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REVIEWS OF Colorado Mesa University IN Colorado

dullahan 333

Can't afford to return; wasn't offered anything but a $500 scholarship, other than that I've no financial aid. #droppingout

Mailman 9

david downey

Should Felons be allowed to go to Colorado Mesa University? David Downey has been trying for a year and a half now to become a student at Colorado Mesa University. He has gone down and paid for a copy of his record from the sheriff’s department, personally had delivered it to the dean of students and sat down and wrote a big long letter for them, as they asked, to explain why he did what he did, and what he wishes he had done differently. After exhausting himself doing everything, the Dean at Colorado Mesa University asked him to do, he was still turned away, not due to his back ground but because when asked on the school application what his felonies where for and when they had been committed, he had not listed every single one due to the fact that there was not enough room on the application and he knew that he would be giving them an official copy of his record. David Downey has showed time and time again that he would do what it takes to go to Colorado Mesa University, yet he continues to get denied. Colorado Mesa University should let people with felonies who have been out of the judicial system for seven years go to school at the university. Now I understand there are certain circumstances where some felonies shouldn’t be allow no matter how old they are such as sexual predators, and murderers… but some people with lesser felonies should be allowed if they are willing to put forth the efforts to show that they really want to better their lives by going back to school. Now don’t get me wrong, there are students at Colorado Mesa University that are have lesser offences walking around, these students have ankle monitors, or are hanging out in groups comparing what they have done in the past and why they are now going to school, But is it really fair? Is it really fair to let men and women with ankle monitors, who are clearly in trouble for something walk around on campus and stop the men and women who have served their time and want to get a higher education? No! I believe that if you have paid you dues to the judicial system and done your time, you deserve a higher education just like anyone else. Felons have a hard enough time getting jobs without having to battle the need for a higher education on top of their records. A background and a background, if you have a lesser criminal back ground you should be required to show your record, explain what you did wrong and why, and what you would do differently if you could…… after that you should meet with the dean discuss an acceptance. Even if they were accepted under a probationary period and had to prove that getting an education is really what they want to do, I would understand, but being blatantly denied for something that they cannot change is unfair and unacceptable. Everyone does things in their life that they regret and wish they could change, but most are not judged by that when they want to get an education, just “criminals”. I put in an email to the dean of students here at Colorado Mesa University to sit down and get his input on why some people are allowed to go to the university while other are not. In response I was asked to set up a time to go in and sit down with him. Due to being unable to get a meeting time scheduled I did not get to speak with him. I have sent other emails trying to get a response via email but have got nothing back. I feel that Colorado Mesa University is bias against who they let in to the University based on what they did in the past instead of what they are ready and willing to do today. I also feel that it is unjust for Colorado Mesa University to turn away men and women who have served their time in the judicial system and now want to better their lives and education.

John Moran

Wonderful place to study, meet new people and seek adventures. Living on campus was decent, the cafeteria food needs improvement.

Angela Bramlage

Excellent history of allowing concurrent enrollment to prepare High School Students for the new and changing world of attending college and being responsible for their own academic success.

Kayla Martin

I started going here right after I graduated high school. Took some General Ed courses. My teachers were horrible. I do have a learning disability though. AJ Smith was the only teacher that really helped me and I still use her coursework in real life. Professor Claridge was also really good. Most other teachers, I didn't understand the way they taught. But, they only know 1 way to teach. I often was on my laptop, watching youtube videos on how to do math problems etc. I had 2 teachers yell, cuss in my face. CMU also, doesn't offer much. They have a nursing program and a couple other things... that's it.

Raul Uribe

Very nice college campus

Jackie Ramsey

Best school for overall experience. It's affordable and it's in the best medium sized city that has a great outdoor community and family feel. I love Mesa!

Margaret Tiffany

Graduated top 5 in all my classes criminal justice degree

Toni Keating

Coach Donell McGloson

Ken Vargas

This school is good I am a major of English and went to school there to learn to write and to read it has made me such a good Smith of words that I plan to be a professional screenwriter writing movies for Hollywood

Jared Sharpe

Jonah Wilson

Debra Tucker

kevin binkley

Not an ideal place to spend your money. The politics are quite horrible at this institution and the price you pay for the inexperienced professors is quite unbelievable. The campus has grown so fast and I think they are enjoying the money they have recently come into and are enjoying spending it on all of the big nice buildings/dorms but they need to really work on providing a fair/quality learning environment. If you are a male trying to get into the nursing program good luck. Although if you are a young female with a poor G.P.A. and cry "sexual harassment" on one of your decorated professors you are guaranteed a spot into the nursing program!!

Indhu Mathi

Karie Berry

Balach Aziz

I graduated from Mesa State College in 1992. It was a great institute with great teaching staff . The campus was beautiful and people there were really helpful. My advisor was Dr. Jose Peer, a Princeton University Phd. Over all , Mesa State helped me in building a good career in Government sector here in Pakistan. Thanks Mesa. I miss you.

