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The staff and faculty are all very helpful. Even if they don't know the answer, they will help you find it.

Jesse Hernandez

Absolutely worst place to go to school in town they will tell you want you want to hear to sign up but everything is a lie i have gone threw 4 different teachers in 3 classes with no support from the other staff and now they even lie about graduation dates please stay away from this terrible place. And save your money!!

Terry Caron

As an Instructor, I enjoy working with people that share a passion for teaching and the drive to see others succeed. The staff here has a deep passion for helping others by building the tools necessary for professional success. I have always had a desire to teach, and I have first hand experience with IntelliTec graduates in the professional world. Those that I have hired, have shown drive, determination, and the technical skills to compete in a challenging field. I am grateful to the administrative staff at IntelliTec for allowing me the opportunity to be part of this mission. Thank you


Kelsey Shipley

This is an unsafe schooling enviorment, from bullying and sexual harrasment among students, lack of financial deligation for PPE (personal protective equipment), lack of integrity from administration pertaning to any student issued concerns.Touiton is not fully explained and its quite possible your money may not be going to the school. V.A and other loans bewere. Students here are expected not to ask questions regarding student loans, policies, finances, or any administration problems. If questions and concerns arrise veague and sketchy answers are given in reply. Often students are bullied, acedemically punished or even threatened to with draw their complaints. The student ambasidor program cannot help students as they are almost never given room to discuss issues inside the class room. The school lacks integrity and leaves students feeling scared and trapped. For the record all these issue were reported over and over agian in the last 10 months and brushed asside or ignored. Hopfully this time they will recive the approprate, and correct attention resulting in solving the problem not shooting the messanger. This review is NOT a reflection on the Asher Administration, however I do hope with new ownership they address these degrating issues in the future.

Patrick Gallo

School is in an easy location to get too with simple classes to help advance in your career. Mr. Rios runs the CST program which is a great breakdown on today's technology and how to learn from other vendors like Linux, Apple and Microsoft. Class is very enjoyable with other active students who want to learn. The only complain I have is that we need more field trips to current running servers and see how IT workers work in their environment

Ronald Clanton

I would like say that Intellitec College has been a great guidance in my career. The instructors taught me valuable skills that started my Information Technology career and land me a job at a Cyber Security firm. You get out what you put into to something. They helped me start a business while in school and years later gave me the opportunity to show my gratitude with the opportunity to help others here as they helped me. I am living proof of how a focused study at Intellitec can change your life!

Khryse O'Neall

This "school" is preying on people who are trying to better themselves. The instructors are terrible, the certifications useless, and the school offers no real support to students or staff. It is a scam to take your money. If you want tons of school loan debt and absolutely nothing to show for it this is the right place.

Christina Lee

I talked to one of the instructors who work here, and sadly I have to say how un patient she is with other people, I wouldn't want to think of how she treated her students or Co workers. Only talking with her for 5 minutes, she hung up in fustration after I asked her to repeat her self due to the lack of clarity. Someone who also works with other people I didn't want to get the wrong information so I asked her again however, she responded very childishly. If this is the response I see from a person who "wants" people to succeed in their college education then I feel great amount of sympathy to those who are learning anything from her.

Jessica Akins

This school is a joke, I have never in my life seen a school that functions the way this one does. This school has the most turn over I have ever seen at a school not one teacher or counselor that I started with are there. Not only that the originals that I started with have been replaced 6 times now! Which it doesn't matter, not one of them keeps track of homework! You better make sure to make a copy of all your homework because they will lose it and then tell you that you didn't turn it in. Also YOUR CREDITS DO NOT TRANSFER!!! THEY WILL TELL YOU THEY DO BUT THEY DON'T!! DON'T WASTE YOU TIME AT THIS SCHOOL TRUST ME ITS NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE!! I ONLY GAVE ONE STAR BECAUSE I HAD NO CHOICE!

Katie H

The staff here all work hard together and care deeply about the students, enough for many to work over 40 hours a week to ensure they do a good job. I appreciate all of them, there are also great instructors here who have years in the field and try their hardest to impart their knowledge to the student.


