripts (even though it's an option on the parchment page?). The person said that its an inconvenience, but they were willing to do it anyway. For the record, I requested the exact same type of transcript through UCCS and they did it just fine, with no questions. The person I spoke to said that I would get an email once they were ready to be picked up at the Centennial campus. I received the email a few hours later. I went into the Centennial Campus and the Financial Aid personnel told me that the email only meant that the transcripts had been sent down down and it would take a minimum of 3 days for it to get to the school and I would have to check back in ( I wouldn't get notified). I explained the phone call situation; the person telling me it would be ready to pick up in the same day, and I politely asked if she wouldn't mind checking anyway. The woman was kind enough to check, and sure enough my transcripts were ready. I don't like to write bad reviews. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but my experience at PPCC has been a very exhausting battle for all the wrong reasons. This is a very poorly run school.

Alex G

One of the most reputable community colleges in the country and/or the midwest


Christina Contreras

This school should change their name to Harvard Junior College... I was trying to take a summer class and the hoops I had to go through was absolutely ridiculous! I had already been accepted and attending an accredited University and they requested that I had to take entrance exams, which didn't even apply to the class I was taking. Waste of time and money.


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