Julie Camper

Anthony ghattas

Mike Kansgen

A beautiful campus with excellent outdoor activities in each direction.

Sudhanshu Srivastav


Robbie Turner

Robert Galovic

Dennis Fakelastname

Jeff Glass

Great school!

Hayley G

Amazing school! Great campus with smaller class sizes and overall good teachers. The buildings are kept well and the campus is overall really clean. They have a lot of events that go on around the year.

tavian gamble

Rajender Malik

Kayla IsFallingInReverse

Great school for such a small town


Ask A Friend

when I was growing up back in the sixties and seventies this was a junior college. then it became a state college and I went there for a degree in computer science. now it is University and much larger than before.

Kate Kailey

This school is horrible. Im the type that gets good grades. Not straight As but not Cs or Ds. But this school has done nothing but ruin opppertunities for me. They run it like a buisness. All they care about is imperializing Grand Juction. They blow so much money on looks and expension that the education relaly falls short. They hire "professors" out of the field, so for example, they hire a photographer to teach photogrpahy. That may sound like a great idea but its not, most of the professors have no teaching background and so learning from them is near impossible. And as for the morals well. Thats a joke. The politics and morals of this school are lacking to non-existant. They has a coach state very homophopic things to students and he wasnt fired. The people that go there are insane too. Everyone acts like its highschool all over again and its all about the drama. Nothing ever gets fixed. This school has made me absoultely miserable and all of my friends that came here miserable. Dont waste your money.

Milo Johnson

Absolutely terrible faculty. Awful degree programs. All around poor quality institution.

Tyjah Shaver

Up and coming University, doubled in sized over last 4 years. A lot of outdoor activities to do all the time. Amazing campus.

Alexandria Harford

Richard Collins

Isaac Lammers

Field course is essentially only to practice putting. Would have been cool if there was at least one long throw on a back field or something.

sabrina baker

Anne Fisco

Taeron Waring

Bright Victor

I love the school

Sarah Kilroy

Sophomores are required to stay in the dorm and buy a meal plan. They appear affordable, but they make their money back by forcing sophomores to remain in the dorms and purchase a meal plan. As of 2016 that's an extra 8K+ for only 9 months of living on top of 8K+ for tuition. The cost of higher education is already insane, the only way we could have afforded this would be to take out more loans, so my daughter has since un-enrolled and is in search of another college. At least this time we know what questions to ask.

John Hodge

Since I arrived at CMU (then it was Mesa State College) with an AA already, the majority of my experience involved just the program of my major, therefore I an unable to review the school as a whole. What I can do, though, is provide an assessment of the program of my major, geology, which is essentially unchanged in terms of faculty since I graduated. A one word description for this program would be "awful". The faculty are by-and-large arrogant and self-indulgent, while at the same time apathetic about their students' success, with some members even occasionally taking perverse delight in their students' failures. Faculty and staff are uncooperative with and hostile toward each other, creating a dysfunctional and negative atmosphere often spreads to their students (I even had a faculty member from another department once as me why geology students were always in a bad mood). The faculty seem merely interested in doing as little work and devoting as little time as necessary to enable them to still get a paycheck. As professors, they extracted all the fun and interest out of a fascinating and wonderful subject. As advisers they are, again, typically apathetic and ill informed, usually providing poor or erroneous information about career and graduate school opportunities (I ended up not getting all of the classes I needed for grad school thanks to some very bad information from my adviser). After only a short time in the program I realized the program was sub-par. What I didn't expect was how bad the program was relative to other state colleges and that the CMU geology program's poor reputation was well known to industry as well. I've had one potential employer decline my resume saying they don't care for CMU graduates (and prefer graduates from Western), and another tell me that CMU graduates are rarely considered because they are usually "ill prepared" (direct quote). Having a degree from this college has proven to be much more of a liability than I ever thought possible. The sad tragedy is that the setting of CMU, situated as it is on the edge of the spectacular Colorado Plateau, attracts outstanding students so the quality of the geology students at CMU is as good or better than at any other Colorado college. I met and studied with some of the hardest working, most enthusiastic, most motivated, and best students I ever hope to meet at that college. The CMU geology program doesn't deserve the great students who walk through its door. Take my advice: if you're a geology student, save yourself a lot of wasted energy and go to a college where the faculty will be as devoted to the subject as you are. If you are in this program right now, try to transfer or at least get any graduate school advising from your chosen grad school and don't rely on or believe anything the CMU faculty say. Good luck.

Laima Gord

I would love to study again 4 years of school spent here was just amazing and fruitful!

Angela Lindberg

Web Luke

kwasi dapaah

Great school,great teachers,nice people,crappy food

Summer Sunflower

Don't go to this school for music education if you are a genuine person who genuinely cares about people. The music department has such a bad attitude. They will crush your dreams if you aren't a 'performer' (which is funny, because there are many other schools with way more advanced music programs). They act like they are big league musicians but they are mediocre at best. But they treat people who honestly care about spreading the inspiration to other students as if they are the scum of the earth. Don't go here. Save your money because you will probably need therapy if you go here for music education. The department is lacking and could use to learn a thing or two in sincerity and compassion.