Matthew Hyttinen

CST program ROCKS! Johnny and his staff are well-trained and actually work in the fields they're responsible for teaching! I have learned SO MUCH. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Oh, and CST stands for Computer Service Technician. I got the confidence to apply for my first CAREER from these guys. Seriously, check them out!

Joe Zeman

IntelliTec is a genuine private vocational school that is Accredited by a conservative and solid accrediting agency: ACCSC which stands for Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. It has been solidly in existence since 1965. Colorado Springs campus has solid programs active now for Automotive Technician, HVAC-R Technician, Medical Assistant and Computer Systems Technician. This past year we have placed over 70% of our available graduates in the fields of Medical Assistant, Automotive Technician and HVAC-R Technician. Our Computer Systems Technician program has just started and we do not have a full year of employment statistics yet for this program but we are seeing strong demand for our graduates of the Computer Systems Technician program. I am proud to be a part of this organization that has a mission of Building a Better Community through Quality and Excellence in Career Training.


The campus director Dr. Scott puts profits ahead of the safety and well being of staff and students. Out dated and unsafe equipment. Doesn't care about road conditions and the safety of the students or staff who have to travel far distances to school/work. To quote Dr. Scott " We know what's best for you." Apparently risking life and injury in poor weather is what's best for the students and staff.

Tanya Rael

Intellitec College has an amazing staff that is always willing to help out students. Everyone tries their best to answer every question that a student or possible student could think of. The sense of community makes people feel at home and welcome.

Aaron Schramek

Attending IntelliTec College helped me enter the Career Field that would have otherwise been nearly impossible. Attending IntelliTec was a great choice as they have a lot of connections with Employers. Of course, what you get out of this college, is what you put into it. The instructors are knowledgeable, but from time to time, you do have to really pull the information out of them as they want you to ask questions so they know you understand what is being taught. I have been able to apply what I learned from IntelliTec at my job due to great teaching, and repetition during each course. Tom Mathews was one of my favorite instructors as he helped explain the hard to answer questions, and made learning difficult subjects, fun and, for me, understanding. Mr. Porter was another one of my favorites as his introduction into Linux was one of the stepping stones I was able to use, to become a Junior Linux Admin at work. Overall, the program for CNST is great. There are people who are wanting to do just what you want to do, instructors who want to help you get to where you want to be, and exam and lab books that are very useful for studying and using in the field for reference. I would highly recommend taking this course at IntelliTec, but remember, you won't get anywhere if you don't apply yourself, communicate with the instructors, or take certification exams to show potential employers you mean business and can do what you say you can do. -Aaron.

Devin Farber

Was one of the least stressful colleges I've attended. The Computer Systems Technician program was designed quite well to progress from the beginner topics to the more complicated topics. I felt the classes were taught by knowledgeable instructors. Major emphasis is placed on getting students industry certified and not just a certificate from the school. The course is also very GI bill friendly with short breaks between classes. My only complaint is that the classes are too accelerated for those who don't have ample time at home to study. You definitely need to study for at least one to two hours every day to pass the certification exams. Overall I was very happy with the experience and would definitely recommend it.

Cory Landfair

I'm currently enrolled as a student here and so far have greatly enjoyed it. I get book knowledge as well as plenty of hands on experience to prepare me for situations I might come across in the career field. The only thing I've had an issue with so far is that I was placed in a somewhat overcrowded class (minus 1 star) which makes it a bit more difficult to learn in, but it should only be for this term so the upcoming terms should be just as great as last term. (old)UPDATE- I have two weeks left until I graduate(july). I received a call last week notifying me that I still owe over $1500. I thought I made my last payment in January, and even verified twice that I owe nothing else. So instead of telling me at a time when I could have budgeted for these fees, I'm told last second. Fortunately I applied for a scholarship online which took $1000 off what I owe, but this whole issue is still frustrating. I am happy that the school has not only taken credit for this miscommunication, but they have also made a plan to prevent it from happening in the future, so at least they did something about this problem. ****NEWEST UPDATE**** I have finished school here and would like to give credit to my program supervisor for his recommendation which helped me get an amazing job in the IT field. I EARNED his recommendation by attending and participating in class. Students here are whining because they're not getting proper education for the workplace, I find this untrue because everything I learned (including public speaking), I have done or discussed in my new job. I've also noticed that most of the students that are complaining, are the ones missing class and not doing the work assigned. You can get a great paying job right out of school with the help of Intellitec's employees, but if all you do is complain about the class you never attend and the assignments you won't do, then you're not getting a recommendation like I did. So thanks for all the help even now with my new job, and continuous support while I am getting certified. If you've read this far, I want you to know even the little things I've learned in class have been useful at my new job, and if I didn't pay attention in class, I would look + sound like an idiot in the workplace.

mark wilson

Automotive not worth the time or money. Too much sitting in classroom going over the book, not enough hands-on time. Get a job in the industry. You will earn while you learn.

Frank Gardner

The instructors are subject matter experts and really care about the success of the students.

Mark S

School is more focused on trying to get the most of taxpayer money in there pockets than they are your education. Once they get your money you are on your own. Technical schools are highly profitable and usually offer worthless degrees. I attended an interview at this school and the admissions women was stopping to send texts, which I believe it was to prepare staff for my tour in a few minutes and also personal. The woman who handled my finance application seemed very aggravated about my concern for the cost of degree at there school. The tour I that I was given seemed well rehearsed.

Dana Henkle

A great place to work with an amazing team of people. They really care about the success of their students.


Fun school. Great teachers! If you have military benefits and don't know what to do with them, use them here. The teachers work with you and assist in whatever they can to help better your knowledge. Worth it!

Christopher Fortner

Horrible school i attended then dropped due to the staff not being willing to work with work schedules or emergencies then attempted to give them another chance i was a a/b student and the instructors refused extra help and only read out of power points none of the cnst staff was willing to work with me or other students then when i went back it got worse they required the students to go to a stupid conference which had nothing to do with any of the material at the school i requested tutoring or some one on one assistance and was told that no one is available the only thing this school cares about is the money that they charge to give people books and tell them to learn on their own and i as well as a few others are currently speaking to the accreditation comity about removing the accreditation if i could i would give intelitec college a negative 5 stars for the cnst program HANDS ON LEARNING MY ARSE

Dave Scott

I love working with all the faculty and staff at IntelliTec College. I have had the unique experience of working at three of our four campuses. The faculty are focused on providing a solid and enjoyable educational experience while sharing from their wealth of knowledge in the field for which they teach. The focus of all our staff is that "you can do this!" From Admissions, through Financial Services, to our Career Services Department, and Student Services; we are all here to help students get through whatever life challenges come up. If you are looking for a school with a heart, this is the place to be!

Krissy Love

I love this school. Ever since I started going to this school, I've always felt welcome and the people know me by name not just a number. I go to day classes and I find myself wanting to get up just so I can be in that environment which is great considering that lately I've been having a hard time with some stuff and they understand and they have helped me as if I was apart of their family and that means the world to me in a time like this. Nicole has been a real help in keeping me going and Joanie has been helping me find employment and the teachers are understanding about what is going wrong with the students and the care. I want to thank them all for their help and helping me in this tough time. I also want to say thank you Mr. Wallace for putting up with me and stressful life. I know I missed class a lot but you remained patient with me and for that I am grateful to have you for a teacher. I love this school because it's like my second family.

Pete Carrello

I attended and graduated from the Intellitec Computer System Techinican course. The staff and faculty were great when things were going my way and they were amazing when I had to go out of state to take care of my father in-law. The instructors not only know the material but have worked in the real world and have experience beyond what they teach. I earned five certificates in 10 months: Comptia A+ (software/hardware), Comptia Network+, Comptia Security+, Linux and Microsoft Server Fundamentals. It wasn't always easy but it sure was worth it. I'd recommend Intellitec to anyone looking to get their foot in the door in Information Technology.