Lisa Meyer-Jay

Sean Dykstra

alamin mulwaye

(Translated by Google) being (Original) bice

Deborah Denham

Hannah Belich

Endless possibilities. Great staff. Very affordable. Would ABSOLUTELY recommend to any and all!!

christina phelan

While the professors try their hardest, the cost is outrageous. Never mind the thousands of dollars in tuition each year, but then you get to pay $100 for parking, and maybe there will be a spot open after driving around the lots for 20+ minutes. Then You get to pay over $100 to get access to your homework for one class for 4 months of access. Then you are required to take classes not even close to relatable to your major such as art classes as a biology major, and after paying tuition you still have to spend a couple hundred on art supplies that you will probably never use again. The college system is an example of late stage capitalism at its finest.

James S.

The best school to become the world's largest distributer of chilli dogs with oyster sauce and mayonnaise! Thank you for giving me confirmation on my astronaut from New Zealand courses. I will recommend you install Adobe after completing the rebellion against space boxing donkeys.

Star Scream

To be honest, I've been going there since 2012 and am no where near close to getting my degree. I can't get half my classes because of one reason or another and thus stuck taking stupid classes that don't apply to what I need because there is no other option. Some professors don't work well with their teaching styles, the courses I need I have to re-take again and again because of said professors or because they don't make sense to me, it's honestly a nightmare and half the time I wish I never went to the college to begin with, could have saved a lot of money for a house payment or something better than this ridiculous school for the so called 'education' they dish out. Also, they put focus in making the campus 'prettier' and making more dorms than needed than focusing on the needed stuff like parking, getting the library up and running ( it was out of commission for over a year!) from the 'remodel' it was set up to do, and helping the students get what they need to graduate. Honestly, from a current student, do not come to this college (university sticker used for higher price tag) you will not like it or be happy here, you'll be frustrated and not to mention all the random 'deaths' that I've seen in the emails, I'm scared for my life half the time because most are hit and runs in the parking lot! They're not safe nor care about the students.

wombat fondler

Horrible School.....

Onestyle Madris

Danielle Kazmierczak

Students might get help ,but than later it's not worth it

Cecelia Wilbanks

Robert Gray

If you want a quality education take your money and run far far away.

Connor Timms

A very fun school to attend! The students are fun and the classes are challenging.

Mathew White

Daniel Powell

An amazing group of educators, staff and students!

Avalon Tiffin

Jose Marin Garcia

arthur duran

Unfortunately I am still attending classes at CMU based on location. I am a veteran that's had nothing but problems with both the Student Veteran Club on campus as well as the Veteran Services office. Colorado Mesa believes they are bigger than the students that go to classes and have done everything they can to degrade and push me around. I would not recommend this college for any veteran.

Jordan R

Ashley Church

I've lived in Grand Junction most of my life and seen how CMU has grown from a small college to a university. Everyone is so nice and helpful on campus and over the phones. Keep up the great work!

Alex Forsett

The only bad thing I can say about the school is the fact that some professors were at one point local high school teachers and do not seem to have the level of education as you would want from a college professor. However, I do have a few awesome, absolutely brilliant, experienced professors who truly engage and give students a basis for growth. I love the location and the school atmosphere. When I had applied, I received a phone call two days later from a student telling me I had been accepted. It is a smaller school and very sports oriented. If you want to do something, Mesa wants to find a way to help you do it and pay for it. I have skied my entire life, but never competed. I walked on to the alpine ski team and Mesa furnished skis, jackets, season passes, lift tickets, race fees, food, condos, and lots of other swag; just for being dedicated, the school paid for 40+ days of skiing with no cost to me (besides tuition). By far the best college experience I could get for the cheapest cost.

Erica Gonzalez

The professors truly care and they spend long hours of their days helping students. In the four years I attended I have nothing but good to say about this university. The campus is beautiful and the staff is always so helpful and organized when you need help. Go Mavs!!!!

diew malou

Arturo Millán

This is just a wonderful school

Chris Hedges


Colorado Mesa University is a great school. I prefer this school over any Cal State in California. Go Mavericks.

John Ferrell

Good place to rc

Benjamin Kassaw

I have lost all hope in colleges. President Foster is ridiculous. He allows his professors to push a hardcore liberal agenda the entire time. While does nothing to push equal rights to conservatives. Secondly, the tuition has gone up every single year but the teaching staff doesn't get any better. President Foster also believes that the college is a private school, even though CMU receives tax dollars, local businesses can't advertise on campus unless Foster owns or has a friend in that company. Overall if you want to pay alot for schooling with very little knowledge, go here. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my money or the governments.


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