Alex C

Almost There

Anonymous Anonymous

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCHOOL! It is extremely expensive for a school whose teachers have no idea what they are talking about or how to use any equipment that they are supposed to be teaching us how to use. The staff does not care about you or your wishes to make good grades. I have made faculty aware (through the course of my education) that I have not been doing well and have been blown off. The truth about how “so many people want to hire you”, is that no one likes intellitec students and will actually refuse to hire you if you are coming from intellitec. The training is a joke and I have ended up having to just teach myself as well as teaching most others.

Alexandria Sanchez

Johnny Rios

I have worked at IntelliTec College for over 2 years and in that short amount of time I have gone from Part-time Instructor to Program Supervisor of the CST Program. There are many opportunities here for both students and employees. I recommend this school for all those who seek the chance to grow intellectually and in their career.

Mark Smith

I've been to the campus many times because a lot of my IT buddies go here. Every time I have visited I have been met with nothing but friendly smiles and courteous staff. I have been thinking about enrolling because of all the good things I have heard about the CST program but need to sort out some personal things first. The only thing that bothers me is the negative people writing bad reviews. They must think the world owes them something (HA!). Keep up the great work IntelliTec!!

Matt Lovell

Biggest joke of a school I have ever seen. The CNST program is pathetic, never once touched an actual server, everything is done virtually with zero hands on. Yet they made a huge deal about getting the whole program new mouse pads (no joke). If you're considering attending this school, invest your money and time in a school that's not out solely for your money.

Cody Burrola

Hands on? The Automotive program is a JOKE. They give you uniforms, and snap on tool kit, all to make you "think" in five years from now you'll be an ASE certified tech machining engines and rebuilding transmissions, NOT. The instructors are always off topic or throwing there ego around. We barely ever worked with our hands or on anything and the stuff we did work on was dirty, old, with parts missing. Never learned how to do brakes, electrical problems, or front end work for that matter. Most things we just went over ONCE that was a "how to manual" and skipped to the next thing. Absolutely a waste of time. Also, I have witnessed two teachers get fired for yelling at students for not being able to understand the material. They have also had to hire students to be instructors. Completely unethical. (Editing after 4 weeks later) No respone? shocking!

Randall Marks

Extremely good experience for both degree programs.

Stafon Stevens

anonymous anonymous

I have to write with an anonymous tag or I will be requested to take the review down from staff at the school. I am currently enrolled in the computer systems technician (CST) program and this review is to inform those that are considering this program so they know what they are getting into before they start and spend a good amount of money. If you are not receiving military benefits I highly suggest you look elsewhere on where to spend your money. Pros: 1. After finishing the 10.5 half month course you can say you have experience in the field on your resume since you actually do some things in class. 2. (This applies only if you receive military benefits) Military pays for this program, so if you are planning on doing something with computers it's worth finding a program from a school of some sort. Below are the reasons why I do not suggest going to this college for this program. 1. What I was told I would be getting for this course is not accurate. I was told I would receive a laptop with an i7 processor and a 1 terabyte hard drive. The laptop I received has an i5 processor and a 500 gigabyte hard drive. This issue has failed to be addressed by faculty when asked why they are saying one thing and giving another. (my classmates were told the same as me as well as those prior to my enrollment). 2. The Syllabus is poorly designed and throws you all over the book. The books that are used for each 6 week course are not very good for preparing people for their CompTIA exams. You will actually save more money by watching videos online and buying a book at Barns and Nobles to self study if you are paying out of pocket or taking a lone. 3. If you do not take your certificate exam at the end of the six week course you are penalized by two letter grades. If you take the exam at the end of the six week course and fail it you lose one letter grade. So if you do not feel ready to take the actual exam be prepared to lose a letter grade in class or pay money out of pocket to get another voucher. 4. The teachers know what they are doing and talking about, but the thing to keep in mind is they are subject matter experts. Many of them are specialized in specific fields and excel at teaching in that specified field. The school likes to move teachers to different parts of the program so sometimes the program the assigned teacher is at is a bit lacking because they are taken out of their specialized element (Which means you do a lot of self studying). Things to be aware of: The CompTIA certificates are cheaper through a student email address. So as long as you have a student email address you can use that to get a discount. The financial aid department at the Colorado Springs location tries to make sure you do not qualify for FAFSA if you receive military benefits. I do not know if this is on purpose or if they do not understand how military benefits work. So if you are military or prior military be aware of how your benefits work and if they are taxable. Post 9/11 and GI bills are tax free benefits and you can qualify for FAFSA benefits depending on your income. Final verdict: One star for the teachers teaching the classes. One star for the schools recruitment office (they are outgoing and try and help you out) Minus one star for faculty (they fail to address issues students have) Minus one star for the CST progam (it is poorly designed and is a money sponge for those that do not have military benefits) Minus one star for false information (give what you say or stop saying what is part of the program) If you are paying out of pocket or using a loan I advise you to go to another school or self study. The education being taught in this school does not match the amount you are paying for this program.

Cody Sears

The Automotive Program is a fraud. Why? Because it does not take an associates degree to become a mechanic. What does it take to become a Mechanic? The actually skills learned in a shop as a slave labored apprentice or simply "knowing someone" who will teach. The Automotive industry is not an industry that requires a college degree at all but experience. So past students that give this school a bad rating and the school responds with... "Hello ****** we will inform you that most training is done in the field we simply offer you the, INTRODUCTION TO THE APPLICATION OF UNDERSTANDING TO WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING IN THE FIELD" ... What does that even mean? Sounds like a loophole to putting together a fake program just to collect peoples veteran benefits. I once was a student for the Automotive program and gave it my %110 just to find out it was a joke. They also forgot to inform me about getting a job at a dealership will never happen due to not having a clean driving record. I also once stated that I wanted to go to school for diesel technology and the career service advisor told me that there was one coming there with all new classes and instructors. Then the head of the program said just a diesel class will be started not a program. Shows you how serious these people are. I also witnessed instructors get fired for yelling at students. They have also had to hire students as instructors. Needless to say. This program is not necessary for this line of work. This line of work will not be learned from a couple hours a day four times a week. So what do you have to tell me Intellitec? The "introduction to application" to bull**** speech. Or "we offer are students real hands on training" which you and I both know that is not true. Or your certified instructors offer lessons in passing the ASE certification tests, which is also not true, and to be honest. You cant even take the test without actually having certain amount of years of experience. Last but not least you have told people in the past you offer the basic "fundamentals" what does that even mean in the Automotive field? Or saying your students are ready to atleast perform preventative maintenance on vehicles when they leave school. How can that be true when there is no class that goes into all preventative maintenance on all types of cars? Its nothing but a failed program kept alive by loophole after loophole.

Ji-Ho Song

When I attended back in 2012, I must say it was the worst college experience in my life. 7 years later and I do not have a job in CNST, nor do I even remember anything my "instructors" if you want to call them that taught me. I felt like the instructors were students more then teachers and learned nothing. Now I'm 13k in the hole with a loan that they never helped me get a job for or even warn you that before you start that course you'd have to pay for the certifications yourself. They only pay for like maybe one, not guaranteed you'll get it of course. Every time I still see this place open it makes me cringe.. You can't learn from just reading books.

BLACK8ces Artist

Kelsey Brickman

The teacher for the Medical Assisting program are absolutely inspiring. They are hands on and very easy to learn from. They are accommodating to any extra support needed and do go the extra mile for their students. They build a safe and exciting environment to work in. They will build your confidence and make sure you are prepared to face the beginning of a lucrative career in Medical. Thank you specifically to Mrs. Jen, Mrs. Eva, Mrs. Mindy, Mrs. Low and everyone else in the medical building who has taken the time to helps us grow and be proud of what we have learned here!

Joshua Tofilo

super great school!!!!!!!!!

Todd Wells

So far it's a great school, with great energetic staff and a want to make you succeed!

Penny Marks

Rc will

Howard Ferguson

Just finished the HVAC program here and wanted to give a final assessment of the school. I can only speak for the HVAC program it would be unfair to lump all the other programs in with it. The HVAC program needs work, it's not the curriculum that's bad it's the lack of proper execution. You'll get very little hands-on in the school mainly because the instructors are a little bit lazy and they just don't want to do it; also they lack any kind of accountability. I actually liked the administration of the school. I never had any problems with any administrative staff. I think they try to do the best job they can with what they have to work with. In their defense the students can be very difficult sometimes. Many of them are not what I would consider to be well-adjusted individuals. I can't say that I wouldn't recommend the school itself however I would not recommend the HVAC program. I just don't think it's worth what they charge for it. I won't say that I didn't learn anything in the school but I feel like I could have learned a lot more had I been given better and more motivated instruction.

Marco Stephens

What to say about Intellitec. It may very well seem controversial but yes at first you may well think what the heck have I done. Its not with it. But the true measure of its worth is not in its face value but in what you put into your program. A wise man once said effort can only be judged by ones self. And if you give yourself to this program, truly, you will find yourself grown beyond measure. I can attest to this as I gave it my all and 6weeks before graduation found myself before too many great job offers pass up. I had no choice but to except a fantastic job offer and leave Colorado. I went from little or no response from job applications to being contacted by recruiters like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. So if you want to get what your worth go out to Intellitec college and get what you’re worth! They have superb instructors like Mr. Johnny Rios and Mr. Yates. So go enroll, set your goal put your head down and keep charging!

Shaun Daggett

Great company that cares about their students!! Outstanding instructors that are serious about helping students.

Aiyana Copus

I am so glad I made the decision to come here! I have met and made so many connections here that I'm grateful to have! I definitely met some lifelong friends from here and it's an amazing experience I'm glad I had!

Nick Grott

I was a student at the college as well. I agree with the review posted above. While attending the college myself, they fired every instructor and replaced them with new ones off the street who had never been teachers, only worked in the field for a year or two in some cases. There were two issues with the school that I had. The first one is that the school was firing all the teachers that I had. These teacher helped me open my current business. May I add it is doing very well 4 years after opening it, thanks to them. ALL of the students were upset at the school because of all the changes that were going on. (Uniforms, your grade is 60% attendance based - or there about, uniform is another 12% or so). I was one of few that would actually voice their opinion and try to get something done about it. The school leaders talked to me and told me I was not allowed to voice my opinion about the school because what I was saying was slander and if we had that talk again I was going to be expelled. The day finally came that I was in service writing, only had two more classes to go until I graduated. The 4 guys in my class were talking about the scandalously clad outfit a girl at the school wore that day. I am a married man and could care less about some other girl. I told them I didn't care what she wore it was her choice. The instructor at that time wrote an email saying I made sexual remarks about said girl. The school then expelled me. The 4 guys that were in my class all wrote letters stating the comments I was convicted of were never made. The staff didn't care about any proof I provided, they wanted me out of the school regardless. Now, any good school would serve a student with expulsion papers, sexual harassment papers from a police office and have them escorted off the property. This school did none of the above. They just asked me to leave and not come back. However, I am still friend with a couple of the instructors. One is a high performance instructor. Very smart guy! No, not Gorman. Gorman has kicked me off the school property multiple times. After talking to the dean of staff and students and they have informed me that I was more than welcome to come back any time. I have asked multiple times to come back and just finish my two classes for that piece of paper. I am told no every time. Julian is another person at the school who comes by my shop on occasion to visit and see how I am doing. Very good guy and helpful. He feels terrible that I was wrongfully kicked out of the school. As you can tell, this school is lost in its ways of education. It is a for profit school that could care less about the education that the students receive. I have started my own business and have been going strong for years now. ANY shop in the 80909 will NOT hire an Intellitec Student. It's not the students fault, it's the name that is branded to the student from the school. Only 3 out of the 10 or so that graduated in my class work in the automotive field. My class started at 35 students, after 12 months, were were down to 10, then they put other students in our class that needed to make up classes. How the VA has not black listed this school is still a wonder. Please research this school, their credits do NOT transfer to ANY other school and the education is poor at best.

matt faucher


Brady McPeak

Be warned, the Computer Network Systems Tech program is not "hands on" or "real world" with equipment, software or VMs. The only class where you will physically touch anything, other than your personal computer, is cabling. Most students will not graduate with any certifications, not due to students not caring, but because the classes are not set up to prepare you for the exam. Students are not encouraged to retain information, which causes major issues for classes requiring prerequisites. Teacher and student turn over rate is very high. This is a for-profit school and it is blatantly obvious that the main concern is making money and not education. If you want an easy school to waste your GI bill on, this is your place. If you value education, I would recommend another school. Graduation rate is 60% and average salary after graduation is $31,800

LeeRoy Ballenger

I have had awesome experiences with Intellitec of Colorado Springs. It's hard to see the mixed reviews knowing how hard the staff works to make sure that you understand your options and to help you reach your goals. This is a high quality school with programs that will get you ready to work in today's workforce with hands on training. I am proud to be associated with Intellitec.

Talsen Jacob

I am very pleased with Intellitec for giving me the opportunity not just to get a degree not just in Automotive but in HVAC as well. This has given me the chance to progress in life.

Korey White

This place sucks as bad as most of the teachers ,tools and equipment do. I am in the HVAC program and only had only teacher who cares, and hes no longer there. It's near impossible to work in the field while going to night class make sure your job with work with you because the school won't. Unless your looking to take advantage of the gi bill Save your money and stay far far away. Also be prepared to argue with the instructors over earned grades, its almost like they want you to fail

cody harris

I graduated in February 2014 as a Mechanical Drafter. Unfortunately, I have not been able to secure any position in my career field. 19,000 turns into 30,000 in about 4 years and I am still no closer to being able to pay any of it off. Not too many employers wish to have an Intellitec graduate. Not exactly shure why, but the common knowledge going around is that we were jokes. Too bad I am not laughing

Rachel Lawler

Great campus with a staff and faculty seriously dedicated to the success of every student. From admissions to instruction and career placement these people care about your success. Do yourself a favor and come in, check it out, and decide for yourself.

Tim Garcia

IntelliTec is an amazing college and the CST program is great. My brother finished up a few terms ago and decided to continue his education. I recommend this school to anybody looking for a career change.

J Gonzo

Great school, great instructors that know there stuff, would recommend to anyone that is interested in going

Adam Brukardt

What the hell are you teaching in automotive industry. Your students know nothing they don't even know how to rack a car. Oh by the way your automotive instructors telling students that Firestone master tech ect. know nothing is bad business. What are they teaching? How to clean their tool box. Complete morons come out of your school. Wouldn't recommend this school for the automotive industry period.

Minda Brown

I love working here are IntelliTec College. The staff are friendly and helpful and the faculty are nurturing and supportive to each of the students. It's a fantastic environment, and I enjoy coming to work each and every day!

Daniel S

My experience has been very positive and I would recommend the school to any family with complete support! Great CST program as well.

Todd Crow

I am an Alumni and had a great experience at IntelliTec. The classes are small and the teachers are able to provide a more one on one learning experience. The current department head for the CNST program Johnny Rios was an exceptional teacher and he has done a great job with the staff in revamping the program that so Comptia Certs are taken right after the class.

Iconic Rush

I'm almost done with my time here at intellitec and it was a great ride. Full of fun and learning all at the same time. The teachers are very knowledgeable of the material they teach, and they make it fun to learn so that it's not boring old books all the time. I recommend this college to anyone who wants to get a start on a career field, granted they offer it.

Chris Gault

ty c

Overall Mediocre. Only been there 4 weeks so don't weigh too heavy on my opinion. Just blasting through info. My communications teacher enjoys reminding everybody that we CAN'T leave before class is over. So I'm less than impressed about being treated like I'm a juvenile in high school and I'm forced to be there.

Douglas Banister

I have worked for Intellitec College as a full time instructor and part time instructor and currently as a substitute when needed. I can tell you that everyone who teaches here work their tails off for the students. The current faculty knows this business whether it is in IT, HVAC, Medical Program, etc. Every instructor has his or her techniques when teaching which gives the students a real world look at the industries they want to get into. It is a very Military friendly institution which makes it a great place to learn. I am currently working in the Federal Government in Information Technology and have counseled many potential students that are looking for an "In" in IT to give Intellitec a shot.

Shawn Nichols

to all the former students that attended intellitec and failed it was no one else's fault but your own for being late or leaving early or not getting a grasp on the information. Most students take an interest in the field they want to be in before they go to college. that being said I went to night classes and I had a blast I worked in the field before I went to intellitec so I had a basic understanding of how things work. the information wasn't hard to get if you were in class. I now manage a commercial tire shop owned by Michelin North America. wow after reading some of these reviews I see that a lot of people apparently weren't ready to go to college so here are a few words of advise don't enroll unless your ready to adjust your schedule for school and certainly don't enroll if your lazy and trying to leach off of tax payer dollars

Donald Ward

I always enjoy going to school. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are there to help guide students if they are having difficulties.

Catherine Leckman

This is a fantastic place to work, go to school, and just be! The positive atmosphere here is amazing, and I'm lucky to work with the most amazing team of people ever. I encourage everyone to come visit our campus and see how to start your new life now!!!

Kathleen Quint

Please please please think, investigate and research before you attend this "college". The biggest mistake I have made and the most costly. In debt easily for the rest of my life (I am 57 yrs old) for an "education" that has never gotten me a job! Should have NEVER been accepted and most certainly should have NEVER been approved for student loans.Go to a Community College or a 4 year university. You will not make enough money to pay your student loans and live with the piece of paper you get here. I promise. Funny, they don't even offer Medical Administration Assistant any longer. It was a joke. And this Associates is not respected in the medical field.

Jessica Ramsey

Not military friendly. Automotive department is horrible. Screw this school

Jason Kerkow

Most stress free college experience ever! Faculty and staff are always helpful. They make sure you have everything you need to succeed from the get go. The professors come from years of real-world experience and posses an invaluable wealth of knowledge. They are aware that most of their students are working professionals and are very willing to work with you when you need it.

Sandra Finn

Awesome people, great campus, love working here! Great programs taught by instructors with real world experience. Come in and ask for Sandy to get more information. I am a Senior Admissions rep and have worked here for 4 years. Come in, ask for Sandy and let's get started on your new and exciting career!!

Cathy Sanderfer

This is a great school, the students have all the opportunities to get CompTIA Certs in Computers and Cybersecurity. IntelliTec also offers HVAC, Nursing and Automotive. You can get a Associates degree or just certifications.



Matt Evans

Scott Selders

Timothy Brown

Graduated from the school in the HVAC-R and if I new and had a chance to do it all over again I would have changed schools. I had a few good instructors but the school ended up running them off. The school is all about the money and not about the student. From the instructors I did learn from, Mr. T, Mr. Mell, Mr. Ledford, and the most of all Ms. Reeves, the rest I did not learn a damn thing especially the last 6 months I was there. They continued to say there was always assistance but when you asked for it there was never any or the assistance there was clueless into what you where doing. For as much money each student was paying for the coarse there was little into the supply for our labs but they continue to say if you need it just ask and we can get for you. The problem there was it was being bought by the instructors out of there pockets or it was donated. I was a VA student that started in Days then when I got a job in my field I went to night class. Depending on instructors they might or might not work with my schedule for work when I showed up late for class. Which is one of the benefits that the school promotes, complete lies. Only if your instructor works with you. I was A’s and B's till the last 6 months when they changed that policy And my grade would suffer just because my attendance. And attendance counts more for your grade then your grades for class. I watched guys who would show up for class but would fail test after test and pass the class just because they showed up. The career Counselor for the HVAC department (Joanie) is awesome however, as soon as you need to find a career she will help place you as long as you are ready. As a hole the school is a Joke.

Robert Plantell

Looking to attend the CST program because of a close friends referral, and looking at recent reviews i will definitely be giving it some serious consideration!

Mr Fink

Horrible school charges diferent prices depending how much they can get out of you. Compaired prices with class mates no one was charged alike upto 15k diff from low charged student to high charged. The administration is more then willing to replace a full teaching staff and hire new off craigslist only need a couple years working in the Industry.

Alex Carter

Jon Roper

I love working here and the environment Intellitec has created. Intellitec always put the students first. Great programs and Instructors. The Automotive program and HVAC labs are very Impressive!

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